Clear hearing is clairaudient.


What is clairaudience?  Is it possible to hear spiritually? Are there some tips that would make my clear hearing easier?

As a clairaudient I can hear most people don’t.  That said, there are some simple things that you can do that will promote your hearing.  Most people don’t trust their inner voice.  Others wonder if they’re doing it right or they have believes that messages from Source aren’t allowed.

If you’re interested let me show a few very simple things that will allow you to hear clairaudiently better.



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It’s amazing what you can hear when you’re listening. In this exact moment there are millions of conversations taking place around the world. Each and everyone distinct, different and yet somehow the same. Every conversation we have is another perfect example of duality.

If I am talking, then you’re listening. If you’re talking then I am listening. It’s a perfect model of duality. But what if there’s something more?

Recently, my son made a comment about language that I thought was very interesting and worthing of mentioning. He said, “Language is a very tough means of communicating. Because most people are negotiating, competing and even fighting to get themselves heard. The very nature of all of our language seems to encourage this.”

I too have contemplated the nature of language. Language allows us to talk and write but the nature or even the structure of language isn’t perfect or exact. There is plenty of room to interpret what is being said. Our words have so many different definitions specifically conditioned upon how you are using them.

Spiritually, everyone wants to hear Source speak. I understand why because it’s quite comforting to hear the words. Especially in your native tongue. I appreciate that everyone wants to spiritually hear. I don’t think it has to be such a unique spiritual gift. It is. But it doesn’t have to be.

Right now I want to talk about clear hearing. Clear hearing is actually the definition of clairaudient. You are most familiar with the term, clairvoyance which means clear seeing. It’s pretty simple, clear hearing or clairaudience is hearing the voice or exact words of Source —and a lot more.

The American Indian, like many other cultures, don’t have problems in hearing from Source. In fact, they revere it. They grateful acknowledge what the Great Spirit has to say. This includes hearing what animals, nature and what the Universe shares. Spiritual hearing is considered to be quite an honor.

I believe this to be true for anyone who really hears. There’s a gratitude that comes in hearing omnipotent wisdom that is outside yourself. It’s humbling to be a part of the dialog. To hear the exact nature of what is being shared, and as it works for me, the exact words.

As a communicator, exact language is important but especially as a clairaudient. When speaking, I often tailor my language and even what I say to the audience. It takes considerable more work to communicate this way but this method is infinitely more personal. The same is true in hearing clairaudiently.

It is true that Source may use your life experience, beliefs and even your language as a means to communicate with you. This becomes even more wild when you realize that you’re not actually using your ears. You do and you don’t. When I hear Source I don’t use my physical ears but then again everything around me is physically enhanced. Everything becomes connected.

Maybe I should say, that in hearing Source I can see, hear, feel and know how everything connects. And I do mean everything. Hearing how sounds, words and even whole conversations interrelate while channeling Source is quite amazing. I thought you really might enjoy hearing more about the process of clairaudience and perhaps, if you’d like, I could offer you some tips for your own clear hearing?

Everyone has a voice in their head. And to further your awareness, let me categorize the different ways you can hear. As I would read something aloud to you, I can hear myself speak as I read the words. This feedback allows me to hear the sounds I am making so I can improve.

Let me offer you an audible example. I’m going to read you a short paragraph twice. Both times I will be wearing headphones as I speak. The first time I read this selection the audio playback in my ears will be normal as I speak to you. The second time I read the same paragraph there will be an audio delay in my hearing myself as I speak. I want you to hear to the difference.

Example 1. (Read with headphones on with normal audio playback)

The main goal of casual reading is to get a good-enough understanding of the text so you can infer the meaning of new words through their context.
You are better at this than you might think. If you can get over the mental barrier of not always knowing exactly what you’re reading, you’ll be surprised by your brain’s ability to identify patterns and fill in the blanks.
Example 2. (Read with headphones on with a audio delay feedback)
The main goal of casual reading is to get a good-enough understanding of the text so you can infer the meaning of new words through their context.
You are better at this than you might think. If you can get over the mental barrier of not always knowing exactly what you’re reading, you’ll be surprised by your brain’s ability to identify patterns and fill in the blanks.

