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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that… “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

How Empowered Women Empower the World to Unity

Few women realize their true empowerment.

What’s the difference between being inspired versus being empowered as a woman?

Being female is different. Right from the start. As a baby you were born into certain stereotypes of how a little girl is supposed to act and even do. Unfortunately much of this conditioning sets you apart in the ideas that somehow females are less than.

If this didn’t start at home, then you’re lucky, but certainly it’s still predominant in the world. Unfortunately. But every woman who steps into her empowerment creates an invitation to other women to do the same.

How to be an empowered woman empowers the world to unity gives you seven steps to being more empowered.

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Episode 67 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: Podcast 67

How Empowered Women Empower the World to Unity.

Few women realize the truth strength of their empowerment which is remarkable…

Sometimes it happens before birth, after birth or during the process of being female, but all in all there’s alarming data that tell us all that women are taught to be inferior.

To make a quick point, let me ask you this simple question. And admittedly this question may be harder for those who aren’t Americans, but try it any way…

My question is this, when did the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) for women get passed? To offer you a quick refresher about the Equal Rights Amendment it was introduced almost 100 years ago. 98 years ago to be exact. And the ERA was set forth to make women legal equals.

So my question is when did the Equal Rights Amendment for women get passed into law?

A.) 40 years ago
B.) It never passed
C.) In passed in the 1970’s or 80’s
D.) In the last 10 years
E.) It passed 75 years ago

So, what’s your guess? Okay, commit yourself. What’s the answer?

Even though you had a 20% chance of getting the answer right, I’ll still bet that 80% of you got it wrong.

The answer is that The Equal Rights Amendment never passed.

That means that as of May 15, 2021, there is no United States Constitution that honors women as equals. Period. If you got the question correct, then I still bet that you have some pretty strong feelings about why your country still hasn’t accepted your gender as female.

I could offer endless other statistics that demonstrate that being born female doesn’t have the same privilege as being male but only the females tend to notice. Of course you’ve already recognized that I’m male, but don’t categorize me incorrectly because I’m here to totally champion female empowerment. Perhaps, I too, as a male, am in the minority, but never mind such thoughts. Truthfully, we all need to change that. Not just males. But everybody.

Being female does not mean you’re a minority —that’s impossible.

Let me help you with the math. One out of every two people on the Earth is female. That’s 50%. So, how can females be a minority if they equally populate the world as the the other half?

It’s simple, if any woman continues to be taught and targeted and cultivated as a group to be disempowered and inferior than she is. Then that’s the likelihood of what all females become, small and insignificant.

Inferiority isn’t just a mindset either, it’s also all about how others engage and act with anyone female.

Every female knows this conditioning starts early and it can be unthinkable to worse than unthinkable in terms of how separate and evil baby girls are treated, young women and even adult females. To change any such conditioning, everyone has to be more accountable in our individual part of this disempowerment. This means both as males or females.

Everything I’ve shared so far is to highlight this point.

Empowered Women Empower the World to Unity.

Every one of you listening, as a woman, or even a man, are empowered. Accepting this truth and privilege allows The Light to flow through you that invites the whole world to become one.

This message is for all females; babies, girls and of course women. And if you happen to be anything else but a woman there’s a lot for you here too. If you’re male, don’t turn off, thinking that you’ve heard all this before because you are very likely to be surprised in what you’ll discover.

Open yourself to the truth, that every one is equal – but let’s start with the simple understanding that every woman is equal. That will put your focus as a woman on your empowerment.

Can I circle back to the Equal Rights Amendment as an example?

If you don’t remember what all the hub bub is about with this amendment let me simply it.

The entire message of the Equal Rights Amendment for woman and other marginalized genders says; ”Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

The remaining two sections that follow it are equally as simple; “The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article and this amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.”

Let me simplify the ERA even more, ”Equality shall not be denied on account of sex.” Now, that’s as simple as it comes.

