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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that… “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

Secrets of Gratitude

Real benefits of being thankful.

The secrets of gratitude is actually a life force.  Perhaps you haven’t thought being thankful is a force of energy, but it is.  Authentic gratitude connects us to our Higher Self and Source.

Using the process of thanksgiving is much than any given holiday.  If you apply yourself in continuous gratitude you’ll see that it changes you and everything around you.  Would you believe me that being thankful makes everything easier?

There are many reasons why.  Read or listen to Secrets of Gratitude so that we might further our connection.  Let me say, I’m very grateful for you…

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Episode 056 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: Secrets of Gratitude

Can I share something personal? I’d like to thank you. There’s a possibility that you won’t understand or hear me. Regardless, I’m very grateful for you.

I’m not interested in offering you a general platitude of thanks — this is personal. I don’t need or want anything in return, I genuinely want to share my thanks. You’d think that this would be easy but sometimes it isn’t.

It’s easy to say thanks but you may question any such motives because maybe someone along the line has previously used gratitude as some kind of bait in which to snare you. I’m sharing my gratitude for you because of your presence.

This may not initially make sense, but I hope to share in detail as to why I have such gratitude for you. You and I are connected. And I’m so grateful that we are! I’m sharing the real secrets of gratitude because it makes me happy.

If there’s any selfishness in my being glad to connect with you this I freely admit.

I’m happy because you may not remember the reason that we are syncing up, but I do. I’m delighted because I’m hopeful you will allow me the opportunity to share with you the reasons we’ve come together, and most of all, I get to share the real secrets behind this gratitude.

In context of what I deeply desire to contribute, we have to first appreciate the odds of our being together in this same moment. You could be anywhere doing anything but instead you’re here –right here — with me. If you’re thinking I’m referring to the idea that you’re here with me in listening to this podcast, then let me open up the doors.

There are more stars in this Galaxy than your mind can comprehend. And your mind can’t possibly conceive the total number of stars in this one part of the Universe. Neither can mine. And yet here you and I are —together.

You have chosen to incarnate on this third planet orbiting the Sun to participate in your current embodiment of you. As a fellow soul adventurer, I’m in awe that you’ve come. As you may have already figured out, the heaviness of being limited to mind and flesh can be hard on occasions. There are times it can feel pretty uncomfortable and challenging being here.

For some reason, it doesn’t take that long to actually believe that everything here is real when in fact it’s not.

It’s all an illusion. It’s like a game. A virtual game that we all pretend is real when in fact none of it is. That is except one thing.

The single exception is you. You’re real. Not your body or mind but the core or soul of who you really are. And again, you’re here! I keep saying that but what does it really mean?

In being a part of humanity, we share this collective experience with every other being that has ever come to this planet. In perspective, you and I are sharing a very unique struggle with the very first souls that have come to exist here. Allow me to use the fictional story of Adam and Eve to create a basis for a metaphor. You and I are walking around the very same way that Adam and Eve did.

Every incarnated human shares this same experience.

But there’s a perceived difference if we don’t do it at the same time. Consider this example, Disneyland was opened on July 17, 1955. To date, over 726 million people have visited the first theme park and the numbers are still growing. But have you and I ever visited Disneyland on the exact same day? Have we ever visited the park at the same time? Have we ever ridden the same rides together?

Over a 100 billion people have inhabited on earth and you’re one of them. We all share an incarnation on Earth, in the same way we’d visit any other theme park. But there’s a difference in what day and time we attend the amusement park isn’t there?

I didn’t meet Adam and Eve but I know they didn’t have houses, cars or cell phones. They probably didn’t ride horses, hunt or eat meat. I can imagine they did befriend animals in the Garden of Eden but not how we would do it today today with a collar or a leash.

There was a co-existence.

That’s the word I’m looking for, co-existence. We all have co-existed on planet earth but not at at the same moment in time. This is a good thing. Your time here is shockingly different than your grandparents. Even more drastic is the difference is comparing the lifestyle, time, era and world of your great-grandparents.

Pretty cool right? Yet here you and I are, together, riding the same ride at Disneyland at the exact same time. I’m super grateful about this. Let me further explain why. You were invited. You and I agreed on some higher level to be here together.

You didn’t have to come. You could have stayed home. Not bothering with all the hassles of coming into your body. But you did.

This is only one reason why I’m grateful. It’s very significant that you’re here consciously and on purpose. I’m super grateful! You may think that you don’t recognize me as we step onto the same boat at the Pirates of Caribbean ride at Disneyland but you’re here. You came!

