The Truth About Life Reviews

The Truth About Life Reviews

What happens when you die? Is there a life review? Explore the Truth About Life Reviews.  A life review is something that everyone will experience. Many fear judgment, some Eternal Judgment based upon beliefs. But what if there were no judgment? How does Karma play out in death?  Karma may not be what you think it is…

Do you remember Elisabeth Kübler-Ross?  And her famous book Death and Dying and why she studied near-death experiences and offered the world her five stages of grief known today as the Kübler-Ross model.

Become aware of the three top myths associated with death and life reviews and then learn the truth.

What happens when your soul leaves your body? Where does it go?

Discover the beauty of death and its transition from one state to another.



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A beautifully striking woman in her early 20’s, who professionally modeled, was walking from a bar on a Sunday afternoon, to get into her car when she noticed something funny in the parking lot. Gabriella, not her real name, saw a guy quickly mount his motorcycle and speed off. Something didn’t feel quite right about the dude but he’d already left. A few minutes later Gabriella was driving down the road, when she noticed a large cloud of smoke and dust ahead and begin slowing her vehicle down.

Gabriella looked off to the right of the curve she was driving on and saw a motorcycle that had missed the curve and crashed. Dust and debris where everywhere indicating that an accident had just happened. Gabriella felt intuitively guided to stop her car on the side of the road and see if she could offer some help. She ran into the dark cloud of smoke and dust, finding the totaled motorcycle, wheels still turning, but no rider…

It was hard to see, and Gabriella was looking everywhere, but she couldn’t find the driver. After searching for a few minutes she heard a noise, it sounded like maybe it was a groan but where did it come from? The dust was beginning to settle when she saw something off in the distance, maybe a hundred feet or more from where she was standing. Gabriella’s long thin limbs sprinted athletically towards the guy lying on his back with no helmet.

Gabriella arrived recognizing the man as the same one that she’d seen back in the bar’s dirt parking lot. He was tall and a big man, dressed in black biker leathers now covered in dirt and blood. As a professional model, Gabriella had no training in first aid or in being a first responder. She didn’t know what to do.

Sitting completely in the dirt, Gabriella lightly touched the man’s face. Surprisingly he opened his eyes and the thick Fu man Chu mustache started to move up and down as the man tried to speak, but he couldn’t. Compassionately moved, Gabriella used both her hands to console and comfort the man who was clearly dying. She stroked his head like a mother would comfort a child touching the man with such love and with the gentleness of an angel.

Gabriella, a family friend and also a client, confided in a session her true story just days after it took place. She still felt conflicted, not knowing how to help other than pulling the man’s head into her lap as she stroked his face. She cried and I cried. The emotion of the event was as fresh as just picked flower.

Gabriella, then asked me what happens to people when they die?

I want to share with you, what I shared with her.

But before I do, I want to introduce you another friend and client of mine, her real name is Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. You’ve probably heard of her. She’s famous for her work as a pioneer in near-death studies. She’s lectured at Harvard, seminaries, medical schools and hospitals all of her life. Elisabeth was also inducted into the American National Woman’s Hall of fame. However, she is most known in psychology for her book on Death and Dying and her five stages of grief are still widely known as the Kubler-Ross Model.

In short, I was introduced to Elisabeth to facilitate her in the last few months of her life before her passing. I was being called upon, as I’m often called upon today, to be a bridge to the other side and offer spiritual insight. Elisabeth was a very strong woman but was bedridden almost all of the time. Initially, I tried to greet her with a very gentle hug only to be strongly rebuffed that this wasn’t allowed.

I found out later it was because Elisabeth’s body was in so much pain that any kind of touch set her nerves off like a forest fire. So, instead of hugging, Elisabeth and I greeted in a way that is unlike I’ve ever encountered with anyone else. We touched our index fingers ever so slowly, like in the old movie ET we’d hold them together in an intimate moment of bonding. This is how Elisabeth would allow others to intimately connect with her.

