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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that… “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

How to CONTROL your mind

Use the power of your mind to manifest.

Good vibrations! The Power of Positive Thought. Manifesting.

So how do thought-wave vibrations work?

Like it or not, you are what you think.  If you haven’t been taught to think positively then it’s the same as not having goals, life is leading you instead of you creating life.

Did you know every thought-wave vibration is a result of what you’re thinking? It could be that you’re having trouble manifesting your thoughts into reality.  It’s not because you’re incapacitated, it’s only because no one’s shown you how.  If you’re sincerely interested in creating your life goals, career, relationship and even money to manifest your life purpose then start here.

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Episode 052 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: How to use thought-wave vibrations.

Prepare yourself because we’re going to have some fun. I’ll not repeat myself and I will ask you to put aside anything that you think you know about the subject. In the meditation world, I’d ask that you open up to what’s called, beginner’s mind. Beginner’s mind means removing any preconceived ideas or thoughts about what you think or what you might know.

So, let’s begin shall we? What if the mind that you have is so much more powerful than you realize? It doesn’t matter how much you’ve exercised it or to what degree your mind has been educated. As far as we’re concerned here, everyone is the same. What I’m really sharing is that everyone listening or reading has all the required resources.

Regardless of your education, background or even what you’ve created thus far, what is before you is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Let me tell you why. If you avail yourself to be open to the information presented in this podcast then you’ll find yourself rich, healthy and metaphysically in tune to manifest. Even if you have some history employing thoughts of fear, guilt or shame you’re currently standing at the door to enjoy a new beginning. All you need to do to start – is to be open.

Certainly, I’ll be asking you to participate more as we proceed. Our twenty minutes will go by in a snap. That’s okay, because lucky for you, this is all recorded. I absolutely encourage you to listen to this podcast as many times as you’d like. To be truly fair, I would wholeheartedly extend further invitation for you re-listen to all of my podcasts multiple times. This will make more sense as you’ll soon see.

My specific purpose is to inspire you to use your mind in new ways. This means increasing your awareness in how you manifest. Some might tell you that this process is the hardest thing that you’ll ever do and I’d tell you that’s a lie. It’s really easy. But it will require your willingness to change the way you’re currently thinking.

The mind will incorporate any thought you have into reality.

This fact is powerful as it is scary. But why would anyone want to be held hostage by their thinking? Actually, I’m not going to cover that answer as I am interested in putting a gigantic spotlight on where you do want your mind to go. You want to put your mind on positive thoughts.

If you’re really feeling low, as in struggling -or even down there in depths of depression, you’re going to want to separate yourself from me or even try and ignore me. Worse, you could resist me. Don’t. Come forward regardless and know that all I’m asking you is to be is open to put your mind in a positive light.

The reasons are many, but let’s keep it simple, and say that it’s very much to your advantage to do so. May I tempt you a little in telling you that positive thinking is fun! Thinking positively has measurable effects on your body. Spiritually speaking the benefits of thinking positive is greater than you can imagine.

I mean that. Please don’t take that sentence for granted. Instead take advantage of it. If you understand the nature of how spirit works, something we’re going to specifically talk about as a part of your further awakening to manifest, then you’re going to want to take this statement seriously.

The vibrations of your thoughts have a direct correlation to what you’re creating.

Whoops, I’m already getting ahead of myself. But since we’re here, know this; every time you feel good, it’s the time for creation. Open yourself to imagine a piano whereby every note in and by itself is the equivalent to a character in our language. What I’m saying is that each note has a frequency. We can measure it.

Independently, these frequencies are neither good or bad, heavy or light, they are just frequencies. The fun is realizing that each value, when put together has certain combinations, that can resonate a message. The message might be, this feels good. Or this feels sad. Or this I feel melancholy.

I’m using music, and the scales of music, consciously here. Let me give you an audio demonstration. If you’re reading this podcast, you can watch this excerpt from the film, The Peacemakers. Let me replay the music again. Listen careful to the vibrations that you feel in the message of music played by virtually the same notes.

Now, this next example is going to blow you away. I want you to imagine a piano sitting out in the middle of a shopping mall. The stand-up piano, with its back against an elevator shaft, looks like a small island for people to walk around. If you can’t picture it, imagine a stream where there’s a rock in the middle and the water is forced to flow to the right or to the left of the obstacle and come back into a singular stream after the boulder.

This piano is a public piano. This means anybody can sit down and play, if they want. I thought the piano looked exactly like what you’d expect to see in a music teachers room —-though misplaced in sitting out in the middle of a mall. A man in black coat walks up to the unoccupied piano and sits down to play this

What positive thoughts are you having now?