I am even more grateful that you might further recognize this connection. You know what this means right? You’re not alone. You’re not the only one in the theme park wandering around trying to find your family. Yes, your family brought you in but they may or may not be awake.

Did I say that? I’m so grateful that you’re awake! Yes, you may still have sleep in your eyes and maybe you’re still yawning and scratching as you get up, but you’re here! And it’s also very likely you’re totally awake and ready to play.

We come together in so many diverse ways.

But first, how can I help you? I’m grateful to be of help. I was asked last night, during a personal session; Who mentored you? I answered, “physically I didn’t have a mentor.” The young woman seemed shocked and immediately said, Well, I’m glad you’re here.

This is was a special moment. I’m not often asked such a question and she was offering me her gratitude as she had no clue, physically speaking anyway, to the topic of this podcast. Isn’t that amazing? I’m in such gratitude.

This is why it’s personal. I’m glad you’re here! I’m super glad that we’re connecting and sharing on this level. There’s something about being here at the same time and also knowing that we’ve come here to participate in something greater than riding It’s a Small World at Disneyland.

Do you know what I mean?

Let me share with you more about some more secrets of gratitude. While it’s enough to just be present there’s much more to the invitation. You have a part to play. Your being here right now is a magical moment. It’s too why I wrote the free booklet the Magic of Now. (And if you don’t have a copy make sure you grab one.)

I’m in gratitude that you’re free. Can I characterize this? No matter where you are, what country, relationship, family or even your body you are free. This freedom is not for everyone in the physical realm yet it doesn’t matter because your true essence is free.

I’m in gratitude for this too. I’m exceedingly grateful to be free. For example, imagine being free of doubt. What if you didn’t have to employ any, as in ANY, doubt any more. What if you used your awareness to get past searching and wondering in all the disconnected spaces?

What if in freeing yourself from doubt you could take yourself to the next level in realizing that there’s nothing to fear. I’m grateful to be talking about that. Living without fear is a state of abundance. It’s what living free really means.

Can you live freely?

Of course you can. It’s much easier than you think and it happens the instant that you reclaim it. To be free can feel uncomfortable if you’ve gone too long thinking that you’re not. I’m thankful that you can change anything that you want. I’m thankful that I have free-will choice too.

Finding your balance is freeing isn’t?

I hate spinning in circles. It makes me feel dizzy, nauseous and very comfortable. So, should I need your help in coming off the Mad Tea Party cups (A Disneyland Fantasyland ride) I’m grateful for you to recognize my discomfort and share your steady hand in helping me reclaim my balance.

Would I offer this balance and energy for you? Of course! And we don’t need to be in the same room, state or country for us to do it. This is part of the magic of now and I’m super grateful for the power, inspiration and love that we can share with one another at any time that we want. This is how we collaborate. I’m thankful for women, yes women, who naturally work-together in harmonious ways that is so opposite of men.

I’m also grateful for men’s energy of competition as it allows me to see the results of the struggle with something outside of my real self. Without my Shell, or ego, and it’s desire to promote separation, it might be harder for me to see within because I wouldn’t have this wonderful contrast. Is this the reason we have minds that distract us from our Divine self? If so, I’m thankful.

I’m grateful for every opportunity that I have to see myself in you. I sometimes don’t like what I see, and there are times I act like a child, crying, yelling or isolating myself because of what you share with me. I love that you’re strong enough to love me anyway and that you haven’t succumbed to my throwing fits, name calling or trying to get you to believe that it’s your problems or issues when in fact they’re my own.

I’m so thankful for the children.

Every child or even new born animal reminds me of the innocence that everything is possible and life is just beginning. I’m so grateful for these reflections that sometimes I wonder how I’ve made everything so complicated when it’s really so simple. This theme park isn’t real. It’s only a game.

I’m grateful that we share and connect through language, math, music and creativity. I wish we could do this more peacefully but I do know that you, and others, are only reflecting what I have not wanted to see within myself. I promise to observe myself more truthfully and to continue to choose the freedom that comes from my being in balance.

I have to say I’m also grateful for the times I have chosen to be out-of-balance. As much as I would like to say all these days of imbalance are done, this isn’t true. There may be days that I want to be imbalanced and as a consequence… I’m warning you so that you step back when I’m again wobbly of my own self imposed choice.

I’m grateful too that you see me whole, in the same way that I see you as whole. I don’t need to fix anything in you and further you don’t have to agree with any of my perceptions within my personality. Thank God, you are not a perfect mirror of me as there’s a part of me that thinks this is too much.

But I’m especially grateful for those of you who see me.

