Riding Vibrational Shifts

Riding Vibrational Lifts - Weston JollyRiding vibrational shifts is very much like the waves of the ocean. They go up and they go down but if you don’t know how to read or ride the waves then you’re all over the place. To understand vibrational shifts you have to understand the flow. You can’t control them as much as you must choose to align with the waves.

If you think of these lifts as being external to you then this energy is constantly pushing you around.  It can make you feel like you’re out of control.  One minute you’re feeling great the next your dragging on the floor. To really comprehend vibration lifts you have to understand the flow. How can you ride the flow of energy? What is an vibrational shift?

Learn about three ways to ride the energy…

Your ability to create and ride vibrational shifts is more powerful and certainly more god-like than you can possibly know. Your connecting to Source enables you to have your full ability to create in alignment with the greatest of energy, love and passion.



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Everyone is constantly riding vibrational shifts. If you’re unaware of how vibrational shifts work it can feel like you’re being carried up one day and down the next. If you think of vibrational shifts as external to you then this energy is constantly pushing you around – without you being in control. It can feel like you’re riding a massive rolling coaster, one minute you’re going straight up and the next minute you’re going straight down.

While roller coasters can be fun, riding one all the time, or feeling stuck on one isn’t.

Using vibrational shifts provide you with the opportunity to create IN the flow. Instead of feeling things are seemingly happening to you, you can learn to read the vibrational shifts and ride the flow consequently. The importance of going with the flow is an important as swimming in the ocean and following the current of the waves. Riding waves is really fun once you find the rhythm.

You are offered the Universe’s largest gift in riding vibrational lifts by being able to create in the flow of Source. This advantage is nothing like any other opportunity that you could consider. This invitation is in collaborating with the power of Source to create. Lovingly, it is applicable to ANY THING you want to create.

Imagine working with energy that is infinitely stronger than the waves of the ocean. Can you? This is what we’re talking about in riding vibrational lifts. It’s tapping into energy that is all-powerful.

To understand about riding vibrational lifts we need to first talk about the flow. The flow is the essence of all things. In this plane of duality, the flow is always moving like a wave. The flow is repetitively going up and down.

To really understand this, imagine holding your breath. The moment that you stop breathing you’ve stopped the flow. No matter how hard you try at one point you’ll be forced back into the flow of breathing. For life, breathing is a required flow.

Not all flows in life are required. For example, you’re not required to get into the ocean or even ride a wave. Yet, understanding the Source of flow is an extraordinary event. This is why riding vibrational lifts are fun because it allows you to read the flow and to use this power to raise up.

Interested in how to do it?

Let me share with you how.

Think of a vibrational lift as an individual stair step in a long line of stairs. (Pause) Now instead of thinking of vibrational lifts as individual steps that don’t move, think of them as escalator steps that are constantly appearing in an upward motion. As you approach an escalator, you can use the energy of the mechanical device to lift you up, without you having to walk up.

There are an infinite number of vibrational lifts. To begin with, let’s start by recognizing a few of them. After all, you can’t ride a vibrational lift any more than you can use the benefit of an escalator unless you know what they look like. So, what does a vibrational lift look like? Where would you go looking for vibrational lifts? How would you find one?

A vibrational lift is one half of the flow. It is the upward or creating half. It’s opposite is the vibrational drop. Each half representing an equal, but opposite part, of the whole flow.

All waves go up and down. Neither is good nor bad. They are just directions in which way you want to catch the flow. Knowing which way you want to go is vital.

With escalators you can find which one is going up or which one is going down and position yourself to take your first step onto it to begin your ride. This example represents everything you need to know about the flow. One half is going up and the other is going down. And just like escalators in a shopping mall, they are both operating at the same time.

There’s nothing scary about a set of escalators that are carrying people up a floor and also down a floor. Likewise, waves, that go up or down, aren’t frightening. So far, all I’ve mentioned are waves and escalators. Let’s expand our ability to observe this duality in all of Source’s creation.

You can see the flow in electricity. We have a positive charge, mated with it’s opposite, a negative charge. You can see the flow in light. We have light and it’s opposite, darkness.

