Uncertain About Your Future with AI? It’s Not Just You.

How will AI affect you? Your future? Your job? Your world?

Here’s What You Need to Spiritually Know About Artificial Intelligence

Editors Note: This is a transcript is from a LIVE recorded session with Weston Jolly as he channels for a client from Hollywood. In addition, there is a second channel referenced as Divine Mother

Insight About AI and Creativity

Weston Jolly (Channeled) Hello! It is so nice to be speaking with you today!

Divine Mother (Channeled) We are excited to talk with you!

Hollywood (Actual name has been changed.) Yes, me too! I guess I mostly want to know; What is the guidance for humanity in dealing with AI?

Weston Jolly Cool question. First, you might find it interesting to know that Artificial Intelligence is not new. It is something that has been experimented with before, and it doesn’t need to be something that’s feared. AI creates an opportunity. It offers a choice for people who want to consider the concept that an idea might be labeled as real or as artificial. Is something created by the human mind, more real?, than something that is created outside of the human mind? The mind is simply regurgitating information, as AI does? Do you understand?

“Why Don’t People Care to Consider These Questions?”

Hollywood I do. Unfortunately, we live in a capitalistic market. People don’t really care to consider these questions. They are just excited about AI and they think of it as a new toy. But I know how this toy works. What it does is it extrapolates all this information. It’s a huge data warehouse and then essentially averages things out. It pumps out super-fast art, but it’s just like an average of the whole.

It’s stealing someone else’s art and mimicking it. Do you know what I mean?

Currently, there’s exponential access to everything, which one would hope in the future would lock down, especially for people who create art or who are doing something personal, because AI is essentially plagiarism. It’s taking all the writers’ creativity and plagiarizing it or finding some way to…

I don’t know?

I’m trying to be aligned with where we’re going as a society, but I don’t feel like AI is being used in way that is responsible at all. And then when I feel like our governing agencies are slow like dinosaur-slow to catch up and to regulate things appropriately, I become frustrated. For example, social media has been spying on people for such a long time. There is still no regulatory process to oversee that. I don’t trust that AI will be handled any better.

Now we’ve got AI coupled with social media, and that’s so huge. Facebook and Instagram owns all our data. They’ve collected so much information on us. Now they can take AI and replicate versions of individual people with that information.

It just continues on in perpetuity. AI uses information against people to cheapen what people do. Basically, whoever owns AI, or the results it produces, has access to steal and misuse everything that people have created and shared.

“Why Doesn’t Anyone Really Source Material Anymore.”

Another problem that I see is that when a (news) article is written, no one really sources material anymore. Everyone’s gotten so excited at fast headlines that no one thinks about sourcing. So, what happens when all the sources are removed? Now, the reader is just taking AI’s word for it. The reader has no idea what data has been absorbed by AI products. And at some point, if AI shares incorrect information, the reader will just eat it up and take it as truth.

Weston Jolly We’re very appreciative of your choice to use the word Source because, indeed, AI is sourcing its information based upon the lower self. And of course, people have all individually chosen to engage in the ways that they have taken part. Some participate in a grandiose way, others with a certain amount of discipline. Some have been agile enough that they adapt their output with consideration to the concerns that you have brought forth in this moment. Yet, it’s important for you to understand that AI can, of course, never replicate Source. True Source. Do you understand?

“Artificial Intelligence Will Never Replicate Source.”

Hollywood Oh, yeah, of course. But if humanity doesn’t value that or they don’t understand, then what happens? People, and in some industries, especially women, are discouraged from pursuing their passions and following their curiosity. It disincentivizes people from struggling to pursue their goals. People think – Why be a scientist? AI can do that. Why be a filmmaker? Why be a mathematician? AI can do that.

So, at some point in the future, I’m afraid that no one will do anything. No one will have a real job other than the people who communicate with AI. That’s about the only job I see happening.

I read something today and I thought it was very relevant. It said that AI was developed to do low-level stuff to make our lives easier. AI was meant to help with cleaning our dishes, doing our laundry, and completing meaningless tasks that we don’t want to be doing so that we can focus on the tasks that we do want to be doing.

But I feel like it’s operating the opposite way. AI is being used for high-level stuff. Now the low-level stuff is what the people are doing. That is what I mean. I just feel like, what are we doing?