Any? What happened? How do you feel? Uplifted? Happy? I’m sure you’re weren’t paying that close of attention but your body is also rewarding you for your positive thoughts.

Endorphins and dopamine are released when your body feels good. Something happened for me at 25 seconds in when I watched and listened to the video. I felt a noticeable shift in the energy. I actually teared up.

I wasn’t trying. I didn’t expect to, but I felt emotional feeling the music. It went from potentially classical mall-music to something exciting. Noticeably, the majority of people in the mall kept walking by. Maybe they didn’t hear what I heard?

If you watch the video, the video clip is presented within this podcast, you’ll see a young teenage boy that is called to the music. At first, this teenager seems to be wondering where the music is coming from. Then he gets a glimpse at the piano and the piano player. He’s the first in the mall to stop, look and listen.

Let’s detail this. From the time the pianist started playing boogie woogie rhythm and blues music, only 30-seconds later, this young man is captivated. I don’t know about you, but I don’t hear this kind of music being played on today’s America’s Top-40 radio. So why did the boy stop?

Further, getting the attention of most teenagers is pretty hard. Assuming that this song wasn’t his favorite, what specifically made the boy standstill? I’ll tell you. It was the vibrations. The energy.

Approximately 5-minutes from the start, more than 30 people gathered around this piano player. At the end, they even clapped. I don’t think it takes a psychologist to see that these people were happy!

Take a look at thought-wave vibrations.

So far, I’ve been talking about notes and the parallel between individual characters of the alphabet. But could it be true that our thoughts actually create a vibration? That’s easy to answer in today’s age -yes. Scientists are currently using CAT scans to watch the human brain isolate what areas of the brain work during specific thoughts and sensations.

What happens when sensation and thought is silenced? I’m referencing meditation. When you meditate you actually change the way your brain operates, and correspondingly, your neural pathways change too. In layman’s terms, the electricity and the wire in which you process.

Why are thought-wave vibrations important?

It’s a great question with a crucial answer. Let’s hear it from Source.

“To understand yourself and your human brain -that which you assume to be your mind- let us share with you that everything that doesn’t exist – is in a state of illusionary movement. This means every atom of matter is composed in the illusion of movement.

With movement, there is frequency or even sound. While you are physically equipped to hear, you are incapacitated to hear except within a specific range. If you were equipped to hear all vibrations you would be severely impaired to function because, quite simply, your brain would be overworked just attempting to process and register all possible sounds. Thus, you only have the capacity to hear within a certain range.

To understand thought-waves is as simple as listening to the voice that is currently presented before you. These frequencies are shared and understood based upon an agreed set of patterns that you have established as communication. Going deeper, you would do well to think of sound and frequency as one in the same. In truth, they are. While your ears are subject to certain frequencies, the capacity for you to receive vibrations or energy outside your senses, is as real as the sounds that you hear.

This is also true in your ability to see, or more clearly stated to perceive.

Presently, since there has been little attention given to such subjects and there isn’t much physical understanding beyond what we will begin to share.

Thoughts, by themselves, can be heard. Put another way, there are specific frequencies, patterns, and structure that compose your thoughts. As light is both a wave and a particle, as you’ve currently come to understand it, you will ultimately find that this isn’t necessarily true. You will find, and it shall be proven in the future, that light is more than waves, dots, particles or pieces. Light is a conduit.

Breath is a conduit for spirit as sexual energy is a conduit for Divine connection, remembrance and creation. Everything, in this Earthly state, has a frequency. That which is —doesn’t. The difference is that Source energy in its truest state doesn’t need to vibrate to exist. It just is.

To tap into this power is to be focused but without trying to be. It’s a state of existence. This state is also a state of consciousness and this too is why such words, as omnipotent, are used to try and describe that Which Is Us. The ability to use thought-waves in your current existence is deeply encouraged.

This is an intended part of your incarnation. Using your thoughts to mindfully create is deeply encouraged. Curiously, we are interested why only the smallest amount of attention has been given to such subjects. Because the awareness offered by such empowerment would propel you individually and collectively in transcendent ways. Nonetheless, we are here to assist.

As you see yourself think, you think that these thoughts are real. They aren’t. These thoughts are again just a part of a vibrating ecosystem that you are currently experiencing. This is important in your choice to create and manifest.

Manifestation is a direct result of what you think.

If you think of yourself to be in a state of separation, then this choice is honored. We could say manifested, for the terms are the same. If you think of yourself as at one with wealth then this is extended to you. You do nothing to create it, beyond putting forth your desire in an energy that is united. A true thought-wave is in-tune. You would do best to think of any stringed instrument to be in-tune before you play it.

