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The Secret About Soul Incarnation

This is the SECRET sign to all of your PAST LIVES.
How to know if you’ve been reincarnated?

How many Past Lives have you had? What do you remember about your past lives? Have you noticed anything in common?  Becoming aware of your past life is not only fun it’s integral in your spiritual development.  I won’t say that it’s necessarily easy to integrate your past life experiences but it’s truly worth the effort.

Discovering your true self beyond a singular experience can really be helpful.  You might need help and it’s right before you.  Read or listen to  the most singular important attribute your past lives.

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Episode 049 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription:  Past Lives: The Secret About Soul Reincarnation.

In the beginning, I began hearing. I scribed words given to me from Angelic messengers. In pen and ink, through automatic writing I wrote sentences that became long paragraphs then pages and pages inside my journal. I didn’t know anything about such concepts then a tsunami of information poured out of me. I wasn’t trying to connect spiritually it just happened.

I wrote of the future, the past, and so much more from the very start. One of the many things that truly shocked me was being aware of reincarnation and past lives. I remembered not one but two past lives. How could I have lived here twice before and not recollect them?

Like a flood, memories that had been blocked suddenly came crashing through the gates of my consciousness. I didn’t know what to do. What do you if you didn’t believe in reincarnation or in a past life?

I was stubborn and totally resistant to any possibility that I could have been previously born into another life. Even if I wasn’t crazy, I wondered what possible relevance any past life would have for me today. I wasn’t interested to know if I’d been previously been born in a position of nobility or a common man. I simply didn’t care.

This all changed in a heartbeat when Spirit started addressing my questions.

I was in shock. It was almost too much to handle. It got worse, instead of better. Naturally, I’m referring to the deluge of detailed information that came forth.

Even until now, I must admit talking very little about past lives and reincarnation. I’ll tell you why a little later. Today, I feel it’s time, past time really, to express truthfully about past lives and reincarnation. To say that it’s past time to talk about past lives is kind of funny isn’t? I think it is.

We can determine a past life to be any time that you’ve been here before. Instantly this definition gets a little tricky. Because we need to also define how you’ve been here before. Almost everyone assumes that the phrase being here references physically being here. Well, it doesn’t.

You can have a past life by being physically incarnated on Earth but you can also have a past life like feeling if you’ve participated spiritually with someone who was physically here but you weren’t. Maybe I’m going too quickly from the start, it’s okay, you’ll figure it all out. What I sharing is you can feel like you’ve had a previous physical incarnation because of your hyper active spiritual involvement with another physical being. As a proper means of introducing past lives and reincarnation, let’s formally start from the beginning. Becoming aware of your past life or lives is fun.

As I’ve already inferred, you don’t have to believe in past lives but nonetheless they’re real and you’ll remember them whenever you’re ready to do so. Fortunately, this means you don’t have to believe a thing I’m saying and truly on so many levels I get it if you’re coming from this perspective. If you’re genuinely interested in learning more about past lives well, you’re in for some real mind blowing awareness. Yes, I’ll even say this is true for those of you who are happy and genuinely connected to the subject of past lives.

Every soul gets to scout, plan and determine their choice to incarnate on Earth.

For the spiritual planners, this looks like a humongous stack of blueprints ranging from family genealogy to choosing geographic region, (i.e. where you will be born), personality type, time and day of arrival, race and physical and mental attributes down to selecting your mom and dad and so much more. While you don’t get to choose your brothers and sisters it’s entirely possible, and even probable, to come down with bunch of spiritual buddies. You might think of it like diving out of a plane with a bunch of friends so that you can mutually share the same experience.

For souls who don’t want to articulate such a planned beginning they jump into a cloud and descend to Earth letting go of any desires to formulate their arrival and assume the body, the family, the race and their geographic origins without any consciousness to how they will incarnate. This is part of the fun. True exploration if you will. No map, no compass, no plan, they just want to experience.

I can remember a time when reincarnation and studying past lives was like a hip or cool thing to do. Past live regression was a New Age fad of sorts fueled by “Man, who where you before?” To be honest, I never felt aligned with trading past life stories in attempt to impress anybody. I didn’t previously believe in past lives and therefore who you were in a past life versus who I was didn’t hold any more value to me than a used Popsicle stick.

