OLD SOUL KIDS: 12 Signs You’re Raising a Gifted Child

Honoring the wisdom of your children as old souls is easy when you study these characteristics. Get to know your kids.

If you’re wondering what is an old soul? Or if a child has such old soul attributes this may help you understand their needs and life purpose. As a parent raising old soul kids, you should know that they aren’t special. They’re just enormously gifted children that would do well for you to align with them. This doesn’t mean that you have to subject yourself, or your authority, as much as appreciate them for who they are and what they’ve come to do.

Having an old soul child or children should be one of your greatest relationships. I won’t say it will always be easy, but it is worth it. The spiritual wisdom your children bring to you, your family and the world is reward for us all. To really understand the nature of your old soul kids get to know these twelve points.

1. Curiosity.

If you’re raising an old soul then believe me, once they start talking —and for the rest of their lives, your children will display an intense curiosity. Children who are old souls have an unusual focus and they won’t be satisfied with quick or general answers to their questions. Your child’s desire to innately understand the depths of how things work go beyond easy questions.

Kids who are old souls use their curiosity to learn, but they are also very determined to acknowledge what things are missing in the universal way that they see things. From their perspective, it’s not about themselves as individuals -and this is why old soul kids are very collaborative in nature. This attribute is especially noticeable in male children, who otherwise would display a strong desire to engage with their ego. Old soul kids see the Universal truth of oneness and that the ego isn’t real.

Sweden’s Greta Thunberg, is a wonderful example of an old soul teenager. At 16 years of age, where everyone in the United States her age is fixated in getting their driver’s license, Greta is curious why the world isn’t doing something about climate change. To her, it’s a simple problem. She’s well informed, beyond her age, in intellect and scientific understanding.

Ms. Thunberg is curious why world leaders won’t do something? She is impatient to words without actions or political rhetoric. Her curiosity is focused as she is determined. As an old soul, Greta may wonder how humankind has gotten this far.

2. Questions.

Children who are old souls know the power of asking questions. These kids, regardless of their actual age, somehow understand the skill of drawing the mind into a singular point through well-crafted questions. Certainly, if you can’t answer questions satisfactorily then children with old souls have no qualms about asking someone who can help them. Even an expert in a field of their interest may not be able to offer the old soul child enough information for what it is that they seek.

These questions are powerful as they are sharp and yet childlike in their simplicity. Straight forward questioning should not be confused with competition or having an agenda to argue, confront or fight as much as they want you to truly understand. Children who are old souls are totally interested in reflecting you as you really are. If you’re not in alignment with that then they will question you.

Soul children aren’t interested in being correct or right as much a they are interested in the truth. Questions are a very specific tool used by gifted old soul children because they are interested in the energy in how you address the question. If you come energetically “clean” then there will be no perceived reprisal. If you address a question with an energy of defensiveness then the old soul child will smell the opportunity to point out your energetic imbalance.

3. Intense personal reflection.

As a parent this is going to be seen as a blessing or a curse. If you neglect to see the personal mirror of yourself in your spiritually gifted child then you’re in for quite a ride. This is because old soul kids are tenacious in their single mindedness to connect with your Higher Self. This means no longer offering excuses as to the habits, patterns or the ways in which you do things, much as old soul children just want you to change it -now.

Having raised two old soul children of my own, and also facilitating hundreds and hundreds of children and families alike, this is not academically as easy at it might appear. The personal reflection you will encounter is not done through a perspective that you’ve made substantial improvement in your personal journey it’s done like binary math; you either have or you haven’t. If you are in balance or you have made substantial changes to be in this new state, then your old soul child will merely accept this as it should be.

Be aware that you are unlikely to receive any extensive flattery or any “gold stars” for making whatever changes you’ve made. This is especially tough when your child immediately shares the next item that is out-of-balance with you, and reflects it accordingly. This is like getting taught by a Master. It can be interpreted as brutal but it’s lovingly direct. This intense personal reflection is very tough when your old soul child offers you such views when you’re tired, stressed or hungry.

