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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that… “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

These are the questions people want most to know.

It’s not every day you get to listen into a lunch-time conversation with Weston Jolly and his daughter Sarah. Hold on, it gets better as you’ll hear unscripted questions about the life and family of a Spiritual Channel.

“As your daughter, I’ve been living with you since forever. I thought it would be interesting for you to know the kind of questions that I’m asked most about you. I’m kind of used to it. But I thought you should know and I thought it would be helpful to others who maybe don’t know the inside story.”

Get to know Weston Jolly in a behind the scenes interview with life as a psychic channel. 

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Episode 054 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: Lunch with Sarah

Weston Jolly: [00:00:47] I have a special surprise for everybody today. I have somebody in the studio with me, someone that’s very dear to me, and I want to introduce her as, of course, my lovely daughter, Sarah. Thank you for joining us.

Sarah Jolly: [00:00:59] Well, that was a nice introduction.

Weston Jolly: [00:01:00] Thank you. Actually, Sarah is going to be the host as and she’s going to be doing the interviewing today. And so I’m literally going to turn everything all over to her.

Sarah Jolly: [00:01:11] This is a lot of power. (laughter) I appreciate it.

Sarah Jolly: [00:01:15] So I was talking with my dad a few weeks ago and we had this idea to do a podcast like this, because recently my boyfriend had a session with my dad and he asked me questions about the process and about Weston. And to be honest, they were the same questions I’ve been hearing for the last- I’m going to say 15 years- but it might honestly be even longer. I’ve been hearing them from friends… who have had sessions with you or even just friends that know what you do, other boyfriends or people that you know, I’ve gotten to meet at events and retreats and I’ve heard a lot of the same questions.

Weston Jolly: [00:01:58] So is this?… because we haven’t talked about this…Meaning, because Sarah has some secret list of questions you’re going to be asking me.

Sarah Jolly: [00:02:04] You haven’t been able to see them. I’ve been very sneaky.

Weston Jolly: [00:02:07] Even esoterically, which is pretty weird for Sarah and I.

Weston Jolly: [00:02:11] So, you’re familiar with these questions —that you always get asked?

Sarah Jolly: [00:02:16] Yes. OK. Yes. And you might be too…

Sarah Jolly: [00:02:19] And you might be surprised what people are asking behind your back. This fun

Weston Jolly: [00:02:23] This is fun! Which is kind of the purpose of what we’re doing -right?

Sarah Jolly: [00:02:27] Exactly. Yeah. Because, you know, I was curious. This is what you and I were talking about is who else is asking these questions. Right.

Weston Jolly: [00:02:34] Right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:02:35] So we’re going to get answers to questions like: “Is he reading my mind?” “Are you reading every little thought I have?” Don’t answer that now. OK. “Am I opening myself up or dabbling in any dark energy when I associate with a channel or a psychic?” Is a question that I get sometimes. Again, don’t answer that now because we’re gonna get to that. But this podcast is going to be very transparent for anyone who’s read the blog or listens to your podcasts, but maybe hasn’t had a session with you.

Sarah Jolly: [00:03:05] And it’s also going to be awesome for people who have had sessions with you for maybe over 10 years or longer, but still have these kind of behind-the-scenes questions.

Sarah Jolly: [00:03:15] So even as your daughter, to be honest, I’m a little curious. (laughter) Let’s get into the mind of a channel.

Weston Jolly: [00:03:23] Okay, fine. Let’s do it.

Sarah Jolly: [00:03:26] OK. So are you ready?

Weston Jolly: [00:03:28] I am…

Sarah Jolly: [00:03:28] Okay. I’m going to give you a little warm up.

Weston Jolly: [00:03:31] OK. All right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:03:32] I am going to warm up the batter.

Weston Jolly: [00:03:33] OK. Like a game.

Sarah Jolly: [00:03:36] All right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:03:36] So you’ve been doing this for 21 years? Yes, right. Twenty one years… I can’t believe it’s been that long.

Weston Jolly: [00:03:42] It has. I’ll never forget the day that we sat down with you and your brother and living room and had our family discussion. I was very nervous to have it because this is a big transition from what dad used to do.

Weston Jolly: [00:03:56] I laid it out and Grant jumped up and said, “Dad, we’ve been waiting for you to get here.” And he grabbed you by the hand. And you literally guys just walked out the room and I’m like, What?..and. “How’s it possible that you could possibly have any understanding to me making this transition from what was dad to that which I’ve been doing for a while?” So I’m very grateful for you to be here.

Sarah Jolly: [00:04:19] Well, my big brother is… My best friend… and anything he says is good with me!

Sarah Jolly: [00:04:25] Good. And I remember that him saying, “We’ve been waiting…” And I thought, “Have we?” I guess we have. Let’s go. So I’m curious. Yes. And I really can’t believe it’s been that long. I don’t feel that old. Please put that in the True Connections with Weston Jolly podcast.

Sarah Jolly: [00:04:43] How is the term psychic and channel changed over that time? Because two decades ago, it was really kind of taboo and almost witchcrafty. But now it’s very mainstream and a very normal part of self-help. And I’m curious if you’ve noticed a difference?

Weston Jolly: [00:05:01] Interesting, because for my own self for let’s call it 20 of the 21 years I’ve never used the term psychic, especially on my website, occasionally I would use the term with an individual to help them become aware of what it is that I do. And there’s clearly a difference between a psychic and a channel. And we can talk about that in a second. But I was very uncomfortable with the term because of my upbringing and the association that one would be tapping into something that would be “negative or undesired” and more. The second thing that really bugged me was a lot of people, I felt were deceiving other people, under the cloud or the idea that psychics gifts or powers to manipulate or to extort money or to personally empower themselves. Ego stuff and I’ve never been attracted to any of that. And so I really was trying to stay away from that term in self-describing myself. And channeling, as a category or a word, used to describe me, I think more accurate in the idea that I can connect to anything. I’ve always said it’s like being a switchboard operator that can connect to anything that one wants to connect with. And I become that conduit or that channel. That’s what the word Channel means. To be able to facilitate that…Can I interrupt myself?

Weston Jolly: [00:06:27] Can I bring up another term then? That’s mediumship, the ability to to talk or have conversation with someone who’s deceased is actually very beautiful as well. And that’s a different definition or category. So as a channel, and the kind of channel that I am, I literally have the ability to go anywhere, which is evidently a little bit weird or a little bit unusual. A lot of people have someone that they’re channeling in behalf of, such as an entity of some kind. And while it’s wonderful, I just don’t find I have any limits — I’m not sure if I answered your question?

Sarah Jolly: [00:07:06] I’m actually wondering if you’re reading my mind right now, because that is literally my next question, because I think even though what you do now is much more mainstream and I think even becoming more and more mainstream, I have several friends and I don’t really have like quote woo-woo friends.

Sarah Jolly: [00:07:25] I’m probably the biggest hippie in my group, but I have several friends, probably, let’s say two out of five that, you know, you have your yoga instructor, your physician, and they also have their psychic or their channel.

Weston Jolly: [00:07:37] Oh, really?

