Short Quotes: Inspirational Quotes That Spiritually Awaken

99 channeled short quotes that will motivate and transform your life.

1. “In this time of perceived separation, we are neither side, but rather we are one.” – Weston Jolly


2. “To be one’s self, one must consider what it’s like to no longer be attached to the sense of self, then all knowledge is granted.”  – Weston Jolly


3. “Ignoring the past is not encouraged.  Further, anyone leaving the past entirely is without understanding.”  – Weston Jolly


4. “May your ability to breathe and take up space be everything you desire in this existence.”  – Weston Jolly


5. “This moment in time isn’t real, so any consideration that it might be, is a distraction.” – Weston Jolly


6. “To know one’s self is to realize that you are not the things that you claim to be.”  – Weston Jolly


7. “In acknowledging the ego, you see without heavenly eyes cast in flesh, instead you see the nature of Source in the Universe without limitation.” – Weston Jolly


8. “Letting go of the truth is harder to do than remembering your name.” – Weston Jolly


9. “The river that flows to share the minerals of the earth does so with intent to mine gold so that all can see the treasures within.” – Weston Jolly


10. “Your presence in being here now is much more important than where you think you should be.” – Weston Jolly


11. “The knowledge that you think you possess is the same as the digital files that are stored on memory devices.  Once the electrical polarity that writes the record is removed the memory device no longer holds any record.” – Weston Jolly


12. “Those who represent themselves as important will at one point realize the humor of this perspective once they again encounter that which is truly great.” – Weston Jolly


13. “Imagination is not a thing but the art of loving in ways that are currently inconceivable.” – Weston Jolly


14. “It’s a fact you can’t get over something when you aren’t aware of it.” – Weston Jolly


15. “Those seeking spiritual fulfillment find themselves in the reflection of everything around them – especially in their relationships.” – Weston Jolly


16. “The love that is shared by two is not mathematical in nature and therefore will never be understood as one.” – Weston Jolly


17. “The times at hand are not new but a current reflection of how little you think of yourself. If you are to be united again you must put away your constant need to be separate.” – Weston Jolly


18. “Human nature will always seem to conflict with Mother Nature until you no longer see yourself as being separate.” – Weston Jolly


19. “True rewards are extended to those who care and cultivate the soul of another. Be kind.” – Weston Jolly


20. “The sun and the moon dance as a couple teasing and flirting with one another in the ways of dark and light, but anyone paying attention clearly sees, they dance as two halves of the whole.” – Weston Jolly


21. “In between each and every breath you have an opportunity to connect with your Higher Self.” – Weston Jolly


22. “The Light that you seek does not come from the Sun or from any other external thing.  The light that’s given to you is ours and ours only to extend to you should you want to turn it on.” – Weston Jolly


23. “Everyone has a purpose. However, don’t presuppose that everyone’s purpose should be the same as yours.” – Weston Jolly


24. “Too little too late represents those who are focusing on something that has already come and gone.” – Weston Jolly


25. “To focus on love is to understand the inner workings of all things.” – Weston Jolly


26. “The dark side of you shows itself only in the idea that you think you need to connect to the opposite side of whom you really are.” – Weston Jolly


27. “In every moment is an opportunity to love. Those most abundant spend freely and without consideration in that there’s always more.” – Weston Jolly


28. “If you value yourself as small and insignificant then you discount the very thing that we see as priceless.” – Weston Jolly


29. “Your feet represent a means of locomotion. One foot forward and you feel delightful, another placed backwards and you feel stuck.” – Weston Jolly


30. “Any common mirror reflects the light but it pales in comparison to the light reflected by a new born child.” – Weston Jolly


31. “To dress up and act like another is a game created for the entertainment of children. To be your true self is a child’s game that most adults can’t seem to master.” – Weston Jolly


32. “The facts are these; you don’t need to be at one with another but you’re sure to feel better if and when you determine to really connect.” – Weston Jolly


33. “Tears of ecstasy or sadness are like sine waves as they appear as opposites in the duality of motion that isn’t real.” – Weston Jolly


34. “Logic doesn’t favor the fool or the clever minded for both can be taken advantage through the simplicity of the Ego.” – Weston Jolly


35. “The results of the ego mind are obviously not working – at one point will you consider letting go of your addiction to what you think to be real?” – Weston Jolly


36. “Don’t mind me…, when in fact all that mind ever wants from you is to steal the show, in maneuvering itself into position to be seen as important.” – Weston Jolly


37. “The trick to being happy is only found by those who are willing to let go of the mindless distraction of trying to pretend that you need to be liked.” – Weston Jolly


38. “The results of illness are directly proportionate to the people who have had sickly thoughts.” – Weston Jolly


39. “Everything has emotion, even a rock. It’s only through such attachment to stubbornness that a rock starts its journey to being hard and immoveable.” – Weston Jolly


40. “To be mindful is to regard oneself in honor, that it is a guest to the party, not the host.” – Weston Jolly


41. “The moment you are enabled was first created by a thought that you could. The energy associated with ‘I can’t’ is an enormously powerful vibration of dis-empowerment.” – Weston Jolly


42. “The infinite cannot fit into the mind of anyone who perceive themselves as separate.” – Weston Jolly


43. “Purity of mind is not found in distancing yourself from Source but the exact opposite.” – Weston Jolly


44. “Your ways are not my ways until you remember your connection to the Light within.” – Weston Jolly


45. “Every desire puts forth a wave of energy in creating the manifestation of that desire.” – Weston Jolly


