What does UNBLINKING mean?

During a worldwide crisis, like the Coronavirus or COVID-19, 
it’s a special time to go within and to connect.
Unblinking is a poem to create such an invitation.


In this moment you are free,
Return to yourself, your true self and be.
There is so much to create in this honor,
But some of you will turn it down and think why bother,

As soon as such thought commences,
You find yourself creating such instances,
Of what you think you can’t, in dread,
Miles and miles some carry the suffering of this tread.

Those who know the light of day,
Sing and rejoice and want to play.
This isn’t a place that happens to them,
It is the knowledge of true connection in going within,

Time is an elusive beast that creates havoc for the mind,
And as such it becomes a slave in kind,
To be truly be free is not perfection of thought,
But rather the knowledge that circumstance isn’t to be bought,

Time and time again you and I are called to practice,
In joy we are encouraged to feel beyond the cactus,
As we do, we tap into the power of our soul,
To dig and dig upwards to the light like a mole,

As soon as the light touches our skin,
We feel renewed in the understanding again,
This place is but a dream with us in it,
To test our resolve; to go forward or to quit,

Up, up, and away you go when you release your ego,
Cherishing the opportunity in ways we can go,
If you are down because of doubt,
Laugh yourself out of the perceived route,

There is only freedom for you and I,
And if you should like I’ll help you touch the sky,
It isn’t a trick or even faith,
It’s beyond the seven dimensions, up in the eighth.

Time and time again so many get stuck,
Hoping to be the fortune of some kind of luck.
This is the result of separate thinking,
Now is the time to practice your unblinking.