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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Make You Obsolete

There may be real reasons AI is freaking you out.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Ethics

Artificial Intelligence may replace everything that humans do.

If so, what will you do? Should you be threatened by AI? Will it take over your job?

Or is Artificial Intelligence just a fad? Some say it’s designed to just do “low level” things but AI is already encroaching on high level things.

Should you be afraid of AI? Should you embrace it or reject it?

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Episode 076 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Make You Obsolete

[00:55.120] – Weston Jolly
There may be real reasons AI is freaking you out. How does AI spiritually impact you? What things should we be spiritually aware of when using AI? Should we spiritually question artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is being talked about everywhere.

Let me share with you a handful of things that are popping up in today’s news.

This is the question, At some point in the future will AI be able to do everything a human can do, but better?

[01:29.330] – Weston Jolly
Yes, this has always been the goal, according to Stuart Russell, author of The Book About AI. But, how do we know where AI is getting its information from? Where does AI gather its source material?

Short answer? We don’t know. There is no transparent AI practice.

Will there ever be?

This is one strategy of social manipulation.

No one knows what’s real and what’s not.

[01:56.470] – Weston Jolly
Within six years, 300 million jobs could be lost, according to the investment firm Goldman Sachs, especially for Black and Hispanic employees.

AI led trading or “algorithmic trading” could be responsible for the next major financial crisis in our markets. Do you all remember the crash in 2010? One of the godfathers of AI, Jeffrey Hinton, who has worked for 50 years in developing AI, mostly for Google, says that AI could get more intelligent than us and could decide to take over. He says that we need to start worrying now to develop a plan to prevent that from happening.

From the BBC, Yoshua Bengio, another godfather of AI, says, “I would have prioritized safety over usefulness had I realized the pace in which it would evolve.”

This comment was made after computer scientists and experts shared that AI could actually lead to the extinction of humanity. We also have Forbes reporting that AI is a battleground. The Wall Street Journal suggests that Apple, Microsoft, and Alpha are all competing to be in power. NPR shares an interview with an AI expert who says,” AI appeared to understand a joke I was sharing. That was very unsettling.”

[03:17.750] – Weston Jolly
AI could outperform humans, possibly in as soon as five years. CNN shares a line that reads: Elon Musk says AI will take ALL our jobs.

To get AI’s perspective, I asked Microsoft ChatGPT the question, “Who will dominate AI in the next few years?”

And you should absolutely read AI’s response.

Again, this response is generated by artificial intelligence. You have to read the full transcript of what AI had to say about its “parents” if I can use that word.

[04:02.980] – Weston Jolly
Please take a moment and read everything AI had to say word for word.

Who will dominate AI in the next few years? List the companies or organizations and the most influential people.

Microsoft’s ChatGPT response to the question
June 10, 2024

It is difficult to predict who will dominate AI in the next few years as the field is constantly evolving and new breakthroughs are being made regularly. However, some of the companies and organizations that are currently leading the AI space and are likely to continue to dominate include:

  1. Google (Alphabet Inc.): Google has been at the forefront of AI research and development for years and is known for its deep learning capabilities and AI-powered products such as Google Search, Google Assistant, and Google Photos.
  2. Amazon: Amazon’s AI capabilities are evident in its popular products such as Alexa, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Go stores which utilize AI and machine learning technologies.
  3. Microsoft: Microsoft has been investing heavily in AI research through its AI development platforms such as Azure AI and Cognitive Services, as well as its AI-powered products like Cortana and Microsoft Office.
  4. Facebook: Facebook’s AI research division, FAIR (Facebook AI Research), is a leader in the field of AI and machine learning, and the company uses AI technologies to power its social networking platform and advertising services.
  5. OpenAI: OpenAI is a research organization focused on advancing AI capabilities in a safe and ethical manner. It was founded by influential figures in the AI industry such as Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and Ilya Sutskever.
  6. DeepMind (owned by Alphabet Inc.): DeepMind is a leading AI research lab known for its groundbreaking work in areas such as deep reinforcement learning and artificial general intelligence. It has developed AI systems that have outperformed humans in games like Go and StarCraft II.