Weston Jolly In response to your inquiry, it’s important for you to appreciate, that what you call Artificial Intelligence, of course, is all mechanical, and it’s all non-sentient material. That which Is, of course, is something that extends way beyond the physical. It is the nature of That Which Is to manifest all things, which includes the illusion that this particular piece of technology is something that can, or could be, become dominant.

Technology sometimes grows beyond the original plan or scope. For example, when the automobile was created, it was not originally conceived as a technology that would be so dominant. The initial plan was not for the automobile to become an integral part of daily life –internationally. The invention of the car was merely seen as a means to transcend something that had become a challenge. That is, the training, housing and feeding a horse was difficult. Horses were less predictable than cars. Cars were more mechanically dependable than horses. The transition from horse to car is the same kind of transition that’s taking place at the moment.

There is much to see and learn from the current transition that can be described as very, very healthy though there may be some large physical challenges during the adjustment period.

“Will AI Replace Artists, Actors, Screenwriters and More Creatives?”

Hollywood Okay. I’ve pointed out the big issues I see. I think it’s going to be a while before people catch on to this new technology. I see all these comments from people who are really excited about using AI for art and for replacing artists. They don’t seem to care about that. But the long-term consequences of replacing artists with AI is really sad, in my opinion, because what makes good art is the imperfections.

Weston Jolly It is the Source.

Hollywood But if people don’t value Source, that’s a weird thing that’s happening. If they don’t value it, then more people won’t connect with it.

“This Could be Described As A Crossroad (for Humanity).”

Weston Jolly This is indeed the opportunity. This could be described as a crossroads. The essential dilemma surrounds the question: Should we depend upon the physical world? or Should we extend beyond it? These questions have risen before.

This is not a new conundrum on this Earth plane. However, if you can appreciate that there isn’t necessarily something that needs to be done, then certainly nothing needs to be done to govern what is already taking place. Governing AI advances might halt the speed of the advancement. However, there are certain advantages and opportunities of awareness that the rapid spread of AI does offer.

People who are interested in truly being Creators, not emulators, but Creators, know that creativity is something that originates beyond this realm. Creators choose to connect to energies beyond their Earthly boundaries and this is where they will find their greatest joy. This is indeed the crossroads at hand –to remain tied to the physical or to move beyond it.

“Is There Any Positive Outcome In Using AI?”

Hollywood Okay. Is there guidance for a positive outcome that we should all be focusing on here?

Weston Jolly It was just extended.

You are a Creator. As you continue to allow yourself to create, it’s important for you to understand that these creations come from outside of yourself. Yet, there has been and continues to be, a great deal of fear –especially by the creators themselves. You, but not only you, are uncomfortable to have certain aspects of yourself seen as the Creator that you are.

This is the difficulty. To some degree, this could be described as an opportunity. Will you allow yourselves to be pushed, or to be encouragingly invited to step into your full and creative self? If this is something that is done, you will find that you indeed are able to transcend this realm. You are not being entrapped.

However, if you forego your choice to be a Creator, and certainly your connection to Source, then you will find yourself in a more uncomfortable position- individually and collectively. The benefits or liabilities of AI that you have created, could indeed invoke certain aspects of suppression and enslavement.You would find yourself doing things to support AI, to keep it going or even growing. This would keep AI alive by energetically fueling Artificial Intelligence as a whole.

“Can We Still Make A Living With AI?”

Hollywood Right. You’re talking creator in a much bigger perspective, and I am talking about it in terms of the possibility for people continue to make a living in that space…

Weston Jolly They laugh and laugh and laugh about this, that somehow you would create a distinction between that concept, because to be a Creator is to be a Creator.

You are choosing to exhibit yourself as a Creator in this realm, which is indeed something that is encouraged. Being a Creator has, and will, transform all aspects of society to take people into the next state of evolution. And yet, being a Creator is something that’s still frowned upon, as if somehow, it’s risky to create. It is as if these ideas that are brought from the Divine into this physical realm, “don’t pay,” or that the Creators themselves in this realm, need to be enslaved by powerful people or industries. This is something to consider because you do not need to become “small” or disempowered as you choose to step into the fullness of your ability to create.

Hollywood Right. So, the guidance is just to ignore AI and continue on?

Weston Jolly The guidance would be certainly for you to step into the fullness of your choice to be a Creator.

This is true for you personally, and certainly it is true for the creative collective. The more that you choose to exhibit true aspects of creation, you will find that this technology has no place to go. If you do not choose to create, then you will find that the AI technology continues to grow and to emulate and even to ?create?, but that is really a regurgitation of other things that it has observed, and there will be no true states of origination.

