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There a lot of confusion around the topic of Soul Mates. Finding a Soul Mate seems to be the top of the list in finding true love. But what is a Soul Mate?  Do you really have to go looking?  And is having a Soul Mate really what you want?

Everyone seems to think that having a Soul Mate is finding your other half.  It’s a misnomer because if you’re aren’t whole you’re never going to find yourself in that higher plane Soul Mate connection.  This doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect, far from it, but it does mean that there’s something familiar, contractual, spiritual, maybe even sexual and intimate in having a Soul Mate.  But how do you know?

Believe me you’ll know if you’re bumping into someone in this special kind of relationship. It’s like a bumping into depth charge of spiritual connection that is outside this world.  A knowing and understanding of one another that is very different than most any other kind of relationship.  They are special and very unique and if I could, quite precious.

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True Connections with Weston Jolly

I’ve noticed a lot of confusion when people bring up the topic of Soul Mates. Stereotypically, I hear the term Soul Mate in reference to a romantic partner. In the traditional sense, a marital partner. Certainly, this fits within the definition but there is so much more to understanding the nature of Soul Mates.

In certain circumstances, there is an all out effort to find a Soul Mate in the same way that you go to find a lost dog. The only trouble with this analogy is you don’t know where to go looking. And if you’ve ever lost a dog, you know that they don’t always sit and wait for you to find them. They’re out in the world running around. Worse, someone else may find them.

As this relates to a would-be-romantic partner, it means someone is going to steal your man, or your woman. The situation gets worse when the would-be-soul-mate is enticed into a relationship like any starving dog that would greatly appreciate being fed while lost. I hope you don’t get the idea that Soul Mates are literally like lost dogs…But it does describe the frustration of trying to find a soul mate.

I know of many who have inquired to connect with a spiritual project coordinator in finding a soul mate. Actually, I think it’s pretty resourceful to ask the spiritual realm for this kind of help. And to complete this thought, I’ve been witness to some very real spiritual matching making. Totally cool!

Beyond the classic romantic partner kind of soul mate, are there different kinds? The short answer is “yes.” And while it’s commonly assumed that everyone would want to be in a soul mate relationship there are a lot of people who really don’t know what they’re really asking for. What I’m saying is, there can be some wonderful advantages AND disadvantages in having a soul mate around.

If you’re interested in soul mates then you’re in the right place because I’ll be channeling the contents of this subject. A warning, you may find the subject of soul mates may be different that you previously thought. So, like always, stay open. Before I actually begin channeling, know that my purpose is for all of us to understand a lot more about our soul mate connections.

Without any more introductions, here we go….

Soul mates is an interesting term that you use to describe one another as you connect in ways, and on levels, that you still think to be extraordinary. We don’t deny these thoughts but it is our desire to add so much more clarity to a subject that has become polluted with thoughts of classification and even prejudice.

For example, a great many of you consider yourselves in a “less-than” relationship if you’re not in soul mate relationship. Further, a great many of you have heard of soul mate kind of relationships and you aspire to create one of your own. Currently, there are many who think of soul mates as exclusive in the same way that you’d create a monogamist relationship.

What we would like to do is offer some clarification as to the true nature of soul mates. First, it can be true that two individuals who have served in a previous life together can come back to unite. What isn’t commonly known, is that many times in instances such as this, that coming back together isn’t always with the intent to be together. It can be just meet-up of sorts to deliver or remind one another of a previously planned intention.

Before we get ahead ourselves, let us properly define what a soul mate relationship is. Soul mates are souls that share a common ancestry in family, both as couples and also within the same family tree. This is true as it is physically as it is spiritually. What we are saying is that two individuals could have served in a like community, such as a family, and share the values and also the struggles of that incarnation.

Such a soul mate type of relationship isn’t romantic as it is familiar. The familiarity is recognized by being in the same clan or family. Many of these types of soul mate relationships are classified in the “unfinished business” category. For an example, if you had a very special, soul mate relationship with a brother or a sister in a previous life and one of you died there may be strings, like that in the quantum state, that dedicates a strong energetic desire to “come back” to help, serve or compete what could be called the previous mission. (Check out Soul Exchanges)

Such soul mates are merely picking from where they left off, absent of one key element, nothing is the same as it was before. Naturally, there are parallels of the previous existence or life, but what is going on today isn’t what it was last time. This calls for some special openness to the process and to proceed. In summary, distinct bravery.