Sarah Jolly: [00:07:38] Yes. So but I do think there’s still a lot of mystery and a lot of curiosity around like what that means. So, that is exactly I want to ask you…So what I want to ask you is when you’re tuning in, what are you tapping into? Like an Angel, an entity, a person, an animal? Energy at large? You know…Tell me about that.

Weston Jolly: [00:08:03] Ok. So certainly you’re aware that I have the ability to tap into any one, people living, dead, animals, babies, anatomy, entities, etc. literally all all the above. So when someone gives me permission to just literally have what I’ll call a global access, my ability to tap into someone’s deceased grandmother, for example, in addition to their brother, who’s very much alive but just not in a room with us, is well within my scope. Then, all I’m looking to do is is have permission so that I can do that facilitation for that person or that animal or that even that thing. As long as I have that permission –I’m, cool with that – it’s an etiquette. I’ll call it a spiritual etiquette to always invite versus pushing. And I have that ability and anyone that has my skill set. Not being invasive is something that I feel very strongly about. So as long as I have that invitation, I’m happy to facilitate any place for anyone.

Sarah Jolly: [00:09:01] And so when you say that you’re asking for permission, are you asking from the person, I guess I should say that the “live” person in front of you.

Weston Jolly: [00:09:09] Sure.

Sarah Jolly: [00:09:10] Or are you asking for permission from whoever else you might be tuning into?

Weston Jolly: [00:09:15] Great question. And that’s that’s actually done concurrently. So I’m asking while I’m facilitating you… Asking you physically and even your Higher Self. And then I would be asking if I was channeling your Angelic group, that surrounds you, and which is very dominant. I would tell you that there’s three of them, and I would give you their names, and if you wanted that and or other information about them. Oftentimes that’s done to further offer you confirmation that this isn’t hocus-pocus or magic or someone’s not cheating. Or we’ll call it someone researching something about you online. But rather, this is just something that’s coming to me that I’ll be sharing that back in one sense, like a mirror I’m just reflecting something back. But the differences of being able to tap into those different entities –if we use that term — or people or even places, is distinguished as connecting to a piano. And we have the sixty six keys on piano that each have a different vibration, a different note and therefore a different association –and that means a different message. So, if I’m tapping into your angelic realm, that’s going to be, you know, middle “C” if I’m tapping into someone that’s a spiritual project manager, that would be different And you have one that would that would be a different note? Yes, and they have different characteristics. And when I’m channeling, I typically like to call it out. (The different frequencies or notes) and to do that auditory – all the time that you have an understanding of what’s what’s what within me. It’s very distinguished within me. I can actually feel those differences or those nuances.

Sarah Jolly: [00:10:55] That’s interesting because I actually didn’t even know that. I’ve always wondered if you can if someone’s comes forth, and you hear, “knock, knock. Hi, I’m John.”.

Weston Jolly: [00:11:06] Right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:11:06] I’ll be talking through you now. Or are you just feeling? Because I understand, or I guess, or I’ll make it my own assumption that in this life and in this plan — not everything has a word attached to it.

Weston Jolly: [00:11:22] Right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:11:22] So when you say I can feel almost. And you’re explaining to give us some sort of reference, like strings on a piano. It’s a great visual reference for something that’s maybe not materialized here. And so, yeah, that’s what I was curious is someone like, “Hi, I’m Angel So-and-so.” Or are you feeling and sensing in addition to the auditory?

Weston Jolly: [00:11:45] The hearing…It’s actually all the above. And we should probably talk about that –perhaps for a half of a second– because as we have our five physical senses, we have spiritual clairs, these are; clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairaudience. And a lot of the different spiritual entities, for example, present themselves to me with a very specific smell…

Sarah Jolly: [00:12:14] Really?

Weston Jolly: [00:12:14] And I’ve actually had to look around, to see if anyone is physically near me who is somebody smoking or it there sage being burnt, etc.. And I can I can feel that know that. And that becomes more of an identification than “a name.” And we we want to honor that. Now, on the other side, from my perspective, just kind of give you a little more understanding. I’m speaking into a singular microphone. But I want you to imagine that there’s entities behind me or people that want to speak into this singular microphone and they’re cued up, which means then the reason why I’m saying the single microphone, the microphone represents my mouth, meaning I’m only able to articulate one voice at a time.

Sarah Jolly: [00:12:50] Yeah.

Weston Jolly: [00:12:51] And sometimes they speak nicely in terms of, you know, lining up like I described. And sometimes they don’t. It’s like being in an airport where everyone’s talking at the same time. It’s like, well, that’s tough. Now, I’m picking up on this spiritual presence over here and then this one over there. And I’m trying to bring that into a singular or a singular audio track or like.

Sarah Jolly: [00:13:12] Interesting.

Weston Jolly: [00:13:12] Yeah, like a black on black and white TV versus not just color, but 3D visualization. So it’s frustrating on my part. And I always actually pray that others will have that understanding to get that. And sometimes I think, well, I know that people do. But I hope to the depth that I feel that or even trying to recreate that through this this energy..

Sarah Jolly: [00:13:35] Trying to recreate… what?

Weston Jolly: [00:13:37] What I hear — what I’m hearing. We stop at that, too, because I’m.

Sarah Jolly: [00:13:40] Because you’re just one person.

Weston Jolly: [00:13:42] Yeah, I know. But I’m literally repeating everything I’m saying. I’m what I’m hearing. I’m not trying to add or color. Clairvoyants, sometimes do that where they’re trying to take an image and they’re trying to put a story to it, like an auditory line to what they’re seeing, which is fair. But the ability to see and hear takes any guesswork away. And so I know exactly what I’m seeing and saying. And when I have that feeling, which is another part of this, just natural that together and then I’m asking questions within myself. Is this me that’s upset my my stomach or in this bodily part? And then, of course, that’s not true. Then I can tell. Literally in scanning a body where this difficulty or this energy block is and right down to the emotion and that’s really fun. And it takes the mystery out so I can go to someone’s issue emotionally or within their body within seconds, actually. And that can be somewhat uncomfortable…

Sarah Jolly: [00:14:36] For you?

Weston Jolly: [00:14:36] No for the person. Yes, they don’t realize that I can move that quickly…

Sarah Jolly: [00:14:41] Oh, I know!

Sarah Jolly: [00:14:45] You’re saying so much that it’s funny because obviously I’ve known you my whole life but in addition to that, we’re also just very close in our lives. But I have a question for you that you just sparked a question for me. And it might sound just slightly off topic, but. Well, two things, really. One, I don’t know if a lot of people know or if anyone knows that you actually have and I don’t know quite how to say this word, tinnitus…

Sarah Jolly: [00:15:18] Tinnitus is.. It’s an ongoing joke in our family of how to say it. So I’ll just go with tinnitus.

Weston Jolly: [00:15:26] No, that’s fine.

Sarah Jolly: [00:15:28] But I’m curious, when you’re channeling… Does it go away?

Weston Jolly: [00:15:33] No, absolutely not. It actually gets stronger..

Sarah Jolly: [00:15:35] How annoying…

Weston Jolly: [00:15:36] In this very instant it actually rises and it’s something…

Sarah Jolly: [00:15:43] Yeah….