Some influential people in the AI field who are likely to continue shaping the future of AI in the next few years include:

  1. Yoshua Bengio: A pioneer in deep learning and a co-winner of the 2018 Turing Award for his contributions to the field of AI.
  2. Geoffrey Hinton: Another pioneer in deep learning and a co-winner of the 2018 Turing Award, known for his work on neural networks and backpropagation.
  3. Fei-Fei Li: A leading AI researcher and the director of the Stanford AI Lab, known for her work in computer vision and AI ethics.
  4. Andrew Ng: Co-founder of Google Brain and former Chief Scientist at Baidu, Andrew Ng is a prominent figure in the AI community and an advocate for AI education and AI for social good.
  5. Demis Hassabis: Co-founder and CEO of DeepMind, Demis Hassabis is a prominent figure in AI research and has led his team to numerous breakthroughs in AI technologies.
  6. Sundar Pichai: CEO of Google and Alphabet Inc., Sundar Pichai oversees the company’s AI efforts and has been instrumental in driving its AI strategy.

These are just a few of the companies, organizations, and influential figures in the AI field who are likely to continue to make significant contributions and shape the direction of AI in the coming years.

[04:13.210] – Weston Jolly
But let’s move our focus beyond the companies and authors of AI to some other important players.

Think billionaires. Billionaire investors like Mark Andreessen, worth $2 billion. You remember him. He was the first creator of the browser, the Netscape browser.

And Vinod Khosla. He’s worth $7 billion. He co-founded a company called Sun Microsystems.

And there are many Billionaires wanting to invest and to be in control of Artificial Intelligence. But listen to what Vinod said at the US Capitol just this last week.

“Winning the race for AI means economic power, which then lets you influence social policy or ideology.”

Does this sound familiar? Haven’t we heard this before?

I know we have.

[05:11.220] – Weston Jolly
This statement reminds me a lot of John F. Kennedy’s speech, We Choose to go to the Moon. Let’s listen in to some clips of President Kennedy’s speech presented over 60 years ago.

[05:24.060] – John F. Kennedy
“The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds. The vast stretches of the unknown and the unanswered and the unfinished still far outstrip our collective comprehension. No man can fully grasp how far and how fast we have come. This is a breathtaking pace, and such a pace cannot help but create new ills as it dispels old, new ignorance, new problems, new dangers. And therefore, as we set sail, we ask God’s blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked. We ask God’s blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous, and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked.”

[06:27.400] – Weston Jolly
Did you hear that last statement? As We set sail to ask God’s blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked.

And here it is that we begin, again.

Ethically and from a spiritual standpoint, what does Source have to say about AI? I have crafted these questions from people just like you who are concerned about AI and how it’s going to impact humanity. I thought it would be wonderfully insightful and helpful to hear channeled answers from Source about AI.

By the way, please make your way to the comment section or email me directly if you have more questions about AI that you’d like to be channeled.

[07:16.840] – Weston Jolly
I have quite a few questions to get through.

Question. The first question reads, “I have about a billion questions. I guess the first is, I’m concerned that AI will take over.”

Channeled Response: It’s important for you to realize that you do not need to be in fear of the future and what you think of as “the end.” Yes, there will be significant changes that take place technologically as things continue to progress forward. Yet, these things, this “artificial intelligence”, has existed at times in the past. This is something that most of you don’t remember, yet it is important for you to give consideration to this fact as we continue throughout this dialog.

You do not need to be afraid. However, there is an opportunity. One could describe it as a fork in the road for you to choose to become aware of what is real and what isn’t. When you think of Source, That Which Is, which is infinite in nature, your mind does not have the ability to comprehend even the very nature of these words.

This is fine.

Yet in your choice to create technology, to create such things as artificial intelligence, it is a regurgitation of something that’s very familiar within you.

This is, of course, the egoic mind.

You must understand that both AI and the egoic mind regurgitate things around them.

The egoic mind is a piece of you that is used to create the idea of separation, the identity of who you think that you are. This perceived separation allows you to exist in this Earth plane.

However, like artificial intelligence, it isn’t real. This is the fork in the road that we just mentioned. You will have to choose, if you so desire, to either be subject to the egoic mind, and/or its byproducts, such as artificial intelligence, or you will allow yourself to connect to the real Source. There’s much to share as we continue to go forward.

