60 Minutes of TRUTH – In Uncertain Times

60 Minutes of Truth
In Uncertain Times

A FREE teleconference to raise your spiritual vibration in hearing direct channeled messages from Source.


60 Minutes of Truth
In Uncertain Times

A FREE teleconference to raise your spiritual vibration in hearing direct channeled messages from Source.

 With Weston Jolly

Previous teleconference recordings are now found here

Are you feeling nervous about the Corona Virus (Covid-19), events surrounding Human Rights, or huge economic changes? Are you feeling anxious and wondering what to do?  You’re not the only one. I can’t think of a person, family or a community that isn’t really reevaluating everything.

In this moment, it’s encouraged for you to go within like you’ve never done before. Releasing pieces of your past from your birth family to circumstances and experiences of your growing up.  This time of pause or reflection is unique in that so many of normal routines have been disrupted.

60 Minutes of TRUTH – In Uncertain Times is FREE to any anyone wanting to listen, be refreshed and even contribute with questions or comments.


Date/Time: The FIRST Wednesday of every month at 5pm (Pacific Time)
1. Call: (425) 436-6330
2. Enter access code: 523171#


Follow these easy instructions:

1. Click on –> https://join.freeconferencecall.com/1062
2. Wait for the popup window to appear.
3. Enter your name, and email address only (don’t click, or check anything else)
4. Click the big green “Join Button” (you will then be added into the online meeting)
5. If you see the popup message “Waiting for presenter to share their screen” you are in the right place.
6. To connect the audio for sound, click the Phone icon
7. Now, click the Mic & Speakers icon to hear the call through your computer’s internal speakers. Don’t click the phone icon unless you are wanting to dial in by phone instead.

To ask questions during the call.

1. Once Q & A has started a pop window will appear on your screen.
2. Click the blue “Ask A Question” button and wait for us to call on you for your question.

Note: We recommend Chrome™ or Firefox web browsers for full participant functionality.

You’re Not Alone…

In light of these turbulent times, humanity as a whole is experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event. This may challenge you on many levels. If you’re desiring spiritual guidance, awareness, clarity and hope during these troubled times, this teleconference is the place. We have felt guided to begin offering a weekly teleconference call with Weston Jolly.

The intention is to create a conscious, nurturing, and compassionate space where you can ask questions, and receive direct answers from source as Weston channels spiritual messages live on the call.

Come Prepared to Hear Only the TRUTH.

This is a time of great spiritual awakening. Our intention is to create and offer an energetic space of community and spiritual connection, where you feel welcome, supported, and heard during these uncertain times on planet earth.

You Are Not ALONE. There Is HOPE.

Join us weekly for this FREE event.
Feel free to share, and invite your friends and family.

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