Weston Jolly: [00:15:43] I’m very accustomed to it. And the more that I’m step in to a higher frequency or any vibration of this kind, it actually gets louder when I’m doing something else outside of the formality of sitting down and channeling for somebody. It’s like a doorbell one you know, someone whose doorbell you you hear it. Same thing happens with my ears. I can actually hear. And I call it a ear-shift where there’s a shift of energy that you can feel literally in your body. And you can actually hear it until when it happens. And I’m answering the door wanting, well, who is it and who’s message for? And this is how to be a little weird right now, because while I could be doing something, you know, sweeping the front porch or something, but in that understanding that that sound is always prevailing for me. But it doesn’t bother me. It could be at times disruptive, but I don’t find it annoying. I mean, it to be really frustrating that if it did bug me.

Sarah Jolly: [00:16:40] Wow! So, you really made peace it.

Weston Jolly: [00:16:41] Yeah, no, I agree. I find it just a part of me being me. I mean, it’s always it’s I’m doing into now. I always have that soundtrack always there. But because of our minds, we can literally set that aside and then bring it forth when we want to use it. I’ll say productively and that’s how I use it.

Sarah Jolly: [00:16:59] Interesting. That’s really interesting..

Weston Jolly: [00:17:01] Cool.

Sarah Jolly: [00:17:02] The other thing that you mentioned that I’m just want to share.

Weston Jolly: [00:17:06] Yeah.

Sarah Jolly: [00:17:07] Is you touched on etiquette. You are so unique and interesting to me because you made your own. Now I’m going to paint this through my life, whatever. Okay. You’ve made your own code of ethics for what you do.Very similar to a lawyer or a physician. And you live by that code of ethics. I mean, I can’t just say with your work because your work is who you are.

Weston Jolly: [00:17:38] Right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:17:38] All the time. You never really turn it on and turn it off. So and. And he’s not joking. You’re not joking when you say that, you know, that that there’s a que and there’s etiquette and sometimes everyone’s not so polite. And when Weston first started channeling, when we were young, we were kids. I remember because of this etiquette, I used to always ask you. I’d say, “Hey, dad, can you turn in for me?” You always go, “yes, always.” Anytime.

Weston Jolly: [00:18:09] Sure.

Sarah Jolly: [00:18:10] And then I would say, okay,”Are you there?” And remember. And I would always ask. “Can I. May I speak with you? Can I ask you a question?” Because I always thought because of your. And I was pretty young when it started. But because of your etiquette, I thought, well, “Hey, I don’t want them always interrupting your day.” So I better not always interrupt. Who we’re talking to. But I’m curious if you would be open sharing what your your personal code of ethics are.

Weston Jolly: [00:18:37] Oh, wow. I’m actually kind of emotional about that because I don’t think this has ever been discussed. Emotional in the sense that you’re aware. But why would that be so funny? Because you’re my daughter. But. You know, I want to say you said that I made them up and perhaps to some degree that’s true, but I’ll say I’ve been led or I’ve been instructed to give these things consideration. So let me address the first thing. The thought. “Are you there?” Is one of politeness. But it was also one beginning for me of making sure I was tapping into the right kind or the most beautiful kinds of energy because I was really frightened or concerned about tapping into something that would be negative or even darker. What we could describe as evil, and I didn’t want everything to do that. So when I was asking, “Are you there?” I’ll make sure I’m asking the right portions of spirit to can converse with me in a healthy and an enlightened way. In time, that changed because I realized that I have the ability to connect anywhere that I want to. And I don’t have to be so strict with regards to making sure that I’m talking to the right people. I’m just I have that, shall we say, that natural proclivity. But the code of ethics is. I guess summarized in the following, I even code of ethics kind of feels funny, to be honest, but I’ll use some guidelines if we want to use that as a term. But the I don’t interfere. So if there is a spiritual message that’s given to me and I know what’s been given to me physically or otherwise, dream wise, I can have that in advance before meeting somebody. I can have that five years in advance before something that I get to be released. And I’d say that I get to share that information. And I’ve become used to that. Now, you can think of that as a secret, but I don’t really think of it that way. I think of it. I just have read this portion of the book. I’m giving this understanding and now I have to wait until the right time is, let’s say, for you two to share that. And I’ve literally done that with you. And when I do, then it’s it’s an exciting moment to be able to to get that off my chest. But the the process is beautiful. But I wasn’t trying to do that. Mean I wasn’t seeking. I wasn’t snooping. I’ve teased as well that I don’t dig through people’s underwear chores to find out what they’re doing. I have that ability, but that’s for the politeness comes in. And I wouldn’t walk into somebody’s house and I wouldn’t walk into someone’s esoteric realm without their permission. So, I ask it again physically and I ask it multiple times on the higher realm to ensure that I can say things and especially those things that would be perceived as tough. Health issues or pending events where someone may be in a strong accident that may be life altering -quite literally, or that someone’s going to die. So I when those kinds of situations arise, I ask multitudes of times to make sure that I have clear understanding of what I’m receiving so that when I actually go to open my mouth to speak, that that’s that’s something that is, in fact, true. And we should talk about this, too. There’s there can be things that I say or that I channel that is perceived as not accurate. And that’s something that’s very uncomfortable for me as a human being because I want perfection…

Sarah Jolly: [00:22:06] Ego…

Weston Jolly: [00:22:08] Well, probably. But I really want to do it exceedingly well. And in this desire, there can be the idea that I could say something that would be perceived as “wrong” and or out of balance, and that’s fine. But my experience has been that if something is being shared that doesn’t come true or that indeed it is perceived as I’m off, I’ve noticed that and taking more of a macro look that these things literally do tie together. And my being wrong is totally fine with me. Certainly, it is to the betterment of the individual or the people who are engaging. So that’s that’s a wonderful time to be wrong. And so I don’t find myself attaching to that as much as I wanted to in the earlier days, which is a part of my show as a maturing and growing up. But it’s it’s beautiful to just know that this is something that is true. And I sure that because I’m not comfortable with it and I share with others because obviously I’m that comfortable with it. Yeah, but for them to do that, they want and that’s that’s totally their choice…

Sarah Jolly: [00:23:18] And I happen to know that… You always say one. You always have to have my permission…

Weston Jolly: [00:23:25] Yes.

Sarah Jolly: [00:23:26] And I’m using me. But this is the ethics I know you to have with everyone. And that two. You never edit. You say exactly how it is, exactly how you hear it. I know that you’ve channeled languages. You don’t even speak.

Weston Jolly: [00:23:40] Yeah.

Sarah Jolly: [00:23:41] Because you don’t filter it.

