What does ‘old soul‘ mean?

Wisdom and special talents are key characteristics of someone young who may be an old soul.

An old soul is someone who exhibits perception. Old souls often reference children, or someone who is younger, that has exceptional knowledge, talents or even psychic insight. But how is an old soul different from someone who is smart? Old souls have gifts that go beyond their body and their age. And to be truthful, not everyone is an old soul.

This includes their mind too. This is what differentiates someone who is smart versus an old soul. For example, old souls who are master painters are seen to paint beyond their peers or even the time period of their incarnation. There is ease or a comfort in creating or exhibiting something complex.

Special characteristics

The secret to spotting an old soul is in their vision. Old souls have a sage like quality that puts them into their own little world. Getting this is quite important especially if you’re raising an old soul as a child. Further, they tend to test anyone in authority who would try instilling his or her own will or control. Soul mates and old souls can integrate for the best of romantic connections.

Old souls enjoy knowingness in how things come together. This is normal because they see things, as they really are -not being limited to methods or commonly accepted thoughts or ideas. They are also free thinkers. Rarely do you see a desire for an old soul to conform for the sake of anything.

What is an old soul?

An old soul is anyone who enjoys a wise nature with an empathic flair to connect with people – oftentimes with older people. There is a definite spirituality to old souls that is hard to ignore. Commonly, old souls tend to be very powerful but generally tend to be more quiet or introspective. There is desire to connect within which can be misinterpreted as their being aloof or not paying attention.

Old souls tend to get it before, and way beyond, any current teaching. In fact, their foresight seems to come from someplace else. Likely it does. Old souls can be reincarnated, as they can be alien. Both would explain their access to their understanding that is out-of-this-world.

Who do you know…

Old souls can be identified not just by what they know but how they came to know the information. A great example of an old soul would be Nickola Tesla. Tesla was an inventor, electronic engineer and genius all of which properly describes Nickola but he was also an old soul. His being an old soul is seen in his spiritual gifts in seeing things that were way outside of his lifetime. Maybe you’re an old soul and there are ways to find out if you’re truly interested.

Only a FEW people are Old Souls

This isn’t to exclude anyone it just means not everyone has traveled the down the same spiritual path.  And to to be clear it’s not the same road as much as it’s a similar theme. There’s a real spiritual aspect to old souls that give them wisdom, talent and true knowledge and understanding.  It’s super easy to be in the company of any old soul because ultimately they’re so comfortable with themselves that their energy is wonderfully appealing. Old souls can make wonderful partners, friends and lovers but only if you like being around honesty and the truth.

Spiritual Guidance

When you recognize and connect with an old soul it is quite transforming. There’s something to be said, in giving your full attention to the child or young person. Most adults don’t realize the simplicity in connecting with the old soul with energetic openness. As the old soul grows up so does their wisdom. It’s not really magic but it sure feels special to be in the presence of an old soul. (A personal session can be really helpful in understanding yourself as an old soul or someone else who is close to you.)


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