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Why Being a Highly Sensitive Person is a Gift?

Every been bullied, attacked or teased for being too emotional or too sensitive?  Certainly, this can cause withdraw and even pain like the “world is too much.”

Highly Sensitive Person

Have you ever felt an outcast as a Highly Sensitive Person?  Maybe, even the term HSP feels like you being diagnosed with a pathology. Step into the real reason that you’re here, learn more about your gifts as a sensitive, appreciate being an empath, and most of all learn what to do with your sensitivities.

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Episode 072 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: Why Being A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a Gift?

[00:00:51.390] – Weston
Hi, everybody, and thank you for joining me. My name is Weston Jolly, and I want to share, as a highly sensitive person, Why You’re Being a Highly Sensitive Person is Actually a Gift.

[00:01:03.660] – Weston
Being highly sensitive enables you to see and to feel things differently, doesn’t it? You may not know it, but you have an ability as a highly sensitive to go into the depth of connection, especially with people and certainly with relationships. One of the gifts of being highly sensitive is extraordinary –which allows you to spiritually see. And a lot of people don’t know that as a highly sensitive person, your actual energy is quite healing.

[00:01:42.830] – Weston
Have you ever noticed that maybe there’s this proclivity that you’ve noticed in life where people will just tell you things that they don’t tell everybody else? These are all attributes of you being highly sensitive. It enables you to see things in ways ways that other people don’t.

[00:02:01.920] – Weston
And of course, there’s the flip side. You know what I mean! The feeling perhaps that you need to protect yourself or that maybe you’re overwhelmed by crowds or loud noises. And there may be a part of you that wants to people-please or to accommodate with others.

[00:02:24.540] – Weston
Sometimes as a highly sensitive person, there’s this need to, we hate to admit this, but to control. And what I mean is, we want to control our environments, the stimulus around us, and sometimes even people. And these are attributes, of course, of our being highly sensitive, are of course, disabling.

[00:02:44.560] – Weston
Maybe you don’t even know that you’re highly sensitive. And because of that, I put together a quiz for you to determine to what degree they are a Highly Sensitive Person. So if you go to my website here you’ll see a quiz, it in fact, determine if you’re highly sensitive. Take it, find out if you are HERE. At the end of the quiz, there’s an affirmation for you to help you to become more fully empowered, whatever level of sensitivity that you may be.

[00:03:17.310] – Weston
Today, I’m going to focus on why being a highly sensitive person is an actual gift. And since you’re highly sensitive, I’m going to be talking to you differently because, well, you are different. What I really need to say is I want you to pay special attention to all the details because, of course, you can.

[00:03:47.650] – Weston
In all honesty, as a highly sensitive person, sometimes you feel other people’s energy, don’t you? Sometimes it’s the world, sometimes it may be a spouse or it may be a brother, sister, but it doesn’t really matter whom when you can feel disconnected. And such was the day this last Saturday, meaning I was feeling, not physically low, but not necessarily myself, my True Self, by any means. I was struggling, to be really honest. Now, my partner had gone to the grocery store, and she’d come back, and she was unloading the car. In doing so, there was a woman and a little girl across the street. And evidently, the little girl and my partner caught eyes with one another. My wife went on with her unloading of food and shut the garage door after bringing the groceries in. Meaninwhile, I was inside just taking it easy, again, maybe even a little withdrawn or sullen, if you will. Then, the doorbell rang. This is maybe half an hour later after my wife got home.

[00:04:54.670] – Weston
I was walking to the door and I was thinking that the neighbor must be there because sometimes he comes next door and just says, he wants to borrow a garbage container or something. Anyway, I’m walking to the front door, then I hear this loud knocking. I thought, wow, he’s really impatient today! So I’m walking faster but I can’t see anybody. Our front door is actually half glass, an obscure glass from the waist up. And I couldn’t see a person. So I thought, It must be a child. And because of that, my mind went to the idea this must be somebody soliciting.

