Magic Words

The use of language, specifically Magic Words are tools to create.  If you’d like, thing of your words with the power to initiate a program.

We are creating everything and the use of Magic Words is how we do it.  It you don’t know any better you’re probably creating things you don’t know you’re creating.

Most people have no idea how significant words are in manifesting.




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The use of characters, words and language is the means in which we share ideas and information to connect. But what if language, the words that you use, is the means in which you actually create? What if language was the means in which you form reality? It’s not so strange, really.

In the same way that I use these spoken words to convey my thoughts I’m also creating a reality. In fact, I’m creating a shared reality with you because you’re listening to my words and therefore we’re creating together. We think of it as a means to communicate, and this isn’t wrong, but what if there was an energy that was even greater than our words? What if in sharing an idea we are actually creating?

The problem is that we use words, and words are also projected at us, so haphazardly that we take them for granted. To put this concept into perspective, I want you to think of mankind’s first discovery of fire. Visualize a lightning bolt striking a tree. It had to be terrifying to see light come from the sky and strike the Earth.

Every animal jumps in freight. Suddenly, the whole forest instinctively moves in unison, running, flying and racing away from the sudden the danger. Uncontrolled fires are tremendously destructive. Fire moves quick.

Then somehow one of our earliest ancestors found that they could use fire. In essence, fire could be contained to heat, cook, and even keep the wild animals away. Millions of years later we don’t think of fire as such an extraordinary discovery. We use fire, or its many electrical derivatives, to heat and cook too but also in so many other ways. A few quick examples would include; manufacturing, light and electricity.

I don’t believe anybody today gives a thought about our ability to strike a match or a lighter. Today fire is so controlled that we don’t ever give it a thought, unless it rages in a wild state. Every car we drive, we control fire to create the movement. This includes every time we fly in a plane and or rocket too.

It’s really amazing that we’ve come this far in harnessing the basic element of fire. In time, we’ve grown so accustomed to directing how we use fire we take it for granted. The same is true with your words. And your words are much more powerful than fire.

What if I told you words can make magic?

What if the very words you use could create things? And when I mean words can create things, I mean anything. Are you interested now?

This subject is so large that I’ve decided to narrow it down to convey the simplicity and strength of just three magical words. Don’t be fooled that because these three words are easy to pronounce and easy to understand that they aren’t immensely powerful. I’ve chosen these three wonderful words very purposely. Let me introduce one other thing before we begin with our three words.

Almost everyone has heard of the concept of free-will-choice. Free-will-choice means you have the power. You can choose anything you want. This is important.

For example, you can stand on the top of handrail of the Rio Grande Bridge in Taos, NM and jump… falling 206 meters …before your bungee cord pulls you back up from your jump. Like I said, free-will-choice. Free-will-choice is made on all kinds of levels. You can choose consciously or subconsciously.

Free-will-choice is not limited to Earth. When you’re no longer in your body you still maintain this attribute. It’s pretty cool, if you think about it. What else do you get to take with you after death?

Free-will-choice is very important to fully comprehend before coming forward in our subject of using words to create. So, just remember that you have you the power. Consciously. Unconsciously, and even after death. You have free-will-choice.

Okay, let’s get to our first magical word.

This word is Yes. If you want, think of a marriage proposal. Someone asks you and you say, “yes.” It’s not any more complicated than that. The agreement may have a life-time of consequences but there’s magic in the word “yes.”

Let’s dig a little deeper into the power of Yes. Whenever you offer your consent it’s a compelling thing. To be clear you don’t need to be asked to say, yes. When you say yes you confirm your desire.

For example, if I owned a stock who wouldn’t say yes to its increasing in value? This is the whole point of owning a stock. What other things are you automatically saying yes too? I can say yes to good health until my last breath. This may sound excessively optimistic but words are exceedingly powerful in their ability to create.

If I say yes, then the Universe aligns with this vibration to create it. Yes oftentimes is shared quickly and it is followed with an emotion of excitement. In essence, yes is generally considered to be a positive response, not just because of the word, but measured based upon how you feel when you use it. It’s thrilling to say yes!

