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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that… “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

10 Steps To Discovering your TRUE Self

Discovering your truth self is most significant thing you can do to awaken spiritually.  As conscious beings it’s easy to get lost in the brain, mind, ego conundrum to start acting outside of who we really are.  Certainly we can have fun with all these options but then we can get little off-path.

When you understand that your true self is nothing to hide. It’s absolutely the most beautiful part of you. There could be reasons you’ve kept yourself asleep or in the dark, but no longer.  Use these 10 simple steps to transform your life in discovering your true self. 

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Episode 040 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: 10 Steps to Discovering Your True Self

Have you ever felt something was missing? Is there any part of you that conservatively lives a different life than what you feel inside? Perhaps you’re the other way. You know, are you one who is outrageously out there but not necessarily as your real self?

It’s hard enough to be seen for your talents. Everyone seems to want that. It’s quite another thing if in all this talent, looks or energy becomes a lonely mask for to you wear because people like it or even love it. This does get you seen, known and recognized but maybe at quite an expense. The unpardonable one; you aren’t happy.

Deep inside, perhaps without really knowing why, something doesn’t feel complete. There’s got to be more. But where do you go find that inner part of yourself? Consider these next steps to finding your true self.

1. Getting past mind.

The human brain and the mind that it creates, in the either, is in the way. I know you like it. I know you need it. But I also need to let you know that it’s in the way. So, we don’t have an argument here. It’s not like you’re going to loose your brain or your mind, I’m just saying put it in neutral to go beyond it.

The nature of your mind is quite a fantasy that is held together by endless categories, experiences, patterns and beliefs. The biggest belief that we all share is the concept that this is who you think you are. That is what you think, how you look, what you’ve created and of course what values you hold passionate and true.

You may think I am an idiot to ask you to set this all aside, and I’m not, but do it anyway. It will absolutely open you up to the possibilities of what’s really inside. Your true self.

2. Get out in nature.

Generally, nature is not a threat. Sure you could feel scared of the animals, the weather or just being alone but there’s something magical about being outside. My son, when he was like 10 years old, commented about being in nature, “This is where God lives.” Like many things he saw, felt and knew – he’s right.

Nature is place to come outside and loose yourself. No matter where you live you can step outside and look up. If you do this at night, you’ll suddenly become overwhelmed in how small the stars and even the planets look. Sometimes we don’t see it the other way around but I bet we’re pretty small looking from the other side.

3. Reflections of truth.

Immediately upon being outside in nature you’ll see many things about yourself that you didn’t know. Many things can come to surface beyond taking in the sights, the smells, and the extraordinary ways of nature. There’s a part of you that knows that too.

It’s kind of amazing that so many of us need to be reminded to get up and go outside. But really is really simple. And if you haven’t asked why? Let me address that. Nature is a wonderful place to reflect. Certainly, you can dream and put your desires to create in the flow but you can also let nature do its thing and mirror back some pretty Divine things back to you.

Like many mirrors (link mirror article) you may not always like what you see. If there is any perceived danger about going inside to discover your true self it is this. Yet, the mirror of nature will echo back your truest essence. It’s designed to do that. You do have to allow for it though. There are more reflections of truth.

4. Children will show you the way.

There’s a reason children reflect your true self it’s because they haven’t yet learned to lie. The true self is the part of you that knows you’re life purpose and who you are. Children can see that, more important they can feel it. Further, they’re quite comfortable in sharing it with you. But you do have to ask.

I mean this lovingly. This starts within you. If you really want to discover your true self you have to put away the many things that you’ve accepted or perhaps even become attached too. This includes the fact that you’re a grown up. All the facades have to drop.

You might think, I don’t have any children? That’s alright, I have two. I will gladly lend them to you to reflect the truth of who you are. Fortunately, there are more convent ways. If you don’t have kids of your own, go babysit a couple of times. It doesn’t matter whose kids they are, there’s plenty to find out about yourself through the reflection of children. Then again, maybe you don’t want to ask your kids or the neighbor’s kids. In this case, make an appointment with me and I’ll channel your Higher Self from the start should you like.

5. Your eyes are the window to your soul.

It’s kind of funny to have a portal that we spend all of our time looking through but hardly ever do we use the same window to look within. Looking inside is where you find your true self. As the brain creates a mind, your body has a soul. All I’m pointing out is that there is a relationship. Your mind, body and spirit is all encapsulated in your soul.

Looking at yourself through the eyes of truth will connect you to your authentic self. To be honest, when you really look into your own eyes they will offer a lot more information about yourself and the world than you’ll ever see looking out. It’s ironic to have such a tool as your eyes that provide direct access to the real you and not use them.

Just to be clear, we are talking about your true self. The the part of you that is absolutely genuine and real. It’s the part that is connected to something greater. The part that is connected to all. And when I say, all, I mean everything.

Maybe this is why nature, and even in exploring the Universe, we find more of our true selves in the process. It’s a natural part of the designed evolution. The trick is how to look into your own eyes. Assuredly, if you’ve ever wondered or had a secret thought or fear that there’s nothing there, nothing could be more absurd. The only reason you may have any hesitation in looking within because of an offshoot of the mind called the Shell. (In terms of Freud, the ego.)