[00:05:26.540] – Weston
You know a little girl who is soliciting or a little boy. Sure enough, as I opened the door, there stands before me this little girl of four years old. Mom is standing about 20 feet back on the sidewalk, and already she’s visibly uncomfortable. The little girl said, “What’s your name?” I, of course, offered my name. And in that moment, I could feel something was taking place. Now, if I get emotional in sharing this, it’s only because it’s something that meant a great deal to me. I thought it might mean a great deal to you, too, and this is why I wanted to share it.

[00:05:59.140] – Weston
Stella is standing before us, and her mom intervenes and saying, “This is my daughter and she insisted on knocking on your door. And She does that from time to time.” You could tell that mom was uncomfortable and trying to make excuses for her daughter for her actions. I heard her, I could feel her, meaning the little girl’s mom and her discomfort. But I also recognize something special right before me.

[00:06:24.210] – Weston
Stella is not as tall as my belt line, and she’s already telling me about herself. By this time, my and her wife had come up, and she also introduced herself. They were talking for a moment, and we were all talking, conversing, with this little girl Stella and also her mom. Again, mom was trying to give us excuses of why this is a very uncomfortable for her, that from time to time saying, “Stella absolutely insists that shea has to knock on some people’s houses.” I said, “This is normal for us.”

[00:06:52.800] – Weston
Stella’s Mom looked at us strangely because we said, “Well, we have a son who’s now, of course, grown that used to do this as well. He used to knock on other people’s houses, and he knew everybody in the neighborhood. We know this because we would drive in the car with our son, and people would wave at him, and they would wave in a way that we could tell that he knew them, and they knew who he was. And so we would ask, “How did you know Mr. So-and-so?” And he said, “Well, they invited me in for cookies, or they have a dog named Peter,” or whatever these details were. And I said, Well, how did you know that? He said, Well, I knocked on her door.

[00:07:23.170] – Weston
So let’s get back to Stella, having knocked on her door for the first time as our little meeting was about to finis. Stella began to walk away, just abruptly as she had walked up. And then suddenly she did a U-turn, 180 degrees, and came back and literally hugged my leg. I needed that. I really needed that. Because sometimes as a highly sensitive person, you don’t know or you have a feeling that you’re alone and or people don’t understand you. Here Stella is with her mom, with the mentorship of her mom offering conditioning her little girl as what’s right and what’s not right in terms of door-to-door etiquette.

[00:08:05.890] – Weston
She knocked on our door, feeling the energy of this household, wanting to say “hello,” wanting to create contact, wanting to express herself in the way that she did. And of course, I got down to my knees and I hugged her back. I had to. And still walked off and I was touched. I was floored in the idea that this is how it’s done. A remembrance, if you will.

[00:08:33.290] – Weston
Perhaps as a highly sensitive person, you need to know that you touch the world in the same way. This is exactly what I wanted to bring to your attention about your choice to be highly sensitive and what a gift it is. Through your connection as a highly sensitive person, you have an ability to see things and to create things in ways that other people don’t. And you have an ability to have access to love and to truth and to what’s real and what isn’t. And there could be millions of reasons, like Stella’s mom, that would have you thinking that somehow Stella’s different or weird or that she shouldn’t be knocking on people’s houses. Maybe you have these same feelings within you. But we need to overcome these thoughts and to really address what is the truth.

[00:09:28.990] – Weston
Because you’re conditioning at one time or another, perhaps someone has given you the idea that you’re somehow crazy. And thinking of yourself maybe like the old Apple ad called, “Here’s to the Crazy Ones.” In this ad, you are introduced to the idea that you are crazy, maybe as a troublemaker. And maybe you think differently. Further, you might be a genius. And maybe you are genius enough that you are actually here as a highly sensitive person to change the world because you actually see the world differently.

[00:10:08.640] – Weston
You may still hold on to ideas that you’re somehow confused, thinking that you’re crazy. And because of that, you may have chosen some very, very standardized thoughts, which is to say that you might be quiet, withdrawn, and perhaps at times even confused. But I’m going to say something very strongly, you’re not confused! And that you need to express ,and to see, and to feel,what you do see and what you do know especially in the spiritual realm.