You can see the flow in life and death. Life is expanding and growing, while death is a flow of stagnation and decay until it’s final form of death. You can see the flow in a spinning top. The top gains momentum and speed until the moment that it peaks or crescendos’ then it begins slowing down until its death when it no longer spins.

Every orbit is either winding up or winding down. In other words; the flow is an everlasting beat of life and death. Expanding or dying. There is nothing in between.

This is shared first because this understanding makes it so simple to determine what’s going up and what’s going down. It’s the same thing for catching a vibrational lift. It’s easy; you want to go up. You want to create.

You may be wondering more about where to find those vibrational lifts. I will speak of them while offering you three main points to remember about riding vibrational lifts. Listen carefully so you can get both the three main points of catching vibrational lifts while also getting examples of where to catch them.

The first step in riding a vibrational lift is observing your entry point.

Knowing where to catch a vibrational lift is an important as knowing how to get on one. For example, most people don’t jump over the handrail to get on an escalator; you go to the front of it and step on easily. Some vibrational lifts are easy to catch, while others may require your practice. Easy or hard, I promise it’s worth your effort.

Watching professional surfers catch waves looks laidback, but it’s actually more challenging than you think. Reading the waves of the ocean is the first step to know when to paddle to see your entry point, catch the wave, and start your ride. This is also true for riding a vibrational lift.

I previously mentioned breath as an example of the flow. Using your breath is a super easy means to ride the vibrational flow. When you take in a breath, you literally are taking in life. As you recognize this riding a vibrational lift is exciting. Take a breath now.

As you take in a breath, see it as exactly the same as you making that first step onto an ascending escalator. You’re making a conscious step, one that is guaranteed to take you up. Let your breath do all the work, in the same way you want the escalator to do all the work, in taking you up.

If you want to double down at this entry point of taking in a breath, be super conscious that you’re taking in life. Realize that you can use this same entry point to also exhale your breath, and let go of anything undesired. This includes; energy, thoughts, previous experiences; so, you can again take in more life.

If you start accumulating reasons why you can’t take in life, through esoteric, emotional and physical means of not allowing yourself to breathe, you are in a slow state of death. Think of your lungs filling ever so slowly with water. Even at the slowest rate, pulmonary edema removes your capacity to take in air. No air, no life.

If you make a habit of expelling things that decrease your capacity to take in life, then you’re increasing your ability to receive, to contribute. Just as your lung capacity can be decreased, with the addition of water, it also can be increased or expanded.

Another example of finding a vibrational lift is in Mother Nature. Going into nature is a typical vibrational lift. (Pun intended.) No matter where you live there are plenty of ways to connect with going outside. Right now, wherever you happen to be, scan and look to connect with your natural surroundings.

What things are around you now? What things do you see that are invitations to nature? It can be as simple as looking up? Rolling down your window, if you’re driving. Or seeing something that takes you into the pines, the sand of a beach or into the clouds.

Even if you’re not outside in the country you can connect with nature by putting your attention on it. And this consideration, takes into our second point.

The second way to ride a vibrational lift is to create it. If you can lift your thoughts you can actually create a vibrational lift.
Could it get any better than this? Imagine being able to create a vibrational lift anywhere you want. And, in any way that you want. You talk about something being all-powerful and fun.

It’s not like conscious breathing takes a lot of work but imagine being able to create a vibrational lift just by creating a portal to it with your thoughts. Your thoughts literally form everything. So, this point, lifting your thoughts is by far the fastest means of creating a vibrational lift.

Thoughts are forms. They have the same wave pattern that the ocean does. They can take you up and they can also take you down. As with any other aspect of the flow of Source, this is neither good nor bad. They’re just different directions.

Your ability to create is far far more powerful and certainly more god-like than you can possibly conceive. The more your thinking, and thought forms, are aligned with Source then you are putting yourself on the most influential entry point ever made. Think of that. I mean it, really take a moment to think about allowing your thoughts to be aligned to create with Source.

A nuclear button, which has the force to start a nuclear explosion, is insignificant in comparison to this entry point. In truth, it is so powerful, that your mind can’t comprehend it. And yet, this ability is offered to you.

