I know you’ve said countless times that I don’t owe you anything yet I want you to know how much I’ve cried in honor of you. I would do anything for you. I’m not the same person before we met and I have the pictures to prove it! Weston, you are always in my heart and I know I wouldn’t be here without your help.” – Chicago, IL

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and with all my love. I am different and changed now. It even came to me what I desire to express to my mother (and previously I had no idea what it was) and now what I have to say carries no anger –just truth. So when I see her next week I will happily share it with her and it is something which she also desires to hear for it will not be attacking but in alignment with me.” – Orlando, FL

Weston, from the moment I spoke to you I had a feeling that you could help me…I had endured a lot of abuse as a child and quite frankly I had encouraged it as an adult. At that point in my life I had been to jail, addicted to heroin, and I was in an abusive relationship–and truthfully all I wanted to do was end my life.

This morning I woke up with complete gratitude for everything–your assistance, the love of the Universe, GOD, and my Angels–(all who profoundly support me in my choice to be here!) BUT most of all I woke up to the most amazing feeling of interconnectedness. It is very clear to me that all of this is an extension of who I am. I am completely aware, and embrace my love and my expressions of creation here are–those relentless powerful expressions of change, balance, peace, empowerment and complete and utter happiness!!

THANK YOU WESTON JOLLY for helping me remember all that I am and assisting me in letting go all that I am not–this has been one AWESOME RIDE!!! Please know your insight, love and spiritual counseling over the years were key in my being here today.” – Asheville, NC

Weston, I wanted to share, not because I want your approval but in gratitude for opening up in me, what I had muted as a mirror. Much love.” – San Mateo, CA


I sold my stock at the perfect time. Your insight was like cashing a really big check.” – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

My speech went in Europe was great! Many members of the board also commented on ‘how open and inspiring I was.’ I’m so glad we talked beforehand…” – Boston, MA

Thank you for being such a special angel in my life. I start a new job Monday and I really affirm that I will be a great employee, and this is the beginning of lots of new beginnings in my life. God Bless and much love.” – Sacramento, CA

I’m now writing a Hollywood Script! Thank you!!!” – Santa Monica, CA

Consciousness & Awareness

Your light makes me remember who I am. The way you open up and show me your unique love, your unique heart, your unique light, leaves me with no other option, but to see myself and who I want to be. Who I am unspeakably happy to remember that I am. That is an undeniable gift that is yours to do with what you want. But…it is undeniable and nothing short of life changing.” – Key West, FL

I noticed your last post about “face of a clown”. my life is so synchronistic now it blows me away every day. I recently had some sort of awakening, and in it the insight I received was exactly what the message in your post reveals. I’ve always struggled with relationships and now I know why. I think I have solved it, and now many people are coming to me with the same problem. I felt compelled to share this message with you. I know one time you tried to help me see, and I just couldn’t get it. Much love to you.” – Tempe, AZ

Weston, I really appreciate the transparency and vulnerability of your words. Your words give a beautiful voice to your soul and then once again remind us of our current choice in incarnating in a place where we create a life context and live in a dream of the opposite of who we are with fear, lack, and feelings of not being good enough. Without this contextual set-up, we can’t appreciate the love that we are in the whole. My heart is touched and with you, now.” – Denver, CO

Hi Weston, Thank you so much for the reading last week! You are amazing & I look forward to another session with you soon! I was wondering when you send out the recording of the reading? My notes are not very good & I am ready to get started with the “kick in the derriere” you gave me!!!” – Solana Beach, CA

What a love you are. What a gift you are. I guess this is what happens with you. I’m thinking of you, you’re thinking of me. . . .

I was just going to send you a gratitude note and up pops yours – really happening all at the same time. Okay, I gotta get beyond what all that is about.