[00:10:40.950] – Weston
So you may ask the question, How do I function or what do I do as a highly sensitive person? I’ll give you the answer right up front, which is, you’ve got to express yourself.

[00:10:52.250] – Weston
I want you to think of Stella, 4-year-old Stella, who insisted, even with her mom’s discomfort, that she had to knock on our door to connect with us in a household of sensitive people, to share this love, to share this connection that is indeed spiritual, that can’t be missed.

[00:11:11.940] – Weston
Any time that you participate in that energy of your own regard, it’s going to feel breathtaking. In fact, as a highly sensitive person that you are, your going to feeling a lot of emotions. Oftentimes, in this world, there’s this idea that we’re supposed to be emotionless, as if that’s something that’s a desired attribute. And perhaps you’ve shut yourself down or you’ve tried to quiet within yourself. You don’t want that, because these emotions are actually taking you someplace. They enable you to, again, feel things, to get in touch with things that are indeed very spiritual in nature. And we need to let go of the idea that we’re here to try and fit in or to be anything less than who we are you are, to know that this is something that you have come with as a gift.

[00:12:16.650] – Weston
You really want to honor it because it means that these emotions that we were talking about just a moment ago are assets. They’re assets in feeling the human spirit, the soul, and the essence of truth. This is what makes you feel different. But you’ve got to be safe enough to be able to express this truth boldly, don’t you? We need to do that without excuse. Anytime that you have chosen to avoid truth, or even spiritual truth, as a highly sensitive person, you may feel like some part of you is being chipped away at, maybe like a block of ice where there’s a hammer and big chunk comes out of you because you didn’t express. We need to realize that there’s a tremendous cost in being a highly sensitive person by not expressing ourselves. So, giving ourselves permission to express actually fuels our connection. And the opposite is true when we don’t, it costs us; psychologically, spiritually, and of course, it’s going to drain you. And I’m sure you’ve experienced that, where you have felt drained, and of course, ultimately, that can create health issues.

[00:13:29.980] – Weston
So, as a highly sensitive person, you must remove the conditioning to be quiet or to hide it or to obscure yourself from any confrontation. That’s not what we’re here to do. We’re here to connect, and we don’t want to compromise that. And how could you? Meaning, how could you withdraw yourself from the very thing that you come here to do? This is just allowing yourself to be who you really are, which is something that connects you to Source.

[00:14:00.030] – Weston
Of course, because of this, you must see yourself for what you are, that you have an ability to connect in this way, you become a lens, if you will, or conduit, sometimes a medium. We could even use the word “channel,” couldn’t we? For you to share with others what it is that you see, what it is that you feel. And this gives you extraordinary skills in terms of being maybe a therapist or someone who is a spiritually in tune or a creator, an inventor. It oftentimes gives you the ability to see through the mire or the silliness or even the heaviness of this world. Sometimes in management or even in business, you can see through things because you just have that ability or the sensitivity which allows you to do that.

[00:14:49.580] – Weston
I remember one man who was actually a metal worker, and he was so in tune with his choice to work with that modality that he would literally talk, as in communicate to the object that he was working on. Now, you may think that he’s a goofy machinist out in the shop, but he was actually a nuclear engineer. I share this with you because he’s not necessarily the common person doing some idle work in the shop. And, he’s certainly not crazy. No, he’s actually tuning in to that degree. And I want you to understand that does represent you, that your ability as a highly sensitive person puts you in a position to be a metaphysical scientist, if you will, or certainly one that can integrate with ingredients in the same way that a chef might or certainly an artist might, where we bring these ingredients to the table and we’re conveying something that’s outside of this realm. Think Picasso, think Da Vinci. That there’s some part of them that had a sensitivity that enabled them to bring into this world something that they saw, something that they felt. Mozart as well.

[00:16:11.300] – Weston
The beauty to communicate on levels that some people don’t see even when they construct it, whether it’s a symphony or an artistic expression, or even in the depth of a conversation such as this. I do want you to understand that this whole world is a very, very simple place, and sometimes you could think of it as barbaric or very uncomfortable, to the point, perhaps you, at times, maybe even given consideration of not wanting to be here. You may wonder what your spiritual purpose is.

