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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that… “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

What’s the Hurry?

What is the importance of time?  Is time real? How could time be just made up?  Spiritually speaking is there a Divine Time?  A lot of people are saying you should trust Divine Timing but what is it?

What is the importance of time?  Is time real? How could time be just made up?  Spiritually speaking is there a Divine Time?  A lot of people are saying you should trust Divine Timing but what is it?

You’ve probably heard the sentence; “Everything happens in your life at the right moment” Divine time takes into consideration everything.

You’ll want to really pay attention to this thought, especially if you’re interested in manifesting, because Divine time takes into account the whole.

I can’t emphasis this enough in terms of your creating.  The more you integrate the whole in your manifestation the easier it all becomes. Is the a secret to getting to this place?  Actually, there is…

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Episode 039 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: Whats Your Hurry?

It’s seems everyone is a hurry. I understand this more than most. Why? First, because my personality type is type “A” and everything has to be done quickly. Secondly, I was taught the the need for speed.

I can probably navigate Disneyland as fast as anyone that you’ve ever seen. How to enter the park at the best time, when and how to buy tickets quickly, which attraction to go to first and how to avoid the congestion and wait times about anywhere. This includes where to have lunch and at what times. And yes, while the park has long since adopted the Fast Pass, there are definitely tricks to winding in and out of the attractions in the fastest way possible.

Are you impressed?

Well, that isn’t exactly my intention. But since we’re here you might as well get a little more of my background as I need to tell you this story. Years ago, after speaking in Florida, I decided to take a little time off to visit Disney World. If you’re a Disney fan you must appreciate the huge difference between the two theme parks.

Since I don’t know Disney World, like I do Disneyland, I asked the cashier at the ticket office what was the busiest ride in the park. She replied courteously, with the name of the attraction and how to get there. Since the park had just opened, and yes this is the best time to start your day since families with kids have a hard time getting their act together at the exact time of opening, I walked as fast as I could to the attraction that later in day where there would be a three hour wait.

I breezed by all the signs that you normally see while standing in line while endless waiting, I was all grins, at all the time I was saving. Then I saw a super large sign right before I was ushered into the ride. The extra large sign displayed the normal warnings; you know stuff like, you have to be over 36” in height, weigh at least so much, and that you shouldn’t be pregnant, or have issues with nauseous, etc. The last thing I saw on the sign as I was buckled into my seat was the word “spinning.”

You should know, I hate spinning rides. Suddenly all my excitement to be on Disney World’s most popular ride in ten minutes from time I entered the gate fell away at the thought I may be on something that would spin. My mouth went dry and suddenly what was to be fun suddenly turned into, “what the heck have I gotten myself into.” Six minutes later I practically crawled from the attraction vowing never ever to ride that ride again.

I walked like a drunken sailor holding onto the guard rails exiting the building. Then I spotted it. A little patch of green grass. It was a tiny grassy knoll. It looked perfect.

I wondered over to the grass and sprawled out like I was on the beach sunbathing. I wanted to soak up all the grounding energy I could after having been spun in some weird top-like contraption that spun horizontally as much as it spun vertically.

The good news is I never got sick. But my desire to be in such a hurry to ride the most popular ride in the park nearly cost me half of the day in not feeling well. If you have any propensity towards seasickness then you can understand that this one ride took me to the place right before you heave all over the Captain’s boat. I sincerely felt ill. All because I was in hurry.

A hurry to have fun, mind you.

This is my point and what we are discussing today. What’s your hurry? I can appreciate why you’d never listen to someone like me who once claimed to do everything quickly. But what do you gain by being in a hurry? Instead of addressing that question, let me tell you what you’re missing. Everything.

No, I’m not kidding. Every moment you let time dominate then you’ve lost. I’m not here to judge, but I’m here to offer you something that you might be truly missing. Time isn’t nearly as real or as important as you think it is.

If you’ve been living your life based upon the clock than maybe you might be interested in doing something different. Radically different. I want to offer you glimpse of what life looks like without time. You may think it impossible but stay open to what you might discover.

I want to share with you a great deal about the illusion of time. Time has certainly evolved. In terms of early humanity, I think it’s fair to share that men and women of this era barely conceived daylight versus its opposite -nighttime. The four seasons; winter, spring, summer or fall, weren’t at all a understood beyond a change in temperature.

