Private Sessions with Weston

Weston has an extraordinary ability to see your full potential. Everyone can use expert help in getting out of his or her own way.

Through specific knowledge and understanding about yourself you unleash your ability to grow and achieve. As a consultant and top advisor to; athletes, psychologists, life coaches, judges, CEO’s, executives, actors, writers, life partners, family members and children, Weston’s personal consultation channel conscious awareness.

For over 16 years and counting, Weston has offered more than 10,000 hours in private consultations. Each consultation is unique; some people bring specific goals, challenges or questions while others create a personal session not knowing exactly what “they need to hear.” Whether you are in a place of becoming aware, overcoming a specific obstacle, getting deeper understanding about your life, or implementing change Weston is a tremendous resource.

Business Consulting

You have unlimited opportunity to grow and advance in your business or career and the best are always seeking to grow and become better. How you handle challenges, and even problems, is how you bring value to your business and career. Welcoming the best of yourself is how you will actualize your success. Ask for expert help and focus and you will get better. Utilize Weston Jolly and his thirty-three years in business and management; coupled with his powerful intuitive abilities. Weston will help you take your business or career to the next level.

  • Phone Consulting: $395/hr
  • In-Person Consulting: $450/hr



Personal Consulting

Weston has an extraordinary ability to see to the core of you. Within minutes, he can expose issues or habits keeping you from your full potential. Through specific knowledge and understanding, you unleash your ability to grow and achieve.

  • Phone Sessions: $175/hr
  • In-Person Session: $220/hr



Couples Consulting

Weston’s gifts have help countless couples in understanding and creating a loving relationship. Whether you are facing a crisis or are looking to improve your relationship, Weston is a tremendous resource for couples.

  • Phone Sessions: $330/hr
  • In-Person Session: $370/hr



Discover insight for your business or career

Weston offers business consulting, combining his channeling gifts with his 20+ years of business and marketing.

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