[00:16:48.980] – Weston
But I’m wanting to communicate with you very directly that your choice to see yourself as a highly sensitive person is, of course, a doorway. And there’s much more. Even in preparation of this podcast, I was actually shocked to find out to what degree I am sensitive. Meaning you take these things for granted in the same way that I have. But we don’t want to do that. We want to go beyond that. This is why we want to see things and share those things with the rest of the world that we do share and have access to, spiritually, for sure, so that we can communicate this spiritual understanding, not necessarily just for the sake of vanity or for the sake of teaching or to to complete a course per se, but to really honor the fact that we’re creating an image of What Is.

[00:17:38.740] – Weston
When I say image, I want you to realize that we all are creators, and being highly sensitive enables you to have a very detailed understanding of those things that you have access to seeing. And as such, when you choose to express, the things you offer to the world is an insight to the beauty, spiritually, creatively, intellectually, again, through innovation that others haven’t or don’t have access to. And of course, you make contribution to the world in ways that maybe you don’t even understand that you do.

[00:18:12.570] – Weston
When you feel enormously emotional because of anything that might be described as brutal or barbaric, you don’t need to question if you’re okay. You don’t need to freak out because you may be unduly sensitive to cloth, clothing, the coarseness of conversation, the harshness of, sometimes even masculinity. And what I mean by that is the energy that people have to be very gruff or bullying or taking of energy. And as a sensitive, you can feel these things. And sometimes, perhaps in your choice to be dis empowered, you have been taken advantage of in that way. This is something we need to flip by choosing to express yourself because you’re truly empowered.

[00:19:02.310] – Weston
So you may be asking yourself as a highly sensitive person, what natural gifts do you have? And of course, they are, as I’ve been sharing, to create, to inspire, and to touch people in ways that you don’t even know that it’s possible. And again, through healing, through spiritual awareness, through teaching, through, again, a portal to the other side. How is it that someone can have access to an animal or a person or a situation that goes outside of explanation?

[00:19:35.390] – Weston
As a personal example, I was offering a personal session in San Francisco, and the woman that sitting with me for an in-person session had asked to bring her younger son, who was autistic. He played nicely on the floor while I was talking to his mother. Then I asked in the middle of our session if it would be all right if his son would sit in my lap. And she looked at me very startled because, well, two things. One, he didn’t like touch. And two, he wasn’t necessarily fond of the masculine energy. These things were shared by mom to me very immediately. But her son was already up and walking my direction.

[00:20:10.650] – Weston
And the mom was staring, watching this in a state of shock as her son came over and sat on my lap. In one way, like I was Santa Claus, meaning he just literally sat on my knee. I held him and I put my hand on his back, and he didn’t say anything, but I actually channeled in his behalf to his mom who cried the entire time because she thought that she was witnessing a miracle. I’m sharing with you that her son was indeed highly sensitive, and unfortunately, perhaps even labeled with this categorization of autistic, which may or may not be true, but clearly sensitive.

[00:20:48.960] – Weston
And as one sensitive to another, we recognized one another, and so therefore, he felt no discomfort for him touching my hand or sitting on my lap in the same way he could feel me sitting on my knee, which was a a very casual occurrence …But it was very, very, very unique his allowing me to allow touch. It wasn’t that big a deal to me. But then again, it was. Because there’s a depth of having an understanding that someone actually knows you. To share that, as Stella shared that with me and my family, and certainly as that young man had the opportunity to share that with me in the way that I was sharing with him, is something that you do.

[00:21:31.330] – Weston
This is indeed part of your gift. And when you understand that, if things do feel harsh or confusing or sometimes even brutal, you’re not here to trying and engage in that brutality. And being quiet or withdrawn or very much internal, what I mean by that is sometimes even intellectually withdrawn, doesn’t necessarily take you in the direction that you want to go. Perhaps you can give yourself permission to see your highly sensitive nature in a way that is done through gratitude, and that you can be really thankful for being highly sensitive.

