Something tells me it’s your Birthday?

In special recognition and honor of you today, consider the following channeling;

“Everything that we do is done with precision and purpose. The more that you step into this awareness the more you can’t help but notice the artistry in all of our creation. In this moment, and in special recognition of you, this is very important for you to see.

As you further align with your true self, the more you will find your balance, your genuine happiness, gratitude and joy. This is the result, or the effect, of you being you. This is why we are most pleased for your continued recognition of your Higher Self. This is always a conscious choice.

Your presence and your gifts are much bigger than you possibly know. Therefore, accept yourself in the same love that you extend to others. Right now, be especially mindful of the infinite ways in which we, and of course all others, want to truly honor and love you.

This day is celebrated in honor of your fully embodied incarnation.

Remember all your intentions to express, create and to enjoy. Everything has been created for your pleasure – all of it – in honor of your choice to be present step even further into your state of oneness.”


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