As an example, if a violin is in-tune, when there is a thought to play certain sounds or frequencies, the instrument can replicate what it is you hear in your head. In essence, the violin is used as a tool to create the desired sound. If you understand, then you also understand, that everything is an instrument.

This includes you. You are indeed an instrument of That Which Is. To understand this is to understand everything. Once you complete your ‘search’ for something external then you are ready to receive that which is before you. To understand that you are the Light is to understand truth.

Have you ever given consideration that thought-wave forms – which we are emanating presently -is done with consciousness? You should be aware. As you tune into these vibrations, these thought-wave vibrations, then you are able to create accordingly. We should be more specific, you are always able to create, but to do so from a place of being in tune allows your manifestations to be easier.”

Perhaps it’s time to control your mind.

When you control, or direct your mind, you are honoring it’s existence but not necessarily subjecting yourself to it. Does this sound too complicated? Let me make it simple, when you direct your mind outside the endless distractions of mind-chatter you are in enabled. Become powerful in understanding the nature of your mind and also appreciating it. This is all done, in not allowing your mind, to consume you.

A mind that isn’t directed is free to wonder and it typically initiates points of separation. Listening to these points of separation often is like to listening to a barrage of propaganda. In time, after endless repetitions, it’s likely you might disempower yourself to believe that you can’t…. As soon as this has been decided, then a divide has taken place and creation has begun.

As was said earlier, manifestation is a direct result of what you think. Let me offer you some detailed examples; if I think I can play the piano then I can, if I think my brother is being unfairly treated by his mother; so, it is, if I think I’m getting a cold – I am.

To think clearly is done by aligning or tuning-into Source. If we are were musicians tuning a guitar, we would use a tuning fork or an electrical device for us to copy the
exact pitch or frequency in tuning our guitar. Once the guitar is tuned, we can play anything that our mind wants to hear.

Your thoughts are frequencies. When your thought-wave vibrations are in-tune with Source, it enables you to create. For the sake of absolute clarity, you are able to create on this Earth plane -as in direct and control all forms of matter. And if you’re really interested, you can create in other planes too.

Thinking something into physical form.

Simplicity is the key to manifesting easily. A simple thought-wave vibration is crisp and it’s also easy to see, hear, feel and know like middle C on a piano. The thought is distinct with clarity. The intention of clarity comes from focus.

Focus is a fulcrum like compound interest is to creating wealth. Thought-wave vibrations only become distorted if “other” thoughts conflict with the original intent. If you were to think, “I am rich” -which is an extremely simple thought -any thoughts, conscious or not, that conflict with this sentence pull from it’s original empowerment.

I am trying to think of an even better way to describe this. Imagine the simple sentence, “I am rich” is represented by an avocado seed. Avocado seeds are rather large and of course they will produce avocado trees. Any doubt, is registered as the very thought-wave vibrations that we’ve been talking about, and they disempower the true nature of the seed.

To physically understand this, it would be the same as me taking a perfectly sculpted avocado seed and cutting it in half. The full potential of the seed has been diminished substantially. If other conflicting thoughts of separation persist to the original thought that “I am Rich,” which this avocado seed represents, then the potential for manifestation is decreased.

The real knowledge is understanding that the avocado seed is the instrument, or the container, for which the avocado tree might start its life cycle. The potential of the seed is not the seed itself, but in Source. Source, through energetic vibrations, uses the avocado seed, as a physical instrument or a tool, to create the image of Divine thought.

It’s incredible as you study and apply it. Well, I told you our time would go by super quickly today.

Can I share with you a little bit more before offering a conclusion?

The thought-wave vibrations of Source are truly on a different level. Therefore, to truly create anything and to become one of the most beautifully designed tools created in the image of Source, imagine what you can do by tuning-in to Source to manifest? If you see where I’m going with this, then you understand that you are indeed all powerful and as such you can create anything.

Yes, it’s going to take some practice to distance yourself from everything that moves, shakes and is vying for your attention. Yet, it’s not that hard to reconnect to the very thought-wave vibrations that have created you. What a gift you have to understand you can do anything you want with it.

I’m going to end this podcast a little differently. I want you to tune-in to the music and see how it makes you feel. If you’re feeling positive and happy, know you’re on track. And one more thing, if you’re seriously interested in How to control of your mind using thought-wave vibrations , take a peak at this podcast page. I’ve listed several references that might further stimulate your thought-wave vibrational thinking!

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