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Coincidence or Spiritual Sign?

Is synchronicity the same as divine timing? What about coincidences?  What’s the difference between coincidences and spiritual signs?

Spiritual signs are everywhere if you know how to look.  You may think “It’s just a coincidence” but what if it’s not?  What if you could prove to yourself that spiritual signs can show you your spiritual path, how far you’re coming along and  even offer you confirmation that such spiritual interaction is normal?  It’s all right here.

Coincidences are often the beginning.  Something may seem odd about how you bumped into an old friend.  You may have even spiritually asked for something and then wondered if the spiritual sign that you asked for could actually manifest.  Then do you believe it?  Free will choice and all.  There’s nothing more humbling than having a spiritual sign that you know is for you.

Learn more about your spiritual self in addressing; Coincidence or Spiritual Sign?

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Episode 051 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription:  Coincidence or Spiritual Sign?

I can’t wait to talk to you about coincidence and spiritual signs. To do so, let me start with this true story.

A small group of friends and I took a trip to go fishing in Alaska. The group of us hired a professional guide to take us out deep sea fishing for a couple of days. The whole trip was designed to get out in nature and away from our jobs, responsibilities and the city lives where we each lived. It would be drastically different.

Our first day after arriving in the 49th state of the Union, we all gathered sleepily dressed in our rain gear at the boat dock at 5am in the morning. Each of us had been instructed to bring our duffel bags filled with additional layers of clothes, gloves, hats, sunglasses and other personal items for the trip. Our boat left the land traveling at 30 knots for maybe an hour or two before finding our fishing spot. We were so far at sea I couldn’t see land.

The moment we set anchor I knew that we were in trouble.

The boat spun in circles around the anchor like a dog on a leash pulling as hard as it could from every angle around the circumference. Additionally, our boat went up and down bouncing on twelve foot swells as well as going round and round. I caught two good sized halibut before becoming severely seduced by seasickness.

I wasn’t a little sea sick, I was the same color as the forest green rain gear I was wearing. My disposition was equally in the toilet. Eventually, I begged my buddies to return to shore but such was not the case because the fish were really biting. If there was any way to be transported off the boat I would have done it.

Late in the day the diesel engines were fired up again and we traveled our last two hours towards the dock on our way home. Immediately, I felt better that we were at least moving in a relatively straight line compared to the earlier whoopsie doo’s. I had plenty of time to contemplate my decision but I didn’t need nine hours at sea, to determine I wasn’t doing this the following day.

Each of us contributed a healthy sum for the adventure and I would be out all my money if I didn’t return for our second day of deep sea fishing. I didn’t care. I would have paid triple the amount the proceeding day to have been air lifted off the boat. As my group of friends to sea, I walked to the only place to eat. It was six in the morning in Homer, Alaska – a very small town with a population of fewer than three thousand people. I walked in hungry for breakfast and fully expecting to spend the whole day alone.

Instead, I immediately bumped into my college roommate that I hadn’t seen in seven years.

My first comment was, “What the hell are you doing at the end of the road?” – a name given to the town of Homer.

My best friend and I talked the entire day about everything under-the-sun as we’d done numerous times as very close friends in college. It was the reuniting of a real connection.

My question is how could I bump into my college roommate 4,000 miles from where we both went to college, and do so in the same small town in the middle of nowhere – Homer, Alaska? The chances of us seeing one another at all was very remote due to the very narrow window of time each of us would be there. After all, I was supposed to be out to sea fishing that day. So I have to ask, was our meeting pure coincidence or a spiritual sign?

During this podcast I’m going to continue to speak about coincidences until you might choose to see them as specific spiritual signs. At the end of our talk, you’re going to have to make a decision about what you’re going to do all of these spiritual signs. I’ll even give you a head’s up in this introduction, you don’t have to do anything with your spiritual signs -but then again you may want too.

I can’t tell you the number of spiritual signs that I’ve witnessed which others somehow miss. My purpose is to illustrate these spiritual signs until you might reach a point that even your mind says this can’t be a coincidence. You may think I’m trying to push you into spiritual awakening and if you know me at all this is the last thing I’m interested in doing with anybody.