Sarah Jolly: [00:23:44] And As a teenager, knowing that I had certain things right when I wanted to be naughty and I wanted to rebel and I wanted to, you know, go to a friend’s house, but I wasn’t really at a friend’s house, and I would go in my mind and be like, “my dad doesn’t have permission to know any of this.” And then I would I would round up my Angels. And I was like, listen, guys, we’re in this together now. And then you would tell me sometimes, because whenever I was out, you would always check in on me. “Are you OK? Are you OK?” And look, sometimes you get in a little mischief and a little bit of trouble. And sometimes I was in situations where I wasn’t Okay. And you would tell me later you’d go. I couldn’t get anything from you. And in my mind, I was like, “I know.” That’s how I know that you’re really true to what you say, you know? And I bet a lot of respect for you and a lot of trust with you because I knew you don’t just say this, can I swear on here? You know, it’s not just bullshit. You know, you’re saying that you really stick to it. And that made me feel so much more comfortable. And I know that’s something that you tell all of your people your private sessions with. But I think that’s important to. To know just had put out there…

Sarah Jolly: [00:24:57] To kind of finish this up. You’re one of two people – the other was a client -but you’re the only person that I’ve ever, ever come in contact with. Beyond this, once a situation which is kind of unique, that I was actually blocked or didn’t have permission, and that’s happened in measured in duration of time. I mean, not just you going to the party, but literally from, you know, two years or three years or four years. And a little frustrating because we have this extremely strong natural connection in so many ways and especially spiritually. And I need to mention this, too, because a lot of people don’t know, but Sarah I have in some ways a telepathic connection. And…

Sarah Jolly: [00:25:42] Definitely and

Weston Jolly: [00:25:42] that’s that’s what she was referring to without necessarily saying it. So she can be doing something. And I have understanding that like a twin. And yet we’re not twins. And, you know, obviously these different places within our family tree. But there’s something beautiful about that connection. And I deeply respect. I mean, I emotionally respect that you want to have some time away from dad and dad’s, shall we say, superpowers to do whatever you want to do. And even today. So that’s the next space…

Sarah Jolly: [00:26:10] It was hard t be a teenager!

Weston Jolly: [00:26:10] I just wanted you to be you. And again, there’s there’s been times that you’ve been very diligent about making sure that I didn’t have access. I’m bringing it up because everyone has that ability.

Sarah Jolly: [00:26:24] Yeah.

Weston Jolly: [00:26:24] And so that’s why I spend considerable time. I was speaking to someone yesterday and I was mentioned so quickly. And the first time I ever talk to this woman and she said, “You have my complete permission to say anything.” And when someone says that, I lean forward into my telephone handset and and I say, “Really?” And I asked them again, Higher Self again. And also their physical self to. I do that. And she repeated, Yes, you do. And with that, I’m on it. And so I’m talking about things that I wouldn’t necessarily say, not that I don’t have the ability to say that or to share that just. I’m only doing that based upon someone’s ability to go fast. So mostly fast to be able to go to that kind of depth. And it’s not scary. I don’t think it’s scary… it’s very, very beautiful, the whole process.

Sarah Jolly: [00:27:07] It is. I think well, I don’t know everyone’s experience, but my friends and people that I know and even myself, it’s very relaxing and calming and almost meditative. Very, very calming. But I’m going to just go right on there and tales of what you were saying. So, let’s talk about, “reading me” OK?

Weston Jolly: [00:27:28] Okay.

Sarah Jolly: [00:27:30] So here’s what everyone wants to know. All right. Million dollar question…

Weston Jolly: [00:27:33] Which is?

Sarah Jolly: [00:27:34] Let’s blow it out of the water. Billion dollar question. Ok. Are you reading my mind? And are you hearing every thought that I have? Because I’m 100 percent sure my boyfriend thought that you’re basically. Have you seen that movie,” What Women Want?” With Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.

Weston Jolly: [00:27:58] Yes. Yes. Right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:27:59] And He gets this ability to just hear every thought or he’s hearing like someone’s coffee order and then someone’s like thoughts about him and and.

Weston Jolly: [00:28:09] Or Men at large, right?

Sarah Jolly: [00:28:11] Yeah. Yeah. And so. And I know it’s not just to him but. Right. But I think my boyfriend is really freaked out to like come around you because he was like what if I have thought about your daughter? What if I ever thought about, you know, our whole family were plant based vegan. He’s like, what if I ever thought about this discussing tofu? You know, I don’t know. So when you say,”You’re reading my mind or when you say, “You’re reading me.” Are you reading my mind and every thought that I have?

Weston Jolly: [00:28:41] I have that capacity. So, again, we’re back to that. I have that ability. But with somebody’s permission, I don’t do that because it would be invasive. I had a person who went to work with me years ago and she was deeply frightened that I was going to be tapping in her 24/7 when she was doing, which was on our behalf or collective have. And I said, “Oh, that’s not true.” I said, “Of course I can…” but that would be again, rude and disruptive. So, no, I’m not doing that. But if something comes to me and if you want to know, then I would.Without even though we’re working together. But no, I don’t do that.

Sarah Jolly: [00:29:18] Does that come down then to the permission thing again?

Weston Jolly: [00:29:20] Well, again, I’m I may receive that information, but I’m certainly going to share it until someone gives me the ability to do that. But typically, I’m don’t take this wrongly. I’m not that interested. Meaning it listen to every thought that you have is, you know, nice. But it’s not necessarily it’s quite the stream of   information. If we add that to your brother and or mom and or this spiritual counsel of the people that I truly love and adore. We’d have to honor that. That’s a lot of conversations about, you know, basically blah, blah, blah, blah. I mean, exactly. Hear it. But why? Why do I be tuned into all that?

Sarah Jolly: [00:29:55] I think that’s actually relieving to know it’s up to you, probably to everyone. That’s probably very relieving. So. If I was going to have a session with you…All right. I walk in. You have you have my permission. Were you know, I want to get the most that I can out of this. Do I need to open up? What if I’m scared? What if you know. Because sometimes you are –right? Sometimes, like I’ve had what I call “crisis sessions” with you. And I’m like, “Dad, I need your help right now.” And and I’m not open. So does it help to be like I’ve meditated before I’d send out? I know what I want to talk about. Or does it matter?

Weston Jolly: [00:30:43] It’s a great question. The answer is “no.” You can come to me in a complete mess.

Sarah Jolly: [00:30:49] Thank God.

Weston Jolly: [00:30:49] A plane, a plane crash wreck. It doesn’t matter to me at all. It may, though, impact how you perceive, though. So if you’re in drama, high drama, you may be only hearing one or two or a sentence versus a paragraph.

Sarah Jolly: [00:31:05] Right.

Weston Jolly: [00:31:06] And that’s why I record these sessions.

Sarah Jolly: [00:31:07] So I just had deja vu.

Weston Jolly: [00:31:09] Hey, you did?

Sarah Jolly: [00:31:09] Yeah.

Weston Jolly: [00:31:10] That’s so funny… But normal for Sarah and I… But so that’s something that just happens so that we can just honor that.

Sarah Jolly: [00:31:20] Well, that makes it 100 percent clear. Yeah. And that’s why I know you record every session.

Weston Jolly: [00:31:26] Yes. So that people can hear it. And you know, what I tell is the integrity to this part of the etiquette thing that I’m talking to you. Meaning I’m using my language in the common language that we use and which is my native tongue in English. I’m doing that. But I won’t tease you. I’m actually doing a lot of things in addition to that, which is to say energy, communication, energy-work. I can impact, an entire room that’s beyond where I’m sitting. Again, consciously and this can be done concurrent to me having a dialogue. And I’m doing that because if I’m having an intellectual conversation with you or we’re talking, then I can share on other levels that enable you to feel better, to be more relieved, to become aware. So you can step back into the empowerment, which is really the whole goal, then then you know, that’s what I’m doing. I won’t call it my job… it’s it’s my deepest honor to participate in that way, just to reflect that really, really high level.

