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7 Things You Should KNOW about being in love with an Old Soul

Old Soul love is precious. Falling in love with an old soul is especially tender because it can be a continuation of something previously experienced in another incarnation. Coupling with an old soul is a distinctly different experience. There’s one thing you won’t miss in being in love with an old soul and that’s the depth of their love. (Maybe you’re even wondering if you or your partner are an old soul?)

Old souls can be precocious children and as they grow up they can be tremendous lovers. Being in the presence of an old soul is always going to feel good. Well, almost all of the time. It can be tremendously challenging to be in the arms of an old soul because of their constant need to be in truth. You can always expect that your old soul partner will tell you like it is. In this way, you always know where you are.

The comfort in being with an old soul partner can sometimes be seen in the differences in age of those in partnership. Being with an old soul partner, who is a decade or more older or younger, is always easy because of the ease in which they present themselves. If two old souls come together in a relationship it can be exceptionally special.

1. How to couple with an old soul when you’re not one.

If you’re dating, or you’re married, to an old soul then there’s a reason. There’s an attraction in your partner that you may not find in others. This is partially because of their wisdom but also in their confidence. You’re lucky because not only do they trust you but they are very attracted to your spirituality and poise.

Even if you’re not an old soul, there are special characteristics that you exhibit that make you the desire of their affection. While a romantic encounter with an old soul can be casual, when it’s not, it is very dedicated. An old soul may be comfortable with his or her love but deep down they want to be known in ways that casual intimacy usually doesn’t afford.

There are exceptions when an old soul truly wants to be totally free. These kind of free spirited old souls don’t want to be tied to anything conventional. This would certainly include going outside the rules and regulations of relationship. If you’re dating an old soul of this type it’s best to remain very detached in love that this is their way. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love you as much as they don’t want to be tied down to the norm. (It’s not you.)

2. Old souls in love and in relationship have unheard of opportunities.

This means two old souls in a relationship might have experienced time together in another life, but not necessarily as a romantic couple. For example, two souls could have been close as brother and sister. In this life, the familiarity of being together is altered to unite romantically —to become a couple, or a family.

In such cases, it isn’t unusual that old soul kids appear on the scene too. You might think the more old souls gathered in the house, the easier it becomes. You can observe the independence and power of each family member. There are days that they all play well together and there are other days it’s like living in a contentious superhero family.

Diversity is commonplace for old souls. An angelic old soul will interact with ease with another old soul who may be; an ascended master, alien or even an elemental. Old souls gathered in a family dynamic create an unusually tight bond. Every old soul member is still dedicated to their individual life purpose and may march off in completely different directions —always being connected as family —as they might all continue to work together.

3. Old souls can be outrageously opinionated.

You could wrongly assume it’s ego, when indeed old souls have awareness that gives them insight. Being in a partnership with an old soul is grievous if you think they are positioning their insight against you in any way other than for your own good. You could create a partnership with an old soul by taking a back seat or walking on eggshells, but wise old souls have no interest in their partners being small.

Challenging the thoughts or opinions of an old soul isn’t reprehensible. Any partner with this kind of energy expects your thoughts to be communicated with intelligence and with a common understanding that everyone and everything is universally working together. While old souls are great leaders, they too possess the softness to be great followers.

Men who are are old soul partners have a softness while also being extremely confident. Women, who are old soul partners, are very comfortable expressing themselves as equals, regardless of any environment that might not favor such bold expressions. Josephine “Jo” March, as the main character of the autobiographical novel Little Women, would be a perfect example of a truly outspoken “old soul” woman living almost 150 years ago. Her partnership was with an older man who immediately appreciated her femininity, writing, talent and wit. Adoring all of it.

4. There is real love and humility in old soul partners.

As strong and confident as old soul partners, they are quite humble as individuals. Further, old soul partners are tremendously supportive of the ones that they love. This goes beyond the material things as it’s a real pleasure for them to dote on their partners. Old soul lovers, or companions, who are dedicated in their love, do so because of their desire, not because it should be done.

Perhaps the humility of an old soul companion is the greatest when they are expressing. His or her expression may be intellectual and it might be creative —but it’s always spiritual. The old soul spiritual understanding  goes beyond themselves. Generally, they have real humility as they lead life in example to others in their wisdom, love and generosity.

5. Time is irrelevant.

Getting married by a certain time is unimportant. Hurrying for the sake of getting something done is never as relevant as doing it correctly. If they are knowingly imbalanced, old soul partners are able to make on-the-fly adjustments in a remarkably quick time period. Time is neither their friend nor their enemy.

In human terms, this means that old soul partners do have their rhythm. Being with an old soul partner you won’t want to interfere with their dismissive attitude about  time. If you yourself, feel pressured for time, it would be easiest and best to appeal to the real reason you are attending or gathering at an event. Purpose will always outweigh time.

If you and your partner are trying to get pregnant your old soul partner won’t care if it happens this week, this month or two years from now. They know that spiritually everything will happen as it should. Every old soul partnership wants their desires fulfilled, as much as everybody else, but there is a greater understanding in how everything fits together so they seem to have no internal clock.

6. Old souls are very attentive lovers.

If you’re partnered with an old soul lover then you know that they are very detail orientated. This means it’s the littlest things that they find to share with you in dedication of their love. Almost always, old souls are romantics and they love to plan special dates, outings and events in which to show you their love.

A pairing of old souls makes for a most exquisite dance in attentiveness for each other. This kind of attention is also extended to their children and also their friends. It’s the littlest of gestures that intimately communicate their desire and passion to be together. Taking one another for granted is as common as any other couple but normally there’s gratitude for what they have and are manifesting as a team.

There’s also an ease in which two old souls walk through life. This kind of energy might be seen by an elderly old soul couple walking hand in hand in New York’s Central Park or in a young couple’s desire to hike the world carrying their babies on their backs. It certainly can be seen on the dance floor. When two old souls are really connected they become the couple that everyone envies or wants to emulate to their utter discomfort.

7. In old soul love relationships, expect a life in pursuit of spiritual growth.

Companions who are old souls are very dedicated to the spiritual in everything. Old souls hold one another in understanding of the spiritual nature of their connection. This energy is the strongest of their bonds and in their combined sexual connection. Love in every way isn’t separated from the spiritual.

Life as an old soul, especially in a romantic relationship, is filled with endless metaphysical interaction. The chi or kundalini energy in each partner is as bright as lightening. When this energy consciously combines it is an earth shattering force. Acts of love aren’t just for the senses as they represent a desire that they can’t ever get close enough to one another. This is frustrating as it is beautiful.

Spiritual growth is not a luxury in the lives of old souls, it is a necessity. Partners express their spirituality in traditional ways as they do non-traditionally. Some old soul partners are very much in the lime light while others work as producers putting together the team to create a significant impact. Nothing is done in old soul relationships without the backbone or pursuit of spiritual growth.

No doubt such households are the ones that old soul children might find easiest to incarnate as a family. Thoughts of the Universe and of oneness consume old soul lovers and it is witnessed in almost every conversation. These spirit based essays, orations or philosophic discourse is just every day living. Like two masters discussing and planning the expansion of the Universe, old souls untie with plans to contribute way beyond themselves as a couple.

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