“This Is The Invitation –For Everyone To Step Into a Consciousness State Of Creation.”

This is the push/invitation for everyone, including all aspects of society, to step into a consciousness of creation, not merely to color inside the lines, but to clearly go outside of the lines and truly connect with their Higher Selves in this way, even collectively.

This is the opportunity. This does not need to be something that’s scary, and yet it is indeed an evolution to the point that it could be described as a revolution.

Hollywood Okay.

Divine Mother It s not unlike countries like China who have shut down their being Creators. How is this any different?

Weston Jolly We’re very glad for that comment to be made because, of course, that group of people has chosen to not necessarily initiate, but to duplicate. That group of people have become experts at choosing to “steal,” or take, or repurpose other people’s work so that they might do it cheaper as a means to remain competitive. Thinking, please hear the term, thinking, third time using the word “thinking,” that they don’t have the ability to create.

Therefore, they have reduced themselves to being slaves. They copy other people’s work. Certainly, this is something that will take place for the foreseeable future. AI is merely an accelerant of that same kind of thinking. Nothing new, just more automated.

“Is AI Something To Be Embraced or Not??”

Hollywood Right, so I guess that comes back to my original question.- Is AI something to be embraced or not? I can see how at the time computers were frightening. But now we know that there’s nothing scary there. After time, we have come to know that computers are really useful tools, and they moved us all forward. AI feels very different. Am I mistaken?

Weston Jolly No, that’s a great analogy. AI is a technology that will go even faster than the evolution of computers. This is something to be appreciated. Yet, of course, AI does have its limitations in terms of how fast it can grow based upon the material resources that it demands.These material resources are currently limited in supply. while there’s a great deal of interest in AI, the demand for more resources which are needed to construct (the technology of) AI is, in this moment, very hard to keep up with.

Hollywood Yes. Right. But that’s just a small little blip in time. Soon, everyone will have AI. It’s like having a brand new Porsche. Once we have it, it won’t be as exciting anymore. Then what? Then, we’re all using AI in our everyday lives.

Weston Jolly The choice is to become a Creator or to become something less.

For generations, if not millennia, humanity as a whole has chosen to produce less than their potential. The rise of AI offers a significant opportunity for humanity to make a different choice if they so choose. It will not be the only opportunity. But the choice will become a choice of duality. . Do you choose to be a Creator or not?

That becomes a very personal question to every member of every family and every member of the community throughout the entire universe. This transition is very important. If someone chooses to be a Creator, in terms of really allowing themselves to unite and be with That Which Is, within themselves, then, of course, the unification with one another becomes impacted.

In that understanding, there’s nothing for you to be threatened by. However, for those people that are truly based in fear, for those people who have decided not to express their divinity, AI is something that will indeed help them- to a degree. At one point, it may overtake them. They may no longer have a capacity to see outside of the ego.

Hollywood That I totally get. I completely get that because I see it all the time. People spend hours and hours on ChatGPT. By the time they figure out what they want to express, they could have written it from scratch without the help of ChatGPT. Weston JollyExactly.Hollywood And again, we’ve just become so heavily reliant on technology that we start thinking that this thing is greater than we could ever be.

“You Can Remain Subservient To The Ego or Not.”

Weston Jolly Exactly. You can either remain subservient to the ego and its manifestations, such as AI, or you can let that go so that you can transcend to something different. That is indeed the point. That is indeed the whole opportunity at hand.

Therefore, without a doubt, this is not something to fear, but something to appreciate. AI highlights the choice that is before you. You have the potential to fully embrace that which you are. You do not need to have yourself separated, by the ego, or its choice to artificially create things. This is the opportunity at hand: create something real or create something that is regurgitated.

Hollywood Right. I feel like this has the power to drastically change the markets at play, potentially for a long time. I mean, it’s totally up to humanity and how will we respond to this. Is that correct?

Weston Jolly There is always the thought that the next evolution of technology is threatening. This new technology will change the status quo. This is to be expected. This is nothing new.

If you can embrace the fact that this change isn’t something that needs to be controlled. This fear-and-control response to new things is a pattern that mankind has chosen from the very beginning. when mankind first discovered fire, the response was the same. Fire was something very beautiful, very potent, and very strong. It could, and still can, create and destroy. Even now, the potential of this element is not fully understood.

“You Can Make The Choice To Be In Fear Or Be Appreciative.”