You are having such a profound and meaningful impact on me and the way I am operating and seeing the world. More open, more aware, more alive, more content, easier and smoother. The gift is you and I am deeply grateful for all of you. Thankful, particularly thankful, not just because it’s that Thanksgiving time of year, but every day thankful for the blessings you are lavishing on me. Who else would do a 6 am session with me – can’t think anyone else would’ve offered that – wow!” – Boulder, CO

Thank you, Mr. Jolly—I felt this so deeply about this and needed to wait so that I had a moment to really say what I wanted to say to you. We listened to your podcast and talked of how we wanted to share our messages with the world. And how your message of me being one of your hero’s felt so much like gratitude and pure love. I also cried because you are my hero too, Mr. Jolly—you are someone who saw something in me that I could not see myself.

I am so very grateful for that. It’s seems like being aware of my hero’s is very much like highest form of gratitude—that touches and ignites my very own inspiration and courage.

I adore you…thank you for your beautiful words of love and admiration!!!! Thank you for the podcast—is was so generous and loving.” – Asheville, NC


We got the house!! And you have a lot to do with that! I look forward to talking on Monday. Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance – you are a star (and a great guiding light!). 🙂 ” – Dayton, FL

Yes, it feels like I’m truly moving in the right direction. Thanks again so very much for your insight!” – Manhattan Beach, CA

Thank you for believing in me and pushing me all these years. You are by far the greatest person in the world. I wish I could be half as amazing as you. That said, and I know you knew, I am so happy being me. To that end, people and especially women, are telling how fun it is to be around me. I love you with all my heart.” – Northport, NY

Thank you so much for my appointment. at 5. Bittersweet, and necessary – I plan on having you as a close ally in the future. I’d love for you to teach me to cultivate my gifts and move on to my destiny. Plan on many more sessions, you are amazing, and I appreciate you more than you know!” – Morgan Spencer

You offered me insight into my life and my path that became very clear…and with those insights there shave been a lot of tears (excited, sad, overwhelmed, and yes, of course fear). However ever since the workshop, a lot of things have been coming to light- great things and difficult things, but that I’m working through as they arise and I’m sure with help from all of my Divine friends around to support me. At the time they didn’t fully make sense to me, but now they do. And I’m sure in a few more months-there will be even more of it that I’ll understand. Thanks for doing what you do Weston, you know I love you!” – Boulder, CO

Dearest Weston, I know that you have been working overtime on me — sending me energy and lots of Easter Eggs that pop up right before my eyes. Many say that payment itself is a thank-you, but I think payment is merely payment. I wanted to take a moment to actually stop and extend my deepest gratitude to you for how you have helped me thus far (and we’re not done yet!!).

I never imagined that I would be as far along on my journey, and feel as good as I do on that journey, having gone through what I did. I owe that in part to your guidance and your unconditional love and support.” – West Hollywood, CA

Weston, Thank YOU so much! Sometimes, I’m that strong, confident girl, who has overcome her past… and other times it hits me like a ton of bricks. Lately it’s been a challenge. But one I openly welcome because I know it will help me get closer to what I’m ultimately seeking… LOVE, I guess…?

I loved this line from your email: Standing “naked” expressing from the heart can actually be harder than being physically naked before the camera.” And I might use something from it in my next Hay House speech in NY in November. 🙂 Thanks again for the love and for caring! I have always felt your love and energy even before I met you!” – Manhattan Beach, CA

Hi Weston! How are you? I hope all is well with you.

I thought you would like to know that my book about my parents, called Finding Home, is finally done!

As I walk down this path, I am so grateful to you for challenging me in that very first phone call to stop running from my creative side. Obviously, I needed to hear that, and I am now firmly running toward it.

Anyway, I have been wanting to send you this update for over a month. Somehow, when the sun came up on this beautiful, crisp fall day, I knew you needed to know how far your prodding has gotten me down this path (although I’m sure you already knew :-). There are “many more miles to go before I sleep,” but each one is full of learning and joy. Hugs” – Cohasset, MA

My sessions with you last for a long time and some days I find myself repeating things you say to me. It helps me tremendously. At the very least, it helps me to remain focused. That’s it!! Lol. Just a quick thank you! And when I’m done with riding the last session and used it up completely, I will be calling upon you again. With love and gratitude” – West Islip, NY