And to any logical person, I didn’t even say spiritual, compassionate or even loving did I? I just said the consideration the ERA is very logical; women are legally equal.

Hear me, I didn’t say, woman should be legal equals I said, woman ARE legal equals.

Your words, beliefs, values, ideas, considerations are important not because of the what they mean but because of the energy behind them.

If you are a woman, everything that I’ve said, you already know. But what you may not know, or I’ll phrase that differently, what you may not remember is that you are empowered.

Do you remember Susan Boyle?

I can hear you stretching your mind, I remember something about her but maybe you’ve forgotten the details?

Susan Boyle was contestant #432 on Britan’s Got Talent from a couple of years ago.

For a talent show, Susan came onto the stage at 47 years of age looking more like a substitute teacher. Susan dressed conservatively in a neat dress that easily could have come out of the 1950’s. When Susan stepped out on stage the first question she was asked was;

Alright, what’s your name darling?

Now to be honest, personally I’ve heard Susan’s audition several times before. But never did I hear the word darling so loudly as I did in preparing this message.

So, I want you to hear it for yourself.

What do you think?

Does Susan Boyle being asked the question by a male judge, what’s your name darling ring in your ears at all?

Well, it should…

Let’s listen in again as unemployed Susan Boyles offers the world a first peek at her talents at a tender 47 years of age…

If you’re like me, while I heard the interview and the audition, my mind skipped over the idea that Susan Boyles, is being called as a grown woman, … what’s the word again? Darling?

The reason why is because we all become enamored with Susan’s gift. That is empowerment. That is female empowerment. And it creates unity.

This is How Empowered Women Empower the World to Unity.

Now, if your mind has jumped to thinking that you have to be a singer to empower others… Naw… that’s not at all the point.

This is, I did some follow up listening to the questions that the judges asked contestants of the TV shows, Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent, X Factor, etc… and here’s the results of my little bit of research.

Not one time did I hear a male judge call another male, Darling or Sweetheart.

Out of the 10 or so youtube interviews I listened to, I did hear these terms used twice by the same male judge with two different women.

Is being called Darling or Sweetheart endearing sure it is, but not necessarily by someone you don’t know.

If you’re a man, and you’re having a hard time hearing this?

How many times are you called Sweetie as an adult?

Does it ring in your ears now?

Certainly, it does mine…

I don’t want us to get lost on the conditioning of disempowerment but I do feel it’s very very important for you to be aware. If rolling your eyes at me because as a woman, you really do understand…. because you hear it all the time don’t you? I know you do…

But remember that an Empowered Woman doesn’t need someone’s, any one’s permission to be who you are.

Empowered Women are what they are… powerful.

This power isn’t at all competitive. This competitive perspective only comes from the male energy. If you’re thinking of males and females here as genders let me assure you that male energy isn’t limited to any gender. Think of the Chinese Yin and Yang.

The energy of competition and unity are opposites. However, these two energies can be initiated and expressed by either gender; Male or female.

This is important, because not all males exhibit competitive and separatist values of inequality. Every one does. Sometimes this truth makes it even harder… as you would think that every woman would support every other woman in their personal and collective empowerment. This isn’t true.

But when they do it’s magical.

My mom, wasn’t necessarily the best mom. But I deeply appreciate that she tried on many levels, but she offer her boys some very valuable understanding in feminine empowerment. I’ve always been moved that mom worked in Silicon Valley during the late 1970’s at Hewlett Packard or HP. I’m sure you’re aware that HP is the same company that Steve Jobs – founder of Apple Computer, admired so much for its innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism.

Hewlett Packard was ahead of their time because they hired women, such as my mom. Not many mind you but some. My mom wasn’t a secretary. She worked in the highly technical field of computers from the very beginning, working in middle management without a formal business degree. Not easy, even today. Nonetheless, I remember mom only having only one other female friend in the business.

