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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that… “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

Teaching COMPASSION through Kuan Yin (Kwan Yin or Quan Yin)

Kuan Yin is goddess of love and compassion for everyone.  Compassion and love go way beyond loving your favorite people. It’s a love for all souls as everything is appreciated as precious.

Who is Kuan Yin?

Kuan Yin (which is also spelled Kwan Yin or Quan Yin or even Guan Yin) is a symbol of a special kind of love called compassion.  Compassion is finding the true loving nature in all things.  Kuan Yin offers each of us a hand, as you see by her many hands in the enclosed picture, to reconnect with compassion.  While the origins of Kuan Yin originate from Buddhism, perhaps her example of love isn’t limited to any religion or even philosophy.

How is COMPASSION different from love?

Compassion is understanding the deep importance of how the spiritual nature of all life interconnects.  Every plant and animal is interrelated through this state of oneness.  This oneness, or interconnection, relates to all things – regardless of whether they appear to be living or not.  Being compassionate is recognizing this state of oneness through continued gratitude.  If everything is precious, then everything is treated not only with respect, but in true compassion of how everything is created to work together.

The nature of compassion goes beyond plants and animals. It extends very much to humans too. Being compassionate with others is done in harmony that every reflection of another is a reflection of yourself. We love to see ourselves in the best light, but there’s also real compassion in another reflecting those imbalances that are also out-of-place, in terms of being your true self. This too is compassion on a deep level.

Understanding why all LIFE is important

As much as you treasure your life, it’s not more important than any other form or kind of life. The only reason that the idea or phrase “my life” is significant is because this kind of vantage point of life is centered around the perceived “me.”  This is why the Shell or ego me, stated in terms of; I, me, mine, is prioritized first.  It’s clear, in understanding the Universe, that all life is important.

This association not only allows you to see the Universe as it is, but it insists that you participate in the flow of the Universe. Of course, through compassion, this is done outside the concepts of me, mine, or the incessant need to always think of yourself as being the most important thing or being. Connecting to all life, especially those things that go beyond what you can currently see or measure, is honoring life beyond your mind, or even your bodily senses. This kind of life or energy is as omniscient as it is omnipotent.

If you’re holding onto any kind of pain, it directly impacts your ability to offer COMPASSION

It’s not usual for anyone who has experienced any act of separation with the feeling of pain.  When pain is chosen, or even determined to be real, this choice limits your ability to give, or even receive, compassionately.  Logically, this makes sense. If you are afflicted with pain, physically or otherwise, it constrains you from being able to transcend your perception of pain.

The cause and effect of compassion is harmonious, with one not being dependent upon another.  Simply stated, you are created with a natural state of compassion.  The only reason that you’re not in this state is because some previous event or circumstances occurred, in which through separation from real love, and especially compassion, you felt hurt. If you allow yourself to return to your natural compassionate self, you allow yourself to be in the flow of Nature and the Universe.

Compassion is KEY to your happiness and wellness

This is why compassion is the key to all your happiness.  Outstanding health and wellness are the result of being in the flow of compassion which is the gratitude for the flow of all life and energy between all things.  Your compassion can be manifested through insincere acts of kindness and gratitude and if practiced this way, what you sow is what you get. However, if you determine to release yourself into the depths of compassion, outside your own self, preferences and even understanding, this choice connects you beyond any physical experience that likely you’ve ever had.

Spiritual compassion is a term that corresponds to honoring and respecting all life. If the Goddess Kuan Yin helps you to remember the compassion and mercy that has and continues to be extended to you, even in this moment, then you too have the opportunity to join this practice in sharing. Be aware that true compassion is the energy and the foundation for your relationship with all things – and especially people.

If you choose to engage in real compassion you will find love.  A love that is much different than any kind of surface kind of love. Compassion of this kind will take you to new depths of understanding, comprehension and appreciation in relating to everyone and everything around you. There’s real intimacy in being compassionate.  For yourself, and for those that you deeply love.

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