Thank you for a very profound session last week, I am still assimilating all the information. When will you be sending me a copy of the recorded reading? I would like to listen to it again before my trip” – New York, NY

Thank you SOOOO much for today! Our meeting was perfect timing in every sense of the word! I don’t think I could have made it through today without your help and guidance!” – Santa Monica, CA

There is no comparison to the enlightenment I have felt since you gave me my Session. Genuine love and caring shines through you, Weston. I have listened to my recording several times since then. Each time I glean more understanding, more encouragement, more love and more excitement about my future and true purpose. I am so anxious to resume writing and begin the fulfillment of all that I am meant to create in this life. I look forward to reading your book and hearing continued good things about the work you will be doing.” – Scottsdale, AZ

I have never in my life ever received such an exquisitely beautiful and powerfully moving gift as I received the day I began working with my Creator through Weston. The reawakening of my own spirituality and connection to God now flourishes thanks to Weston allowing his own loving spirit to be used by our Creator to deliver His timeless message of love and trust. A simple thank you just doesn’t begin to cover it. You are truly doing God’s work! Yours in loving light.”  – Chandler, AZ

I should tell you that I called on my angels and told them that I have had the ‘sugar coated’ readings and this time I would like clear and frank nuts and bolts of what I should be doing—they gave me for what I asked for. I was a little concerned for you. It could not be easy for a sensitive person to deliver the information.” – Portland, OR

Thank you so much for my session. Once, again God has endowed you with an amazing gift and you have a life altering impact. Thank you Weston. Love and blessings” – Naples, FL

I have spent time with Weston Jolly — you are absolutely incredible.  He listens and hears Spirit and communicates these direct, to-the-point messages to you. The words come so softly and spiritually, there could be no doubt they are from the angelic realm.  And Weston cares so much for you, his love is combined with the love message he reveals to you. He is wonderful…”  – Phoenix, AZ

I wanted to let you know how much you helped me through your gift…I still have a lot to learn and ‘let go’ at my job and my partner, at least I’m aware…Thanks.”  – San Jose, CA

My first experience with Weston was a strong energy filling my heart center. Later, time together brought a vivid awareness to me that “I will never be the same again.” Gratefully so! I write this to honor the sovereignty of the unconditional love that I experienced flowing through Weston” – Sarasota, FL

That Sedona Retreat was invaluable!!! I’m not sure that I would have addressed my issues with being a genius without it.  I would never have been able to become myself if I continued to deny, block, push away and PRETEND that I am not all of who I am. I will not pick and choose myself based on my former-family and their beliefs. That’s kind of a waste of my life and I don’t want to waste my life!”  – Tempe, AZ

Every time I think of this day (the session) -it fills my head and heart with the love you have given and shown us in so many ways–and I’m so happy to be the recipient of such a wonderful experience.”   – Monterey, CA

Even though I said thank you to both of you when you were at Unity in Walnut Creek, CA, I thought I’d say it again, ‘Thank You!’ My life seems to be changing so fast that I hardly feel ready to keep up.  Somehow I will manage though, I always have. I look forward to seeing you both again at the Sedona Retreat next year.”  – San Jose, CA

At various times in my life I had answered the spiritual questions: Who am I? And what is my purpose in being here?  In two hours of private telephone conversation with Weston, I was absolutely amazed that I finally got ANSWERS!”  – Denver, CO

Thank you for the Teleconference on Miracles. I have been thinking lately about how events are often called “extraordinary” or “miraculous.” I began to wonder if may l they are actually everyday occurrences that I just notice occasionally. You explained so much about this and it really made sense.  – San Diego, CA

I’m still reading the book ‘Is God With Us?’ I saw a sparkling light… while listening to the CD. And again, the sparkling light was still shinning there…Thank you once again and may the LORD shower both of you with more wonderful blessings.”  – The Philippines

I received the tape of my session and there is so much on it – Your gifts are amazing and it all makes me feel so peaceful and excited in my new choices.” – Sarasota, FL

