Secrets of Freewriting Course

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Secrets of Freewriting Online Course:

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In this Automatic Writing online course, Weston Jolly offers you direct instruction in how to meditate with a pen™. Getting in touch with your Higher Self is done outside the confines and limitations of your mind. “You can’t expect to tap into the Infinite with the finite (mind)” – Weston Jolly.

So, expect yourself to be pushed outside of your perceived comfort zone as you begin tapping into places you never thought possible. This begins the moment you commit to the course. You will realize the endless benefits of taping into endless ideas, spiritual guidance and pragmatic spiritual direction as you consistently apply yourself.

The Secrets of Freewriting Online Course Bundle contains 24 instructional videos with daily homework that is designed for you to write every day almost one full month. Additionally, there is a bonus video whereby Weston Jolly shares his own journals and spiritual messages.

Intensive Online Course:

Weston Jolly teaches Secrets of Freewriting exactly how he has been spiritually instructed. It’s the first time he’s ever offered what he considers to be his most valuable and most used spiritual tool in his nearly 25 years of channeling. This course has the ability to take you places way past your own personal experiences and the only thing that is strongly encouraged, beyond your choice to engage fully, is to be totally open to the magic and the miraculous before you. This stream of consciousness will show up every day, and in every moment, as you learn to ask and receive.


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