Saying yes is very personal. And when you do offer your consent you want to be especially mindful that you’re aligned with your yes. Sometimes we say yes, because we are conditioned to do so. This isn’t desired, but it can happen.

For example, as a teenager, I needed to siphon some gas from a car to a gas can to mow the lawn and I was trying to figure out how to do it. I asked my dad and he said, that I had to stick a tube down into the car’s gas tank and then get as low as I could to the ground and suck on the tube to create a vacuum to start the flow of the gasoline. I didn’t like the idea.

I asked appropriately if was there any other way. My dad looked at me encouragingly that this would be the fastest method. I asked if there was any harm if I got any gasoline in my mouth and my father responded, “No, but if you do, just spit it out.” I still questioned my father about the safety of this method, and he cited a friend who was a professional mechanic whom, “did it all the time.”

I trusted my father and I did as he encouraged. The liquid flow started and I got some gasoline in my mouth. I spitted heartedly while dad watched me, laughing at my reaction. I didn’t think it was funny at all.

In summary, I said yes to something that I intrinsically felt was wrong. Years later, gas stations started putting warning labels on the pumps that gas vapors, by itself, could cause cancer. I had said yes to something that I felt I shouldn’t. My initial intuition was right.

Yes is a tremendously commanding word in your arsenal. In every word you use to create, you’ll want to be at one with the vibration of the energy and the intent. When you say yes, to someone or anything, let it resonate in truth that this is your real desire. There’s nothing more powerful than a real yes.

Our second word is tremendously powerful but in a completely different way.

The word is NO.

No as a word is energetically dissimilar than yes. A lot of the time our No’s come from a place of not feeling safe or secure. Therefore, when we use the word no it is used as an energy of protection. And the emotions that surround our no can sound a lot like the bark of a junkyard dog.

When we say no in this kind of energy it communicates that we feel insecure. We cab be projecting can projecting insecurity with our no when we really are intending to be sincere and straightforward. This can create a mixed message.

This can cause a big problem. If I’m saying no, and someone interprets my no with a degree of uncertainty in the way that I’ve communicated it that may, then think I’m offering some coded message that it’s okay. The power of the word no is exceedingly strong but it does loose its strength if you’re carrying mixed messaged of uncertainty.

This shouldn’t be interpreted that you have to be perfectly balanced when using your words to create but when you do they offer the Universe, and everyone around you, a solid clarity that is desired. When you say no, you will want to feel wonderfully comfortable in using it. It’s not hard to say no when you’re connected to it. This will be true unless you’ve been conditioned otherwise.

As I shared in the example of my father and I, conditioning comes first from our parents or others in authority. You will want to be very mindful of such conditioning because most of the time it’s subconscious. This can create a problem, if I’m saying no, ONLY because I’m been conditioned to do so.

No as a word of creation, is a force of influence. For example, there are plenty of times I’ve said no in my desire to say yes. Maybe this sounds confusing. Let me make it simple, if I’m selling a car for $10,000 it makes sense for me to say no to offers less than what I want. Principally, I’m saying no until someone offers me my price and then I say yes.

There was a popular slogan in the 80’s entitled, “Just Say No.” While it was put forth as a political slogan to denounce underage use of alcohol and drugs, there is a beauty in its simplicity. Just saying no doesn’t have to be used in protection of what you don’t want. Saying no can be used positively to create what you want.

Another example of using no to create positively, is telling somebody that you won’t take no for an answer. You could think of this as an ultimatum. Maybe even manipulation. But maybe there’s another viewpoint?

If a child of mine was dramatically hurt in an accident and the local hospital for whatever reason refused treatment, I’m not going to accept no as the answer. I’m not saying I’m going to force the hospital to treat my child. In this example, I’m not going to take no as answer. I will find someone to help.

Before continuing forward to our third magical word, let me present you with a question. Is it easier for you to use the word yes versus no? Go slow in forming an answer within yourself. You may find that you have a lot more energy in saying no than saying yes. Or it might be exactly the opposite, you may find that saying yes is filled with energy and you’re pretty weak with your no’s.