Nonetheless, there are still people that cling to their physical genealogy as they do their spiritual genealogy. Certainly, I want to encourage your total and truthful awareness but not necessarily to foster bragging rights the next time you’re hanging out with your spiritually aware pals. Let’s let look at past lives objectively.

Coming to the Earth plane embodied as an individual, whole or in-part, is what I’ll refer as a traditional incarnation. But like I’ve said already, it’s totally possible to feel like you’ve been embodied if you were working really really close with someone who was. Sticking to our original past life definition, when you come here it’s common for you to forget everything —including your previous incarnations.

The primary reason that your not awake is so you can fully experience this life in a simple manner.

This is true for almost everybody. Those who are wanting to add a little more spice will begin to remember. This remembrance, or spiritual awakening, will take you all over the map.

This means through spiritual awareness, you’ll begin to see very detailed patterns connected to this life or others. Studying this kind of history is highly impactful and valuable. And for the record, I think that those who examine history have much more of my appreciation and respect than ever before.

The trouble with history, even if it’s your own past life history, is knowing it was recorded from a singular perspective. I’m not talking about studying someone else’s notes of your past life but your own perceived perspective within that body or incarnation. To assist you in understanding more about past lives, and most importantly for you to incorporate past life experiences into today’s world, let me offer you this example.

Imagine your current life can be observed with two past lives. This can be seen like a 3 level chess board. To see what I’m talking about —look at the picture of the 3D chess game presented within this post. What you’ll notice is three chessboards. One stacked on top of one another, with about twelve inches of space or more in between for the figures for the game to move on three different levels.

Every move you make in this life, on whatever level, affects your other past lives.

This analogy allows you understand how past lives integrate into this life. Further, the moment you open yourself to another life you’re opening up to multiple experiences. Any change you make in this life has a direct impact on your other lives or personal expressions.

It’s possible to observe a past life without making any changes in the same way that you can access some computer files that are READ only, which means —you can’t make changes to the digital file. When you do make a change in a past life, it has a direct impact on this life. If you’re following all of this, and I dearly hope that you are, then you understand that as you change any part of your history or past lives it affects today. Additionally, you’re changing this moment and certain outcomes of the future too.

In my opinion, this turns the boring subject of history into something that is actively dynamic. It turns a stoic past life about something that is dead and gone into something that is significant and powerful. Describing a past life is a little more complicated than just saying that you were so and so in a particular time period. In the same way certain dreams loose their true vibrance when you go to write them out or describe them to a friend. The same is true in trying to bring a past life accurately into this moment.

I’m sharing this detail because I think it helps to know how challenging it can be to integrate one past life with another. As an example, let’s say you were once a witch in Europe in the 1550’s in a past life. And you were killed by fire for your beliefs or practices. Maybe there’s a pattern to see related to this life? What can you notice?

If you were one of the tens of thousands of witches who were killed during this era or lifetime, you may have observe some current challenges in this life with your “speaking up” or “being seen.” It could also mean that you have some super dramatic responses to smelling smoke or seeing or being around fire. If you go beyond the observation of such a dramatic exit in your previous life you can make a change in how you wish to live this one versus being unconsciously impacted or dis-empowered because of a such an event in the past. This is the fun part.

If you think what I’ve shared so far is complicated then hold on… I’ve already mentioned that it’s possible for you to feel like you were physically incarnated previously due to intimate spiritual service with someone who was physically here. It’s also possible to have a fractional ownership.

Don’t freak out it’s not that complicated.

In the same way I can purchase stock and own shares within a corporation as a spiritual soul I can participate in a fractional way in a singular incarnation. This explains how several souls can be within the same body. It might even explain Old Souls, right? As an example, ten people could actually personally identify with the incarnation of Joan of Arc with each of the ten souls participating in a fractional way. Believe it or not, this can get even more perplexing but let’s it keep simple, okay?