I formally channeled for Elisabeth and she growled at the words, but not at the energy, as if the love that I was channeling was too much to take in. I recognized her strength but I wan’t backing off the truth of what was being shared by her guides in preparation of her own passing. It’s serendipitous that I was the only one in my freshman 101 psychology class that objected to the five stages of grief written by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. I wasn’t trying to be nonconforming but I remember specifically asking why the five stages omitted anything spiritual?

My Psychology professor seemed surprised by my comment and paused uncomfortably and asked the class if anyone else had a comment … there was a long long awkward silence….and he went back to talking in the they lecture you listen style of teaching. Frustrated, I closed my mouth and sat there like the rest of the lot. While death and dying is a huge topic I want to narrow the scope to what happens during a life review. That is what takes place after you die.

Honestly, there’s still so much to say within this subsegment that I’m going to be very brief with a couple of fundamental points. But before we get started on The Truth About Life Reviews let point out that death isn’t what you think it is. Death is a change in state, which is the opposite side of Life, in this state of duality. Now, let’s get into it.

We’re going to focus on what does and doesn’t happen in a life review. First let’s clear away some of the myths so we can get to the truth. One of the first myths we want to address is, when you die, you don’t go to place of judgment. Judgment as a word and a concept is limited to only for those who want to employ it, on Earth. I will address Judgment as a whole topic in upcoming podcast.

But for now, from Source’s perspective please appreciate that there is no judgment. There is explicitly no judge that sits you down and hammers on you for things you’ve done or experienced. And knowing this, then there is neither a heaven nor a hell. Ultimately, the concept of Hades was used as a means to scare people into the pews.

So, already we’ve discovered that there is NO judgment and there is NO heaven or hell. If you can see it, these are just continuations of duality that are so commonly seen as a theme here on Earth. Another myth of dying is that there is Karma. Karma by it’s most commonly accepted definition, means that there are ethical consequences for your actions in this life. In essence, if you do something bad, you’ll relive the consequence by incarnating on the flip side of whatever deeds you did or offered.

Karma, like judgment are whole topics within themselves, but to keep it simple, whatever you’ve done in this life there’s not a penalty in terms of judgment or a Karmic debt like a child being held back and not passing 8th grade. These thoughts are simply not true. When you really study what does happen in a life review you can appreciate how these concepts are kind of close to the truth but they miss the mark in a major way as they’re commonly shared.

This is The Truth About Life Reviews…

The man who died in the motorcycle accident was in transition. When my friend, and one could truly call her an angel, Gabriella found him, he was still in his body. Specifically, his soul was still in his body. Within minutes of Gabriella holding and embracing him, he did leave. This is significant, because as I shared with Gabriella many years ago, the portals of birth and death are equally significant. The people that you choose to be there to greet you physically when you’re born or die, is as cool as the people you invite there spiritually.

The moment your soul leaves your body you do have a lot of help assisting you with the transition from one state to the other. While our kids were born at home, the midwife and I assisted in being present to greet them into this world. Naturally, using a doctor versus a midwife are personal preferences for delivering babies, but the people and energy that come to the original birth party is actually worked out on a very Divine level. This is true for the parents that you choose, the way you were born, and the time and day of your birth and a whole lot more… Oh boy, let me get back on track to talking about The Truth About Life Reviews. (Laughter)

All of these same things are true when you die. Gabriella being there, was Divine on so many levels, many of which I don’t have time to express here. What I mean is that it was perfect and so beautiful for BOTH Gabriella and the dying man. It was a communion of souls by Gabriella and the dying biker, even though they’d physically never met or talked. Her being there at the exact moment of his passing, and knowing exactly what to do, is quite humbling when you recognize the spiritual significance and honor of the invitation.

What happens next when the soul leaves the body is the beginning of the life review. While time isn’t real, if you were to categorize it linearly, this is when the clock would begin. In a death by accident, the Soul is often confused to suddenly be out of the body. Those who’ve overdosed from drugs, often find it puzzling not to be able to wake up in their body.

Regardless of the kind of death, everyone is greeted with a welcoming committee. Sometimes these are large family reunion type bashes but they can be as simple as a select few helping with the transition. Now, let’s really get into the truth of what happens at a life review. Yes, you do start immediately reviewing your life.