This is stated because if one was a soul mate as a brother in a previous life, to a sister who died prematurely, there may be a desire to pick up the relationship but not as brother and sister but in a romantic sense. This is provided for in completing the desire to serve together again, but in this life, in a completely different way.

True romantic soul mates differ from the other types that we will mention in a minute because there are usually joined in many different ways beyond intercourse. To be sexually mated with one another is done easily without both parties having to be sharing the soul mate energy. Many of you assume, in a soul mate romantic relationship, that the goal is to find one another and to remain united. While this is for true for those creating it in this way, there are countless other ways a romantic soul mate pair might come together.

This would be true romantically with a pair of soul mates enjoys all the connections made available to them, spiritually, emotionally, physically, including the sexual aspects, it should be noted that the purpose may be limited to bringing forth new life. Soul mates may come together to simply to have children. In this moment, it may sound silly that soul mate couples would come only to have children but are many many cases where this is the intent. To share this is a different way, soul mates may divorce, die, or simple go-on to live different lives than being in the same household as partners.

This term needs to be discussed as well, because there are plenty of relationships that don’t participate in a true partnership. This includes those of the soul mate kind. Yet, from our perspective as Source, it is greatly encouraged for there to be an understanding in balance. This balance is seen, not just talked about. Soul mates that intend to serve together in communion, and for life, are for the most part, unique.

The first reason is that such a connection is quite difficult in the physical realm. Regardless of your place or origin or your current place of inhabitation, it’s important for you to understand the challenges and opportunities in a full-fledged romantic soul mate relationship. This it is first seen in having to go beyond the boundaries of what might be created in any traditional relationship.

This too is noticed regardless of what part of society that you’ve been born into. And for purposes of clarification we aren’t necessary talking about soul mates being in open relationships. Not that this is discouraged. The boundaries that we speak of are, the many other man-made rules, customs that appear to be real to an individual and even that for the couple. Couples in this way are constantly forging, because they ask themselves to do so in unity as soul mates, to create new paths.

These new paths can be tremendously disruptive to the community and even the birth families in which soul mates originate. Yet, for some couples this is the path. Additionally, there are romantic soul mates that come together in other unique ways but not necessarily to spend their lifetimes together. Such instances would include two coming together to face a specific challenge both as a couple and as individuals.

This is observed when two soul mates create, endure and then overcome a specific tragedy or obstacle. It is also possible for a child to also be a soul mate to the couple in an effort to provide them some very specific challenges or opportunities for spiritual and physical growth. Such an example might be where a child, who is a soul mate, with his or her parents, might commit suicide, be autistic, die prematurely or have a short life due to a disease.

The actual acts, aren’t really the point, as much as the challenge for one or both parents to awaken. Such acts are quite difficult even in the consideration let alone the execution. For it rips at the mortal fabric that everyone has to live fully. Such choices are enormous in the repercussions they have on both the physical and the spiritual planes.

To be a soul mate is not the same as being a friend. A friend is a casual kind of relationship that can come and go, while soul mate relationships endure. Endurance is not put forth as a term of classification or to be seen as favored as much as it is used to describe the nature of the relationship.

Soul mates, are indeed connected on a higher level, sometimes as has been previously mentioned on a past-life plane, but there are many other means in which soul mates can connect. For example, a guide, messenger, or angelic presence that once served in spiritual form –having watched out or guided another in a previous life –may want to take physical form. In such a case, there is a bond, and understanding, that could be described like the immeasurable bond created by mother and child, but this spiritual, or soul mate, connection is so much more.

It’s interesting to us, that some would fear soul mate connections. But this too must be discussed for it is chosen. Not everyone desires to be in the presence of a highly reflective soul mate relationship. This is deeply honored, but still, there needs to be no fear in being in the presence of such true reflections.

When soul mates gather beyond “pairing” which is thought to be the most common means, there are a lot of opportunities in pursuit of excellence. Such households or groups come to work, play or socialize in such settings to continue to refresh themselves to exhibit and express the highest of expressions. Certainly, the word highest does not necessarily mean fame but it certainly wouldn’t exclude it.

To be seen in the light in the physical form as a soul mate is indeed something to be appreciated. To exhibit one’s soul in other dimensions is quite normal and average and yet, here in this earthly dimension, it is equivalent to continuing to expose yourself. Not just in flesh but in the illumination of truth that soul mates do represent.