I can’t help but state that it is also free. And I mean free. Anyone, who has an ability to create a thought, has this ability to create a vibrational lift that they can ride. Unfortunately, this point is so simple that it’s overlooked, not used or worse, forgotten.

Becoming aware of your own thoughts, going up or down is not necessarily easy, but there is nothing more spirited. I don’t get to use language like this often so I seriously hope that you’re listening. You ability to think can be both the place and the portal, to riding a vibrational lift. Again, I respect that this can be tricky but it’s worth every part of your attention.

This last point is simple.

The third point to riding a vibrational lift is knowing – how it feels to go up and down. If for whatever reason, you can’t tell if you’re going up or down then you’re going to feel stuck on a roller coaster that you can’t get off. Maybe there is some kind of irony and humor here… Maybe if you’re stuck going up and down long enough, and through enough repetition, then at one point you might discover these polar opposites of the flow to ultimately become aware that you can create whatever you want.

Before expanding this point of knowing if you’re going up or down, let’s take it real slow so we can actually get hold of its importance. All animals have genetic disposition, or instinct, to know and follow certain kinds of the cycles or the flow. We can easily observe that birds migrate seasonally without being told too. People are completely different.

People are not compelled to travel thousand and thousands of miles because the weather changes. Human and spiritual awareness can be completely turned off. This isn’t true for any other species as their programming is always on. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how or why a person’s ability gets turned off; so, I’ll leave that discussion to another presentation.

The third point is knowing what direction you’re going. Even if you’ve been numb, blocked, unaware, and most of us are in one area or another, then we need to consciously bring back our ability to determine what direction we’re going. If you’ve ever been caught in an ocean wave then you know this experience can confuse your sense of direction.

If you spend enough time in any state of perceived confusion, then you may forget which way is up or down. It is imperative for you to restore your sense of direction. Fortunately, with consideration, you can bring back your natural compass.

If you are confused you can use natural states of vibrational lifts to feel the connection. This is why some alcoholic facilities use animals, such as horses, to accentuate a person’s ability to feel uplifted as a part of their rehabilitation process. This is true for each of us. There are times each of us might need a solid example of what it feels like to be connected to the sensations of being lifted to a higher vibration.

Generally speaking, anyone standing in nature is uplifted. This extends to participating with animals, children and other energies that are totally pure in nature. Breathing ocean air is uplifting. And are a great number of other things such as; sex, exercise, laughing, meditating and connecting.

If there are areas in your life where you’re wobbly in not knowing the simplicity of up or down, then take Source’s clue that you’re choosing this confusion in one form or another. Use the infinite ways to reconnect to nature and to Source and feel the difference in being uplifted versus feeling down. Whenever you ride an escalator you feel yourself going up. If you’re going down you can feel this too.

In conclusion, the flow is always moving like a wave. The flow is repetitively going up and down. Surfing the waves on the ocean is just plain fun. There’s a feeling in riding vibrational waves that lifts you in way that you’re truly connected to Spirit or Source.

There’s a reason that you’d feel this way, because you are.

The three points that we discussed about riding vibrational lifts are;

First, knowing how to find a vibrational entry point. You remember we discussed how getting out in nature is a natural vibrational lift. And the entry point, is positioning yourself so that you are literally uplifted in the easiest manner. Just like walking onto an escalator.

The second way to ride vibrational life is to create it. Remember we are the only animal that has been given the omnipotent ability to create. Creation always starts within your thoughts. And you’re thoughts are either taking you up, or they are taking you down. Choose to create thoughts that increase your vibrational lift.

Thirdly, we talked about knowing how it feels to go up or down. Each of us are likely to have areas where we can properly identify how it feels to go up. And there are absolutely going to be areas where you’ve learned to be confused or unaware, and you will want to reestablish your natural ability to determine what’s up and what’s down.

In summary, your ability to create and ride vibrational lifts is more powerful and certainly more god-like than you can possibly know. Your connecting to Source enables you to have your full ability to create in alignment with the greatest of energy, love and passion. Riding vibrational lifts will only take you higher and higher. You might think you’ll plateau but instead you’ll find greater love, power and knowledge in your quest to vibrate at the Source level.


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