4. Reading.

The child who is truly an old soul finds comfort in reading. Gifted old souls love to read. Some children may read very very speedily while others may be slow and dyslexic. It’s not necessarily the process of reading that old soul kids love so much as being in touch with the energy and the information.

To be clear, reading doesn’t exactly mean just reading. An autistic old soul child may enjoy other forms of taking the information in. This kind of child has their own ways in getting to the information that they want. Therefore, it is especially important that you take the time to understand your child, from their very personal point of perspective, instead of trying to push any standardized learning methods on them.

5. Knowledge beyond their years.

The more you listen, the more you’ll understand that your old soul child has a spiritual depth of understanding that isn’t limited to their mind or even this world. This wisdom is authentic and profound. You’ll find it’s a real honor to be in the presence of such knowledge. And you’d do well to ask your own questions about the spiritual and physical understandings that your child possesses.

Autodidacts and old souls go naturally together. Once an old soul finds his or her own means to gather knowledge then it’s time for their individual expressing. The desire to receive is naturally offset by their desire to share. To be in the presence of this knowledge is an opportunity to get wisdom. This is not to be confused with a modest respect but rather true honor.

It’s one thing to appreciate your old soul children for that they do or accomplish, but it’s quite another to honor them for who they are —and their choice to participate with you as their father or mother. Your gratitude is never required, especially by your old soul kids, but it will come in your life or at the end of it. It’s never hard to be in the grace of God’s wisdom especially through your child’s eyes.

6. Talents.

The spiritual and natural gifts of old soul kids is unlimited. To have a child who excels in music, math, literature and the arts is quite normal. With exceptional talent comes potential hardship by their peers, and respectively their parents, exhibiting jealousy or competition. Wonderful parents nourish their children’s old soul qualities and help them to understand that their true nature is not a fault or problem. Instead, your child’s talent is something to celebrate.

Behind the talent and the knowledge given to old soul children, there is a distinct spiritual quality in the way they express themselves. It’s an energy that’s as hard to describe as it might be to detail how dew finds itself on the garden flowers early in the morning. The spiritual energy of old souls is contagious. It can be make you feel wonderful being in their presence even though nothing special is being expressed or done.

This spiritual energy could be revered but it’s best not to, as old souls as your children, just want to be loved for who they are. Old soul children prosper most when there’s a foundation that allows them to take the risks in what they want to do. Whole parents aren’t confused in trying to consume or take this most precious energy that comes from their old soul children, although it is done.

7. Sensitive.

Old soul children are sensitive and have natural emphatic abilities in particular with their parents. This is a positive attribute, but such sensitivities may impair a child’s old soul energy to blossom fully in trying to parent a parent. Aware parents will assist their old soul kids to appreciate and value the nature of their children’s sensitivity, even if they don’t have it.

For instance, in some households certain sounds, smells and patterns may trigger an empathic old soul child in a negative way. Instead of pushing your child to disregard their sensitivity, assist them to use their gift in a way that doesn’t have to be interrupted as harsh or painful. Don’t instruct your old soul child to desensitize. This kind of teaching might be the gateway to undesired vices later in life, such as drugs or alcohol, as a means to cope with their sensitivities.

Being energetically sensitive is a wonderful gift and there is much to learn by other family members that aren’t so sensitive. In encouraging your old soul son or daughter, let them teach you, and perhaps their siblings as well, about how their sensitivities work and how each member of the family can further develop their own awareness.

8. Old soul kids don’t understand many of the “rules” of school, family and community.

It isn’t that the rules don’t apply to old soul kids, it’s that rules have to make sense. Teaching rules for the sake of rules won’t go very far with old soul kids. The idea that pedestrians are given the right of way around motor vehicles is accepted while “being nice to everybody” may not be. It isn’t that old soul children don’t want to be polite, it’s that they have a greater understanding that being nice, to everyone – such as a thief -isn’t healthy.

Logically explaining the ways and means in which something is done my not suffice an old soul child. It’s not the logic that they’re interested in — it’s the energy. If a rule is in an alignment with nature, society and the Universe then old soul kids will be leaders of such common sense. Otherwise they can be quite disruptive.