To be clear, you’re going to have to decide, which is it? A coincidence or a spiritual sign.

I’m here to help. Let’s define coincidence.

One definition of coincidence is; a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance. Another source states that, coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events that have no apparent connection with one another. The perception of remarkable coincidences may lead to supernatural, occult, or paranormal claims.

Well, that’s interesting isn’t it. Coincidence, all by itself as a word, can take us immediately into the psychic realm. And I’ll cite the references below as both of these definitions of coincidence aren’t mine. This one is; Coincidence is the appearance of things happening in a random pattern when indeed there is an order. To this end, everything has order, even those things that seemingly remain unseen.

To see the pattern not as happenstance but rather as a part of something else is to see the interweaving beneath consciousness. These signs as you might observe them are purposeful as they would be to any scientist studying any phenomena they don’t yet comprehend or understand.

Already we can see that coincidence are correlated acts that appear separate but they aren’t. Pretty sic right? So let’s get into some of the signs that are coordinated. Let me throw out to you a spiritual question that could indeed be the basis for a spiritual thesis. What if spiritual signs are in fact the same thing as coincidences?

For the moment, consider the infinite mathematical possibilities of me accidentally meeting my roommate from college, years later, in the way that I did. If you’re logical you may say it’s one of those things. And I get it, there’s always going to be a place for that agnostic choice of uncertainty.

Even if you’re not sure, come forward and see for yourself what’s happening. Coincidence in some circles is a fate kind of thing. Meaning, the the thing or the event was going to happen anyway. Again, let’s include this as part of rationally trying to understand something that you may not see as a clear sign.

Another friend of mine had a back problem. She could feel when her back was out. She was in pain and walking around funny. During this incident, she was getting out of her SUV and opened the tail gate to get her groceries even though she was in no condition to carry the bags. She went to go inside the house to get help when she smacked her head at a weird angle into the open tail gate.

Falling back she held her head as she heard her spine crack. Truly scared because of the numerous times she couldn’t walk because of back pain, she shuffled slowly from the garage into her home dazed and angry about the incident. Sitting down on the couch and holding her head she prepared for what the past had taught her about getting banged with a bad back. The nauseating pain would be coming soon.

To her surprise, beyond a little discomfort around her forehead, she felt better. In that moment, in leaning forward and holding her head she remembered earlier in the day praying and asking that her back would be aligned. She began to laugh, now wondering if had to hit her head to do it.

My question to you is maybe aligning her back was a much of a spiritual sign as it was to hit her head. Maybe something was going on inside her head that correlated to her not feeling supported. Did it have to do with her abuse as a child? Was it all a coincidence? Was it a spiritual sign? By the way the accident in garage, realigned her back so that she was no longer in any pain…

In another true-life example comes then one comes from our previous podcast. Do you remember Past Lives: The Secret About Reincarnation? Do you remember me talking about this subject ? Let me replay this portion to refresh your memory.

As an example, let’s say you were once a witch in Europe in the 1550’s in a past life. And you were killed by fire for your beliefs or practices. Maybe there’s a pattern to see related to this life? What can you notice? If you were one of the tens of thousands of witches who were killed during this era or lifetime, you may have observe some current challenges in this life with your “speaking up” or “being seen.” It could also mean that you have some super dramatic responses to smelling smoke or seeing or being around fire. If you go beyond the observation of such a dramatic exit in your previous life you can make a change in how you wish to live this one versus being unconsciously impacted or dis-empowered because of a such an event in the past. This is the fun part.

Well… here indeed is the fun part…

What if I told you an individual called me for a session and said the following two days after I released this podcast. That is to say I published Past Lives: The Secret About Reincarnation on August 7th. Then on the 9th I offered this session…
I am paraphrasing a little bit here… but this delightful woman said, “I was working with another healer who works remotely. And it was crazy wild for me because I couldn’t fall asleep. I had all these images going through my mind that I sensed until he was gone.
But what came up for me… He was working energetically from the bottom up and he came up my middle area and he started talking to me about past life energy. There it was observed that there was a very strong connection to a male that I was once close too. In Germany, in 1604, I was a witch. Or I as accused of being a witch and this man had me burnt at the stake because he was afraid of my power. And in this lifetime he recognized my power and tried to kill it but I survived it and now that soul contact has ended.”