[00:22:16.750] – Weston
I can actually cry just at the idea that Stella had the awareness, spiritually, to come into our house, knock on our door, not to intrude, but to share with us her gift of sensitivity. And to share her love, even though that her mom was physically uncomfortable. Further, I know that as a highly sensitive person, you may have stories like Stella’s mom. I have one that I want to share with you.

[00:22:47.650] – Weston
My mom had had a stroke, and so I flew up to Boise to support her. In doing so, I had walked into her room. Mom had just been taken out of intensive care, and there was a nurse standing there.

[00:22:58.680] – Weston
It was clear to me that this nurse had been helping her. Without any real introduction, I walked up to the nurse and I hugged her. And I say, I hugged her, I hugged her, hugged her. My mom sat in her, shall we say, newly formed body as a result of the stroke. Holding onto the wheelchair in almost like a witch-like fashion. And she said, “That’s my son. He hugs everybody.” As if my love, my sensitivity, and my connection needed to be ridiculed.

[00:23:37.790] – Weston
Clearly, it was something that my mom was embarrassed of, that she didn’t know what to do with. She didn’t have this depth of connection, spiritually, physically, and certainly through the highly sensitive attributes of her son. And yet, if you have such a story, it’s important for you to realize that that’s not really you. We don’t need to be confused by your moms or dads or even people in society who have tried to take energy from you in that way. We need to be aware that as a highly sensitive person, you are indeed enormously strong, and that you don’t need to question yourself in the idea that you are crazy or maybe something’s wrong with you.

[00:24:16.260] – Weston
You are indeed different. I told you that in the very beginning. You’re infinitely different. We want to engage in that difference and honor the fact that as you express yourself, you’re going to feel good, great, phenomenal, especially in the spiritual department. Because there’s a part of you, isn’t there? That’s magnetically calling you to this simple piece of who you are. When I say simple, a desire to be connected. This is why you have a desire to connect with others in such a deep, deep way, and oftentimes, don’t find that connection. Because of that, you withdraw. But if you choose to engage by allowing yourself to be seen, whether it’s through the boldness of Stella or allowing yourself to go through or outside of the conditions that you grew up with is really, really important because we need to get away from that messy part of the past, trying to control that, control our own selves, let alone the things around us.

[00:25:13.180] – Weston
Let my message be exceedingly clear, that as a highly sensitive person, to express yourself is indeed the gift that you give to the world that literally changes it, not for the sake of anything else than you, spiritually bringing that understanding into this realm when most people can’t see it.

[00:25:30.320] – Weston
Having these gifts that you have, that our mine, as they are yours, as we share them, they truly influence and create things. They create the things that are imaged by those things that we feel, see, and know. As we share that with one another to create an inspiration, and I hope that you can feel that now, but beyond that, that you would give yourself permission to extend yourself in that honor, because that’s all it is.

[00:25:59.320] – Weston
We don’t need to think of Stella as being somehow brave at four years old is knocking somebody’s door. She’s just being who she is. If you can allow yourself to follow the simplicity of that really wonderful example, then you’re in. No longer denying your highly sensitive being, let alone potential, as you give your being side the ability to express. I know that you’re sensitive. Engage in that sensitivity in a way that allows you to feel at one and to allow anything that needs to be changed outside of that. Relationships, perhaps jobs, those things that you’ve done, even though your mind may say, “Oh my gosh, I can’t do that. I won’t be known. I won’t be appreciated.”

[00:26:43.280] – Weston
Maybe all your friends won’t know you based upon you actually reclaiming who you are. But there’s no risk. Consider yourself bold, strong, and feeling comfortable to just express who you are as a highly sensitive person and to allow all the creativity in those gifts, whether it’s writing, artistic, spiritual, therapy or innovation. These things do change the world. That’s what you have to come here to do as a highly sensitive person. The gift of all gifts. So please let me conclude truly in honor of you, the highly sensitive person.



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