Creating a Conscious Mindset

What is your mindset?

Every day you are bombarded with a new agenda of things to think about.  It’s endless.  The companies and individuals that solicit your thoughts, thinking and mind all desire to program you.  It happens with TV, radio, billboards, the internet and so much more. Plainly speaking the assault on your mind going on every minute of every day.

If you’re following the directives of others, their programming, their mindsets then you’re just following along.  Ultimately, this is very dis empowering. It’s easy to sit down and hold the remote control and watch other people’s programming. It’s quite another to initiate or create your own.

In this podcast, we’ll cover three points to empower yourself  and reprogram the way you think.  In my opinion, this is one of the hardest tasks in our collective spiritual journey. If you’re willing to focus you’ll find true knowledge, peace, happiness and abundance.

This isn’t necessarily hard to understand. That’s the easy part– that someone wants to program your mind- the hard part is your taking back control or the direction. With your old programming gone you will be feel exuberant within, and naturally everything about you will flow easily as a result.



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You probably won’t like what I have to say. And it’s okay, I wasn’t thrilled initially either…

Currently, you have a problem. You are bombarded with things that are assaults on your mind. Every day there is a new agenda of things that are directed for you to think about. It’s endless. Many will benefit from your programming but you won’t.

To understand what I mean by your mind being programmed, think about ALL television programming. You watch what the TV industry wants you to watch. TV executives go even further to advertise their TV programs everywhere. Consider how many ads you hear on the radio, or ads you see via billboards? Or via apps on your phone as you commute or run an errand. This is just for TV programming…

It’s really a game of sorts, because a very few select people, give you what they want you to see. But there’s a problem…. they don’t know what you like, so they have to guess. It’s been said, “A lot of times people don’t know what they want until we show them.”

Plainly speaking the assault on your mind, is programming. This is the problem. If it’s not your program? Then, who’s is it?

In my opinion, this is one of the hardest tasks in our collective spiritual journey. It isn’t necessarily hard to understand. That’s the easy part– that someone wants to program your mind- the hard part is your taking back control or the direction.

You may counter that it’s not that big of deal to be seduced into watching a TV program or two. And let me be equally clear, it’s not. But what is a big deal is when you give up your total ability to spiritually connect because you’ve allowed your mind be programmed by everyone but you.

I am talking about the habit of letting other people do all your programming. Maybe you’re still unsure that this threat is real? Consider all your years of schooling… How much of the time in school did you choose the subjects, classes, and curriculum? Even in college you’re told what classes to take to get this degree or that degree…

It’s all a part of the training and it actually begins with your parents or guardians. To be honest, this is normal, in the beginning. We all need training, help and even programmed routines to function. But not exclusively.

If you really want to connect spiritually you must be willing to let go of all your perspectives and programming. This may sound like another pitch for someone to get in your head and tell you what to do. Actually, it’s just the opposite. The intention here is to honor your mind but set it aside and to let your Higher Self offer you guidance and direction.

You may be thinking, I’ve heard this before. But the key is not just having the awareness but you feeling compelled to do something about it. If you’re one of those people who want to make a change, and I mean really want to make a change come forward. Everything I’m about to share is super simple, but the trick is in the application of these three simple points.

Today, I want to offer you three main points to empowering you in how to reprogram the way you think. The reason? So, you can invite your Higher Self to offer you true knowledge, guidance, peace, happiness and even abundance.

I want to make this super simple to remember. So, I want you to think of eating three times a day; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Going forward, every time you eat a meal, I want you to consider these three points. In fact, I want you to attach each point to each of these meals.

I’m going to give you the three points right now. Be prepared for a pop quiz as I’m going to test you! (LOL)

Meditation. Desire. Action.

Okay, here’s the pop quiz…. What are the three points?

If you’re by yourself, say them aloud…

What are they?

Meditation. Desire. Action.

That’s right. Meditation. Desire. Action.

Now let’s talk about the first point of reprogramming your mind, and it’s meditation.

You’ve heard of the word and you know that it can mean a lot of things but let me share with you how we’re NOT using the word. Meditation isn’t rest. Meditation isn’t just being Silent. Or even quiet.

I want you to think, and associate the first point, and the word, meditation, with breakfast.

If I asked you the second you woke up, “what do you want to eat for breakfast?” You may grumble or say something that has already been preprogrammed in your mind. For example, you may have a habit of saying, “…Coffee” without thinking. What I am interested is sharing with you is the last part of that previous sentence which is…. Without thinking.

Our first point, is to clear all the existing programming from your mind, and the best and fastest way to do is for you to stop thinking. I told you it would be easy. Well, right here you might find one of the biggest challenges. The thought of not thinking appears to be easy when in fact it isn’t.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a little test. I’ll give you one minute. Not to think. That’s right, I’ll be quiet, but I’m still here watching and esoterically tuning into to you, to see if you’re actually NOT thinking. Give it a try.

Remember, I’m asking you to meditate for one minute, without thinking. Ready? Set, Go!


Okay, that was only a minute. What things were you thinking about? Did you think about me? You might, if I were sitting across from you watching you as you meditated. Maybe you were thinking about work? Maybe about current events? Maybe you noticed feeling uncomfortable? Hot? Cold? Stiff? Hungry? Every one of these things constitutes a thought.

If you are driving, or doing another task, maybe you were required to think about what was around you.