Can you imagine cavemen wearing a nice Rolex watch to help him or her determine the time? A watch wasn’t of any use anymore than the concept of time. Time became important when we, as humans, deemed it as such. I could say this another way, we learned to value time.

This is actually kind of interesting because we seem to value time in some areas and completely ignore it others. In essence, we determine those things we should precisely measure and those things we don’t. You would think that in today’s sophistication that would would be able to determine what time actually is.

Certainly, you can look at your watch, glance at a clock or pull out your mobile phone to see “what time it is.” But what you can’t do is tell what time it was. Logically, you should be able to do this -right? For example, I think it’s pretty unlikely you could tell what times you ate yesterday.

Let’s have some fun. I want you to go for it. First, start with how many times you ate yesterday. One, two or three times? Did you eat more than three times? What exact times did you eat or drink something? Go ahead, I’ve got loads of time…

If you’re taking this seriously, and I hope that you are, because after all time is real and serious isn’t? So, how many times did you eat or drink something? What was the time? I know, I know, you can’t think of how many times you ate let alone tell me what time you ate the things that you did.

Now, how is that possible if time is so important? And how is this so different than your earliest ancestors who didn’t eat with a time piece? Eating is important, isn’t? So, if would seem logical that you be able to tell me what time you ate yesterday. And for the record, I mean precisely.

Imagine, orbiting the moon with intent to land, we see time in this equation to be very important don’t we? But can you tell me the time that it landed? Sure, I’ll take the date? To really help you out let me be even more specific with the question and then I’ll give you three different multiple choice options for the answers. Okay?

QUESTION: What was the day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon?

A) June 20, 1969
B) July 29, 1960
C) July 17, 1969
D) July 9, 1969
E) None of the above

What’s your answer?

The answer is none of the above…

…because the date The Eagle landed on the moon was July 20, 1969 but Neil Armstrong didn’t walk on the moon until six hours later.

Now that we have that straight, what time was it? Don’t think for a minute that’s an unfair question!

What time did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon?

The answer is July 21, 1969 2:56:15 UTC

Hey, and by the way do know what UTC means? It means Coordinated Universal Time. Well, what the heck does that mean? It means what you think it means, its a time we’ve agreed to use in outer space. Why? Because it’s easier.

And what do I mean that it’s easier? Well, the Earth is split into 24 different time zones. This means that to calculate what time Neil Armstrong walked on the moon for me living in Arizona that I need to subtract 7 hours. Let me see, that would mean Neil walked the moon on July 20, 1969 which is answer “A” but this is only true for me and anyone else living West of Michigan.

Naturally, this only accounts for the 48 contiguous states within the USA.

If you’re not confused enough, well, Arizona doesn’t keep day light savings time. What is Daylight savings time? Well, it’s a concept that is brought forth by a resident genius that has his picture on every U.S. hundred dollar bill. Yep, that’s right! Benjamin Franklin invented Day Light Savings Time in an essay called “An Economical Project.”

Let me save you the trouble of trying to figure out what time it was for those of us in Arizona who don’t keep day light savings time, it’s the same time.

Okay, okay, okay…. Are you starting to see a trend here? Can you see that we, all humans, have “created” 24 different times zones on Earth? And then can you see how we throw those 24 different clocks away when someone climbs into a space ship? I’m trying to tell you as politely as I can that all of this time stuff is made up.

Now let’s take the big leap. If time isn’t real, then what’s the hurry? Where are you going so quickly? So fast? We should incorporate into our discussion that going slowly is just the opposite of going forward rapidly. Going slowly does’t necessarily makes things any better, does it?

Me, I can’t imagine walking Disneyland slowly. I’ve done it. And for some reason, it feels like a punishment. When I want to go fast, and someone tells me to slow down, it doesn’t necessarily make the rides funnier.

This topic, What’s Your Hurry is really about becoming aware of the illusion of time. So if time isn’t real what is? I think this is a great question and one of which I’d like to channel the response. I think you’ll really find the illumination interesting.

“Time is a concept which enables you to measure things that you deem valuable. Value too is a subjective concept but nonetheless it’s important that you see it as a concept of measurement. Time as it relates to life is a juxtaposition. The idea that you’d measure life based upon time is silly at best.

Life is a journey. Any journey can be documented but such documentation negates the opportunity to be present. Imagine, if you will, documenting your first kiss with notes while participating. The act of documenting interferes with the actual experience. Time as measurement tool of life is such mishap.

