This is even more profound when one openly asks “Why?”

What an interesting sentence. So powerfully direct.  It’s an invitation to someone else’s fear.  The plea is even more profound when one openly inquires, “Why?”

The age-old paradigm that says fear is a natural and desired part of who we are is commonly reinforced.   You hear it everywhere.  According to this line of thinking, fear is a necessary and useful emotion.  This belief presumes that people need to be protected and that fear is an integral part of our defense system.  In essence, fear is good.

If fear is good, then how is it working for you?  How does fear shape the world you’re creating?

Engaging in fear, places your focus and attention in the direction of lack.  Tuning into fear creates separation.  For example, in starting a new exercise regime, a fear-based mind might stress how you could hurt yourself.  Further, in this state, you might have thoughts of becoming sore, agitated or even weak.   All states of fear or separation.

This is just the beginning

When fear first originates as an energy or mindset, it instantly invites others of like-mind to join it.  This energy travels down a lightning-fast network immediately producing a homogeneous group of fear-based thinkers.  New initiates to this faction instantly become members when they choose to engage in fear.  Lifelong affiliates can’t acknowledge anything but fear – for them there are no other alternatives.

In mere seconds, fear becomes “real.”  Over time, this fear becomes a physical entity- an element.  Imagine fear holding its place on the scientist’s periodic chart.  Envision it having mass or weight.  Consider, in simple terms, fear taking its place among the basic elements; Earth. Wind. Fire. Ether. – Fear.

How is fear so easily transferred? Is it logical and wise that you should open yourself up to someone else’s fear?

Fear based energy is interesting to observe.  Fear and its followers are almost never alone.  Fear needs a place of exchange so it can be distributed and sold. Marketplaces of fear are seen anywhere. They’re easily spotted with huge advertising campaigns all selling and promoting fear.

Fear loves groups.  Without a community of people experiencing fear, there is only one person holding the belief.  Interestingly, no one wants to be seen as the author or creator of fear.  This accountability would prove embarrassing as no one wants to be a Source of Fear.  Nobody wants recognition for possessing the fear.  Participating in fear is exactly like a game of hot potatoes.  There are many players but no one wants to be caught holding the bag.

Addressing fear directly is uncommon.  Instead, predominant attention is given to not being caught with fear or its gang of friends: anxiety, doubt and uncertainty.  Most everyone plays the game, while never acknowledging that we don’t have to take part.  We don’t have to be afraid.

Free Yourself from fear

When you release fear as a paradigm, you are free. This freedom comes at no cost. Releasing fear alters your life.  Your creation.  Your world.  Imagine living in a state of bliss without fear.

If you’re having trouble imagining a life without fear, change that thinking right now.  Start by playing with ideas that embrace the fearless state.  When you come across anything that feels like fear, laugh and do anything that feels good.  Dare yourself to do whatever it takes to live boldly.  Stop thinking from the confines of the wet blanket of your mind, instead, choose to be fearless.

Next time you meet a recruiter who secretively whispers, “I am afraid for you,” rejoice and smile that you aren’t a member of Club Fear.  Be direct and express that you aren’t afraid anymore.  Allow those people who carry fear to hold the hot potato.  Extend space that they might reflect or even stew in it.

See yourself free of worry, doubt and fear.  Feel it.  There’s no need to think.  Dive fearlessly into your empowerment.  Enjoy being relaxed and clear.  Consider yourself open and innocent like child.  Exist free and untethered.   Know fear isn’t real and act accordingly.