Dream Quotes: Channeled sayings that are more than inspirational

Live an inspired life with spiritual dream quotes that inspire your soul.

1. “As you dream, consider the creator of all things — including your dreams.” – Weston Jolly


2. “To not dream is to be dead. As the living can be dead, so is the soul that remains asleep in his or her dreams.” – Weston Jolly


3. “You not remembering your dreams is where enlightenment is negated because of the gate keeper of the mind.” – Weston Jolly


4. “Unconscious dreaming is like saying that you don’t know you’re asleep. You’re either awake or you’re not.” – Weston Jolly


5. “Dreams seem to be silly to the logical mind, because it doesn’t understand true creativity.” – Weston Jolly


6. “My mind is allowed to be with me in my dreams but never in the driver’s seat.” – Weston Jolly


7. “As remarkable as dreams are, there seems to be no place for these things that can’t be categorized by the mind. Don’t you understand this is intentional?” – Weston Jolly


8. “Dreams of fulfillment are achieved by letting go of the Id.” – Weston Jolly


9. “If you’ve ever asked the question; is there something more? Then pay special attention to your dreams.” – Weston Jolly


10. “The formal structure of the dream state is done to create havoc to the logical brain. As a result, most mind’s disregard that which is most precious.” – Weston Jolly


11. “The ripples of the universe are transmitted continually through vibration and knowledge that dreams are more real than you trying to hold on to what you think.” – Weston Jolly


12. “The true magic of all dreams is knowledge beyond this temporal existence.” – Weston Jolly


13. “That which you think to be dreams is but the true language of the gods – given to all who are awake.” – Weston Jolly



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