[09:07.190] – Weston Jolly
Question. The next Question “AI seems to be both a blessing and a curse. Which is it?”

Channeled Response: This is a layered question because technology, like anything else, can be used in both ways. This is an interesting question because it also presents something that’s very important for people to observe, to see and to know. It brings to light the duality of this plane. The idea that there is good and bad, light and dark. These concepts are binary- there are only two options and they are opposites of one another. In your choice to realize that there are more options than just these two categories, growth will occur.

You, yourself, have chosen to use AI in a way that aligns with your soul’s purpose. You, personally, have chosen to contribute the connectedness of people.

As you go to create, you will find that contributing to the whole is very important to you.

Of course, there are those who have come to this plane to contribute to the whole in a backwards way, or in a way that could be described as destructive. The choice for AI to be labeled as “good” or “bad” is clearly up to you. What do you choose?

What have you been choosing?

[11:03.470] – Weston Jolly
Question Is AI good for humanity?

Channeled Response: We are very pleased to address this question. AI was an inevitable outcome in your choice to continue to depend upon technology as a means to go forward.

This has been done in previous times.

Your choice to realize that AI doesn’t have to be bad or good is something that we’ve just previously spoken about.

You don’t need to fear that any technology could take over unless this is what you desire. If this is what you desire, then you can relinquish your spirit and creative soul. You can become dominated by your lower self, your ego, your shell and artificial intelligence.

Your choice to allow AI to continue to operate on behalf of humans is something that’s beautiful, but it will have a tremendous impact.

This impact could be seen by some as tragic. Things will be different moving forward when they are compared to how things used to be.. Spirit is interested to see what you will choose to create.

[12:14.380] – Weston Jolly
Question Can you help me to see what is positive about AI?

Channeled Response: Yes, there are many beautiful things that can be done with AI. These are things that don’t need to depend upon the human mind or body, especially those things that are repetitive in nature.

The positive aspects of artificial intelligence are indeed vast. AI allows you to process information quickly. This is not just for mechanical things such as driving cars, or computing vast complicated mathematical models. AI will enable you to process, or one could say,” think”, and we use that term very carefully. AI does not promote your choice to be spiritually connected.

There are many things that AI has and continues to offer you in a very, very developed way. You certainly don’t need to be afraid.

[13:40.140] – Weston Jolly
Question It appears to me that AI will not only change every part of the world, but it seems like it is a direct threat.

[13:47.090] – Weston Jolly
Channeled Response: We understand the nature of your fear. This is something that you must deal with.

Of course, fear comes from only that one part within you that creates separation.

It is called the egoic mind.

You have threatened others because you feel threatened.

Therefore, in this moment, you feel threatened by something that could take over. That takeover was the stated objective of some of the designers of AI.

This is something for you to give consideration to.

Like with every technology of the past, for example, the atom bomb, enormous amounts of energy can be produced by AI. The energy can be used proactively to create energy.

The duality of using something for, the “good” or the “bad” is something for you to consider.

You don’t need to be afraid of allowing yourself to go forward. Give yourself permission to really see what you have been creating. Artificial intelligence only tends to average all the things that are being shared. You don’t need to think of it as a threat. Yet, if you choose to think competitively, this only comes from the shell, or the ego. The true aspects of who you are, coming directly from Source, recognizes no threat in your choice to be who you are.

You will find that creativity isn’t something that can be taken away from you. You are beautifully created.

And in this understanding, you can use your ability to choose to be connected or to be unconnected. The disconnection occurs through the ego or through artificial intelligence. Your lower self might think that you’re connected when in fact, you’re not.

[15:52.880] – Weston Jolly
Question Is it just me or does AI threaten all of our jobs? And how will this affect the world economy?

Channeled Response: We appreciate the nature of your question and the idea that your job is something that defines you.

We must ask you the qestion do you feel that your job represents you? Regardless of what it is that you choose to do for a living, is your job who you are? That’s the question. This is something for you to give consideration to because, of course, many people have chosen to become who they think they are through the things that they do.

Imagine yourself at a black-tie affair. Someone asks you, “What do you do?” Iin that moment, your response becomes very important. It is as if your job or position qualifies you as worthy to be present at this elite event. In essence, your occupation gives you value.