Mom’s friend at HP was Jan. Jan, like my mom, was very bright and possessed extraordinary abilities because she too worked exceedingly hard for her position in middle management. For the record, Jan and my mom, were paid considerably less than their male counterparts in the 70’s, as I do remember overhearing both of their frustrations during a private lunch my mom’s kitchen on a Saturday in Redwood City.

I can easily say that my mom was an empowered woman. And even if, Jan and my Mom, were the only two woman that worked in management at HP it was more than enough. Because empowered women empower others. In fact, Carly Fiorina, was one of the first female CEO at HP to lead a Fortune top 20 company. This came years and years later. But Carly was a first too!

Empowered women transform the world.

Not because they are singers or business women, empowered women do something that is absolutely unique and so natural you may not even notice – they collaborate instead of compete.

Empowered woman empower unity.

Let’s dig into this…

Women inspiring other women is one thing but empowerment is completely different, let me explain why.

It’s one thing to hear Susan Boyles sing and to feel the inspiration that she offers us, singing the song, “I Dreamed a Dream.” The song and the lyrics are inspirational. What’s empowering is hearing Susan Boyles express them.

I Dreamed a Dream

Let me read the lyrics here:

Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung
No wine untasted

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
As they turn your dream to shame

He slept a summer by my side
He filled my days with endless wonder
He took my childhood in his stride
But he was gone when autumn came
And still I dream he’ll come to me
That we will live the years together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

I had a dream my life would be
So different from this hell I’m living
So different now from what it seemed
Now life has killed
The dream I dreamed

Inspiration lifts you up to stand on your feet and be moved by something that you vibrates deep deep inside your soul.

Empowerment is the expressing your soul in a way that doesn’t apologize, it doesn’t even hear the possible condemnation with words from strangers like; Darling or Sweetheart, because female empowerment is a deep deep calling.

Maybe this is why there has been such fear with the empowerment of women being seen or treated as equals?

Let me ask you this question,

How can female empowerment scare anybody?

And of course, you know who it scares… The male side…

But why why would anyone want to condone, limit or constrain the female energy? The feminine empowerment? Perhaps it’s because they the male energy doesn’t think that’s something that they can control. And that attribute of control is something that they often try to create, of course, to constrain the female in its true empowerment.

Do you remember Taylor Swift being sexually assaulted by the Radio DJ in Denver?

The incident happened while Taylor was taking a photo shoot 8 yrs ago, with seven witnesses and a photo to prove it, as the DJ Jackson Mueller lifted her skirt and grabbed her bare bottom. (If you’re listening to this but want to see the actual picture see it here).

If you recall, Taylor Swift’s only purpose in taking legal action was to counter sue her abuser and to present this message, and I quote;

“My hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard.”
Taylor Swift

That’s really quite a sentence. It doesn’t talk about the egoic me at all. This is a stand, a statement of empowerment and it’s inclusive.

This is statement of unity as it is a call to action that the old ways of grabbing someone’s ass, calling them Sweetie, or Darling in any condoning way is ending. But it can only truly end when every one, especially females, stand in their individual and collective empowerment.

There is a whole culture to change.

Not just ass grabbing DJ’s but the entire system. Passing the Equal Rights Amendment is a long over due start.

First came Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female Supreme Court Justice. Then came, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who said many things about feminine equality, but this quote really stands alone:

“Women will have achieved true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.”
– Ruth Bader Ginsburg

If you’re a woman, or even a man, and you’re feeling inspired, I’m glad but look at the wisdom of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s statement. It can appear to be confrontational, like another of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s statement:

“I ask no favor for my sex. All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.”
– Ruth Bader Ginsburg

But go further, and you’ll see that Ruth’s first quote about asking men to share the responsibility of bringing up the next generation is indeed an empowered invitation to unity.

An invitation for us all.

Female empowerment is found within.

It’s not subject to opinion, romantic relationship, or the law, your female empowerment is found within. If you’re IN and your OUT with taping into your personal empowerment, please know that you’re not the only one.

However, do realize how many are standing up and standing strong for you to be the first Female President or World Leader even if your female empowerment doesn’t seem to be recognized- it is.