All has finally opened up for me to join you in Hawaii.  Where do we go from here?” – San Diego, CA

Thank you.  I am working ‘on myself’, so to speak, on all fronts that I am aware of.  I know there is much more available in this life that I have yet to experience and be.  The session I had with you has been very helpful in that it has coincided with other insights I am currently having about myself.  These insights are core issues I have not been fully aware of in the past.  I can now look at them full in the face and recognize them and how they have directed my choices in the past as well as moment to moment.  This is where I can actually make the changes that will enable me to “spring forth and go forward”, as you have so aptly put it.  My target is always to become more conscious.”  – Denver, CO

Thank you again for your help.  You are an amazing gift that I am so grateful to have had the honor and pleasure of  ‘meeting’ you.” – Los Angeles, CA

Weston, thank you again for the session today. Very interesting. A huge chunk of information has come in that has clarified so much for me.  I have heard for so many years that I was “Mary Davies.” Not too strange, right?  Then you spoke about William R. Hearst.  Hearst Castle.  Well…I was guided to research and with the help of another friend, I discovered ‘Marion Davies’ OMG. If you read about her, you discover she married Horace Brown (my boyfriend’s last name) All my love” – San Diego, CA

Hey Wes, I just wanted to say that I’m really grateful for you. I just realized that I’ve never really said that, just felt it before, and I just decided I wanted to actually say it. I’m so much clearer and freer than when you first met me and you’ve been an amazing role model. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love looks and feels like. I hope you have a nice day, I was just thinking of you and feeling this way and so I wanted to express it.  Love you Weston.”  Los Angeles, CA

Emotional Healing

I’ve been meaning to write to tell you how much your weekend meant to me.  So here it is: I loved being with all of you and to know we are forever connected. Thank you for your many efforts to bring God’s light and love to each of us.”  – Los Angeles, CA

Weston, thank you so much for being there right when I needed you yesterday.  You were like a hand reaching down to pull me out of the abyss that I was in. (Depression) I feel so much better now and I feel so grateful to you for making yourself available to me so quickly.  You are an Angel and I love you!  What have I done to deserve such goodness?? I would love to have the recording of our session together to listen to again and again.  The wisdom just came pouring through so quickly that I didn’t get to absorb one tenth of it!  You’re such an amazing man.”  – San Diego, CA

Thank you from my heart and soul for the transformation and Divine support on Monday.  You were clearly the answer to my prayer for healing and release and support at this important juncture in my life. I can feel already the shift within my body and awareness and I am staying open to the outer manifestations that will follow.”  – Naples, FL

Thank you again, I will in the future, not wait for such a long time… Thank you for the communication that I needed to hear.” – Dillion, MT

Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your teleconference tonight. I think this was your best but that may be because I was could really feel you. The vibrations were really moving and I think you might have tuned into the kundalini that was occurring during your talk”.  – Lakewood, New Jersey

You are such a blessing in my life – – You are an open vessel and inspiration to me. What more can I say? Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! I am loved and I am that I am.”  – Champagne, IL

I enjoyed your presentation in Orlando recently and am getting a lot out of reading your book.” – Orlando, FL

Yes I always hear your messages, I know you feel mine.  No physical words needed. Thank you, my dear friend!  It’s comforting at times to have the physical validation of our energetic communications!  This includes ALL.  With much Love and Respect.”  – San Diego, CA


No words can express the true joy of the experience that you all provided and allowed for this weekend. My family has come together in a way that I had once thought only to be a dream. All of us have been unable to stop talking about anything else. Weston and Karen…you two put together a (wonderful) workshop…”  – Sacramento, CA

My husband came to Weston for a session because I met him at a presentation the night before. My husband’s time with Weston was so life changing that he took his sister and attended Weston’s Sedona Retreat. I can’t wait for him to come back (to our area) and talk to our kids! There aren’t words that describes what he does…”  – San Diego, CA

Weston, I wanted to let you know every thing you have done for me and my family has been awesome! I can’t thank you enough!” – Pasadena, CA