If you think that AI threatens your job and, by extension, you as a person, then this has everything to do with the mind or the ego. In terms of the economy, your choice to see how these technologies will affect the structures of not just the economy, but of literally everything is very important.

Very few people have an understanding of the degree to which AI will affect others.

AI, for example, can eliminate the need for drivers, doctors, surgeons, therapists, mathematicians, programmers, accountants, and scientists.

And this doesn’t even account for the creative fields such as graphic designers, photographers, models, actors, editors, and musicians. Eliminating all of these jobs or positions will, of course, put a lot of people out of work instantly.

This part is something that’s very different because in times past, there have been technologies that have threatened a given industry. Yet this particular technology is something that will impact all industries. And this is something that needs to be thought of as something that you blend into or participate with.

You must understand this basic premise- you are creators. You don’t need to be afraid of someone taking something from you.

This “taking” is done in a physical form even as we speak. There are countries that steal technology or ideas in order to replicate them. These countries are very good at replication. In fact, they have determined that this is a resource. In the same way that you might think of gold as a natural resource, they have chosen to create an unnatural resource by duplicating someone else’s material, idea, music, or technology. These countries, such as China, are something observe.

[18:48.910] – Weston Jolly
However, there’s nothing that you need to be afraid of because this replication has been going on for some time. It will soon be magnified through the technology of artificial intelligence, which can and is threatening these ideas that you hold so dear. You fear that your creativity is something that can be taken from you. It can’t.

There are infinite amounts of creativity for you to tap into. Yet, if you remain thinking that you will be limited or that something will be taken from you, including even your own creative expression, it will have a direct impact on your choice to go forward. In essence, you will shut down. You’ll become disconnected, no longer sharing with us as Source, but remaining afraid about will happen if you continue to open up to express something. There’s much for you to give consideration to as you continue to go forward.

But be reminded, you are Creators.

You do not need to hesitate. Allow yourself to be who you are and really seen as such.

This next Question says: Will AI change how a grocery store or even a retail store is laid out based upon traffic patterns that are tracked with cameras and our cell phones in the stores?
This is something that’s happening at the current moment. There are people who want to watch what everyone is doing like the “eye of God”. They want to know what everyone is thinking. Their goal is to capitalize on such patterns.

[20:31.810] – Weston Jolly
This, too, is something that needs to be observed. And of course, this can become automated through the use of artificial technology. So, to answer this question, there are security experts who use AI to determine what patterns might indicate someone’s choice to shoplift.

Certainly, this will include certain industries, such as the car insurance industry. If your car is being tracked through technology, as most of the newer cars are today, you will find that your choice to lie to your insurance carrier about your driving patterns or conditions is something that will be corrected through artificial technology.

Those who are trying to cheat the system will indeed be held more accountable for their choice to try to get away with something. This changes the landscape, does it not? It even invokes the idea that others will be called to participate in truth, even when it’s not their desire to do so. This will occur globally.

Therefore, governing artificial intelligence becomes an impossible task.

There are many men or male-dominated institutions who are promoting the idea that they need to control these aspects of global oversight . Did you notice that when ChatGPT was asked about the major players in AI, not one woman was named ?

[22:17.850] – Weston Jolly
Are you willing to ask the question, “Why aren’t women participating in artificial intelligence to the degree that men are?” That’s the question. We will come back to that based upon your interest in the future. For the moment, it is important for you to consider why artificial intelligence is coming to be a major global presence.

There is a desire to remove the mundane aspects of humanity and to replace it with technology that can do things more easily. Yes, there will be a transparency that takes place. In addition, ultimately, there will be an equalization that takes place. There will no longer be one country or part of the world that produces products more cheaply than another. This technology will remove that current reality.

It will remove the idea that obscene profits can be taken from people because they were unaware of other options.

As another example, artificial intelligence will properly report the cost of medicines.

The price of developing a new drug, and the actual cost of health care will be common knowledge.

In those countries, such as the United States, that continue to exploit such opportunities, these things will be reduced, if not completely changed.

So, you could say that artificial intelligence will indeed change the landscape of all things.

It could be stated that artificial intelligence will put everyone on an equal playing field. But isn’t this a good thing?