While you may think that I just made all this up to be funny but I didn’t. I seem to be exceedingly tied to hearing myself. This is my first point, I am asking you to open up to source instead of listening to yourself speak.

When you’re talking you’re also listening to yourself speak. You may be thinking that you have an announcer’s voice, or what you’re saying is incredibly important, or that you are so happy to have the attention of your listener.

You see, we have all learned to speak using our ears as a biofeedback mechanism to speak. I’m not asking for you do anything easy, <laughter> I want you to turn of all those years of training off. I’m just teasing with you. But then again I’m not.

I understand that you’re accustomed to hearing yourself speak as you talk but I’d like you to turn that part off. Yeah, I understand you wont be able too. But conceptually I don’t want the esoteric words that you hear to go through the brain first. Just allow your mind to audit what you hear.

I really wanted to get your attention with this first point, that listening, true listening is not processing with your mind. Listening to Source is not about listening to yourself speak. Plain and simple. Got it? Let’s go forward.

I’m going to share with another couple of examples. My best friend Lonn died early from congenital heart problems when he 21 years old. We lived a couple of houses apart and we had known one another since I was four. When I say we were best friends, we were actually soul brothers.

For complicated reasons surrounding his family, especially his father, it wasn’t a good idea for me to attend his funeral, so I didn’t. I am saying I didn’t attend my best friend’s funeral. Yet, years later, one very hot Summer day in Phoenix, I needed a friend to talk too and I was driving near the cemetery. So I stopped in.

I’d never been to this cemetery before and so I walked into the front office and told them I was looking for someone. They obliged me and gave me the plot number and a little map to go find my friend Lonn. I was dressed in a nice white shirt, tie with dress slacks and nice shoes. It was about 114 degrees that day.

It was a lot farther of a walk to his grave than what I had initially thought and yet I was committed to see, for the very first time, where my best friend had been laid to rest. There was nobody else. It would be just him and me. And I really needed the comfort of my best friend and I just wanted to talk.

With my little cemetery map in hand and sweating like crazy, I just finished walking to the foot of his grave when I heard. “What are you doing? It’s hotter than hell out here?” I openly laughed because I heard Lonn’s voice as plain as I had always talked to him. He continued, “We can talk in the car.”

I looked at myself and I had sweated completely through my shirt. I laughed as Lonn began talking to me as he always did. “What’s up?” he said. I apologized that I didn’t come to his funeral and yet I had clairvoyantly seen this, several years before his death.

I remember telling him if he died I wouldn’t attend his funeral. I was about 13. Lonn somehow understood. This is how Soul Brothers move. They truly understand one another. And Lonn did. I didn’t foresee the complications with his dad but I knew I wouldn’t attend his funeral.

I knew Lonn was good with it. But now walking back from his grave I wanted to let him know I was sorry I didn’t attend. As if he wasn’t listening to me, he responded again, “What’s up, man?” I shared with him intimate stuff that was going on in my life at that time as I jumped into my car and turned on the AC. I was sopping wet from the heat.

It felt good to cool off. It felt better to talk with Lonn. All of this seemed so natural until I was finished, then I realized that “you don’t talk to dead people.” Or at least, that was how I was raised. <Laughter> Anyway, it all seemed as normal as talking to Lonn in the flesh. Esoterically, Lonn laughed and laughed at me. I felt wonderful.

My second point, is that talking to Spirit, and yes, even with dead people, is that it can sound as if they are right there in the room with you. I think this is normal. Don’t confuse this with psychological disorders of the mind because this isn’t at all what I’m referencing. I’m fully able to discern who’s who, just as if you and I were sitting in the same room and we are talking.

When you hear a group esoterically, it’s the same as walking up the bleachers at a football game. You can hear a bunch of conversations as you step up the stairs while also hearing the game announcer, the people cheering and even the athletes on the field. Physically you are able to separate all these conversations and spiritually you can learn to do the same. It may take a little practice but it’s all doable.

When you get the hang of it, you may find that there is an esoteric line of people or Spirits who are all wanting to talk. If you’re too busy talking, or even listening to yourself, including listening or processing your own thoughts, then you won’t be able to hear. I think hearing is one of the coolest esoteric gifts one can have. Being open to have a free flowing dialog is indeed the essence of the my second point.