I never said anything about the podcast and my direct reference to witches being burnt at the stake. You may be thinking that my client heard the podcast and BEFORE her session with me on August 7th but this wasn’t the case. Instead, another two days AFTER our session I received this email of which I’m quoting….

Whoa. I hadn’t listened to the podcast yet when I called you yesterday. I’m listening now, and  just paused it at the moment where you’re specifically addressing the example of ‘if you were a witch burned at the stake in Europe….’ Whoa. How cool and not a coincidence! 

Gotta get back to listening now….Thank you  🙂

So what do you think? Spiritual sign or a coincidence. Let’s make this even funnier shall we?
As I’m preparing my this presentation, as in this exact moment, I received an audio/visual email notification of incoming mail. I open up the email and notice it’s from my very first client. I haven’t talked to her in probably eight years or so. She once lived here locally but she doesn’t now. Is this coincidence or a spiritual sign?

Spiritual signs are moments where we are beginning to become aware. Tying together more than one spiritual signs would be the same as seeing mile markers along the highway. These mile markers might be labeled, 200, 201, 202, until it’s not hard to guess what the next mile marker is going to be. In this example, these demarcations indicate how far I am down this path.

The spiritual signs that I’m speaking of can be used both as an indicator of where you are, such as my first client resurfacing after my first facilitating her over 20 years ago. Then there’s the other kind of spiritual sign that identifies the path at large. This would be the same as walking in the wilderness and bumping into an animal trail.

Spiritual signs that inform you, “Hey, you’re now on an animal trail” show you the way. You don’t know where the trail goes, or how far it goes, but you can’t miss the trail itself. If you were lost in the woods it would be probable that this trail could take you to water. Interesting right?

What if spiritual signs weren’t just used to identify a path or how far you’ve come. What if there were other kinds of spiritual signs? At lot of people use spiritual signs as a means of physical, emotional and spiritual confirmation. In my book, Is God With Us?, I recount the true story of hiking with my family just outside of Sedona, Arizona in Oak Creek canyon. Strangely, a butterfly innocently landed on me.

Feeling that this was indeed a message, but in denial of the possibility, I actually asked for the same butterfly to again land on me. This time it did precisely where I’d asked it too. The butterfly landed on my head.

Today is 911.

This is day that has become a memorial to many Americans who were innocently attacked in the destruction of the twin towers in New York city in 2001. Last year, a group of firemen were celebrating the many people who served during 911 when a bald eagle swooped in to join the celebration. If you haven’t seen the video please come to this podcast page and look for yourself. Is this a spiritual sign or a coincidence?

Regarding the eagle landing on firetruck, it was reported, “Many expressed their belief the event was a sign from above honoring those who gave all for others.” That’s quite a significant spiritual sign wouldn’t you say? Perhaps this kind of spiritual sign is indeed a confirmation that we’re being watched over and communicated with.

In another incident, this older woman’s sister said before she passed away that she would come back in the form of a Cardinal, so when she and her family saw a cardinal outside, they had to keep it company before releasing it. Heartwarmingly, when the elderly woman tried to release the bird it flew back onto her shoulder and refused to leave. Again, if you haven’t seen the video then you have to see it here.

My point in talking about coincidences or spiritual signs is to create awareness. There are a lot of spiritual signs around if you’re truly interested in observing them. It is true, there will always be a rational or somewhat rational explanation to any spiritual sign. This will always be offered so that you’re able to continue to exercise your free-will in any way that you choose.

You being here and sharing this moment with me is indeed significant. Don’t for a moment think that it isn’t. Spending time with yourself, nature and everything about you will continue to show you things that maybe you’ve never seen before. Maybe the spiritual signs that you’re looking for are all around.

If you think this is all a consequence or even fate. Sure, at one point your resistance to seeing things come together as pieces to the whole will continue to have an impact on you. It’s a delightful discovery and one that’s also quite humbling. Humbling that there is this kind of love and interaction all about us. Take a moment and comment, for the benefit of you, and others as each of our personal experiences does indeed assist someone who may be still struggling to see how everything is interrelated.

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