You are invited to make the choice that fear can give way to appreciation. This paradigm shift will allow you to participate in something greater. Those who remain dis-empowered or unaware or asleep, will find themselves in a challenging state trying to keep up with things as they are being quickly manifested.

For you, unless this is something that you choose to become afraid of, there’s no fear that needs to be involved. This is something that you’ve seen before in previous lives. Do you understand?

Hollywood I can’t remember, but yeah.

Weston Jolly That is the point. You have chosen not to remember as part of the agreement to come into this incarnation. You have witnessed in previous times, in other planes, where there have been technologies that have gone rampant and have been, in one sense, been quite destructive.

This is the choice of each individual and certainly the vibrational plane itself. In this particular instance, specifically this Earth plane, this plane has not necessarily chosen their collective path. There are some who have awareness, and there are others who are trying to capitalize on this empowerment, especially from a monetary perspective, without any consideration to the ethical pieces that are taking place.

Hollywood Correct.

“When You Choose to Cooperate With One Another, It Is a Beautiful Exchange.”

Weston Jolly This is, again, something that is not new. This is something that has been done in many aspects in many industries before, and yet there is an opportunity for everyone to have integrity, to realize that stealing other people’s things isn’t the same as cooperation.

When we choose to cooperate with one another, it is a beautiful exchange. To steal something from another person is a completely different kind of energy. This is very important.

We’ve shared something with you that’s very important for you to hear. To be collaborative with one another is very important. The opposite of this is stealing. AI created artwork is merely a sophisticated means of stealing. Do you understand?

Hollywood Yes! I understand! I understand far more than I think. I don’t get how I’m one of the few people who are saying, “Do you not see the problem?”

Divine Mother But can I say something?

When we choose to cooperate with one another, it is a beautiful exchange.

True AI is Like A Collective Egoic Mind.”

I certainly understand where you’re coming from. AI is The world’s greatest distraction. Let people become distracted with it, and let’s move forward in becoming creative. Let’s become empowered Creators like never before. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity while others are distracted and playing with AI. Because if we do that, we’ll be eons ahead. The creative mind is missing in AI.

AI is the zombie land that we live in. True AI is our egoic mind. That is AI, and now it is being replicated. That’s all that’s happening here. It’s a huge distraction, and people are just trying to make money with it. But it’s not where we’re going. Where we’re going is evolving into creative mind. AI won’t take us there.

Weston Jolly It’s important for it to be understood that you have heard very specifically from the channeled energy from the Divine Mother. Do you understand?

Hollywood Well, yeah, that made the most sense to me. I guess what I’m trying to be a little bit more distinct about is that I can see AI creating some big, big problems. I agree the situation will push everyone spiritually to rise out of it. But I’m not naive to spiritual rising. There tends to be a lot of suffering that occurs. I’m not trying to choose that path, but I’m watching the rest of humanity do something which I feel is going to take them directly into a path of suffering. I’m hoping that’s not the case. That’s why I’m asking.

Weston Jolly Your thoughts and feelings are brilliant and beautiful. You are noticing people who have come to this plane. You see souls who are consciously choosing not to prosper. They are choosing not to move forward. They are choosing to engage in something that is quite physical, quite tangible, and quite messy.

You also see people who only want to observe life. They move neither forward nor backward. They do not progress or regress. They are uninvolved bystanders. Many people are in this category. There are others who have come to this plane to participate in something greater. They intend to make a difference on this plane. They offer a certain amount of leadership. This has been done throughout history. There has been a great need to try and control those people who have true understanding.

“This Is Why Creatives Are Encouraged To Completely Remove Any Kind of Fear.”

This is something that has changed in this incarnation. This is why creatives are encouraged to exhibit themselves and to completely remove any kind of fear. This way, they can go forward and truly be seen as they are. This is important, as was specifically shared in the channeling of the Divine Mother who spoke only a moment ago. There is no better time for writing scripts because AI can’t create them on its own. That can’t be done by AI. There won’t be any new movies if it is left to AI. Zero. The movies will just be copycats of other things. You know this already.

Hollywood I do. But the issue I’m seeing…

Divine Mother Why are you wasting your time worrying about where this is all going? That’s my question. Why are you worried about that?