6. The harder the truther.

In all honesty, Oprah made up that statement while being interviewed (skip forward to time stamp 6:20) about a very select few people that absolutely tell her the truth. Interestingly, and with the deepest of respect for Oprah as a person, she mentioned only three people in this circle. This seems almost impossible to understand.

Wouldn’t it make sense that someone who is so successful and who has met and interviewed over 28,000 people that she would know more than three people that would tell her the truth? I’m not suggesting, that all of these wonderful people including five U.S. presidents and other members of royalty from other countries, weren’t truthful, nope that’s not what I’m saying.

What I am sharing, is that sometimes successful people have a even harder time finding people to be super straight with them because of all their fame and fortune. Think about it, if Oprah only knows three people who will tell her the truth, how many people do you have in your life?

In Oprah’s own words, “There’s only been one person that has been so brutal with the truth that he made me cry. He’s not afraid to tell me the brutal truth. Sharing things that may be hard to hear… but they are not mean spirited.”
Quiz: Who is the one friend who will tell Oprah the truth?

7. The Rita Hayworth Syndrome.

The love goddess as she was once referred, was naturally shy and openly declared herself as having a inferiority complex. She too was enormously successful in her career staring in 61 films over 37 years as an actor. One role in particular exemplified her for being known for what she was not, Gilda. Her character being the same name as the film.

With disdain, Ms. Hayworth once said, “Men go to bed with Gilda, but wake up with me.”

This perfectly describes living one way outside but living another on the inside. I’ll put it another way, there’s a magic in being seen as you really are and knowing it. It’s something completely different to be seen, loved or appreciated because of something another sees in you and you try and live up to it.

8. Water.

A Japanese inventor who claims to have invented the computer floppy disk and 3,499 other patents has a big secret to his inventing. He practices going under water. He may or may not know it, but he is accessing his true self in the process of going underwater. I know you may not hear many people tell you that and for that reason alone that’s why it’s so important. Water is another kind of self reflection.

While I don’t necessarily agree with the rest the method offered by Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, going under water (skip forward to time stamp 2:52) offers a special kind of disconnection from your body with an ability to renew your communication with your true self. I will tell you that going under water, like a kid on a summer day blowing out bubbles on the bottom of the pool, will invigorate your connection within. Obviously, there are some pretty strong parallels to being surrounded by a water-like substance in your mother’s womb.

Before you start objecting about how silly you’ll look, you can do it a bathtub or even in the shower if you’d like. I do find that being in warm water in a swimming pool with little else to distract you is another kind of meditation.

9. Meditate.

Well, certainly you had to have seen that one coming. Meditation can be utilized in many ways. To heal, to find bliss, happiness, to release things and to be find your true self. Admittedly, it’s a little different for some people because there isn’t much movement to entertain the senses and thus the brain. This is pretty much the point.

I find that meditation is a wonderful way to connect with your real self. I meditate regularly and highly suggest it like a spiritual Swiss army knife. There are so many things that you can do using meditation. Certainly, there are many different kinds of meditations including guided meditation but just formally sit and listen to what might come to you by being quiet contemplating your true self.

10. Automatic Writing.

I saved the best for last. Why? It happens to be one of my absolute favorites. Quickly, Automatic Writing if you haven’t heard of it before, is the process of communicating directly with Source, your guides or others. In essence, you can go about anywhere you want, but we can talk about that later.

Automatic Writing allows you to ask questions and see, the answers. A lot of people really like this method because they really like reading what your Higher Self wrote. Or I could say, what your guides, messengers or true self said. Yes, I’m saying you can have a direct one-on-one with your true self.

I should have mentioned this way earlier, but free-will choice in combination with your conscious intent can open the doors spiritually in ways you’ve likely not really considered. Your true self is exceedingly interested in showing you who you really are. At first, you may not easily comprehend what is said, and that’s why writing it down and going over it again and again can be so helpful. (This too is why I have always offered free audio recordings of my personal sessions. So you can review the information.)

Because this last point is so important in connecting to your true self, I’m offering you a free booklet for you to have called the 5-ways to connect with your true self by Automatic Writing. All you need to do to get your free booklet is go to this podcast page and click on the url.

For me, Automatic Writing continues to be one of the most significant spiritual tools I have. And while I use it exclusively for spiritual connection, truth, writing, awareness and personal growth I do know others who use another version of it for releasing their creativity. There’s absolutely no downside to you getting your free booklet called 5-ways to connect with your true self by Automatic Writing and get yourself indoctrinated.

Besides the biggest benefit I can think of, Automatic Writing is absolutely life changing. Why don’t you try it?

Okay, in conclusion of the ten ways to discover your true self any one of these ways is quite a portal to your becoming aware. If you put them all together and earnestly give them a try I know you’ll discover your true self with ease. And that’s the point isn’t? As consciousness beings it shouldn’t be hard to reconnect to the real you.

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