Bats In My Attic

Bats in my Attic

What makes bats so fascinating?









(How Not To Go Bat Shit Crazy)

Bats in the attic is actually a true story. A couple got more than they bargained for when they purchase an old house to fix up.  They got an attic full of bats! But were the bats already there before they purchased the house?

The world is full of bats.  But what do bats represent?  Is there something to seeing what is right before you or will you remain blind as a bat. Keeping yourself from going bat shit crazy depends on how many bats you have in your attic.

I think there’s something to learn about these little mammals. And for the record, some of these bats aren’t so small! (Check out the picture of the “flying fox” below).  It’s good time of year to evaluate what kind of thoughts you may be hosting.  If you’ve noticed patterns that you don’t want to create any longer it’s a good time to remove them.

If you want to learn how to not go bat shit crazy, you need to see the bats, so you can remove them, and then go on.  You can’t destroy or kill them.  So, you’ll have to learn another way to deal with these mammals before they start sucking the blood from you.  You’ll get it, you will and in the meantime you’ll have some fun too.





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Once upon a time a husband and wife team delighted in purchasing an old house. It was indeed a real fixer-upper. I’m pretty sure the house they bought was built in the early 1900’s. And it needed a lot of love!

This couple saw something in the house that they wanted to restore. They had a vision. It would be hard work but they wanted to do it anyway. But finding bats in the attic wasn’t a part of the plan.

I promised the couple I wouldn’t reveal their names but a great deal of the facts about bats came from them. (Thank you! You know who you are.) The woman that I spoke with laughed, because before this incident, she didn’t know a darn thing about bats. I must confess, I didn’t know much about them either. But I feel there’s a spiritual lesson in this story that’s worthy of our time and attention.

Bats have special appeal this time of year and they are unusual creatures so I thought you’d be spiritually interested in this subject matter. First, bats are not birds and certainly they’re not insects. Biologically, they are mammals.

In case you’ve forgotten what constitutes a mammal, let me help. Mammals are endothermic. This means that their body temperature is regulated which enables them to live in any climate on Earth. This is commonly referred to as “warm-blooded.” Lastly, they produce milk to feed their babies.

When was the last time that you had a good swig of bat’s milk? No? Never heard of drinking it? Neither have I, I just made that up.

Finding bats in your attic could be an analogy to being crazy. Hmmm. That’s an interesting idea. We’ll have to come back to that thought.

Believe it or not, Bats represent about 20% of all mammals. Yes, this means that there are a lot of them. And as you’d expect, they come in many different sizes and forms.

The smallest mammal, let alone the smallest flying mammal, is a special little bat that is the height of a half-dollar. The larger ones, you know the ones you see on the eve of Halloween, have a wing span that is 5” longer than Lady Gaga is tall. If didn’t know, Lady Gaga is 5’ -2” and if you add 5” then this makes this “flying fox” pretty big with a wingspan of 5’ -7”.

bats in the attic

This “flying fox’s” wingspan is over 5 1/2 feet!

It’s likely you’ve never seen any bats in your attic and we seriously need to talk about this. Bats like to roost in places that are quiet and that have no light. They also don’t like to be disturbed. I’d like to say that they’re hiding but this isn’t exactly true because you can go find them if you know where to look.

They love to gather in large groups and find themselves at home in the all the cracks of a cave, roof or even in your mind. Did I say that? Can bats get in your head? No not really, but they do get around.

There are three species classified as vampire bats. Yes, they do drink blood. Mostly that of cattle and horses but they have been known to feed on people too. Or that’s what some say.

But what if bats could get into your head?, I’m sorry I meant to say in your attic. And let’s say that they can drink your blood. How are you doing so far? Well let’s get to the good part in about how bats really do get into your mind. Let’s talk about bat shit.

Bat poo, or it’s more scientific name guano, is highly toxic. Your lungs labor in breathing the smell and ultimately bat guano can cause lung disease. Well, I don’t about you, but I kind of feel this way about any kind of poo. Cat poo, dog poo, well you know, poo poo.

