The Invisible Enemy

When the truth is right before your eyes
and you seemingly can’t see it because of your EGO

The invisible enemy isn’t invisible at all.

It’s me. It’s all about me. It should seem simple enough, and it will be when I’m finished, or I haven’t done my job to properly identify the enemy.

That’s what everyone wants right? The name and the address of the enemy, so that we all can go out and kill it? I’ll give it to you. All I ask is that you stay open to read everything that is before you. You can deny it all as a conspiracy later, which is ultimately a distraction to the truth by those who plant and promote such theories, but for here and now all I’m going to do is speak a little truth.

The truth is that the enemy isn’t out there.

It isn’t some secret spy overlooking your bank accounts, your friends on social media with algorithms that compile data hoping to spot patterns to get the information that they need to attack and take advantage of you. The enemy is much closer than that.

It’s been said, to really know your enemy you need to befriend them or really get to know them. You need to know how the enemy thinks so you can sabotage their operations with deceitful information that will alter their course or they will destroy you. If you’re going to do that, you’re going to need to stay close to the page.

You’ll have to read every word, and you’ll have to contemplate and determine if there’s any value in what’s being said. I am okay with that. What I’m saying is that you not only have my permission you are invited to see the enemy first hand. Let me introduce you.

Everyone has this invisible enemy

It’s the part of you that needs to be seen or hides from being seen depending on what flip of the coin serves it best. If you’re to truly see the invisible enemy then you need to look within. It’s not found in the science of psychology, although there’s been a fair amount written about it. Very few have really determined to get to the know the truth, because the enemy is you.

You don’t want to hear that and I don’t blame you if you stop reading. But if you were a military General or you were a CEO of a large multibillion-dollar company and your top, and most respected confident, told you that they had critical information to the welfare of not only you, but of every member under your command –wouldn’t you listen? The invisible enemy that you don’t want to see is me.

I shared that with you in the second sentence. It’s not another group of people, competitors or warriors that threaten your every means of existence, it’s you. Now hold on, you may ask, how can the enemy be me and then also be you? That will make sense very quickly.

Let’s continue to observe that the invisible enemy is me. This will help me to get all of this out, and then by association, we’ll get to you shortly. The invisible enemy is me because it’s the part of me that categorizes and identifies itself as me. This is the culprit.

It’s not just a snake in the grass, but a wild heard of buffalo running and stampeding in your direction in an effort to force you into submission. Yes, force, or to create an illusion of force, because there is no real threat. However, as soon as your senses kick-in, this “me” that I’m talking about, has direct control over your senses, and you become its puppet. A puppet to the fears that you’re not; liked, loved, good enough, smart enough or just plain worthy.

A good foe don’t you think?

Any war-time General will tell you that you have to get into the mind of your enemy to deceive them with lies, confusion and distortions so that the enemy’s physical desire to oppose you will die before the battle even starts. Does this describe me? Sure it does.

The desire to control is the most powerful attribute of me. It’s the seduction that I need to protect and that I always need more power. This part of me is not an autocrat or even a dictator; it’s much more subtle than that. It isn’t a monster because if it were –you’d see it.

In all this cleverness and using secret stealth technology it goes undetected.

It’s there but you can’t see it. Camouflage is the old way in which real things were hidden; the invisible enemy now uses malicious source code that’s written alongside the other programming so that you can’t see it. Further, if you do discover it, it has cleverly made it so that it can never be destroyed.

A well planned and executed scenario don’t you think? A bomb, even if it’s discovered, will blow up and destroy the entirety of you if removed. It’s that good of an enemy you don’t even know its there. This enemy has even gotten you to believe that it’s invisible; this is not true as I’m about to point it out.

As I do, you’ll reject that this perpetrator is a real threat, and that’s okay if you do because after all we’re still talking about me.

When it comes to you, you’ll have to determine what you’re going to do with your own invisible enemy.

But like I said, let’s keep the focus on me. The me I’m speaking of doesn’t want to be known, it wants to remain out of sight. It doesn’t take an intellectual mind to discover that whatever resources the invisible enemy is born with it uses them expertly to take you down to keep you pinned to the mat in fear. It’s not necessarily always brutal or mean, its objective and systematic in its approach. Further, it’s not always logical, which creates confusion and makes it tricky to find its place of origins.