Sarah Jolly: [00:32:23] Well, an insider’s story. You frequently absolutely fry the electronic equipment that you’re around because you aren’t just channeling this energy flow in and out. And you’ve I’ve seen you take down computers. I’ve seen you take down our home network. I’ve seen…In fact, I’m sitting in the office right now next to this huge. If you guys could see this, it’s a Shungite ball.

Weston Jolly: [00:32:51] Right. Sure. All right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:32:52] It’s the size of a bowling ball. I can’t even lift it. It’s heavier than a bowling ball. Granted, I have worked out a bit of time. It is so heavy. And I know you do a lot to constantly clear that energy and keep it keep it fresh. Right?

Weston Jolly: [00:33:09] That’s my sole intention. And that Shungite ball is actually 20 million times overkill. Because. But the intention is. So I’m clear. So I can facilitate clearly. And I do that in talking to each individual that I’m wanting to speak with. Because, you know, sometimes in talking to one person, I roll back and roll right into the next hour. Speaking to somebody else. So I want to be completely clear.

Sarah Jolly: [00:33:29] Yeah.

Weston Jolly: [00:33:29] So I’m not so washing my hands from having talked to somebody else. In any category I want to be told the game on.

Sarah Jolly: [00:33:35] So is that.. Is that taxing for you?

Weston Jolly: [00:33:41] No, it’s fun. I mean, you know, you’re a performer and a singer and very much creative. There’s an excitement that I have and and and sharing and that’s onstage. That’s in person. That’s in small groups to extra large groups. It’s just so much fun. I mean, I really come out up pumped.

Sarah Jolly: [00:34:00] Yeah.

Weston Jolly: [00:34:00] And I mean…

Sarah Jolly: [00:34:01] I know you do.

Weston Jolly: [00:34:02] Yeah. No, I do. And so it’s it’s just it’s fun. I mean I I do it because I love to do it, not because I have to do it. Or even though this I said to somebody recently,”My compensation’s way beyond any monetary exchange and my intention is very much to offer boatloads more of information, empowerment, life altering opportunities way beyond, you know, what could ever be done, normally.

Sarah Jolly: [00:34:29] Yeah. And what what? I mean, you were talking about energy. Right. And keeping it fresh and switching from person to person. And I was just thinking, as you’re talking about, that you must have… I’m assuming, at this point in the game. Some rituals on that. Do you have things you do that that clears your energy, maybe clear other people’s energy off you or whatever you’ve been working in in the day? What do you do about that?

[00:34:58] This is something I would recommend to everybody to some degree. But there’s. Water is my friend. Drinking water being hydrated is very, very important for me as a part of the process. In addition, if I get into trouble and what I mean by that, if I’m picking up on somebody’s energy – empathetically – or disease or other things, it would be very difficult within my body.

Sarah Jolly: [00:35:22] Yeah…

Weston Jolly: [00:35:24] I will if it’s real bad, I’ll put my hands in running water. If it’s real, real bad, then I’ll get into the water like taking a bath or taking a shower or something. And I find now that that’s less of something that I have to do. But it does feel good. So at the end of the day, I will cleanse myself spiritually. And then if there’s something that I’m aware of that I’ll call it a rough day, that there were people I was speaking with that were dealing with some extraordinarily tough things end-of-life decisions or maybe things dealing with their children that would be very, very heavy. I wanna make sure that I’m cleared from that. So I always make a recommendation to do that for myself for personal reasons. But I I recommend for others as well so that they realize who’s interviews who. So I don’t want to ground someone else’s energy in me unhealthily if I can use that term.

Sarah Jolly: [00:36:19] Right. And I’m sure a lot of the people that you work with are like energy finds. Like energy.

Weston Jolly: [00:36:24] Right. Yes. Yes.

Sarah Jolly: [00:36:25] I’m sure you probably work with a ton of people who are impacts empathic and or are sensitive to their environments or energies around them. And so I’m curious, what would you recommend to them to keep their energy field clear and clear?

Weston Jolly: [00:36:42] Number one, it’s imperative that you become aware. Most people aren’t aware of how they feel before they go to eat. They’re not aware of what how they feel while they eat. And they’re certainly, they’re not aware of how they feel after they eat. Beyond I’m full.

Sarah Jolly: [00:36:58] Yeah.

Weston Jolly: [00:36:58] And what I’m doing with that is taking something physical that we all do each and every day and breaking it down that we want to be. Or use that kind of awareness spiritually so that if I’m going into a situation and I can feel something tough, then that awareness allows me to just get prepared not to protect myself. Just to be aware in the moment is the moment. That’s the golden space being literally not in that space. Then after the moment, I want to allow myself to be open again for the next moment. The only way I can do that is to become clear. I actually been thinking about this, so you must be reading my mind about actually detailing some very specific spiritual cleaning rituals as well…

Sarah Jolly: [00:37:42] Are we on the same wavelength? Because I was just going to say what would be really bomb for me?

Weston Jolly: [00:37:49] Yeah.

Sarah Jolly: [00:37:50] And for anyone who’s listening that’s finding this interesting is to pop that in the podcast notes. Wouldn’t it be great if you wrote down all your clearing techniques because you shared so many with me and you’ve made me so aware of what I carry and hold on to, during a day that maybe that’s something that you could drop in the podcast notes your rituals…

Weston Jolly: [00:38:15] That’s a tremendous idea. And I will easily do that for the gift of for the benefit of everybody. And then in addition, I’m thinking about literally creating somewhat of a program so that there’s a formality to it so that others can really use this as a tool. Now, it seems kind of silly that we’d have to teach somebody to wash their hands, spiritually speaking. But if it helps you… There are plenty people in other countries, I’m speaking of third world countries, that don’t know that they have not had that opportunity to be given that understanding.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This contribution is coming.

Sarah Jolly: [00:38:45] People still don’t know that. Here I go in any public bathroom and it says wash your hands. And doesn’t that always scare you? You’re like, do the employees not know that? Have they not learned that from birth or what not? But I think that would be be really fantastic.

Weston Jolly: [00:39:02] Yeah, definitely.

Sarah Jolly: [00:39:03] Think about it. I didn’t meant to put you on the spot.

Weston Jolly: [00:39:04] No, you didn’t. You didn’t…

Sarah Jolly: [00:39:05] If so, then you can just edited this part out of the podcast.

Weston Jolly: [00:39:07] You see on my desk here in the studio that we’ve got a crystal and I use that, too, as a means to to cleanse and also to broadcast. So think of it like a gigantic antenna that I’m using as an amplifier to send out energy. And, you know, I love crystals and I’m very, very particular about which kinds I want.

Sarah Jolly: [00:39:29] Very!

Weston Jolly: [00:39:30] And then I’m also very sensitive to making sure that when I receive a crystal, that it’s been cleared of the process of getting to me and or anyone else that might have touched it. And that’s just me being particular, maybe ultimately very, very clean about it. I don’t know.

Sarah Jolly: [00:39:49] Yeah. I mean, you have more experience in this then than most people. And you don’t think sometimes that all of those little things add up, but they really do.

Weston Jolly: [00:39:59] Yes.

