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Weston has an extraordinary ability to see to the core of you. Within minutes, he can expose issues or habits keeping you from your full potential. Everyone can use expert help in getting out of his or her own way. Through specific knowledge and understanding, you unleash your ability to grow and achieve.


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Just one idea can change your entire business or career.  Discover Weston’s clear insight and use your new focus to achieve your higher levels of affluence. Using his thirty-three years in management and business, coupled with his powerful intuitive abilities, Weston will take your business or career to the next level.


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Everyone wants love and you don’t want to sabotage it in your personal relationship. Weston has a special gift in helping countless couples in understanding and creating a loving relationship. Whether you are facing a crisis or are looking to improve your relationship, Weston is an invaluable resource and guide.


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Weston offers business consulting, combining his channeling gifts with his 20+ years of business and marketing.

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Discover the truth, joy and freedom of experiencing your life with affluence. Available in paperback, on Kindle or iPad and Audio.

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Learn how to be in the moment. Read Weston’s article “The Joy of Being in the Moment” and discover the joy life holds for you.

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What Does Old Soul Mean?

What Does Old Soul Mean?

An old soul is someone who exhibits perception. Old souls often reference children, or someone who is younger, that has exceptional knowledge, talents or even psychic insight. But how is an old soul different from someone who is smart? Old souls have gifts that go...

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The Art of Collaboration

The Art of Collaboration

It can be hard to collaborate with others if you’ve ever experienced excessive criticism or abuse. It can feel like you need to run or attack. Both of these fight or flight options block your chance to create.

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