I’m home now, my appointment went well. Nothing serious, just bad varicose veins that needed attending.  Thank you endlessly for your support!”  – New York, NY

I’m amazed how the body is a tool for us to see what we’re thinking.  I don’t want to create any more issues!  Thank you for helping me to become more aware.” – San Diego, CA

I’ve lost over 100lbs.  I don’t think I could have done it without Weston” – Carlsbad, CA

I didn’t realize that I was creating my own (body) problems.  This wasn’t easy to see initially but then I figured I can have the body I really want!” – Denver, CO

Weston, as you know, I only eat raw foods but I continue to be amazed at all the junk I’ve been feeding myself with the poor diet of thoughts. THANK YOU!”  – Boulder, CO

Since the accident I’ve always had chronic pain. Now, it doesn’t rule me!” – Gary, IN

Life Altering Change

Weston you are the god of transformation. You are so powerful! I can’t wait to have you back on my television so again. Thank you for the awesome Sedona Retreat. I love you and Karen.”   – Denver, CO

I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Your work is without words. I would do anything for you… I’ve been so touched by both of your Retreats and can’t wait to see you again!” – Las Vegas, NV

I would like to express my deepest and sincerest appreciation and gratitude for God (the Divine), Jesus, and all the other Angels…and you for helping me with this feeling of being free of the past. Thank you for your time, your knowledge, your eyes, your femininity and generosity!”  – Chicago, IL

Thanks for the session Weston…very much appreciated and look forward to the next one.  Weird to think about letting the past go…especially with family given the blood tie is so strong but man is it weighted.  Love to you”  – Boston, MA

I’m not stuck anymore…” – Raleigh, NC

Thank You! Thank You! for your wonderful and right on guidance. Back on track now plus I’m so relieved to have released the mental debate I have entertained for the last three months…  Much love to you and blessings.”Portland, OR

At various times in my life I had answered the spiritual questions: Who am I? And what is my purpose in being here…In two hours of private telephone conversation with Weston, I was absolutely amazed that I finally got ANSWERS!””Portland, OR

It’s oddly comfortable to be in the presence of someone who knows that you are lying and who still doesn’t judge you…” – Manhattan, NY

Weston, you exude so much love, you truly are an Angel that has come to earth. Weston channels so fluently and so lovingly that one cannot help but feel great comfort and ease with the messages he shares. Weston is a one-of-a-kind channel.”  –  Scottsdale, AZ

When I drove home from class last night, I was thinking about you and about how you unconditionally love… Period!!!   There are some people that are aware that they are “I am that I am.” and yet they do not lead except through control or separation.  In your leadership you do not encourage propaganda or take advantage of doubt, insecurity or fear. Instead you invite others to feel love, remembrance and to engage with personal empowerment.”  – Manhattan Beach, CA

Weston, I Adore how things unfold when we are Open . . . Yesterday I saw a cassette lying on a table in my meditation room…????? I decided to take it with me in the car and play it…. One of our sessions from 8 years ago!!!!!! OMG.  I was mesmerized to listen to what I was going through and how you beautifully assisted…what I want to say is that almost EVERYTHING you shared pertains to me RIGHT NOW as I am going through another huge shift… In the Light of Love” Huntington Station, NY

I don’t know if you realize, or remember me…you “opened” me up on Long Island when you were there doing a workshop and private readings…I was open, and I saw my Grandmother sitting in the chair next to us! WELL! since that day forward, I have NOT STOPPED!! and I have my own healing & spiritual business now too! So, I would like to thank you for opening me up to this whole world of beauty and wonder :)” Dix Hills, NY


In finding the ‘real me,’ I found love… Thank you Weston!– Paradise Valley, AZ

Weston kept repeating the same words ‘that I was loved, really loved’ and then a dam broke and I started crying because I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard that before, even from my husband.  I feel like a new woman…”  – Scottsdale, AZ

I really enjoying reading your article on relationships. Thank you as can I totally relate to this.” – Chicago, IL

