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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that... “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…"

This Will Make You Laugh, Cry or Drive You CRAZY

When you’ve lost something important there can be a lot of stress in trying to remember where you put it, or perhaps of extreme value and you can’t remember the password? Listen to this it will absolutely help.
This Will Make You Laugh and Cry

Imagine losing your password to something that’s very important and valuable to you. It’s easy to do in our world of busyness. And assume that there is no place to retrieve your password. The piece of paper that you wrote it on is very much lost and the safe that contains your valuables can’t be broken either.

Now what?

You feel absolutely stressed as you really need to access these items. As you hear the second hand of clock ticking in your head, you may find think it’s either a time to laugh or a time to cry. You may not even know what you’ve lost. You know it’s important and in this case even invaluable.

Listen or read this and see if the answer isn’t given to you.

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Episode 65 of True Connections with Weston Jolly


This will make you laugh or it might even make you cry. What if you couldn’t remember your password to two hundred and fifty million dollars? Have you ever forgotten your password, of course, that you have and when you do, normally you contact the institution or the service and you just have them give you a new one right after they verify who you are. But in this case, what if they can’t do that? And what if your password is really for something super important?

Let me introduce you to Stefan. Stefan is a German computer programmer living in San Francisco, California. Sometime in the past, he wrote down his password on a piece of paper to something very important and then he lost it. You may think because he’s a programmer, that he’d be more diligent about writing such housekeeping but… But in this case, he lost his password.  Certainly, all passwords are important, but this one was quite valuable and well, it just got lost.

What Was Lost?

Stefan’s password is the key to unlocking a safe containing two hundred and fifty million dollars worth of Bitcoin. But listen to this. It gets worse, his Bitcoin vault only allows for so many tries before they permanently freeze the vault. Let me get specific here, Stefan’s Bitcoin vault only allows him ten tries total. Stefan is now down to two, which means he has already tried eight times and nothing has worked. Does this story sound at all familiar? Have you ever lost something reallly important? Can you relate to Stefan?

What if you’re forgetting something that’s way more important than a quarter of a billion dollars? Maybe you’ve even forgotten the value of what’s inside you…

What if I told you that I could help Stefan access his password? I think would be worth to him probably quite a bit. Right. Maybe he’d even offer me some kind of compensation. Perhaps, even a generous one?

I can think of, another circumstance of someone loosing their password.  In this case, a British man accidentally threw away his hard drive into a trash can, once again containing Bitcoin.  This man desparate to get his hard drive back, with all of his bitcoin, is offering the local authority, the sanitation or garbage division within a city, more than 70 million dollars to allow him access to go and try and find his lost hard drive within the city’s landfill site.

He is so desparate to access his money, this man has decided to reward the whole town or the whole city should he be allowed permission to dig in the town’s garbage piles.  He’s offering the whole city $70 million dollars should he find it!

What extreme will you go to find something you’ve lost?

Perhaps, you’re not even aware that anything’s been lost.  Or maybe, you’re thinking that you have nothing of real value?  Maybe, you’ve forgotten the wealth or even the understanding and the knowledge that you have inside of you?

Maybe you’ve forgotten your spiritual gifts.

What’s the key to finding your spiritual gifts? Can’t remember the password? Maybe you feel pressure or frustration? And don’t you feel that there’s so, so much more within you? This means being totally aware and expressing yourself consistently, especially using your spiritual gifts.

What if I could help Stefan in the same way that I could help you access this infinite connection to your past, future and all knowledge, including energy, creativity, and again, especially using your creativity, will I can you see your soul has access to everything?

That’s so important that it’s worth repeating your soul has access to everything.  We know this logically, because when you die, all of this knowledge and understanding is instantly returned to you. So where is your soul locked up?

Where’s the password? Where did you write it down? How come you can’t remember if you’re facing a crisis? Think of Stefan. Maybe he really could use that money now. What if he can’t wait?

Stefan has actually said that, he’s been lying in bed worrying about that, having gone through eight try, with only two more ties.  It’s obvious, he’s trying to come up with a new tactic.

And when he does, he goes to the logic side of himself. Yet, it’s not working. And then he has all of this increased frustration that his mind can’t remember, it doesn’t give him the answer.

Well, that’s indeed a problem. (This approach.) You may also feel the same kind of worry, fear or resentment that you can’t remember something super important – and you could even be angry.

How can you access your soul?

What’s the key? It’s easy..

Well, before I give you the answer just yet, let me tell you where the key isn’t. The password to your soul isn’t in your mind. You see, Stefan is conditioned through his logic, through his mind and through his intelligence to use his mind through logic. But do you know what? It’s not working. He is desperate and he’s putting all of his hope in that he’ll remember his password somehow.

Stefan has placed all of this his hope that technology of the future will be able to crack the system to access his bitcoin. So he’s putting all of his emphasis in the intellect of his mind. And like Stefan, if you’ve been relying upon your mind to try and access something that doesn’t really have a lock on it.