Sarah Jolly: [00:39:59] And that’s something you’ve really, really taught me. Because if you think it’s a really small thing to clear your energy at the end of the day or at the beginning of the day, cause sometimes you have dreams. Right. Right. And you can attach a lot of emotion onto a dream. And they could carry that through a day or a week and think about how much more impactful you would be —when you’re simply clear. And I love that you …and I’m looking at this really big, beautiful. What do you call that type of crystal. It’s pointy at one end?

Weston Jolly: [00:40:30] It’s an obelisk.

Sarah Jolly: [00:40:32] Yes. Yeah, yeah. It’s clear you’ve had that for years.

Weston Jolly: [00:40:36] Yeah.

Sarah Jolly: [00:40:36] That is your crystal. And when when he says he’s a crystal guy, he has one crystal here.

Weston Jolly: [00:40:43] That’s true.

Sarah Jolly: [00:40:44] ’cause he’s very particular about the energy. But I love that you explain that as one. It clears the energy and it amplifies it.

Weston Jolly: [00:40:51] Yes.

Weston Jolly: [00:40:51] I mean what could be more important than that. So it’s not like you’re going to wash your hands. You’re also going to glow.

Weston Jolly: [00:40:56] You know, you brought something up I want to talk about for a moment. Hopefully this is an off your plan…

Sarah Jolly: [00:41:00] Fine. Okay. Approved.

Weston Jolly: [00:41:02] Well, when I go to sleep, I work a lot in my sleep state consciously. And when I wake up in the morning, there’s times that I feel worn out. I feel like I’ve got other people’s energy on me and in that space, I sounds funny that you would wake up and want to wash off the day’s activities, but it’s the same as washing up the nighttime activities in terms of me being around doing really kind of real cool kinds of things. But I’m very interested in that. So if I’m not, I’m imbalanced. I know that there’s some very specific tools. I talked about this in terms of meditating and I’ve certainly journal and like we talked about the showering. That’s a natural ritual, though, that most of us do. But then, you know, exercise, too, is a part of that. Then, you know, you’ve mentioned earlier kind of subtly that our eating habits as a family has changed dramatically.

Sarah Jolly: [00:41:55] Yep.

Weston Jolly: [00:41:55] And this is something, too, that is a part of what I will call a purification process. But yeah, becoming aware of being clear makes it so much better for you within your body, instantly in your happiness and for your choosing to, you know, just coexist with other people.

Sarah Jolly: [00:42:13] I completely agree with you, I love that you’ve been so candid and transparent about that, because this is one thing that I just love about our relationship is that I get so many little tidbits from you just from our chats. We have chats like this all the time,.

Weston Jolly: [00:42:30] …All the time.

Sarah Jolly: [00:42:30] This is what lunch looks like. That’s true. Often. Often.

Sarah Jolly: [00:42:37] Okay. Can I circle back to something you mentioned the very beginning.

Weston Jolly: [00:42:40] Yeah.

Sarah Jolly: [00:42:41] And I do think that it’s something that not everyone wonders. But maybe. Okay. Okay. So this has to do with what you’re tuning into. And you said even that you made your code of ethics because especially in the beginning, you’re like, I don’t want to say anything bad, right? I don’t see anything scary. And holy moly, I feel the same way. Who who doesn’t feel that way? I mean, I’ll bet there are people…

Weston Jolly: [00:43:16] I talked to somebody today…

Sarah Jolly: [00:43:17] This life is all about the yin and yang right here. So there’s going to be diversity, but most people I encounter. Let me say it that way. Actually, everyone I’ve encountered, but I’m sure you do have your stories. They are nervous or even been taught. Maybe through religion or even just like folklore that if you open up to any sort of energy, that you’re going to get the whole thing. And how do you say? “Well, I want to be only in the light or I only want to see good things and I don’t want to see scary things or or, you know, demons or people talk about possession or, you know, ghosts or…”

Weston Jolly: [00:44:08] Right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:44:08] You know, anything scary like that. And what’s been your experience with that? And then, you know, what would you tell other people who are concerned about that if I open up at all? Do I have to take it all?

Weston Jolly: [00:44:20] Okay, that’s a great question. So let me ask let me address that personally first. But it is historical or retrospective. Nature has a lot of that thinking has changed today because of awareness. But in the beginning I was exposed not necessarily formally in my birth or my growing up, but later in life that demons and energy of that kind. Satan was something real. And and I took that pretty seriously. And I didn’t want to have access or participate with things like that. That’s why I was so explicit wanting to make sure that was tapping into enlightened beings, Angelic entities, etc. Now, in the maturity of the growth of the understanding, this is something I would try with anybody who wants to hear this. It’s like walking in the Best Buy and you see a whole wall of television sets and those television sets have access to any station –any station — that anyone wants to set that particular television set to.

Sarah Jolly: [00:45:24] Okay.

Weston Jolly: [00:45:25] So let’s imagine that we have five hundred television sets all on a different station. And let’s also imagine that a good portion of them are light or loving. And then we also have those that are dark (Friday the 13th) or anything that would be of that nature. And I’m not trying to criticize that, but rather just to offer observation. But you walk in and you have these five hundred television sets and you get to choose what’s of interest to you and you can migrate towards the, say, one end of the polarity. That’s very, very Disney esque and it being very beautiful, very loving. And then we have the other side that’s really, really, really dark. And so it’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s it’s always there, but so it’s not something that we need to be protecting yourself from. I know a lot of people, even people who have been exposed to we’ll call it, “New Age thinking” or philosophy for a long time. They’re always asking Archangel Michael or some other very, very powerful entity to protect them. And when you do that, you actually block yourself. I mean, you create a wall of defense,of course. But then it disables you to be able to fully participate. So instead of thinking, which is very physical, that we need to protect ourselves. Open up to the idea that in opening up to all of the music that we have access to, which is another format. Right. Than television. But the same thing that you can listen to any radio stations you want, if you go on the Internet and you can watch anything that you want, literally someone taking someone else’s life if you want to watch that. But you know, if you’re not of that thinking or that caliber, you’re probably not going into those places. And so if that’s not something natural for you.

Sarah Jolly: [00:47:09] Yeah.

Weston Jolly: [00:47:10] Then consider this the same thing that there’s no nothing that’s going to be jumping out at you. If you’re holding a fear of something to become aware of, those things can take place. But I see those as positive because they enable the person to become aware of something that was maybe fearful or something that they’ve not yet dealt with historically or even in a past life so that they can be free. And that’s, I think, pretty empowering.

Sarah Jolly: [00:47:34] So you’re saying so if I were to think of it like the Internet, if I’m going to go online, everything is online.

Weston Jolly: [00:47:41] Right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:47:42] I can see pictures of kittens and babies, right. And I can see…

Weston Jolly: [00:47:45] Pictures of someone being beheaded…

Sarah Jolly: [00:47:49] Exactly right. I can see hunger and starvation in third world country. I can see animal cruelty. Yes. I can look at the climax of someone’s bad dream. I could also look at a go-fund-me page for the environment. You know, I can look at and so is that what you’re saying?

Weston Jolly: [00:48:11] It is…

Sarah Jolly: [00:48:11] Essentially it all exists. And when you say I certainly don’t want to see what’s happening in…

Weston Jolly: [00:48:15] A third world country.