Thanks so much for spending time with me after the workshop- as you know, those few minutes with you meant a great deal to me- and gave me such clarity! I am forever grateful I got to share that experience with you. Many, many, many thanks again!”  – Manhattan Beach, CA

As you know I am engaged to be married but after our session I faced the truth that I wasn’t in love with my fiancé even though I wanted to be. What words can I say to express my gratitude for your truth.” – Long Island, NY


My autistic son actually sat on Weston’s lap when he doesn’t even talk to most people– San Francisco, CA

As a single mother I don’t know what I would have done without you”… – Carlsbad, CA

Your love for expression and your insatiable desire to express your truth danced so passionately on the page in this piece of writing.  I have been aware of your passion for expressing one’s self, and I have felt this from you MANY times, but this article was a new level of expression.  Never have I felt you being so open, so raw or so vulnerable in such a public space before. The depth to which you expressed was infinite. I am blown away.  I am so proud of you.  I am so honored to have been given this gift from you.

I am enamored by your soul’s insistence on expressing it.  It has been quite some time since I have been so moved by written word. So, thank you for the reminder. I love you.”  Carlsbad, CA


I was also blown away by your Christmas story as well.  (Thanksgiving with Uncle Harry Article) Stories are so important, and I was touched by yours, about your family, your mother.  Thank you for sharing your own experiences with all of us. So valuable in recognizing our own strength and realizing we are not alone in our struggles.  Much appreciated.  I hope you are doing well and wish you a wonderful New Year with new beginnings, healing, and possibility.  Much love,” Boulder, CO  

Pro Sports

I just wanted to share my gratitude with you and tell you that the Sedona Retreat was amazing and I can’t wait for the next one.  Thank you soo much for being who you are.   P.S. Also, I’ve attached my volleyball sponsorship portfolio just in case you know of anyone who could be interested in sponsoring me to go Pro! ”  – Hermosa Beach, CA

While I swam in the Olympics, I just wanted the affection and love of my father…  You’ve helped me more that I can say.” – Santa Monica, CA


Weston you told me I’d be in a relationship before the Winter was out and now I am!” – New York, NY

I came to Weston’s Retreat because of my friend’s recommendation. And now I know I am ready to create a true intimate relationship. I don’t want to be alone any longer. I found so much help with Weston over the weekend -I finally feel free! A million thank-you’s is not enough. I can’t wait to see you again.”  – San Diego, CA

Thank you so much Weston. I have realized that what I did has nothing to do with my love for my husband. It has to do with personal deep buried issues and this was its gateway.  That one realization has set me free because all I want is to be involved with my husband forever. He has been inhumanly understanding and compassionate despite his proud disposition. Thank you for helping me make that distinction. – Palm Beach, FL

I never mind an additional contribution from you as they are always real nuggets-and I like the ‘spicy’ description!!  It was great, as always, to speak with you. So much helpful advice to absorb. I would really appreciate receiving the recording so I can listen to it again before I travel home which is very reinforcing.  I got the message, ‘I WILL BE ME!’”  – Philadelphia, PA

I just purchased a very expensive ring to propose to my girlfriend because this is what she was pushing for. I can see now that I really don’t want to get married. I love her but I now have clarity after our discussion that I’m not in love with her.” – Chicago, IL

There is nothing greater than being in a relationship that offers you truth, growth and understanding about who you are and who you aren’t.  Sometimes it can prove to be quite difficult to give birth to a new relationship while you’re in one. I’m certain that you really do understand!”  – Carmel Valley, CA


I was able to pass my board level tests after talking to Weston” – Mesa, AZ

I didn’t know I was a genius until you told me ‘out-of-the-blue.’  So, I got tested and sure enough I have the results.  Actually, one of my biggest fears was to be smart.  Thank you, Weston, for helping me past this block…”  – Phoenix, AZ


It’s now much clearer to me why sex was something I was trying to get.  It never dawned on me that I was taking energy and love because I didn’t feel it inside.  Thank you for all your assistance!”– Chino, CA

I like sex but I’ve always had enormous guilt -especially because I am a woman.  I can’t thank you enough for sharing that it’s okay for me to love.” – Islip, NY