46. “What you see is what you get until you change what you see.” – Weston Jolly


47. “The mind likes to play in the sandboxes of fear because this way it keeps you confined to a tiny box.” – Weston Jolly


48. “There are two kinds of relationships. Those that are true and those that reflect anything you want to see beyond the truth.” – Weston Jolly


49. “The power of words is nothing compared to the power of the thoughts that are behind them.” – Weston Jolly


50. “The realization that one is out of balance oftentimes comes after the fact that they have already fallen.” – Weston Jolly


51. “To tell the truth you first need to know what truth is.” – Weston Jolly


52. “Stars are capacitors that broadcast and receive electricity throughout the Universe.” – Weston Jolly


53. “Everybody that dances in the light feels the energy that compels them to move deliberately.” – Weston Jolly


54. “The way of this Universe is seen in the mathematical based shapes that concentrate as spheres and relax as unfolded squares.” – Weston Jolly


55. “Everybody gets a chance to unite with their Higher Self. Only minds that are incomplete can take such a trip.” – Weston Jolly


57. “Meditation is an opportunity to listen to the babbling of the mind or to tune into something much greater.” – Weston Jolly


58. “The greater the value of an object the more likely you are to attach to it.” – Weston Jolly


59. “The health of many is the same as the health of one.” – Weston Jolly


60. “The nature of children is to remind their parents of the source of all creation.” – Weston Jolly


61. “In every breath is the power of life.” – Weston Jolly


62. “Stop thinking and give into your Higher Self that you might know.” – Weston Jolly


63. “Collaboration is the heart of the Universe while blood is the love that flows through it all.” – Weston Jolly


64. “The earth gently circles around and around for you to remember the importance of balance in your life.” – Weston Jolly


65. “The mind remains a cog to wheel that must move in precision like a watch. Unfortunately, time isn’t real, so all of it’s processing is for nothing.” – Weston Jolly


66. “The days of complacency are over, you either engage in truth or die lying.” – Weston Jolly


67. “The moment you’re dreaming about the corona virus, then you know you’re spending too much time trying to figure out the nature of the bug.” – Weston Jolly68. “Every effort given in love will be sowed again and again without end.” – Weston Jolly


69. “Enabling others to remain small or dis-empowered is done by a belief that you can manipulate or intimidate another.” – Weston Jolly


70. “Memories are used to recall the past, unusually favorable to how you think of yourself today.” – Weston Jolly


71. “Every time you embrace fear you allow the defensive armies of your mind to grow in number.” – Weston Jolly


72. “Right now – is the moment, everything outside of this space is less than a dream.” – Weston Jolly


73. “Spinning the truth has become an art form for those who seek power at the expense of the whole.” – Weston Jolly


74. “Never has the sudden become dark. It is only the mind that can turn itself from the light.” – Weston Jolly


75. “The time has begun where you can’t hide or remain quiet any longer.” – Weston Jolly


76. “To exist wholly/Holy you must honor that which is your true reflection.” – Weston Jolly


77. “May you forgive yourself for the efforts extended that make no difference in embracing the changes that are encouraged for you to be your true self.” – Weston Jolly


78. “Most see what they want to see, an observer of the truth sees what is real and this opens the gateway to see that which is everlasting.” – Weston Jolly


79. “Speaking for the butterflies as they touch the flowers ever so lightly, is the exact moment for you to realize your connection to nature.” – Weston Jolly


80. “Light is a symbol of that something that composes the vibrations of something greater than this dimension.” – Weston Jolly


81. “No one is forcing you in any way, all is free-will choice.” – Weston Jolly


82. “When you doubt pleasure and fun long enough you enlist a boring existence.” – Weston Jolly


83. “When ideologies are passed downstream you guarantee transferring the past to the future.  If you see it for what it is, this an egoic transference.” – Weston Jolly


84. “To move is to appreciate the flow of all that is. To resist change is to deny one’s natural impulses to experience and grow.” – Weston Jolly


85. “Truth is not a popular subject when distortions and lies populate the perception of what is.” – Weston Jolly


86. “The party responsible for taking out your trash should be aware that your debris is my debris.” – Weston Jolly


87. “There is a misconception that the greater the effort one makes in trying to create something is the key, when it’s the divinity in connecting to the frequency of the item or even the process.” – Weston Jolly


88. “Without imagination the mind is limited to mundane tasks that undermine the true potential of the individual.” – Weston Jolly


89. “The ability to see is not found through the eyes of perception. Truth is the only thing that exists.” – Weston Jolly


90. “The mind is a wonderful gift but nothing without consciousness.” – Weston Jolly


91. “To be mindful is to know one’s self, through this state of awareness, is the key to all understanding.” – Weston Jolly


92. “What takes place within the body is much more important than those experiences that impact the body.” – Weston Jolly


93. “To be free is to understand that there are no bounds.” – Weston Jolly


94. “The existence of matter is but potters clay given to the children of the gods so that they might practice.” – Weston Jolly


95. “The moment that you release and let go is the time you’ll be seen.” – Weston Jolly


96. “Detachment is a gift from the Gods, while being attached seems to be human nature.” – Weston Jolly


97. “Being prepared is having a vision of what things you’ll need for your journey.” – Weston Jolly


98. “If you are going to step up then stop talking and make your spiritual presence known.” – Weston Jolly


99. “Historically, it was common to follow a leader who has a vision for the whole, but now is the time for you to lead yourself.” – Weston Jolly



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