Those of you who aren’t benefitting from the inequities will feel that these are good ideas. Those of you who are wanting to control will feel the most threatened.

You will be and tracked within a grocery store, a retail store, or even in your vehicles. These things will all be done automatically. And everybody will come to know the patterns that people participate in when they are in these places. Your opportunity to be in truth is at hand.

[24:13.960] – Weston Jolly

Question My concern is that Facebook, Instagram, X, Google are already stealing all of our personal posts, pictures, comments, and thoughts. And these same companies are already using AI to change the “news,” how we think and how we perceive things.

Channeled Response: Yes, we understand that some social media companies are inappropriately using the information that they glean when they watch the patterns of your searches.

What is it within you that has you searching?

This question is something important for you to understand. This, of course, comes from the egoic self, trying to find something. Will searching for answers outside of yourself get you the answers that you seek?

In essence, you are searching through the collective mind.

Some people would say, “To some degree, yes, I will get the answers that I seek from the egoic mind.” We understand this choice. Yet, if you seek to find Source within you, it is there.

We remain present within you if you choose to have this access.

Therefore, the idea that someone can take something from you by looking through your posts, comments, or online thoughts, becomes funny. That is not possible unless you continue to depreciate yourself. This is a part of the fork in the road that you’re having to choose. Will you become disempowered or fully empowered?

These choices, again, are yours. Be reminded that your choice to connect with yourself, with others, and with all aspects of this realm, even outside of this realm, is deeply encouraged.

[26:23.890] – Weston Jolly
Yet many of you give no consideration to such things whatsoever. You only want to value the egoic parts of yourself.

You ask, “What can it do for me?” Whether that’s technology, a job, or a position. You want to compete with other people..

These are all attributes, again, of the shell or the ego.

If you allow yourself to really understand the depth of what’s being shared here, then you will understand that your choice to be called upon as a creator, to be truly divinely connected, is indeed the opportunity at hand. This technology, artificial intelligence, will only enhance your choice to become aware. It encourages you to make a choice about what you wish to do going forward. Should you remain disempowered or become fully connected?

[26:41.170] – Weston Jolly

Question I’ve read that the purpose of AI is to do everything that a human would do. If that’s the case, what will we do?

Channeled Response: This is a very significant question that has already been addressed. We ask you to continue to remember your origins as the creators that you are.

Artificial intelligence did not invent itself. It was created by people to do mundane things that you think you don’t want to do any longer. This is fine. Yet your choice to be truly accountable for yourself as the creator that you are is something that’s deeply, deeply encouraged.

When we use the term “creator”, we don’t mean to limit you to creating new people by producing babies. We encourage you to engage in the creation of all aspects of creativity, which come from Us.

In this understanding to be connected to Source, you will find that creativity and being a creator is something that’s very, very magical in nature. And as everyone, not just the scant few, participate in this aspect, you will find that there is a connection that really fuels you in your choice to come together. One could say that you will find a true connection. This is beautiful for you to remember in your choice to come forward.

[28:33.450] – Weston Jolly
Question Aren’t religions going to be affected by AI?

Channeled Response: Of course they will. And of course, like all the other structures that have been listed before, such as technology, industries, science and math, what makes you think that political realms or even the religious realms will not be affected by the regurgitation of the collective egoic mind?

Yes, there will be further transparency within religion and philosophies. There will be transparency surrounding the ways people use money and power. Philosophies and religions that try to control one person or a group of people through false beliefs will be exposed. Again, these things will become more and more transparent as artificial intelligence becomes used on a greater scale.

And it will indeed, dramatically impact the religious leaders of the world who are seeking to control.

This is going to be considered something good or undesired, depending on your point of view.

[29:36.900] – Weston Jolly

Question Spiritually speaking, should I avoid using AI and drastically oppose it, including social media, the news, my phone, my car, etc.?

Channeled Response: Your choice to try to step away from the progress of an individual, let alone mankind, becomes impossible. You do not have to blindly participate with social media by making comments or likes or allowing others and their organizations to take your personal information from you. You can use discernment.as you continue to participate when you purchase a particular service or product.

Many of you think that it’s a rite of passage to give away everything that you have in the idea that you’re going to get something free.

