Even John Wilkes Booth can’t quiet this President’s message from the grave.

A medium’s channeled insight to Abraham Lincoln’s view on Independence Day
(4th of July 2020)

From the Grave

It is from the grave that I extend my passion for this great country, in which I was once born and honored to be called it’s sixteenth President. It’s evident that the great Civil War of my time is still rife with bitterness in the idea that we are still separated. It was then, and continues to be an arduous journey, but I believe that the power of this great nation is not in the hands of a few but the many.

Divided we will DIE

For democracy, and the freedom that it represents, to continue –we must honor the many people who have died or given their entire lives in service – we must again address this civil division that keeps us from our full potential. Otherwise, all our hopes and accomplishments will surely die in vain.

Every person in this great nation has been given the same privilege, to be equal under God, as we stand as one – something that seems to be incredibly difficult to achieve with the freedoms that we have created as the foundational pillars of our society.

No country can stand Divided

My time as President has come and gone, but not my passion for the expansion of our people, all the people, to be free under the symbol of our great flag. It is not enough to be an ordinary country. A country divided, is no country at all, as there have been and might be many, who seek to divide us for their benefit.

Freedom for the People

My devotion to this great land was never for the expanse and riches of my party, my self, or my government, it remains for you the people. To be free, you must act and be free, not merely because of what so many have done in sacrifice for your very existence, but because our freedom as a people is who we are. God has given us each precious life –to live it as we choose, with complete and unconditional love and freedom. We can do much better to be one nation under God in unity. Otherwise, your life, like my soul, will mourn that we can’t achieve the same equality and oneness that continues to be the example of our Creator.



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