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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that I have been gifted an extraordinary understanding.

“You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

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Your thoughts of inspiration matter. SELF AWARENESS will change your life.

Saving Mrs. Miller

After the many tests administered I was informed there were no breaks or issues of any kind. I took in a breath of relief until the Doctor said, “Your mother is dying….”

Thanksgiving With Uncle Harry

My uncle was retarded. This isn’t a word you hear much today. The trouble was he didn’t look his age. As a child, I felt deeply hurt and confused when people would stop, stare and start acting weird around him.

Does Abuse Motivate?

I went to High School with a kid whose dad was a famous football coach at Arizona State University.  In fact, Frank Kush was the highly successful head coach of ASU football for 21 years -until he got caught punching a student athlete in the face.

Manifesting Your Desires

Ask my daughter today, or my son, and you’ll understand that some moments are not forgotten. One day they asked, and got, exactly what they asked for.

The Gift of Humanity

For thousands and thousands of year’s man has been living on a spinning blue ball that circles the sun.  Yet, even in the 21st century we still can’t address; why, what or how we got here. 

The Secret Power of Passion

Passion is a powerful element that’s occasionally pushed down to a lowly adjective describing a noun.  Real passion is fuel.  In every success you will observe passion as a key ingredient. 

No One Wants To Be A Puppet

In an effort to be seen, you and I will do almost anything.  This desire starts very young when we crave the attention of our parents. 

Over 1,000 Simple Pleasures

It’s amazing what’s on this list and what’s not.  The things that we think will give us pleasure (i.e. money) interestingly didn’t make this list. 
What about you?  What brings you simple pleasure?

Your Mind Will Hate This

Your mind wants to be in control of everything and by nature is overwhelmingly defensive. Your challenge is to recognize the gatekeeper without it contaminating the information before you.

The Nature of Soul Balance

I was having a tough time finding balance; everything was competing for my time, attention and energy. The problem was straightforward; I was faced with more balls, in the form of additional choices and alternatives, than I could juggle. 

The Story of Devdan’s Ascension

As he watched the birds fly, a young Indian boy named Devdan wished he too could soar above the surrounding cliffs. It was all the young boy could think about because it was all he was inspired to do.

Are You Really Free?

The precious truth of freedom has been fought for and protected, but it needs no guard. Basic rules of freedom are worshiped as a collective and provides direction for those who are free.

I Will Create Out Of My Dream A World

Your gift to dream is not limited to nocturnal activity that isn’t remembered the following day. Your genius creates from dreams and your choice to embrace your dreams gives birth to a New World.

“I am Afraid for You”

Fear is natural and desired part of who we are. Engaging in fear places your focus and attention in the direction of lack. How does fear shape the world you’re creating?

Spirit – “Are You There?”

While there seems to be some truth that most people don’t hear voices or other sounds of Spirit, everyone is equipped to perceive Spirit if they want to.

Are You Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?

If you are experiencing love for the first time, already in a relationship, or you are still looking to connect with that special someone you may find that you have been looking for love in all the wrong places.

How Do You Feel?

Baffled about the questions regarding feelings? Relearning the art of feeling your emotions can be life changing.