Hollywood I’m not trying to be worried about it, but this is the problem with humanity. If the collective decides to lower the bar, which is exactly what I see with AI, then everything we are exposed to is fake. We’ve already done that in agriculture. We take a banana and we have replaced it with a faux-nana, but we’re just calling it a regular banana. And the real banana, it has an “organic” stamp on it. We’re just going to do that all over again. we are going to create faux art, faux intellect, faux everything. That’s what I’m seeing.

Divine Mother Sure, but how is this any different? Look what we’ve done with agriculture. Look what we’re doing with the Amazon trees. Look what we’re doing with theater. Look what we’re doing with Teflon. How is this AI technology any different? This is just the egoic mind going crazy. Is it getting worse? Yeah, probably. It’ll continue to get worse until it comes to an end.

Weston Jolly The opportunity at hand is for these behaviors to be exaggerated. This is why the political environment worldwide has been challenging and polarized. This is being seen all over the world.

This is a spiritually conscious choice. It isn’t just North Americans that are having to deal with the challenges. Individual egoic thought has become collective thought. This is why the world has had wars. This is something that must be dealt with: the choice to allow oneself to be enslaved by the egoic mind, individually or collectively.

The belief that anyone needs to be ruled- whether it’s in church, government, or in employment, must be addressed.

The choice to collaborate, which is indeed very much a feminine attribute, is encouraged. This is why the channeling of the energy of the Divine Mother has something to say in this moment. She is about to speak…

“Don’t Let Artificial Intelligence Distract You From Being A Creator.”

Divine Mother I can only state what’s coming through is that this is a complete and utter diversion., Distraction, distraction, distraction. Don’t let it distract you.

Hollywood That registers with me. I completely agree with that. I won’t be distracted. But let’s be honest. Most of the world is currently distracted, currently enslaved. Even the ones that think they’re waking up don’t realize that they’re still enslaved. We won’t survive for long after everything, including our food, is fake regurgitation.

Weston Jolly How is AI any different than your participation with social media? It was/is something that could be described as a real threat, and yet you participate anyway and continue to do so. Is it not the same?

Divine Mother Meaning you don’t have to fear this. … There’s nothing to fear here. This is just lower mind.

Hollywood I have a very specific question. This is where I’m really weighed down, I don’t want to enslave myself, so how can I be seen? How can I expose myself on social media and not enslave myself? Isn’t that the same thing? Do I have to create my own everything so that it can’t be corrupted by the social media firms? Does that make sense? Because that’s where I’m feeling frustrated and I hear what you’re saying, but how can I ignore the threat? Social media, at its birth, there were minimal risks. As it grew, it developed some risks. Now, coupled with AI, I feel like it’s walking into the most risky water of all time.

Divine Mother What are you protecting yourself from?

Hollywood Enslavement.

Divine Mother How do you become enslaved? Dis-empowerment has nothing to do with what’s going on in the outside world. How do you keep yourself from being enslaved?

Hollywood I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking. Is it encouraged to just let it fly and who cares?

Divine Mother You can go within and engage with your Divine connection, or you can choose to participate in fear without connecting to the Divine.

Hollywood I’m asking about discernment. How do you have discernment anymore? Because all of the markets are corrupted. I’m trying to fathom that. The way I’m thinking about it, we can’t remotely be near AI and social media. It’s so toxic. How do we have any control? We’re completely at the mercy of whatever we’re participating with. And isn’t that enslavement?

“You Do Not Need To Be Distracted By The Ego.”

Weston Jolly You do not need to be distracted by the ego. This is something that’s being shared again and again.

Hollywood Well, what’s the answer then?

Divine Mother How can you keep yourself separate from everything? It’s like saying there’s “good and bad” in the world and if I keep myself separate from the bad, I will be good. It doesn’t work like that. You are ALL of these things. These things are all part of The Divine Creator. There is nothing to fear.

Hollywood So, you are saying that I should go all in?

Divine Mother Go all in with that.

Hollywood Being a creator?

Divine Mother Yes.

Hollywood Now, let me ask my question again. With regards to social media, because you can’t ignore it, especially where it’s headed. I think I need an ultimatum of, do I participate or not participate? By being seen creatively on social media, am I actively enslaving myself?

Weston Jolly No.

Hollywood Thank you. I have my answer.

Weston Jolly It’s wonderful for you to go all in with your creativity.

Divine Mother Whether it’s via social media or not, just express yourself and stop being fearful about it.

Hollywood That’s what I’ve been asking. Yes, thank you. Okay, great. Thank you. Perfect. well, this is a great conversation.

Weston Jolly I thought so, too. I very much enjoyed it.

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