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Want To Know About Me?

Personally, it’s my desire to create off-the-chart moments in connecting in truth, knowledge and just for pure fun and enjoyment. When I laugh you can’t miss it (and it’s not because of my last name.) I love to help people discover their true selves and to explore the infinite ways to self awareness. If you want additional details about me and how I got here you can go to my about page .

To offer you a little more, I grew up in the Valley of Sun (That’s a nickname for the Phoenix area.) My thirst to learn, grow and for wisdom is so ingrained in me I can’t remember not ever having those desires. This is why I feel so compelled to share spiritual awareness in every form possible. Besides that, Gemini’s like to communicate:) I have started several businesses, helped a great great many more, and have sat on the Board of a few. I began formally channeling in 1998 in Hawaii.

As a spiritual channel, I am listening intently to express what you need to hear to transform your life.

As a spiritual channel, I am listening intently to express what you need to hear to transform your life.



Twice a month, I offer free podcasts. Since the beginning of my speaking, writing and channeling, I’ve offered audio recordings for private individual and couples sessions for almost every session I’ve offered. (15,000+) Publishing podcasts complimented everyone’s desire to listen to something cool while on the move. Every podcast, is a stand-alone tool to inspire and increase spiritual understanding. Thread them together and they shed even more light on our oneness. Today thousands are listening to True Connections with Weston Jolly®. It’s growing exponentially!

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Look through specific topics, or binge out! (They’re about 20 minutes each) Or you can intuitively pick an episode that you feel especially drawn to hear.

There’s this and and much more over in Weston Jolly’s blog. There are tons of articles promoting your journey to go within, tapping into your Higher Self so you receive your own spiritual messages. Check back often, as articles and blogs are constantly being added.


take Action

Nothing happens without you making the first move. I’m interested in giving you something right now that requires your stepping forward. It’s my gift. It’s offered in unconditional love. It’s the only way. (Well, actually there are other ways but this is my preference:)  That said, there’s nothing you have to do other than receive.

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It’s humbling to think how much we all see, touch and bump into one another all of the time without even realizing why? I feel so honored to be here, right in this moment, with you. The reason is because when we spiritually awaken and put our energies forth with clear intent –magic happens.

It doesn’t have to take forever. You don’t have to become a guru. All you need to do is consistently apply yourself. I know it can be perceived as hard, especially if somewhere you’ve learned to be careful. I respect that I really do. (More than you might know:) Energetically, there’s a lot of distraction, commotion, chaos, and confusion which can cause a lot of uncertainty. Clear yourself of all it, but take your time.

Everything we do is done in unconditional love that you might expand, your spiritual connections in truth, knowledge and peace. Continue to poke around the website. Get comfortable and make your move when you’re ready. When you do engage, do it for yourself. Not for any other reason.

I have found that happiness is the direct result of truly being yourself. In being your true self, and making choices accordingly, you’ll find happiness, and everything else that you want will naturally follow. Come do you!

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