I am deep gratitude for you that see the real me and hold this space especially when I’m cantankerous, cranky or hot-headed. I acknowledge occasionally dropping my head in the awesome reflection of your strength, beauty and all that you are. Such personal revealing is quite awakening. And humbling too.

It’s because of you that I’m able to hold this space for others whom I have the opportunity to reflect the highest aspects of Light. I love that we reflect and collaborate with one another. I can’t seem to get enough… How can I just say thank you for all of this?

I’m not sure but I’m so desire to share my gratitude because in the process I learn about me. This is contrasted with who I think I am versus who I really am. I’m thankful that you see me as I really am and I have been given the special opportunity to see you. I’m grateful for each opportunity that we share together.

This moment is indeed a special one. We are here now. Riding the same ride at the same time which makes our connection ever rare. I recognize you and ask you to remember what you’ve come here to do. I promise it’s a lot more than perhaps what you’ve created so far.

I’m thankful that you would consider taking the risk to step away from that which you might think to be really crazy and to acknowledge yourself fully in the strength of why you’ve come here to this exact moment in time. I’m grateful that this might stir something in you and that you might find yourself compelled to move forward and to release old beliefs or thoughts that have kept you from fully expressing.

I am so grateful that you’re willing to overcome any and all of the adversities that you have created in life.

I can honestly say that your journey inspires me in ways that move my soul. I’m in awe of you. I really mean every step that you’ve taken.

I can honestly say, you inspire me to new heights in your choices. I can see that you want true spiritual connection and you’re destined to have it in your desire. I am grateful for all the light that you have and continue to reflect. I’m grateful that you aren’t listening to my words but that we are consciously connecting on a spiritual level.

Let me momentarily interrupt this pattern of gratitude to further focus on why you are here now and how is it that I may assist you, in the same way, that you can assist me. The secrets of gratitude is found in the process. The reason you and I are encouraged to express gratitude is because it takes us outside of the perils, tribulations and heaviness that sometimes encumbers us.

The real secret of gratitude is indeed the connection. The process of being sincerely grateful connects in ways that are thankfully, pun intended, beyond having to connect through extreme trauma. I understand drama as a tool for connection and I also appreciate that not everyone sees or understands, as I expect that you do too, allowing us to express real compassion for those who are purposely in the dark and not awakened.

I’ve been lost in the dark of night. The fear that my body creates is only out done by my mind as it continues to pump out streaming possibilities – all based in separation. Fear. I know we aren’t alone. Source has suggested a process of our using gratitude as a path to guarantee our connection to our Higher Self and the the Light. Who knew it could be that simple?

There are plenty of times where I still feel like it’s a struggle but in this moment I demand it all to stop.

Thanksgiving isn’t a day it’s a process.

It’s the secret of our Divine connection. It’s a significant tool to joining and honoring one another.

Certainly, it’s possible to be experience a insincere state of gratitude and this is like practicing any sport when you’re technically present but totally unfocused. Putting your attention on the secrets of gratitude gives you and I what we seek most – connection. This connection is really endless, which is incomprehensible to the mind, but not to your soul.

Before concluding the secrets of gratitude, can I share perhaps the yet the most important thing? The fact the being here is more than enough. No matter where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, conscious or not, you’re here. Because of this, the orchestra is gathered. It’s now time to play.

Play is both a metaphor and also an invitation. A call to action. Nobody is forced but if you’re here then perhaps it’s really time to accelerate your contributions. It’s easy for me to say, that you’ve waited your whole life to be here.

Take advantage of your conscious awareness. I’m so grateful that we share it together. Step forward in gratitude and consider expressing yourself boldly. Consider going even further to see what’s inside you. Maybe you too feel compelled to share more of yourself as you come further into your body, and to be present with me and so many others, in your awakening.

In conclusion, the secrets of gratitude is a force.

A life force that connects us in ways that allows us to tap into our divinity. It’s yours. It’s always been there.

Consider listening to this podcast more than once. Perhaps listen to it dozens of times to see what you can truly glean about the process and the real secrets of gratitude. Soon, as a companion to what we’re doing here, I will offer you a quiz to prompt your focused attention in how gratitude transforms your reality. I didn’t talk about this, during the course of our dialog, and it’s considered bad form to introduce something new in a conclusion, but have you ever considered being in gratitude for something yet to come? Is it possible for you to be in gratitude for the future?

This indeed is another level of gratitude but it does continue to show you the power of the process one of which, like you, I’m still learning and I’m also so grateful to have the understanding. In absolute honor of you. Let me continue to say, thank you….

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