My third point is you may want to realize that you can have unlimited access. Since I was child I’ve always loved Libraries. There’s a feeling about being around all the books and the knowledge. It feels like home.

I have visited the world’s largest library, which is the Library of Congress. While most people might not ever think of vacationing at a library I’m telling you I could have spent years at this library. Today, we have a faster and a much more efficient means of accessing information -and that is the internet.

That said, the internet is about as archaic compared to me getting on a plane today to go to Washington D.C. to visit the Library of Congress to look at a book. All of this is painfully slow… compared to hearing dialog, knowledge, ideas – past and present- as they happen.

Comparatively, it might have felt this way coming out from very small town in Montana and then going to New York City. There is so much happening and all at a very fast pace. This is happening at light speed. And I mean this literally, and then some.

You can’t possibly comprehend the volume of information, let alone the continuing dialog, coming from the Universe. And to give this context, we tend to think of just our Universe which is the Milky Way when there an unlimited amount of Universes physically speaking.

Recently I shared a podcast entitled, Enter The Void, in which I was encouraging your consideration of being silent. One couple recently wrote to me about their attempt to remain silent for a day. Their experience was funny as they were really having trouble going for any length of time without talking. What I am sharing here isn’t exactly the same.

I am asking that you remain attentive but I’m not asking you to be silent. Not here and now. Because you can go anywhere you want. This is one of the first things I ask someone who wants me to channel for them in a session. I’ll ask, “Where do you want to go?” This could be considered me being polite but it’s also a direct invitation.

And I want to offer that to you now. Where do you want to go? What kinds of things are wanting to hear? If you want, you can have access, via clairaudience, hearing anything — about anything you may desire. For me, it’s soooo much better than visiting the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

Let me end with a little channeling about what else you need to hear in opening yourself up to your clairaudience.

“In the past you’ve been reluctant to hear. Divinely hear. It is to appreciated. For many, if not most, all have wanted to be tuned out or asleep. If this is no longer the case, then come forth for we have an abundance to share.

If you wish to hear the nature of all that is you must first develop your ears to hear. Not just what you want to hear, but to hear the truth. The truth is that you are Divine in nature and this plane and even your physical existence is but an illusion. We use the word illusion because there is no reality in it. The phrase that you use “smoke and mirrors” as a concept of deception is accurate. Not that you are being deceived as much as you are believing what you want and you are creating accordingly.

Yet, to hear, to hear Divinely is to set yourself free. For example, hear this;

When you hear us we see you,
When you pretend that we aren’t here we enjoy the game you play,
Not that you intend to truly stay, for you know too -it’s but act,
Are you still unsure what is real? Stay tuned because we have your back.

It isn’t about doing good or doing things bad for all these things have there place,
Knowing what you’ve come to do is worthy to rejoice,
There isn’t enough listening for us to really be heard,
And in this way, we don’t want to interrupt a single note of the songbird,

Instead it is our purpose to share in abundance,
That you might stop your addiction to redundance,
Step forward and be seen, in the light and the words that we may share,
To empower you to the places that you are heir,

Fill the world with the spirit which is yours, which is ours,
And be known to all the Universe and all the stars,
As you clearly hear the truth,
You set yourself free from the uncouth,

Remember you are a Universal part of the one,
and in this way you can have it all, in fun,
For there is something to hear and to speak the language of nature,
and in these ways you are always in our favor,

Listen now to the truth and acknowledge yourself as a part of the whole,
No longer damned to be separate like a diamond from the coal,
Embrace your elegance and be free,
For the world is yours and this is our guarantee.

In summary of you desire to embrace your clear hearing or clairaudience. Remember hearing spiritually is different when you don’t process the messages. Hearing outside yourself is as normal as Native Americans listening to the Earth, the Buffalo or the Eagle. Each one having a distinct message.

Enhancing your clairaudience can be done by;

1.) Not processing with your mind.

2.) Embracing spiritual communication in the same way you’d listen to someone talking to you in a private room.

3.) Opening up to unlimited access

There’s a freedom that is realized in accessing your clairaudience. Not only are you offered wisdom, but you have unlimited access to everything.

There’s a real joy in your opening yourself to truly hear. There’s much to enjoy in opening up this topic. With that I do have an online course that will enable you further in your pursuit to hear.


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