Let me give you another little hint on, “How not to think.” Think about your breath. To really meditate you want to use your breath as a tool. What this does for you is offer your mind some direction and focus while your real job is to let go. So, if your mind slips into a thought, then focus back on your breath and breathe. If you’re so inclined, I have written a tiny but powerful little book called Just Breathe.

Just Breathe is exactly what you think it is, a simple but strong tool, for you to stop thinking while you breathe to meditate. Again, very powerful.

Okay, what I am about to admit about meditation comes from a place of candor, I am not encouraging you to get a “guided meditation” whereby you hear someone talking, or where you hear music, and for that matter drums or other ambient sounds. Nope, if you’re going to focus on anything it’s going to be your breath. If you hear anything like traffic sounds, people talking, birds, dogs, foot steps in or around where you live, I want you to appreciate that these things and sounds are there but focus entirely on your breath.

Okay, you got it? Before you get out of bed in the morning to have breakfast, and before you’ve started thinking, remember this first point, which is meditation.

The second point to changing the way you think is Desire.

By lunchtime, you’re awake, alert and exercising your new thoughts with desire. Desire is the gear to making things happen. It’s more important than doing anything. So, don’t get caught changing the order of these three points. What I am saying is, don’t eat dinner before lunch. It’s always breakfast, lunch and dinner in that order which is translated as; Meditation, Desire and Action.

When you clear your past programming with meditation, you clean the dry erase board of your mind. If you don’t place something there it will get filled for you. Putting in your desire is the key. To do so, be clear and let be inserted like any other order.

Imagine going out to lunch, even if you’re with a bunch of other people, let me encourage you to eat, what you want to eat. It’s not important, what today’s special is at the restaurant or what anyone else is ordering, it’s imperative that you put yourself first by placing your order, which is done through desire. I’ll go to such lengths to say that if you’ve mistakenly happened onto this restaurant, and they don’t have what you desire – leave.

Your desire appropriately comes first. I’m not suggesting that you can’t listen to lunchtime specials that are aligned with your desire but be aware not be persuaded. Be clear and definitive. And like ordering lunch, even if you don’t know an assortment of other details associated with your request, place your order.

The Universe goes crazy with excitement when a desire is made energetically clean. What I mean is that there’s no interference, noise, distraction, it’s a clean order of desire. This is why a clean mindset is imperative to putting out your desires. Desires that have conflicting values they oftentimes don’t seed well.

To understand how to plant a desire easily and without conflict watch any child put forth his or her desire. There’s no thinking that they can’t. It doesn’t matter how expensive, or even easy the item is to get, the child just knows that they want it. This is really all you need to know about desire.

But since you’re likely an adult, I am going to share what happens when your desire is mixed with interference. Imagine being at your favorite restaurant at lunchtime again, and you place your lunch order but you keep changing your mind. The waiter or waitress, keeps scratching out each of your previous orders. Ultimately, the order is captured and the energy associated with it is conveyed to the kitchen.

When desires are presented in a confusing energy, they are slowed down because of this lack of clarity. This is especially true if you have a conflicting value, such as I can’t…. If you think you can’t, because of previous programming thought, then this dilutes the otherwise purity and simplicity of your desire.

Therefore, in using the second point, which is putting forth your desire, make it super clear. Also consider make your request in the present tense, such as; “I’ll have a glass of water.” Do not make your desires with request, such as “I hope you have some water.” Again, be simple and specific and make your desires like you did when you were a child. This will come back to you even if you haven’t practiced it in quite in a while. And the more desires you present the more they are filled.

Our third point in reprogramming your mind is Action. I want you to think of associating your actions at dinnertime. As you reprogram your mind you will be asked to act. However, it’s unlikely you will be asked to act alone. Whatever is asked of you it’s easy because, after all, it’s your desire that is being fulfilled.

If you think of this whole process of reprogramming your mind as fun, then this last point of being called to act is outrageously exciting. Imagine playing volleyball while you attended High School. When it comes time to be called into the game it’s thrilling. Now is your chance to be even more tangibly involved.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that when you’re called to action that you’re doing it all alone. You could never compete playing Volleyball all by yourself and so is the nature of reprogramming your mind. Only your mind, with all it’s separateness, that even present this as a thought and or action. Don’t be fooled, allow anyone and everyone to help you in participating with your desire.

Before we conclude reprogramming your mind using these three points; Meditation, Desire and Action. Let me tie them all together from a spiritual perspective. Through meditation, you actually open yourself to hear, see, feel and know a Universal presence. It’s a truly special space where you position yourself to clear and then ultimately open to your Higher Self or Source.

Through Desire you instruct the Universe what it is that you want to create. You are born with a natural desire to connect. The only way this becomes dormant is when you allow your mind to become dominant. Placing your desire before the Universe is literally what you were born to do.

Finally, there’s Action.

Action, is where you get involved in supporting your desire. It’s also where you allow others to support and help. Esoterically speaking, this part, should it be your desire, is very important. As you put forth an Action, spirit will want to collaborate with you very directly.

This is very important to understand and this is why removing any and all “old” programming is gone. What I’m saying is that if you are called to Action, that you don’t allow some “old” programming to come forth and discredit, or worse, not allow your desire to manifest. Breathe coming from a meditative space, put forth your desire and Act as your called upon to do so.

Let me leave you with this story to cement your new understanding in applying these three points in reprogramming.



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