Sarah Jolly: [00:48:19] Right. You. And you’re saying you’re blocking it because now you’re not using the Internet at all. Is that what you’re saying?

Weston Jolly: [00:48:24] Well, countries do this. China doses, they they regulate or govern what you can or what you can’t see via this modality of the Internet, which is crazy.

Sarah Jolly: [00:48:35] So it only gives you part of the story

Weston Jolly: [00:48:37] Right. And it becomes colored. Then you have a country that is filled with propaganda by virtue of what somebody or controlling entities allow you to see. Now, supposedly in our country, we are in a nation, that has historically anyway, has promoted free speech. And yet we’re under, you know, some during challenging times that that’s even been to some degree threatened to, “What’s okay.” and “What’s not okay.” to say. Yet, this is a foundational piece to who we are way beyond the United States government, so that we realize that we really do want to have access. And then you don’t want to underestimate yourself in terms of how powerful you are. So your ability to watch a TV screen was something that would be entertainingly stupid in terms of it being negative or not necessarily leaving you feeling good when you walk out of the theater. Is something that we’ve all done in varying degrees. But if you understand that and that doesn’t really suit use user personality, then you just don’t buy those kinds of clothes or hang around those kinds of people. Or you don’t take that kind of information in.

Sarah Jolly: [00:49:45] I’m having kind of a mind blown moment when you’re talking about censoring essentially. I like the idea of using the internet as the same as tapping into…

Weston Jolly: [00:49:57] Everything. Yeah.

Sarah Jolly: [00:49:57] Yeah. Because it is this like force that you can’t see. Right. And it connects everything.

Weston Jolly: [00:50:03] So it’s very differently than a telephone or…

Sarah Jolly: [00:50:05] Or a hard-line.

Weston Jolly: [00:50:07] Right. But no to me because it enables you can do video, you can do audio and you can do a lot more of the things that we have yet to do —in that new very interconnected platform. And that’s something to appreciate. And we don’t need to be afraid of. I don’t think anyone’s waking up being afraid of the Internet per say. So we don’t need to be afraid of this. That’s kind of my point.

Sarah Jolly: [00:50:27] So you’re saying if there is censorship. I liked what you were saying about the, you know, Chinese government, the censorship that you’re only getting part of the story.

Weston Jolly: [00:50:36] Correct.

Sarah Jolly: [00:50:37] And so it really is not beneficial to you. And if you do the same thing spiritually, you’re only getting part of your own story and you’re only getting part of your own growth path. But if you were to just open up to everything and stop censoring, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna be possessed by all the terrible things out there. It just means you might get your full story and be a little more progressive and that much faster in your life.

Weston Jolly: [00:51:00] Right. And you’ll find that you’re strong.

Sarah Jolly: [00:51:02] That’s pretty cool.

Weston Jolly: [00:51:02] Yeah, strong in the sense that you you realize that that’s just not of interest. Think of like walking into a mall and there is a bunch of people and certain people that just don’t call to you. You don’t feel comfortable. It’s not individual to you hating somebody. You just don’t feel there’s a vibration. That’s a strong mismatch in, right?

Sarah Jolly: [00:51:21] Abercrombie never called to me… Too Stinky. That’s not gonna happen. So why buy a right to it?

Weston Jolly: [00:51:28] But there’s all fears like you’re freaking out and having to do a special salutation with Archangel Michael to get by. I mean…

Sarah Jolly: [00:51:35] Well, let’s use that example.

Weston Jolly: [00:51:37] Okay.

Sarah Jolly: [00:51:37] Okay. Abercrombie, everyone knows. It’s so stinky. I have a fear that if I walk by Abercrombie, it’s gonna get get on.

Weston Jolly: [00:51:45] Right.

Sarah Jolly: [00:51:46] Okay. And I think that’s people’s fear too. And I don’t want to be generic and say people’s it’s mine. But I do think a lot of other individual people fear that then I will reek of, you know,.

Weston Jolly: [00:51:58] The smell, right?

Sarah Jolly: [00:51:59] Yeah.

Weston Jolly: [00:51:59] Yeah. So anyway, let’s address that.

Sarah Jolly: [00:52:01] So I don’t know how to get it off.

Weston Jolly: [00:52:02] This kind of goes back to our question that we needed to clear, which actually sound like we’re getting contaminated some kind of way. So let’s be really clear with that. You can’t be…Meaning you’re choice to experience. You take in a smell into your nose. New process that as something desirable or not undesirable, but it doesn’t need to be categorized as the binary aspects of good and or bad. It can be something that’s gray in the middle of that. You don’t care for it. If it’s somebody you really don’t really don’t care for. Fine. But you don’t need to go home and take sixteen showers to make sure that you get the smell off you. As much as that you realize you can breathe in and just literally let it go. No more giving it attention… I mean that in the moment, then that enables you to go to the next moment without continuing the hosting the idea that we walked by the store and were 10 steps down, we’re in the car, we’re going home. We’re still smelling like Abercrombie and Fitch one, right? Of course, you don’t have that. You literally want to let that go until. That’s a tremendous example, I think that would be applied esoterically that we don’t don’t need to be consumed with being perpetually clean. In America, we are.

Sarah Jolly: [00:53:09] Wow. Okay, I’m getting you because you’re also gonna walk by Wetzel’s Pretzels. You’re also just have the smell of the mall. You also have your own scent or whatever You have the person sitting next to you and their strong shampoo, but you don’t focus on any of those. So what you’re saying is essentially you don’t have to. Make it this big event, Am I hearing that kind of correctly?

Weston Jolly: [00:53:35] You are. And you unfortunately have the wrong example of your father in the physical sense, having done that, because there’s parts of me and my personality type that if I can’t stand something, I became quite animated, even dramatic with that. Spiritually speaking,I’m aware of that. I can say that to you as I everyone else listening. But it’s not encouraged. And so when I go into that kind of polarity, I want to become aware that that’s not me being really me and my Higher Self. And with that, I need to let myself be free of that so I can go down my path without thinking. That’s something that’s going to get on me

Sarah Jolly: [00:54:10] Almost like indifference, like hate or love still draws you to something. But indifference of there’s a whole mall. Maybe next time I won’t walk right in front of the Abercrombie and Fitch, but it’s not because I’m avoiding it or scared of it. It’s just not my thing.

Weston Jolly: [00:54:25] If you take it all the way out thought, you can develop and create consciously a spiritual Essence that’s so strong that you can actually walk into that store and come out without being affected, even from a smelling perspective. Well, now that takes some practice. I won’t deny that. But there’s there’s the ability to do that. So that tells you that you can walk into the midst of something. It would be very, very. We’re talking about a store with some smell. But if we went to a Hell’s Angel biker bar.

Sarah Jolly: [00:54:57] Yeah.

Weston Jolly: [00:54:57] And we’ve gotten some really, really dark energy, you can go in there extremely illuminating.

Sarah Jolly: [00:55:03] And you’re just imagining hell’s biker bar. Are you are you saying like a biker bar that’s in hell?

Weston Jolly: [00:55:08] No, no, no. Like.