It was hard for me to recall and remember what happened to me when I was small.  I can’t imagine holding all that inside any longer.  There never will be enough words….” – Paris, France

I didn’t realize that my lack of sexual arousal was because I wanted ‘out of my relationship.’  It makes a lot of sense though…” – Marin, CA

What you said at the party in less than fifteen minutes has taken me two years to acknowledge and complete.  I am forever a new person because of your insight and what you shared.” – Paradise Valley, CA


You have assisted me and my two sons beyond what words can say!  Thank you so much.” – Walnut Creek, CA

I m now totally connected to my daughters and we really owe it you!  I was in Hawaii with you (and with one of my daughters) and you brought massive tears to my eyes with the remembrance of all the blessings you have shown our family. Thank you for continuing to share your love and insight.  Many blessings.”  – Scottsdale, AZ

All I wanted for my thirteenth birthday was to talk to Weston” – Chandler, AZ

Teleconference Calls

I had my last day with 180 middle school art students on Monday. The teleconference left me feeling peaceful and optimistic and I was able to go into a school of 640 students and radiate that. So, I wanted to thank Spirit and thank Weston for channeling for us. I wanted him to know it had a far-reaching impact.” – Seattle, WA

I so loved the call last night. I mean, I loved it. I mean, I loved every single tiny, yet gigantic word and all the morsels in between.”

Wes-tonight’s teleconference was so wonderful. I just want to hug you. Thank you so much for all your contributions, and all the help that you give every one of us. I just felt so touched when I hung up. So much to contemplate, I felt deeply moved by the dolphins, Source and by you as always. Sending you lots of love. Thank you again. These teleconferences are so precious. I always feel so connected and loved.” 💗

Thank you Love for a great teleconference.”  Xxxooo

The Future

Your words always go to the heart of things; I felt the whole program was deeply relevant for these times of change.  Thanks, Weston, for building community.” – Walnut Creek, CA

Do you remember telling me and my boyfriend if he didn’t make an immediate change (with his addiction) that he would die? Are you aware that he passed within the exact time frame you both told us? I still wonder why he chose to die. Thank you for telling me/us the truth.” – Chicago, IL

Yet, when the event occurred, it was like I had been prepared for it.  While it was horrible, I knew exactly what I was to do.  I can not imagine how grateful I am to have this information before hand.”  – Mesa, AZ

I love that I can see the future and how I can now see my choices in it…” – Denver, CO

Weston your love in coming in-person to visit my Dad I believe helped him to pass. As you know, he had been struggling for over 8yrs in Hospice, which is almost unheard of, and I know that your presence offered him the peace and the presence to finally let go. What you gave to me with him is something we were never ever able to create in our lives together. Words seem so hallow to describe how much you have offered me and my Father.  My deepest love for you and your family.” – Paradise Valley, AZ

“… remember me? — I was the one full of tears at the party because my dog, Monty, died. Weston I wanted to thank you so much for the messages you passed along. I still miss him but it helps to have heard from him and my grandparents.” – Scottsdale, AZ

My sister and I lost our dad in a very unexpected car accident. Weston allowed us to talk with my dad about all kinds of personal stuff. He has literally saved my sister’s life and I would do anything for him or his family. I can’t express how grateful I am for Weston. I’ve told everyone about my experiences and what he has done for me and my family. What can you say when your life has been changed in this way?”  – New York, NY

We met for the first time in Valparaiso, Indiana.  Our daughter, Amber was murdered by her husband. We have never talked to anyone like you before and this was a very wonderful experience for my husband and I! We played the session for our son, Phillip, and he smiled and chuckled in a few parts!… There is a lot we still do not know!! We so much enjoyed our session and we would do it again…” Valparaiso,  IN

Weston Jolly is one of the clearest channels to Divine guidance and the Source on the planet Earth at this time. Weston’s willingness to serve and his kind and gentle spirit make working with him a pleasant and life changing experience. Anyone who chooses to make the decision to tap into the wisdom of the Divine Collective owes it to themselves to have at least one session with Weston. These people are truly earth angels here to help us and our planet through the shifts underway in our consciousness.”  -Knoxville, TN

