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Secrets of Freewriting
Teaches you how to meditate with a pen

If you want to unblock your creative genius… to truly express your soul’s purpose, then I have some tools that will blow your mind. Enrollment now open!

Unblock your creative genius and spiritual awareness by Freewriting and Automatic Writing

Secrets of Freewriting is a step-by-step online training course that shows you how to begin Automatic Writing.  If you’re not tuning in, then you’re in the blind.  Deep down you know there has to be an easier way to connect.

Learn how to meditate with a pen™.

Have you ever meditated, got ideas, and then couldn’t remember them?

Without the right tools, it’s hard to repeatedly access important ideas and spiritual insight. Automatic Writing gives you that direct access in written form. When you Automatic Write, you can measure your own growth, review, and dig down into your ideas and spiritual messages – consistently.

Learning to meditate with a pen connects you to the esoteric world –enabling you to physically grab it.

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“I’m now writing a Hollywood Script!  Thank you!!!”

Screen play writer – Santa Monica, CA
“Four books later, I am so grateful to you for challenging me in that very first phone call to stop running from my creative side. The chance to dive into the subconscious continues to be a true gift!”

Author, North Scituate, MA
“I never imagined that I would be as far along on my journey, and feel as good as I do on that journey, having gone through what I did. I owe that in part to your guidance and your unconditional love and support.”

Voice coach-Hollywood, CA
“I loved your sharing this sentence ‘Standing ‘naked’ expressing from the heart can actually be harder than being physically naked before the camera.’ With your permission, I might during my next Hay House speech promoting my book”

Model and Author, Manhattan Beach, CA

Unleash your creative genius through Automatic Writing.

If you want to consistently get spiritual downloads and capture your ideas -Welcome home.

How does Secrets of Freewriting work?

Automatic writing should be easy, fun and priceless, when done correctly. The Secrets of Freewriting course materials are available, whenever you want from wherever you are, within your “private member only” portal offering you:

  • 24 days of transformational, step-by-step video training modules.
  • Specific exercises and homework to begin every morning of your Automatic Writing journey.
  • Fun ways to initiate contact with your Higher Self
  • Discover techniques to go beyond a singular channel.
  • Learn how use your pen, paper and note taking process to write, create and capture ideas without breaking the streaming consciousness. Hint: Secrets of Freewriting enables you access to a much bigger platform than just words. (i.e. Music, math, pictures, inventions, ideas, and more!)
  • The energy, passion and commitment that you bring to this course, and even more importantly – with yourself – starts the moment you enroll.
  • Automatic Writing is presented as a tangible and real process in which to access truth. This means you are authentically taught how freewriting is one of the greatest tools in the world to access; your soul’s purpose, get true answers to ALL your questions, tap into to other realms of wisdom, get insight and consistently connect with your creativity.
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Special gift:

Bonus video showing an inside look of how Weston Jolly channels, by looking through his actual journals. Including:

  • Specific examples of what he’s channeled
  • Dates and times about specific events
  • Messages to further illustrate how you can start Automatic Writing.
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Can I see more testimonials from Weston Jolly’s customers?

Yes, Weston has helped people all around the world. Ready to get inspired? Check out what people are saying about Weston Jolly.

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Who teaches Secrets of Freewriting?

This is one of the most important questions you could ask. Getting access to a real master-level teacher, with real experience, is super important if you’re serious about using Automatic Writing as means to access your Higher Self.

Weston Jolly is a full-time professional channel and author for over 24 years. He started his Automatic Writing journey by writing on yellow pads while sitting on a lanai in Hawaii with magical results. Since then, he’s written three books, Is God With Us, Time to Be Rich, and the Path to Ascension, and offered almost 30 retreats in Hawaii, Florida and Sedona.

He’s touched the lives of thousands of people around the world, through personal consultation and hundreds of presentations and seminars. As a spiritual teacher, Weston finds his deepest pleasure in assisting others to enlightenment in connecting with their greatest potential.

Tap into your Higher Self using the Secrets of Freewriting.

This is the only course in the world that teaches you how to meditate with a pen™.
Discover how to get full access to the most meaningful spiritual messages and ideas and finally

capture them in written form.

™ How to Meditate with a Pen is a registered trademark of Jolly Productions, Inc.