I don’t care if it is also considered scientifically toxic or not! However, because bat guano has very high concentrations of vitamin K there are stories that doctors in the 1300’s fed it to patients in mental institutions. If this is true, I should do a whole podcast on this insanity.

Anyway, dispensing bat guano for consumption to people was thought to calm the nerves of those who were in mental institutions. Instead, it had the opposite effect and according to this story, the patients were driven to the brink of insanity. Thus, the term “bat shit crazy.”

The phrase that I like most about bats is this one; Blind as a Bat. Naturally, bats aren’t blind. They have echolocation abilities, like dolphins and whales to navigate. The reason I like this phrase is because of the metaphor “blind as a bat” can mean not seeing something right in front of you.

Well, maybe all this bat stuff is starting to add up. They hate to be in the light, they love to hide in dark places, they gather in groups, occasionally they drink blood, their poo smells like sh…., but again all poo does. And now we understand, we can have bats in the attic and not even know it.

Maybe I should rephrase that. We have bats in the attic and we don’t want to acknowledge it. Ahhh, this is where I really want to dig in. My mom was bat-shit crazy. Not in the literal sense but figuratively.

My mom is one that first introduced me to the definition of a “white lie.” I remember it well because of how it felt when I called out her lie. I stopped my mom during the midst of her talking about an event and said, “that’s not true!”

Uncomfortably my mom shifted and said, it’s okay, “It’s just a white lie.” “What’s a white lie?” I asked. She explained the details but I couldn’t really understand the concept. I guess I was about eight at the time. Ultimately, I processed the definition and I put it into my head.

That was clearly one of the first bats that I put into my attic, ahh, did I say attic, I meant to say my mind. I’ll rephrase that, it was the first time that I chose to open the door to letting a bat in. I didn’t know any better. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the first.

In time, I discovered a whole group of bats. And yes, like the physical bats themselves, these thoughts only come forth only when it was dark out. At one point I determined I didn’t want to be “blind as bat.” I actually wanted to see the truth. To see the truth I needed to see the bats.

It’s funny how things get passed down and repeated over and over as if it’s truth. It’s funny until it isn’t, right? I’ve always had wonderful insight. I’ve always known that something “didn’t feel right about my being taught about white lies.

It felt like mom made the whole white-lie concept up. What I mean, is it felt like she was changing the rules so she could lie whenever she wanted too. Just like somebody playing a game who makes up a completely new rule to win. It didn’t make sense but I get how she needed an excuse to lie.

Technically, a white lie is supposedly a harmless little lie used to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. What a crock of shit. Oh, I’m sorry. Let me bring that back. What a bunch of poo.

White lies wouldn’t be the only thing that I put into my attic. I really didn’t know that the more lies and thoughts that I placed in my mind the larger the darkness and the separation would become. Ultimately, I felt like the couple who bought their fixer upper house. I too needed to clean my attic.

You probably don’t know it but by law you can’t’ kill bats. I don’t know why and I don’t care, but I think it’s a wonderful analogy because you can’t kill lies, deceptions, or darkness as a whole. You don’t need to be afraid of the lies, even if participating in them makes you feel like you’ve given blood. This happens when you choose it.

If you’re anything like me then you don’t want anything sucking on you. But before we get into that kind of detail you’ve got to clean your attic. I’m serious. You probably don’t even know what kind of bats you have in your attic.

For your continued education, scientist’s believe there are 1,200 different species of bats. The most common kind of bat is the tiny brown bat. It’s ugly and has dark brown fur on it’s back. Underneath this bat it’s grey accented with a black head and pointy ears.

What is the most common type of bat in your mind? Did I say mind? Or did I say attic? It doesn’t matter because you now know that I’m talking about the same thing. Lies.

If you’re hosting bats in your attic you can expect that your house is going to smell like toxic bat guano. Perhaps not right away but certainly in time. What does this look like? Well, do you really want to know?