From the masculine perspective, if we can locate the enemy then we can destroy it.

As I’ve already shared, this is impossible with the least of the consequences that you’ll loose your mind or worse your life. It depends on your life, so like a well-designed pathogen the invisible enemy feeds off your biological system depleting your resources. This is similar to well-informed German subs of World War II that destroyed the food supply chain being carried by U.S ships to its allies. This enemy sits at the bottom of the sea, invisible, with specific and personal information and waits to fire its torpedoes.

As far as enemies go, it can penetrate the highest positions of society, and does so often with countless strategic moves for the overall good. This is never true because it always has to keep itself alive and in a position of power. Success is a breeding place for this enemy that is me, and it attacks and takes down the greatest achievers in the same simplicity that a bowling ball easily takes down ten pins. There is no adversity, because this enemy always has the inside track. There’s nothing it won’t do or use to destroy you as its target. The invisible enemy yearns to feed you just enough, to continue to keep you alive, with hopes that you’ll come to like it and even love it as observed in Stockholm Syndrome.

You have to love the creativity of this part of me that it could be so destructive that it would disempower you while making me feel that I am doing something good. You have to hand it to this kind of well-developed enemy that it could be loved by the very person or community which hosts it.

The invisible enemy is within you and me.

And just like a rising coup d’état, as individuals unite to form a collective, it becomes even more power in this invisible enemy’s need for self-domination. It does work in groups, of any kind or of any congregation or country regardless of having shared beliefs or not – it’s that good.

The invisible enemy is your ego.

There it is, the invisible enemy that you’ve been trying to find and that has you fooled. Even in this minute, it has you believing that you can’t survive without it. And there is some truth to that, because, like any really great enemy, there’s always some truth mixed in with the lies to make it believable.

You want to know its address? Let’s use mine, because it might be easier for you to wage war against me, than to acknowledge that your mind has been hacked since birth. Since I was born the invisible enemy has learned and been coordinating every piece of information read, experienced or shared. It has seemingly dutifully served as my closest confidant when in fact every part of it is designed to keep me weak, enslaved and disempowered.

If I were to really let it run wild, it would be insane. Interestingly, the power to destroy actually feels good. It doesn’t matter what. This is the same power used to create. The invisible enemy or ego, takes advantage of both sides, always reinforcing itself with the most personal of information that passes through its gate.

This invisible enemy, which is no longer invisible, can appear righteous, sanctimonious and of good will.

It isn’t. It uses every word, feeling, experience and thought to extort you into a continued state of blackmail. It’s that sophisticated. Further, it’s so clever that it can deceive you into paying consistent and increasing sums under the table, that you think is fair and right. You’d never think of this kind of blackmail as a tax or a lien or even an encumbrance as it’s embraced as normal. If you go to highlight its continued and increasing embezzling of all of your resources, it threatens nuclear war to destroy you with all the private information that only you know that it has.

There’s no breaking the code, the ego is too entrenched in your identity and it will kill you. The ego doesn’t stop there, it will seek and extort every relationship and every conversation and deal you’ve ever cut. The ego as the invisible enemy will take out your whole family.

That’s nothing really. It will take out a whole city and even country. Don’t believe me? The invisible enemy has historically accomplished this countless times in the past. Pick up any history book, from any country or any time period, and you’ll see its domination and the damage it can and has done when it’s considered invisible. This is why the ego does everything in its arsenal to keep you distanced from seeing it.

Now that you can see it in me, it’s your turn to see it you.

I’m already sure you’ve already had messages that my ego must be more dangerous or larger than yours and to be clear this is all a part of its predictable pattern. If you’re willing to see the invisible enemy within you, you have to be willing to bring the slag to the surface.

What is slag? It’s all the dirt in a precious metal. When gold is purified, it is heated to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit to separate the impurities. Your body can’t withstand such a purification process and the ego isn’t something that you want to extract. Also, you can’t really fight with this kind of enemy as it has way too much personal information on you and it will use it regardless of the collateral damage.

There is one way that the invisible enemy can stand down.

It’s in seeing it for what it is. Any person who’s been willing to study its architecture will see its patterns. But I need to warn you, the invisible enemy acts like a snake in the grass, differing its use of the information about you and how to use it in ways that is different from me versus you. Ultimately, all the tricks are the same, and you’ll see, soon enough, how light exposes its trek.