While this action happens at light speed, I’m going to slow it way down so you can get a feel for the process. The first thought you have when you dead is seeing, feeling, tasting, and hearing whatever you are thinking about. There’s one HUGE major difference from processing a spiritual memory in a life review versus just having a thought in past on Earth, and that is you are processing outside of yourself.

For example, when I die, I will remember this exact moment as I’m creating it. Perfectly in fact. However, in a life review, I am now given the additional opportunity to see it, feel it, hear it as each one of you is doing right now. This means I get to actually review EVERY perception of me, through your eyes and feelings, as if I was within your body, of listening to me in this instant. Whatever you’re processing I get to review it ALL.

And when I mean ALL I mean ALL. There is no conversation, I will have perfect understanding of you participating with me, whether we know one another or not. If I’ve been rude, condescending, arrogant as perceived by you, I get to feel the entirety of that. If you aren’t listening but rather thinking of or doing something else I get to be fully aware of this. This process is lightening quick and as thorough as if I lived within your body.

In a life review, I can even start receiving all the information you’ve been processing for whatever time before our paths crossed. This would mean I could rewind the timeline of your life back 30 minutes to see, feel, touch, taste whatever you’re were doing before you started listening to this podcast. If I want to go back farther, I can rewind as far back as I’d like, tuning into you, and all of your background, from birth until this present moment.

Because time isn’t real, I can also go forward. I can fast forward a minute or two after you stop listening to what I’m sharing now all the way until your death. I can see how this connection, our connection, impacts your life going all the way until the end. In a life review, I get perfect clarity of every interaction I’ve ever had with everyone and everything.

At this point, you can see how our Earthly thoughts of judgment could surface. For example, when I die, I will feel and perceive how I’ve been rude, harsh, angry, nasty and or a whole lot more as experienced or perceived by you ….I get to experience exactly as you are doing right now. Again, ALL of it. This is as true for me being rude as it is for me being nice, loving or offering you something extraordinary.

Life reviews are much bigger than just your life. They incorporate the impact of your life on everyone and everything right down to the smallest detail. Instead of your life being judged, your life review is the purest of knowledge – way outside any one perspective. The more that you think about it, it’s really cool. I could have spoken at a retreat and enlightened everyone who attended with one or two maybe feeling left out or not included.

This could have been because of something that I did, and it might have nothing to do with me at all! This is important part of the Life Review process as much of the time on Earth we’re taking on thoughts and responsibilities for other people’s actions that we shouldn’t. Well, this is only true for those of you who are wonderfully good-hearted. Those who aren’t, deny their accountability for such actions but during a life review it is where they are offered the unvarnished truth to their actions.

You can also see, why someone who lead a certain kind of life or life style might want to return, or reincarnate on Earth, doing things differently than they did previously. This is all free will choice. And anyone wanting to reincarnate to further develop can, as they choose, but it’s not because of some debt, Karmic or otherwise. And there’s a reason, because this would be conditional.

In your life review, there is NOTHING but unconditional love. The only challenges that you’ll find there are the ones you brought with you. Or that you lived, and haven’t completed. In a life review, you’ll have the opportunity to fully experience everything you’ve done, in a space that is so loving, it’s hard to describe.

I get why someone might create a word or a name for bliss, like Heaven, but there is no underworld in Hades any more than there’s a upper world in the clouds. Dualistic thinking is of the Earth plane exclusively. There’s much more to share about Source and All that there is. But for today, I wanted to share with you The Truth About Life Reviews.

In summary, I can’t wait to die. Not that I’m currently in a hurry, but when it’s time the return to home it is filled with such beauty you’ll truly wonder why you ever left. I hope you now understand that life reviews are really complete experiences filled with the truest aspects of love. Perhaps again in the future, I’ll describe the spiritual beings that gather and facilitate in the life review process.

Until, we meet again, let it be known that you are deeply loved and supported. In every minute whether you consciously know it or not, you’re never alone. Clearly if there’s anything that I have hoped to convey today is that fact. And, as you’ve likely already deducted, you don’t have to wait until the end to process how you connect and interact with others.



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