To live is to be ever present with what is and what is not being created. The fact is, that you are creating everything. If you wish to create your experiences based upon time segments then you condition yourself to think that life is like watching a episode of a TV sitcom. Each episode is limited in length. This thought is the very one that limits your experiences.

From an economic point of view, you still see the world from a state of scarcity. That there are only so many finite resources that command a limited supply or a limited demand. This thinking, appears as a natural parallel, in how you see time. You see time as a limited resource. You see time as limited.

For those who want to participate this way, the way of scarcity and limitation, we honor your choices. For those who seek to continue to remember, you must recall that time is a function of this part of the Universe as it has been created. To see time as real is but a Earthly creation.

We honor your consideration to go beyond time. This too should explain, why in so many aspects of our dialoging and participating with you that time isn’t always what you think it is. If you were to consider time, as a true perspective, then you must honor that Divine time is that which incorporates all in consideration.

The more you should open and study this the more that you will find the Flow in participating and creating at large. Divine Time, as you have and might reflect it, gives extraordinary consideration to all that is. This is to say, it incorporates things that you can’t even imagine.

We do not state this to offer offense, only to point out the need for everything to integrate. As you integrate yourself presently, you will relax your need to go slow or even hurry. Both options aren’t important as the choice is to be present. This is something that will be talked about increasingly as you’re ready to process more in this way.

As you see yourself, so you are. This is true for a time. As time dates something the same is true when your review yourself through the lens of time. To some extent this is the nature of the design of time, to give certainty or understanding, to a particular point of the linear graph of that time. That stated, there is so much more you can do absent of time.

For example, have you ever considered measuring your productivity outside of time? Why not? Why wouldn’t you give up the element of time in creating. Things are not valued because they are made in a minute or if they took thousands of years to be made; yet, as a whole you do give special emphasis to that is old in nature.

This is like saying something that is old is more valuable because of its age. If you see it for what it really is, something that is old becomes valuable when there is a perspective of scarcity. All things will live and they will die. In the organic world in which you live this means everything.

Nothing is absolute and thus it continues to change endlessly. Time as a feature of your livelihood is trivial compared to your being present. Many of you, especially in larger cities have found time to work against you both in terms of commuting and the work that you think that you need to perform. Again, do you not see the self imposed limitations that you offer yourself in allowing all of your time to be consumed?

There is nothing more incredible than being absent of time and this happens when you allow yourself to forget the limitations caused by anything that has you accordingly tethered. To be free, is to be free. To be free of time is to be without concern for any moment beyond the current one. We use the word minute as an increment of time on purpose.

As you see yourself free of any limitations, but especially time, then you free yourself to be at one with that which is. Since this is your desire and focus point, you must leave time behind as an attribute or a heavy burden to carry. It is true that some of you have always chosen to be in a hurry on the conditioned response that you would gain affection, love or even compensation for your timeliness.

If this suits you continue your pursuits with time nagging and pulling at you accordingly. If you are to be and to remain free you must be present with us that so that we can continue to share with you the power of being present.”

In respect of the title of this podcast, What’s Your Hurry? Perhaps we could review a couple of things in conclusion of what we’ve been talking about. First, hurrying through a theme park doesn’t create a better experience any more than going slowly. This example is perfectly analogous to life as a whole.

If you’ve been in a hurry to be; sixteen, married, with children, divorced, without children, or whatever then life is lot like traveling at high speeds watching the mile posts go by. Every mile post that you’ve passed is not really measured or valued by the numerical equivalent of where you are on the linear path.

Since time seems to start and stop it sorta makes sense as a concept that we’ve have employed to make things easier. But as we’ve already seen, 24 different time zones around the globe and then employing another one as we leave the planet is anything but simple. I put this forth in the conclusion of What’s the Hurry? time doesn’t have to be another self imposed limitation.

If you take apart what was actually said in the channeling there is enormous emphasis in your being present. This is why in the next few days there will be a place in which you can go on my website to download your free copy of The Magic of Now. The Magic of Now is an in-depth look into this subject of being present.

The timing couldn’t be any better. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) So check back on WestonJolly.com and you will see your invitation to get this free booklet again called The Magic of Now. It’s fun and filled with further information and details in your desire to be present.

In conclusion, time isn’t at all real. It is indeed a distraction. To live a full and complete life isn’t measured in years. It begins when you appreciate how to even more connected. This is the point isn’t? Well, clearly not for everyone, but it is for you! Consider the endless opportunities for you to have fun and live completely without resorting to hurrying.

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