To summarize where we are so far; you can have a past life even if you don’t believe in any such concept. Once past this memory block, or sleepiness, you can become aware of many past lives as you want. (Assuming you’ve had one or a few.) You can incarnate full or in a partial or fractional way. Lastly, you can observe past lives as a way to see patterns that you’ve created repeatedly to understand on a deeper level why some challenges may be harder than others. Remember, any changes that you make to a previous life has personal impact on this life.

Let me channel some more about PAST LIVES and previous incarnations.

“To exhibit more than one life is no different that a singular seed that populates an entire forest. The first seed begins the revolution of life to death, death to life and then as it does it brings forth other opportunities for more seeds to participate in these experiences. We are not limited to a singular seed, any more than you are required to return to participate in multiple visits to this (Earth) world.

Everyone is offered free will choice. While there are souls that have been on the Earth plane many times, there are also those who have never made this journey before. These new souls, as you’d observe from the Earth’s perspective, may have participated in many aspects of this creation but not in a physical form. These choices are wonderfully left to each individual in terms of what they want to create.

Those who are here repeatedly are most often found wanting to learn, develop and grow. This includes breaking certain patterns. There can be many reasons for this. Souls may want to repeat certain patterns as a means of improving previously made life choices. This is a form of spiritual growth and it’s quite popular and common. Others may want to repeat becoming embodied realizing that all the circumstances that surround each individual incarnation are different.

In consideration of the phrase past lives we honor your use of this categorization but differ in how you are actually define it. Any previous existence in a past life is in fact the same life.

As an analogy, last night you went to sleep and this morning when you awoke. Do you consider yesterday’s experience a past life? The answer is ‘no.’ It’s merely a cycle within one existence. The same is true in your consideration of past lives. This is why there is a need and a desire to awaken to the cycles of what you’re creating.

Instead of thinking of a past life as a separate time in which you were embodied, consider the fact that it’s a repeat, by the same soul, through different challenges and aspects, including bodily changes so that you might grow and develop. You should be aware of such things. In case you’ve forgotten let us continue.

When you repeat the process of living again within certain circumstances which would very much include coming to the same place in reference to this planet in which you call Earth, you must appreciate that you can’t ever die. Certainly, the material that you reference as matter changes and is readapted to your new incarnation but it is the same soul that offers the matter life. Without this energy, the energy of the soul which comes directly from the Great Illumination of all Light, there would be no life in the matter. This is true for all things that you deem ‘living.’

Death and rebirth are a means of describing the same cycle in the exact way that light and dark are opposite halves of the same cycle. As you realize that life is a positive expression always manifested in the ways of creating, then you must also understand the descending part of the cycle is when things are destroyed or reallocated to be recycled again. Understanding the nature of past lives in this context is to appreciate that they are indeed intertwined in ways that aren’t really separate.

It is encouraged for you to see the patterns within each part of your lives, of those spaces in which you’ve created. You might ask, what patterns do you see about your choice to manifest or express? What exactly is it that compels you to express in the ways that you do, in this life, and the ways that you’ve done previously?

These questions are invitations to your total understanding, which of coarse is the very intent that you have in opening up the doors to previously incarnated life cycles. There’s much to see. Allow yourself to see beyond what you ‘think’ you should see. Let us show you exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

Life creates life and then death creates death. To this end they are merely pieces of the same cycle and this is something that will truly assist you during this life cycle or the next should you choose to further your growth and understanding. Step forth now and reclaim your strength in the knowledge of who you are, and what you are indeed expressing. This is THE key to you understanding your previous lives, as you’ve come to frequently recognize it.”

The real secret to past lives is that they’re not separate.

It’s still you, the same soul, trying or working on or expanding in new directions. Therefore, studying your past life patterns becomes truly exciting. And when you make a change to any such patterns you’re actually changing the past and also setting yourself up for something new to create for the future. If you want to determine more about your past lives consider creating a personal session with me and come prepared to ask some direct questions.

There’s tremendous value in your understanding what you’ve been creating with these patterns and using them to propel into new experiences of exploration, growth and development. Again, if I can help you learn more about your past life let me know. It’s a great deal of fun. But at the same time I should warn you that it changes the way you see and play the game of life. Think of the 3D chess board.




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