[30:43.380] – Weston Jolly
Do you know that there are people who have been consciously working the system against you? They use your ego to influence you. Companies such as Alpha have done that from the very beginning. They choose to exploit the need that you express in your online searches. This is why they want to continue to dominate your ego so that they can always be seen as the source for giving you the answers to those things that you’re searching for.

This is, of course, is funny. The idea that you need to search for something outside of yourself is incorrect.

Yet, at the moment, social media is dependent upon your search information. You only give consideration to the mind and your desire to be filled with something, which is merely information, not necessarily knowledge.

Give consideration to exactly what we’re saying.

If you think that you need to be affected in a very negative way, then this belief will be used against you. When you submit all of your personal information to social media and AI, you will be negatively affected.

If you seek to be seen in a different way, then you will stand up strongly, determining what things can be shared and cannot be shared with the technologies or with the companies that are wanting to take from you.

[32:10.180] – Weston Jolly

Question Don’t we need government to control the use of AI?

Channeled Response: Clearly, the governing individuals of any government throughout the world have always been used as a means to control the people. So, the idea that you need to have that body, that government, to continue to protect you is indeed something that needs to be addressed.

Because, of course, this goes back to the egoic mind. It fears that it needs to be protected. Therefore, you need to be protected by this entity, these people, or this government. If you seek to have the government and you hope that they will offer you some comfort in your use of artificial intelligence, then you will be wholly disappointed as you continue to go forward.

The controls that these individuals may implement , if any, will come way too late because these individuals may or may not have a good grasp on what’s going to take place as things come down this path.

This is something that could be described as good because it will enable all of the people, this means the people of the world, to have an understanding that they may or may not need such governmental institutions or any entity, religious leader or other power that stands in the way of having access to the divinity within.

All of this information is something that’s available from within you. This is really something that you can tap into, if you so desire.

[33:53.170] – Weston Jolly
Question How can we stop artificial intelligence?

Channeled Response: This is a very interesting question. It is based upon the idea that someone wants to stop or prevent one-half of a wave.

We use the term wave, so that you might visualize an ocean wave. Could you stop one-half of it from expressing itself? Another way to look at this would be- could someone stop the growth of a seed by relentlessly chopping it down like a weed in the garden? Will that somehow remove this choice or this expression?

Likewise, this isn’t something that will be stopped or shoved aside. This is not something that can be controlled. This is something for you to understand and to appreciate, not to try and stop. Own that you don’t have to try to control something by stopping it. Instead, appreciate that this is something that does not need to run wild within you? Again, we’re speaking of the egoic mind.

[35:21.070] – Weston Jolly
Question I’m very concerned that most people don’t understand how great the threat of AI is to our privacy. It reads our email, reports the news, and even takes part in our government and our way of life. Should we just submit to AI?

Channeled Response: If you allow something, anything, an idea, a thought, a technology, to be seen as a threat to you and as something that you must submit to, then you become disempowered. This is the complete opposite of existing in an empowered state and as the creator that you are.

To be a creator, you must understand that this comes from being united and connected. Creativity is something goes way beyond this particular silly, and we use that term very consciously, artificial intelligence. You do not need to be dependent upon something that’s just averaging and regurgitating the information it gathers. To one degree, this technology, artificial intelligence, is like the mind when you find yourself replicating things based upon what you see.

Can you see the parallel?

Only you are real.

The potential of your connection is absolutely real. Artificial intelligence is merely something that comes from the mind. It might demonstrate something that perhaps you haven’t seen before.

It’s like a worker who builds his own house. He doesn’t have an understanding of the things that he’s building because he’s too close to his project. It is too personal to him.

[36:36.470] – Weston Jolly
Artificial intelligence presents an opportunity for you to see things that perhaps you haven’t seen before in a tangible form. This is desired so that you can make certain changes of empowerment or disempowerment based upon your view.

These are the questions that I had for us today regarding artificial intelligence. I hope it does give you a clearer understanding of what artificial intelligence is doing, where it’s going, and how you might participate. There’s a great deal to give consideration to, so maybe this topic is something that will just remain open, and perhaps that’s the best thing that we can do in terms of offering a conclusion.

If you do have other questions, send me an email, and I’ll seek to put them together and perhaps do another podcast addressing the same subject in a more detailed way. Until we speak again. Thank you for being here.


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