While these two words don’t have to have the same energy associated with each of them, let your yes and no be true. What I mean is, be clear. Clarity with your energy and your words is everything. This too is why certain words, which offer even more clarity, are more energetically supporting of what you want to create.

Our third word is a wild departure from our first two. Since you’ve likely already heard my True Connections podcast on the Magic of Intuition, why don’t you stop and intuit what the third word is. Don’t guess, feel it? Just take a breath and see if you can’t conceive this word. Are you committed with a word?

Okay, the third word is Imagine.

This word is limitless. This word, and its ability to create, offers an entirely new landscape. While words such as, Yes and No, offer us simplicity in our creating, the word imagine, opens the door to other universes. Imagine looking up and not seeing the sky. Imagine looking in a mirror and not seeing a body.

There is so much to discuss with the word, imagine. Imagination is rocket fuel for anyone who wants to use it. The word is synonymous with creation. The word is also a portal to other words, energies, and worlds.

I will warn you, that there’s been a lot of emphasis in your schooling and perhaps even today in your life, not to imagine. It seems this word, and its energy, is harder to measure than the Yes’ and No’s because in these aspect of creation there tends to be an absolute. Unmistakably, there can be a polar difference in using Yes versus No but as we discussed these words can also work in conjunction.

The same is true is accepting the word, imagine. Imagine yourself s a exceptional being, much bigger than you currently realize or acknowledge. Imagine being of such power to create and manifest anything, just through the use of your free-will-choice, of wanting or desiring, to imagine.

Imagine if you couldn’t imagine. Sometimes doing the opposite can really help in observing the power and the fire. If you couldn’t imagine then everything would come to a halt in terms of progress, growth and development. If I was the first human being to pick up a stick on fire as a result of the lightning and I didn’t have imagination there would be no use for it.

I probably wouldn’t ever even considered picking up the stick. We are the only animal that utilizes fire the way that we do. And it’s all because of imagination. Without the word imagine, we’d simply run like all the other wildlife.

Let me invite you to use your imagination. In what ways, beyond what I’ve already mentioned in this podcast, can you use the fire?

Have you considered that we use fire, and it’s derivatives, to clean? Pasteurize? Farm? Vaporize water? And so much more?

We use fire to; weld, solder, make metal alloys, create synthetic diamonds and even to study biology and chemistry. Without fire there would be; no satellites, no GPS, no cell-phones, no cars, and very little electricity. I’ve already mentioned it before, but there would be some light. Electricity can be made from water generators. Moonlight sure, but not much else.

I can’t imagine, I hope you heard my use of the word, how we could manufacture or produce anything without fire.

Okay, let’s bring back the use of the word, imagine. What can you imagine? Every time I speak, just one word, you’re using your imagination. You’ve gotten so used to it, that you don’t think about it. Fair enough, but I want to share with you how powerful this last word really is.

Anyone, can use their imagination. It’s exponentially strong and yet it isn’t nearly used to its potential. We don’t use our imagination to any great degree. Not really.
For example, when’s was last time that you were encouraged to use your imagination?

There are classes that encourage you to imagine, but the word, as a form of creation, isn’t used even close to its true potential. In the same ways that perhaps you’ve been conditioned with the words, Yes and No, the same is true with the word Imagine. The importance of these words is truly magical.

Let me really stretch your imagination before I start summarizing what we’ve been discussing. What if your words were the Source code for building programs that enabled you to build anything? I’m not talking about computer programs but you can build these too. What if you words really did shape your reality?

Can you imagine that? What if your words were used to share your ideas, and thoughts of your imagination? What if this was the true reason for using words, beyond communication?

Anyone can use words. Today, I’ve shared with you only three; Yes, No and Imagine. Each word is powerful within itself, and even in this simple review of the magic of three words, you can also see how these words can work together. What words do you want to use to create your new reality?

Think about it. Meditate on it. Journal about it. Or let’s discuss your thoughts about it. Again, what magical words do you want to use to create your new reality?

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