The Good and BAD traits of Being an Old Soul

Seven Wonderful and Seven Not so Wonderful Traits of an Old Soul

Being called an old soul can go one of two ways. It can be a compliment as much as it can be a jab that perhaps you, as an old soul, aren’t in touch with reality. Understanding the definition of an old soul is important because a soul’s ability to perceive is everything. So phrases such as; old souls versus young souls isn’t distinguished by age or time by rather through understanding – or wisdom.


● Blunt and Direct

If there’s anything on an old soul’s mind they’ll let you know. Depending upon an old soul’s personality type, you’ll find the timing and the delivery different but never the bluntness. You’ll be surprised that all this boldness comes without an agenda. Old soul’s aren’t interested in pushing their ideas on you but their directness will always make you stop and think.

If you’re spiritually aware, you’ll take the opportunity to give free reign to hear what they’re saying. Not only is their thinking advanced but so is their spiritual connection to a greater insight. Kids who are old souls are exceedingly fun to watch especially around their parents. Parents with old soul kids may wonder who’s teaching whom.


When an old soul reaches out in conversation, it’s a double whammy of candid truthfulness. And it benefits anyone wanting to increase his or her level of consciousness. Old souls don’t do white lies. Truth is truth and everything else just doesn’t feel right. As an example, an old soul calling into work saying they’re sick, when they’re not, isn’t easy because such acts go against their natural grain.

Children who are old souls actually look baffled when they are asked to lie or even pretend outside of the truth. Truth is one of the strongest attributes of being an old soul and it should be enjoyed for the strength that it is. There are many times old souls who have difficulty in comprehending a world that doesn’t always admire truth. Old souls see honesty in a way that is, naturally pure.


The sensitivity of an old soul is the like watching the art of compassion in motion. I’ve seen big burly men as typically as seen by their rough exterior show their love, tenderheartedness and the innocence of a newborn child as an old soul. Old souls exercise themselves as walking examples of the oneness. They know everything is connected and old souls conduct themselves consistently with every person they meet and with the same considerate reverence.


Almost every old soul has self-control. This is odd because much of the time old souls are around others who are always in a hurry. While this baffles many old souls, it doesn’t seem to affect their recognition that everything in the Universe has a rhythm or a pattern. Because old souls properly distinguish these markings it can create the appearance of patience.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Old souls recognize that there is a time to walk out into the ocean without being toppled by the waves. Like surfers who can read the subtleties of water, they know the exact moment to paddle and catch the perfect wave. What appears to be an attribute of patience is really an awareness of timing.


This is one of an old soul’s greatest gifts, the ability to create anything. This skill or ability seems to be magical but indeed it’s a unity with the Universe beyond the material world. Is this third dimension, everything is composed of matter. What still isn’t at all appreciated is how matter works.

The alchemist old soul, can go beyond this perceived dimension to create. Not every old soul has complete awareness in knowing, how they do what they do, but it’s a common trait. While scientists intellectually study quantum physics with an intention to understand the foundations of the Universe, old souls do the same but from a spiritual perspective. An old soul who has brought forth this knowledge is able to transcend this realm to do things that are outside of what is ordinarily possible.

Psychic gifts

The old soul’s ability to spiritually or physical create anything is an exercise of their supernatural gifts. An old soul’s use of clairvoyance to find a lost item in behalf of a friend may be leave an unforgettable impression but to them it’s really no big deal. The ways an old soul can express their psychic gifts is comparative to people with creative abilities. There are many means to express the same homogeneous concepts.

Metaphysical abilities are in no way limited to old souls. Like the master painters of the renaissance era, they have a command of the canvass. Additionally, old souls completely honor their spiritual abilities. Old souls display a natural humility that such aptitudes aren’t a reward for things done or accomplished, as much as they are remembered.

Letting go (forgiveness of the past)

The art of letting go is all about forgiveness. Forgiveness is often a confusing term but not for old souls, because for them it’s all about detachment. Being in the moment is the magic of now and old souls regularly practice it. This can explain why some old souls almost appear so detached that there can be a perception that they don’t care. As individuals, old souls are very compassionate but not necessarily overly emotional. This is because old souls are experts in letting go.

7 – Not So Wonderful Traits of An Old Soul

Asks a lot of questions

Old souls are insatiably curious. They enjoy spiritual access but sometimes, especially in classrooms, old souls present a land mine to taking any lesson forward by asking too many questions. There’s nothing like seeing and hearing this video for yourself.


Don’t always interrelate

In addition to asking a lot of questions, old souls have a general indifference to caring about what other people think. This can come off as if they don’t want to interrelate. They do want to connect with others, but on their terms. This can appear like; it’s their way or the highway.

Old souls enjoy the deepest of connections, especially in personal or romantic relationships. I once heard an old soul say, “I don’t do friends.” What she was really saying is, I don’t do obligation or responsibility in my intimate relationships. My friend, and client, is not aloof as much as she knows the difference in enjoying a deep relationship outside of having to give birthday cards or doing the normal “friend things.”

Don’t participate with authority nicely

This is isn’t true but it’s a common misconception associated with old souls. Old souls respect authority but not necessarily the rules or structure that a lot of authoritarians go to enforce. There’s a clear difference. From an old soul’s context, they embrace the fact that they are just visiting this planet, like a foreign ambassador would visit this country from their original place of origin.

Hates restrictions such as time

This is a big one. Control, restrictions and limitation are foreseeable issues for every old soul. Time especially. In school, teachers want their tests taken in a limited amount of time. At work, business wants their projects done quickly and old souls hate all of this time pressure stuff.

They genuinely don’t understand. Consider this question poised by my old soul son, “Why I’m asked to do something in a hurry especially when the job can be done better? What does all of this extensive time pressure create? Except a lot of stress…. and average or common work.” Old souls hate regulating people by something as artificial as time. Old souls realize that time isn’t real, especially having been possibly reincarnated more than once. In the words of one old soul, “It’s stupid to be subject to time, or anything else, that isn’t true.”

Not necessarily dialed into money or fame

Old souls have deep spiritual purposes. If this includes needing resources they create whatever they need in support of their soul’s purpose. Old soul’s use money as an artist would use a charcoal pencil to draw. If capital is required as a resource, like a pencil is a tool, they use it in alignment for their creation. As Alexander Nechita, having sold over a million dollars of her art by the time she was 10 years old, said, “I paint for me I really don’t care about that (money) stuff.”


On occasion, there may be some wildly eccentric old souls but for the most part, old souls aren’t eccentric. The old souls I see are just ordinary people. They don’t see themselves as special or necessarily as a freak. Old souls will tell you directly that everyone has the same access to Source and the Universe. Perhaps their years beyond this one incarnation is what marks them as unique. While old souls are comfortable being alone they don’t necessarily tend to be distant as they seem to be inclusive. But old souls are often categorized as “loners.” By extension, this is also seen as losers.

Know it all

The verbal dig that old souls know it all is as much a blessing as much as it can be a curse. Classically, old souls get attacked for their wisdom more than they get praised for it. This comes from other’s jealousy or even wanting to keep them in line. This is especially common with old soul kids that are disciplined or taught to be like their other siblings or even act like other kids of their same age.

Old souls do possess a gift of knowledge. (Consider this four-year old who is published at 4 years of age.) They are incredibly brilliant and often have access to paranormal talents. While old souls don’t think of themselves as being a “know it all” they are condemned as if having the abilities and skill sets they do is something to be embarrassed about. Every old soul shouldn’t be bullied, teased or even shamed for being who they are. Every one has their short comings even old souls.



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