If you have figured out that soul mates encompass a certain spiritual nature, we do concur. The essence of the soul is continually exposed with intent to attract and create on higher or more advanced levels. These choices of the soul in a physical form are not better as they are different in the nature of the expression. To toil the land as a farmer is much different than a visionary who is creating in new ways to be at one with nature, the Earth and all of its parts, beyond planting and harvesting. (Also consider reading The Compassionate Soul)

All of these expressions are to be honored, for each has their part in the whole. Soul mates are being distinguished here to create a further understanding, of their nature, but again not that they are better. Soul mates as individuals that are nomadic in nature tend to wonder and sow spiritual seeds as a gardener or a farmer might.

They tend to travel, meeting up with others as a means to awaken, in the strength and the anonymity of being a stranger. Such soul mates, are often enabled to say, reflect and do things that might not be desired on a every day level. Such individuals can sit in a train and merely share the same space as another, such as yourself, to perhaps glance at you in such a way that truly touches your inner being. These kind of soul mates truly love these kinds of encounters, much of the time, being very plentiful in the many souls that they touch.

Soul mates of this kind are often synonymous with the angelic nature of spirits that offer dedicated spiritual encouragement. Soul mates, like Angels, do it spiritually too but in a much more tangible or physical way. In this way you might feel actually touched by someone that shares a conversation with you that it is indeed unique and compelling. From the nomadic soul mate’s perspective this is intended.

This too can take place in contractual form. Whereby a soul mate interrelates with you because of a predestined agreement to do so. Interactions, or meetings, of these kind are significant. Both in that they are confirming that you are ON path to what it is that you intended to create and also the opposite where it is disclosed that the nature of your life, and it’s unhappiness, is a result of being far OFF path.

To interact with a soul mate in any case is a special opportunity and this to some degree is why it has been identified and categorized as such. To offer you further insight to the nature of soul mates, let us continue. The beauty of being seen and understood by another is a priceless treasure. While this exchange can be one way, it is best experienced with both parties agree to the flow of sharing and connecting in this way.

To be at one with another is a Divine opportunity. In the same way that you are enabled sexually, this is also true from a frequency or vibrational perspective in soul mate connections. As this frequency or vibration is developed soul mate kind of relationships become hard to avoid. The simple reason being that the vibrations of one instantly attracts those of the like vibration.

As stated before, the crossover of previously encountered time or space together as souls or entities is another place where souls first create a bond and they want to extend it to the physical. It should be also stated that soul mates do connect on the physical plane also to create remembrance for the pair and also the community. There is a perceivable energy that takes place when soul mates enter the same space.

An observant eye will notice this physically. The spiritual attributes, if they could be measured in the physical realm, would be “off the charts.” This too is desired for the community. Not to just witness the energy or even the pairing but to emulate it.

To participate in a soul mate relationship you must realize the nature of the choice. There is demand that is usually constant in that you are offering yourself at the highest of levels in terms of vibration and frequency. Anything below this, no matter how acceptable this behavior might be in other relationships, is considered intolerable here. There is great encouragement for any of you to play in such highly reflective environments, but again, be forewarned it will mean a constant dedication to change at its height.

This is to enable the person and the couple or even the group to express in the true ways that they’ve intended in coming to this plane. It should also be mentioned that soul mate kinds of relationships, as already has been inferred can take place on other dimensions first, before incarnating here.

We would like to leave you some direct invitation should you be interested in furthering pursing soul mate relationships. That you offer yourself genuinely as you are, not a predisposition, or an idea, or projection of yourself. This sounds simple, and it is, but to be truly be one’s self means that you will also be seen. To do this it is imperative that you leave behind the stories of drama, superstition, faith, beliefs of what you may have, and or are likely to have held onto as so dear.

Additionally, that you would allow the boundaries to be honored and also destroyed in the cases that they no longer serve you. This takes an enormous amount of courage or bravery not to hear such things but to actually choose them. The participation “outside the lines” of the physical realm is a regular attribute of a soul mate in whatever form. It should be stated, that this doesn’t mean doing such things for attention or for even manipulative reasons for these are truly distractions from the true purpose of joining in the soul mate energy.

For those of you who are enjoying more and more consciousness in your exhibiting and attracting a soul mate, we wish to continue to honor and encourage you. There is much to share specific to this subject and we have but barely scratched the surface in that which has been shared here. For this moment, if you are attracted to another in this true state of your authenticity, follow such feelings and allow your choices to take you where your heart and soul deeply wants to expand and express.

Freedom is found in the true liberation of love, of oneself and the desire to connect with another or others. Follow your truth and continue to expand the love of All That Which Is and exhibit and express accordingly. We are most pleased for your interest in what could be called this introduction.


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