Big shifts are taking place inside me.  I would like to review the message again, over and over and to remember each and every detail, and to listen to my son’s message too.  Thanks so much!”  – Denver, CO

I know you don’t come over to people’s houses but what you did for our family was truly amazing. Allowing our whole family to talk again with the Spirit of my son after his death was extraordinary. There isn’t enough money for what you do! Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again at your next workshop!”  – Scottsdale, AZ

The Hawaii Retreats

Hello Weston, thank you for your Hawaii Retreat!  I am still trying to always be in Truth, have Balance and be Consistent. And I will be creating at the speed of light! This will most definitely help me continue to stay on track.”  – Chicago, IL

Mahalo… My time with you [at The Hawaii Retreat] changed a lot in my life…I felt so at peace and so present with everyone, strong and powerful, yet keenly observant and delicate to other’s needs. It was more wonderful than I could have imagined and I thank you profusely for your gift and your wisdom… I am now able to love in a different way and things are magically happening all around me… I feel more whole than I ever have. Blessings.”  – Orlando, FL

The intensive was very opening / revealing and has been continuing to pay huge dividends even today, as I am continuing to integrate. I’m seeing more and more how my choice to feel safe or not to feel safe, has been a huge foundational piece affecting so many areas of my life and expression. 

There are a ton more insights and integration points that have been presented in the past week, but to summarize, it’s really cool, and I feel like I found a missing piece to help me move forward in all things.

Thank you again for everything! With lots of love.”Encinitas, CA

Hi Weston- I am at a loss to adequately convey my genuine heartfelt gratitude to you for the amazing experience of this past weekend. I am honestly still reeling from the emotions and information shared (and still being absorbed) at this incredible retreat. As my transformation continues, I am exhilarated by the thought of being able to enhance this experience by being a part of the retreat in Hawaii…

I have shared this weekend’s experiences with many already in the short time that I’ve been home, and will continue to share it in the days, weeks and months ahead. A couple of people have expressed interest in being a part of the Hawaii Retreat, and I will continue to refer others to your website to explore it even further.

I would like to forward the poems that I wrote while in Sedona for your perusal but will do so in a separate email. I would also like to schedule another phone session sometime soon, but will do so via your website once I’ve settled some of my financial obligations, etc.

Lastly, I would like to thank you once again for letting me be a part of such a beautiful and enlightening experience and for all of the love I felt from both of you. It has touched me deeply…. With much gratitude, ” Orlando, FL

Hello Weston, thank you for your Hawaii Retreat!  I am still trying to always be in Truth, have Balance and be Consistent. And I will be creating at the speed of light! This will most definitely help me continue to stay on track.”  – Chicago, IL

“Time to be Rich” Book

This book gives a clear and concise reminder and direction on how to shape our thoughts, allowing for unlimited wealth and energy to flow abundantly into your life. This is a must read for anyone who is looking to expand into great wealth!” Los Angeles, CA

I just finished reading your book and I’d like to say that it is really well done! Thank you for taking the time, putting your experience into words and sharing an incredibly effective way to manifest physical riches, in addition to the truly priceless riches of acceptance and gratitude.  I loved your title of “Master Traders” – I had not heard that before.  Such implies there is always an exchange and yet the master trader finds the way to make it work for both parties. I am in gratitude for your contribution in helping others move toward an expanded consciousness through remembering the gods that we are. Your gift is challenging people through teaching them to be the grandest version of who they want to be.  I only see a great master, friend and brother, when I see you, and the incredible ripples that are created in the pond of all the lives you touch.” Denver, CO

Unconditional Love

I have a job, purpose, I shall shift with the flow no matter what the magnitude! Truth is He has ultimately experienced separation on a grand scale right before my eyes over and over again and will always continue to for as long as I need it.  How can love be shown in a more unconditional way? Yes, He comes and I know it is real, I can feel it!”  – San Diego, CA


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