In the mind is where all disease begins. Lies and deceptions do affect the body. But you’re going to ask, “How do I get bats out of my attic if I can’t kill them?” It’s an interesting question. One, I’d like to address.

According to the the couple who bought their fixer-upper home, it’s going to cost them about $10,000 to remove the bats from their attic. First, you’ve got to get the bats out. This is where you remove all the lies that are flying around up there. They’re not doing anything except attracting more bats of dishonesty.

In the bat world, pest control experts use ultrasonic devices to wreck havoc on the bat’s sonar. In essence, it’s a defensive maneuver. These frequencies confuse the bats ability to navigate. The bats get puzzled because of the energy so they leave.

Once they’re gone, you’ve got to board up the attic plugging up any holes so that the bats don’t come back. This part is pretty important. It sounds simple enough but I can’t tell you how many times I seen lies return because someone forgot to board up their attic.

In our study of bats, this makes sense. If you’re going to clean your mind, you must address the old disinformation and experiences so there aren’t any entry points for these same patterns to return. I am really enjoying this analogy…. Aren’t you?

Then, it’s time to really get down in it. People who actually get in and remove the bat poo have to dress very carefully so they don’t get deathly ill. This makes sense, I feel this way, whenever I have to clean the toilet. I have a special hazmat suit for that too.

No, not really, but I’ve thought about purchasing one. To get rid of bat shit you have to get rid of all of it. This is true for the inhabitants of the house. It’s also true in relation to your body.

Assuming exterminators can successfully remove bats from your attic, you may wonder where do these bat’s go? Well, that’s easy! They fly over to your neighbors house. Think I’m teasing? I’m not.

Think about this as it relates to your mind. If someone is clearing their mind of falsehoods these old lies need to go back home. So, where do these misrepresentations go? In this analogy, they usually go back to the person or place where they originated.

As an example, when I’m assisting someone to clear their mind they are removed from the blood sucking energy that drains them. The actual sound of returning lies to their place of origin sounds hauntingly like the squealing of pigs. It’s really quite annoying. By comparison the screeching of bats used to maneuver isn’t too bad.

Here’s the deal, the bats, or undesired tales might find a home your neighbor’s house. I emphasize they can, but they won’t if their attic is sealed up tight. If your neighbor doesn’t have any place for the lies to nest then there isn’t a problem. And yes, for those of you who think you protect your neighbors from hosting bats that aren’t theirs…well, good luck, because you can’t stop them if that’s what they want to do.

You know my mom had a lot of things going in her attic. Not all of them so healthy. To be honest, I appreciate her journey but I don’t need to take any of her bats and put them in my mind. I don’t blame her, I don’t.

Still, I don’t want someone else’s bats flying around and looking for a home in my attic or in my mind. I’m not saying I need to protect my mind, I am just saying I’m not looking to create some dark place where lies can come roost. As far as you being afraid of going bat shit crazy I wouldn’t go there if I were you.

If you’re going to see what is right in front of you all you have to do is follow the bats. Where there are bats there is also bat shit. And even if you can’t see the bats you can’t miss the bat poo. It smells something awful.

Having bats in your attic makes you feel you’re like trapped. Trapped because this is what all lies create. They limit you. And often once you’ve started, you need to create more to keep the whole fib thing going.

You can’t actually kill the bats. You kind of have to invite them to leave. Just like lies and thoughts and experiences of this nature. I suppose everyone has a bat or two in their attic but once you really get it you’ll develop a habit of intolerance.

Biologically, bats reproduce really slow. A female bat gives birth to a pup or two once a year. Good thing bats don’t reproduce exponentially but lies can. Why would you want to play around with this?

I can’t think of one good reason that you’d want to keep one bat in your attic. If there are no bats, then there is no bat shit. If there is no bat shit, then you can’t become bat shit crazy. This is a most wonderful treat.


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