“I know you’ve said countless times that I don’t owe you anything yet I want you to know how much I’ve cried in honor of you. I would do anything for you. I’m not the same person before we met and I have the pictures to prove it! Weston, you are always in my heart and I know I wouldn’t be here without your help.”

– Chicago, IL


“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and with all my love. I am different and changed now. It even came to me what I desire to express to my mother (and previously I had no idea what it was) and now what I have to say carries no anger –just truth. So when I see her next week I will happily share it with her and it is something which she also desires to hear for it will not be attacking but in alignment with me.”

– Orlando, FL


Weston, from the moment I spoke to you I had a feeling that you could help me…I had endured a lot of abuse as a child and quite frankly I had encouraged it as an adult. At that point in my life I had been to jail, addicted to heroin, and I was in an abusive relationship–and truthfully all I wanted to do was end my life.

This morning I woke up with complete gratitude for everything–your assistance, the love of the Universe, GOD, and my Angels–(all who profoundly support me in my choice to be here!) BUT most of all I woke up to the most amazing feeling of interconnectedness. It is very clear to me that all of this is an extension of who I am. I am completely aware, and embrace my love and my expressions of creation here are–those relentless powerful expressions of change, balance, peace, empowerment and complete and utter happiness!!

THANK YOU WESTON JOLLY for helping me remember all that I am and assisting me in letting go all that I am not–this has been one AWESOME RIDE!!! Please know your insight, love and spiritual counseling over the years were key in my being here today

– Asheville, NC


“Weston, I wanted to share, not because I want your approval but in gratitude for opening up in me, what I had muted as a mirror. Much love.”

– San Mateo, CA


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