What did I say? What do you mean? It doesn’t have a lock on him. You see, accessing your Higher Self is accessing your soul. And there’s no password to that.

You can open up that part of you, anytime that you want. Within your mind, there’s an ego.  And of course, the vault containing your Higher Self, allowing you to access your soul isn’t hidden at all. That’s what I just got through saying. So what I’m saying is there’s no hidden vault and there’s no password.

Well, you might debate that because. But it’s actually true.

Your Higher Self isn’t a secret either.

Don’t forget that accessing your soul provides you every opportunity, just like being in the ocean to catch every wave, as it were. Perhaps you can’t properly imagine that if you open this gateway, this path, this channel, you really do have access to everything. Finally, you have understanding as to your purpose how you want to live and express yourself, how to create the lifestyle in all of the desires that you want and to experience life to its fullest and most importantly, how you want to contribute.

You know, that brings up an interesting thought, because if you’ve ever seen this documentary that’s been presented by Jamie Johnson and Jamie Johnson and of course, is an heir of the Johnson and Johnson Company, you know, the huge, huge company. And they put together a documentary called Born Rich. And he’s seen in this documentary Searching for his life’s purpose. I think it’s pretty normal for Jamie to go to his father, John Seward Johnson, to get some fatherly advice in about what he should do with his life.

Jamie’s father contributed that maybe he should give serious consideration to collecting stamps. You know, like postage stamps? I suggest that Jamie’s life purpose, his soul purpose is much bigger than stamp collecting.

Okay, you may be saying enough, how do you access your Higher Self, since there’s no vault and no key? We’re down to how to find your Higher Self.

It’s ironic that this is the same problem with slightly different circumstances as Stefan.  In his case, he knows exactly where the 250 million dollars worth of bitcoins is located is – that part is easy. But if you can’t remember the key, then that’s a problem. Right? But what if the 250 million was in gold? It was just literally laying on top of the earth. No excavation needed. All that’s needed is to load it up and take it away.

Finding your Higher Self, it’s exactly like finding the 250 million dollars worth of gold on top of the ground.

Meaning ,you need to know where to go. So where is your Higher Self? Let me tell you, you’ll find it by quieting your mind. Your Higher Self, is the key to accessing your soul, it’s there right there  now.  However, the ego part of you has tried sneakily to keep it hidden from you. Ego games!

The ego “thinks” it’s in competition with your Higher Self. Interestingly, your Higher Self is not at all in competition with the ego. It’s just quiet.

Let me offer a little bit of a visual example of this. Imagine that you’re a parent of two children. Your oldest child is constantly crying, making a fuss regardless of the circumstances and regardless of what you and your spouse do. Your other child is quiet, never interrupting his or her sibling at all. Just because your second child isn’t yelling and is quiet, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have something to say. To hear your second child, all you need to do is quiet the first.

That’s it, this means that you have to quiet your mind.

Which means quieting the ego so you can invite, listen and hear your Higher Self. This is really important.

Most of us don’t give any kind of consideration to this aspect of who we are. And it goes like this. All you have to do is exist in this moment. And as you do, it extends the opportunity for you to become aware of who you are – accessing attributes of all your experiences of the past – so that you can continue to go forward.  In this moment free to exhibit and to express all that you’ve come here to connect with the infinite.

You’re not alone, as your ego would have you believe. Getting in touch with your Higher Self is, of course, done in many different kinds of ways. But one of the most beautiful ways is to try or give meditation a chance. To be honest, meditation is the key to connecting with your higher. So it’s not the only way.

Give meditation a try outside of your ego.

Get in touch with your Higher Self by just becoming quiet, being present and allowing yourself to become aware of what you’ve come here to do, and of course, all questions, knowledge and understanding can be accessed in that space. You might try Freeing Your Mind Meditation Series, it’s a brand new series that are put together with an intention to help quiet the mind, obviously freeing your mind so you can get in touch with who you are and those things that you want to express while being here.

And it’s much more powerful than just being quiet, meaning it’s actually designed to help you to reconnect to the remembrance of those frequencies or those energies that once. Well, was a part of your origin. In summary of this will make you laugh or this will make you cry is the simplicity of accessing your higher self. What we’ve learned as there’s no vault and there’s no key, nothing is hidden. There’s no lost password. So if you’ve ever thought that you’ve lost something on your state of lack or you’re still trying to find what your soul is actually doing here, especially now, be reminded that using meditation as a tool to get in touch with your soul’s purpose and who you are is very important and perhaps a beautiful opportunity for you.

Freeing Your Mind Meditation Series is a wonderful means for you to get in touch with yourself. There’s nothing to do, but rather to move yourself into a state of being and consider using my Freeing Your Mind meditation series to get yourself balanced and on path to accessing your higher self. As I said, the series is designed to take you back to the frequencies of your origin. So it’s not just any old kind of meditation, give or try. As you meditate, you’ll find that that quietness suddenly gives your higher self the opportunity to express all of that knowledge.

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