The desire for change overrides any normal human desire to conform. Therefore, old soul children are natural guides in bringing forth change without excuse or popularity. Children who are old souls make brave choices to be wise; which isn’t always reciprocated by others in authority. Anyone trying to dominate or control an old soul child might find it easier to take a cat swimming.

9. They know how to use their spiritual gifts.

This statement isn’t strong enough as old soul kids are spiritual masters. So saying that they know how to use their spiritual gifts is an understatement. Children who play with their spiritual gifts find manifesting easy. Adults and parents who witness this process may find such acts incredible.

In one close to home example, when it time came for my son to go to college, he wanted to go to only one school that he had not applied for. The college of his dreams was very selective with its admission policy. Without a plan, and only months before the start of the school year, my son attended the University of his choice with an endorsement from a powerful board member of the educational institution -one that he didn’t even know.

Old soul children can be masters in creating or changing forecasted weather. They can also create circumstances and other opportunities that on a physical level, by every account, would be considered impossible.

The gifts of healing is a part of their spiritual tool kit. It’s amazing to watch a child heal another with intent. As a physical guardian of an old soul child you should get used to witnessing things that you may not believe. This is a significant part of the young child’s desire to bring faith, belief and ultimately knowledge into this life and your family.

10. They are immensely strong and powerful.

A bold example of an old soul in the extreme might be Harlan Ellison. Harlan, was best known for his creative writing and contributions as much as his desire to fight. His mindset in dealing with others is easily classified as harsh. Perhaps he felt this kind of defensiveness so he wouldn’t be sidelined by his teachers for the truly outlandish science fiction that he wrote.

Harlan marched with Martin Luther King on the bridge in Selma, Alabama in 1965. Intellectually, Mr. Ellison fought with Frank Sinatra -which caught the public’s attention. He butted heads with Gene Roddenberry, the original creator of the original Star Trek series, while writing almost 80 of its episodes. In essence, old soul children will show their strength and power but not in the same ways.

Most old souls are powerful but not brutal. They don’t need to be. The know how the real system works and there’s no need to fight it as much go about doing things as they see they need to be done. If this means marching alone on Friday night, without a single other person participating with them, so be it. This is the kind of inner strength that is seen in old soul children.

11. They are kind, loving, polite and honest.

The vast majority of old soul kids are very loving. Basically, old souls in little bodies enjoy a sincere understanding of the word compassion. This is because they are seeing the whole, and the shortcomings, of those around them. By extension, being polite and kind are genuinely exhibited when old soul kids connect with you on a spiritual level.

Ascended Masters are extensions of the truth they represent, and the same is true for old soul children. Anything that isn’t done in truth is something that they don’t understand. It befuddles them that anything would be done outside integrity. Kids who are absolutely old souls see the truth -not as a line which is out-of-bounds- but rather as an understanding. Any old soul will tell you, the only way to create a relationship, a masterpiece, a song or even a building -is to do so in truth.

12. Forgiveness.

Nothing will explain a child’s old soul and his or her ability to forgive more than this true life story. My two guests and I met in the sitting area of my hotel room in San Francisco. The single mother, of whom I was offering an in-person session, sat across from me while her autistic -old soul – son played quietly on the floor. Half way through our session I asked “mom” if I could channel in behalf of her son. (He hadn’t spoken a word.) Surprised at my request, the young woman begin telling me a story about how her son didn’t like men because of how his dad had abandoned him and…

My adult guest interrupted herself as she watched her very well-mannered young man walk over to me with his hands up indicating that he wanted to be picked up. This is a very rare as many autistic children don’t like being touched or held. I picked up the young boy and placed him on my knees as I stroked his back and talked in his behalf. What did he say?

He was telling his mom that it was okay that Dad had left them and that he’d already forgiven his father and he was now asking mom if she could do the same. The single mother was already crying the instant her son sat on my lap. When I channeled her son’s plea to offer his father forgiveness all the single mother could do was sob.

The forgiveness offered by old soul child is done in such purity it almost appears inhuman in their sincerity and simplicity.


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