You really don’t have any idea how much your standing in your Soul’s calling to be empowered means to the World and even the Universe. There is still way to much confusion and even consideration in topics such as self worth and personal value when these ideals aren’t even spiritually real.

What I mean is that there is no such thing as any part of the spiritual realm that isn’t empowered. None of it. And ideas of negative self worth, conditional love are absolutely foreign concepts to Source and the Universe because it’s the complete opposite of empowerment.

Being empowered is being strong but not always in, stand in front of your face, kind of way. In fact, the strongest aspects of empowerment are completely quiet. This energy originates in the Divine Feminine in the being state.

This is the true nature of empowerment. The being energy. This being energy is nurturing, it understands the wisdom of mothering the next generation’s children as much as it understands the need to unify and lead in nurturing the planet.

Is it really so strange that we find, Sweden’s Greta Thunberg’s expression as the Old Soul, that climate change is something that we all must change?

Again, isn’t Greta’s message a message of empowerment based in unity?

Greta isn’t asking for your your political vote, she’s asking for you to join her to rebalance the planet. Greta’s message is yet another call to humanity to find your voice so it can be heard but not merely as a member of the choir, but in an energy of empowerment.

She’s calling on everyone. Every voice. Everyone as an equal to activate your empowerment so we can all act to create together.

It’s a little funny, isn’t it? For anyone to think that we don’t create together? Logically, scientifically, economically, biologically and you and I are into it…spiritually.

Everything is connected.

How do you as an Empowered Women Empower the World?

Consider these seven spiritually channeled steps;

1.) To see one’s True Self you must choose the right reflection. Someone that does’t appease you but someone that is truthful with every word.

2.) To understand the feminine we suggest that look at her nature. When she is empowered everything works together in perfect balance and harmony.

3.) Feminine empowerment is not competitive nor does it cost anything.

4.) All love comes from the Divine feminine, which is unlimited . The includes sexual expression, as it does creativity and spiritual and physical expression – understanding that all of these styles serve as one.

5.) The Divine Feminine is never constrained by her mind and her endless possibilities because it is this energy whereby all things are created.

6.) Feminine ways must be re-evaluated to include all; not, just the two predominant genders – male and female.

7.) Being empowered in the Divine feminine is being vulnerable – which really means without (perceived) ego.

If you’re interested in learning more about Female Empowerment, and you want to attend an online class about How to Step Further into Being an Empowered Women write me here.

To summarize, How Empowered Women Empower the World to Unity.

Remember any conditioning that you’ve grown up with as woman isn’t the same as discovering who you really are. You are empowered. Know that the passing of the ERA doesn’t make you empowered, but if you’re tired of it taking a 100 years to be honored as equals then
contact your congresswoman or man or the ERA directly.

Being female is not a minority – that’s impossible

Go beyond being called a Darling or Sweetheart and follow the empowerment of Susan Boyles in singing I Dreamed a Dream. Appreciate the value of Carly Fiorina, Taylor Swift and Greta Thunberg as empowered women who are vulnerably opening up to invite unity through their individual expressions.

The seven channeled steps to How Empowered Women Empower the World to Unity are;

1.) To see one’s True Self you must choose someone or a reflection that is truthful with every word.

2.) The empowered feminine brings all of nature together in perfect balance and harmony.

3.) Feminine empowerment is not competitive -it costs nothing.

4.) All love comes from the Divine feminine. The includes sexual expression, creativity, spirituality and physical expression – all of these styles serve as one.

5.) The Divine Feminine has endless possibilities because it is this energy whereby all things are created.

6.) Feminine ways must be re-evaluated to include all; not, just the two predominant genders – male and female.

7.) Being empowered in the Divine feminine is being vulnerable – which really means without (perceived) ego.

Lastly, If you’re interested in learning more about Female Empowerment, and you want to attend an online class about How to Step Further into Being an Empowered Women write me here.

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