Sarah Jolly: [00:55:09] Like like like Hell’s Angel.

Weston Jolly: [00:55:11] Hell’s Angels. Yeah, yeah.

Sarah Jolly: [00:55:14] Oh yeah. There’s visual. Like what? Okay. Right. Right.

Weston Jolly: [00:55:19] And so there may be people there that are comfortable hurting people / stealing from people and a lot more. And you and I could go into that establishment and guess what’s gonna take place. Number one, we don’t get contaminated. In fact, we can actually invite or create invitation for others to come …in these uniforms, these black jackets and tattoos and all of this garb that we associate with that kind of individual. They may actually come into our energy and ask us what we’re doing there. And they may be genuinely interested…and that’s not to say that they’re not part of the club or their organization. Maybe they’re the President of the club but they may find themselves sitting on our our table to participate in something that’s different for them. And yet we’re not offending them. We’re not hurting them. We’re not trying to convert anybody. Right. We’re just getting there. And there’s a genuine exchange. And the exchange can be actually extremely transformative.

Sarah Jolly: [00:56:14] Oh, that’s so cool. I could honestly listen to a whole podcast about this.

Weston Jolly: [00:56:17] Really?

Sarah Jolly: [00:56:18] Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That’s like that’s a lot of. I’m so curious about that.

Weston Jolly: [00:56:24] That’s fine actually because once we do that within our own selves, especially some of our patterns that we’ve come from, it enables you to be free instead of only thinking that you are only safe in your house and your body in the neighborhood. We really do want to take that body and let this body, your body, travel and experience the entire world without thinking that it’s all bad. I mean…

Sarah Jolly: [00:56:47] That right there is the calm that I have gotten after sessions with you. That’s the calm that I saw from my boyfriend when he had a session with you. It’s the calm I’ve seen from my friends. I think there’s a lot of calm and peace, especially in a time right now of a lot of heightened anxiety, of feeling that freedom that you don’t have to be scared of something. And it could be as big as you feeling. You know that that big, dark, ominous, whatever it is in your own mind to everyday anxiety fears. But it’s that calm right there that is so peaceful. After a session. And honestly, why it resonates as being, “right.” Because I always say you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know. And that’s not because I have a big head.

Weston Jolly: [00:57:37] No.

Sarah Jolly: [00:57:37] It’s because there is this level on the inside that’s resonating with everything and and saying, yeah, yeah. Got it. And it’s extremely peaceful. And I just really thought it was just such a huge full circle right there, right back down to that one point of not living with those fears. But you didn’t say it that way. You said it living free, right. How awesome is that?

Weston Jolly: [00:58:01] It’s it’s incredible. I don’t know there. There’s so much to talk about.

Sarah Jolly: [00:58:06] But I know this is literally I feel like I was feel silly publishing this because these are lunchtime conversations and it’s surreal.

Weston Jolly: [00:58:17] I’m hopeful that having an awful enjoy this openness and this is something this is hard.

Sarah Jolly: [00:58:22] And if not, we’ll just keep it our lunchtime.

Weston Jolly: [00:58:25] Fair enough.

Sarah Jolly: [00:58:26] OK, there’s one last thing I want to ask.

Weston Jolly: [00:58:28] Sure.

Sarah Jolly: [00:58:29] Of you, if you will. You know, if I have your permission.

Weston Jolly: [00:58:31] Yes, you do.

Sarah Jolly: [00:58:32] Okay. I’m going to ask you to to tune in. Okay. Are you comfortable with that very silly question? Are you there?

Weston Jolly: [00:58:41] Very much so.

Sarah Jolly: [00:58:42] I am wondering if you have a message for. I don’t want to just say for me… because I’m the one sitting in this room right now. But for any person who is listening to this, any person who’s going to pick this up and listen to it in the right time for them, what is a message that when I say “you,” I would love for you to tune in for this tour that you would like to give?

Weston Jolly: [00:59:10] Okay,.

Sarah Jolly: [00:59:11] If there is one.

Weston Jolly: [00:59:12] Yes. It’s very important that everyone that’s participating in the reception of this information / dialogue, be aware that they are here very consciously, very consciously to realize that this is perfect timing. So this idea that you’re here is extremely acknowledged. Further, it’s really important as well that if you see this timing from the world view in terms of why you’ve incarnated here at this particular time, this too is equally important. So don’t think that your -if you felt bad or uncomfortable based upon current events- or with your body or you’ve been wondering about having children or expanding in life, uncertain about things that about to take place, realize that there’s a part of you from a Soul’s perspective that is very, very excited to be here. Once you discover or reconnect to these pieces that are, I’ll say, familiar with you all was who you are. Then your choice to express becomes balanced. And in that state of balance, it becomes easier for you to go forward. And you don’t have to be afraid or engaging in those states of imbalance or drama. It’s very important for everyone participating to realize that they don’t need to be afraid. Fear is something that it’s an illusion here, of course, is created by the mind, creating the idea that it’s separate from that which is which is the Divine. That’s what you’re hearing as we speak through him at this particular moment. You don’t need to be afraid. Allowing yourself to really breathe in the strongest aspects of life is deeply encourage as you go forward, no longer being afraid, but truly allowing yourself to express deeply and profoundly, not for the sake of trying to get something or to even get external reward, but realize this is something that you’ve literally come here to do. This is very specific to you. The one we’re speaking to, the one that’s sitting in the room as well as many, many others. So it’s not merely just her, which would be reflected as my daughter, but everyone who knows that they’re drawn to this moment and wanting to participate and to engage, which is probably the last point, if it would be offered in this moment. That you’re not afraid to truly empower yourself by going forward and exhibiting these strengths that you’ve come here to do, not necessarily always in the same ways. Understanding that each of you want to participate in offering a contribution, especially collectively. Don’t forget this. That your choice to collaborate is something that’s hugely significant and historically been disempowered, especially through the male energy, which of course is switching, where there’s an awareness to some degree that the collaboration of the female energies is something enormously powerful. And of course, it’s easy. This is said to all regardless of their gender or even their sexual preference. But to realize that your choice to participate in a state of collaboration is deeply, deeply encouraged.

Sarah Jolly: [01:02:00] Wow. I’m totally floored right now.

Weston Jolly: [01:02:04] Cool.

Sarah Jolly: [01:02:05] My heart feels like it’s 10 times bigger than my body.

Weston Jolly: [01:02:09] Well, I’m I’m excited.

Sarah Jolly: [01:02:10] Thank you for that.

Weston Jolly: [01:02:11] Sarah, thank you for inviting me to this blind invitation.

Sarah Jolly: [01:02:16] I know we didn’t know what we were gonna get in today. But this felt as natural as apple pie…

Sarah Jolly: [01:02:21] And so I want to do it again. And so we’ll see how everyone else.

Sarah Jolly: [01:02:26] I’m here.

Weston Jolly: [01:02:26] Good. Well, we’ll do it again.

Sarah Jolly: We’ll continue to be friends for life. I’ll be here.

Weston Jolly: [01:02:30] Soul mates and then some…. Thank you so much for having me on today. Thank you, sir.

Sarah Jolly: [01:02:34] Thank you. I love you.

Weston Jolly: [01:02:35] Me, too. I love you, too. Bye.


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