60 Minutes of Truth – In Uncertain Times

with Weston Jolly


Are you feeling nervous about the corona virus, or even a potential economic meltdown? Are you feeling anxious and wondering what to do?

You’re Not the ONLY One.

In light of these turbulent times, humanity as a whole is experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event. This may challenge you on many levels. If you’re desiring spiritual guidance, awareness, clarity and hope during these troubled times, this teleconference is the place. We have felt guided to begin offering a weekly teleconference call with Weston Jolly.
The intention is to create a conscious, nurturing, and compassionate space where you can ask questions, and receive direct answers from source as Weston channels spiritual messages live on the call.

Come Prepared to Hear Only the TRUTH.

This is a time of great spiritual awakening. Our intention is to create and offer an energetic space of community and spiritual connection, where you feel welcome, supported, and heard during these uncertain times on planet earth.

You Are Not ALONE. There Is HOPE.

Join us weekly for this FREE event.
Feel free to share, and invite your friends and family.

Sunday 3-22-20, at 6pm (Arizona Time)

Dial-In Number: (425) 436-6330
Access Code: 523171#