The ego appears infinite and supreme and thus, it acts like it, whenever possible, most of the time in the secrets of your mind. This is why you may or may not see it. It’s not nearly as cleaver as it pretends to be and what’s fascinating is it doesn’t actually have a physical place otherwise it could be removed. If you think of the invisible enemy like a game toying with you in every way possible, then you’ll start seeing the slithering tail of the ego.

It will find the nearest place to hide to present itself aggressively against you.

It will indeed bite the hand that feeds it. It will continue to paralyze you with its venom of lies and arrogance so that it might regroup trying to reposition itself so that you again can’t see it. If you won’t cooperate, as the extortionist that it is, it will use the minds, bodies and actions of others to do it’s attacking.

It’s amazing that it can take and use the mind and energies of those closest to you and get them to actually do all of its dirty work. It can do this because it threatens each and every body that it occupies and it uses its collective force to get your closest relationships to believe if they don’t do it, then they, each of them will go down, be hurt or even die. Anyone positioning themself as an enemy, is a much easier target for the ego to associate with, because it can order an attack or kill and be justified by the individual’s survival and success.

Therefore, the invisible enemy in me is used to spot you and it’s designed to threaten you.

It doesn’t matter that I would die or you will die. This kind of predator is a shape shifter and it consumes any body that it needs to continue to survive and then thrive. There are no vaccines that can be administered. After all, in some small way you need some part of the ego to survive.

You could go to battle with the Creator of your body and your mind that it hosts and this would be the greatest conquest the ego could ever hope for. If you go head-to-head in direct conflict with the Creator, the ego rallies another victorious lap in the human saga. Even better should you believe that there is no other Source than it.

This leaves you in a conundrum. What do you do with an invisible enemy within? It can’t be exterminated. It loves to hide and pretend it’s not real or even invisible. And the ego loves to create false stories that you have it under control like the alcoholic who thinks they can manage their painful and daily addiction.

What if there was a way to deal with this supposed invisible enemy?

Like any enemy it doesn’t like to be seen. Since you’ve already discovered it, perhaps this is the start of you seeing it within you, and maybe there’s a solution. It isn’t war. There’s nothing to fight. Any professional boxer knows that trying to hit your shadow is an impossible task. The same is true for Wendy as she’s found trying to catch the shadow of Peter Pan.

There’s a simple solution to dealing with the ego within me and the ego within you. Ignore it.

Yes, you read that correctly. This enemy is so steeped in the perception that it’s real, and getting you to believe it, that it thinks you would never turn your back on this supposed invisible enemy. Yet, it works.

The invisible enemy isn’t hidden. It’s right here. It thinks it’s you. It thinks it’s me.

It’s neither, but if you’re not fooled any more then you can stop engaging in its crazy and dangerous behavior. You’ll have to practice. Or maybe I should say, I have to practice. The moment the invisible enemy goes quiet within I begin to not think about it. Then suddenly, and even consistently, like a hidden virus, it seeks to present itself in the times of my greatest weakness. It’s that good as a rival.

It will attack your credibility, your ability and even your life so that you might step back down into any place of disempowerment. It really does hit hardest when you’re down or not paying attention. It can get you to believe anything should you listen to it. Perhaps, the treacherous serpent crawling through the Garden of Eden, is indeed properly identified as the invisible enemy.

If you learn to see this invisible enemy, or the ego, as not real or not even invisible then you’re free to pursue your path.

You will then note your total and thorough access to knowledge and true and complete power. Such power is not to be taken lightly, as it has and continues to create in ways that are unimaginable to the mind. Perhaps this is the very reason such a fail-safe system was installed. If you serve the mastery and the illusion of the ego as some unseen god then you are beholden to its perception of power.

If you are to assume your true empowerment, then you must realize with a laugh, that the idea of an invisible enemy that can remain hidden is funny. No longer can or will it enslave you, you see it for what it is, a mirage of nothingness that is attached to your mind but not to your consciousness.

Imagine what you can do without being tethered to the constant tyranny of something that thinks of itself as you or me? What can be collectively created outside the illusion that we can be hurt or even destroyed when it’s discovered that the ego is not real, hidden or unseen? I know the answer and perhaps you now know too, outside the perception of the invisible enemy.