The Spiritual Significance of your dreams

Everything you dream has meaning.  Actually, not just meaning but spiritual significance. 

Everything you dream has meaning.  Actually, not just meaning but spiritual significance.  Professionally, I’m often asked to assist to help decode dreams.  In truth, it’s my pleasure to do so.

Dreams are funny, sad, horrid, and erotic and all of it is telling.  You will dream of sex, water, childhood, flying and a lot more.  You ‘ll have dreams of things you can barely describe.  Then there will be reoccurring dreams.  These are also noteworthy because of the patterns of repetition.

Your strongest dreams will be those with the most emotional imprint on your body, mind and soul.  These are the messages that are most likely to get through.  Sometimes in these recollections you will find it hard to determine what’s real and what’s not.  In cases like this, you may awaken still filled with emotions from your dreams.

As an example, a young man shared with me the following true story.  He begins;

I was sleeping super soundly.  That is, until my girlfriend bolted upright out of bed like a zombie coming from the grave.  Frightened and still very much asleep, I asked her, “What’s wrong!?” 

She looked at me meanly and said, “I’m still mad at what you did last night!”

“But Honey, I didn’t do anything.”  I said.

“Exactly!” She said, as she threw back the covers and stormed out of bed.

In conclusion, I said, “Your girlfriend is mad at a male figure, not you -although she feels safe enough to express it to you, that she feels isn’t supporting her.”

If you want to know the spiritual significance of your dreams you need to ask.  Next time before you go to sleep, gently ask yourself to remember your dreams.  Keep a dream journal next to your bed.  Or if you want, consider an audio recorder.  If you should get up at anytime during the night write or record your dreams while they’re still fresh.

After you begin to remember your dreams, continue to ask your Higher Self the deeper significance of what is being shown to you. You will know when spiritual truth has been revealed.   This will stir feelings and emotions that your getting close or you’re right on center.  Commonly, when dream significance is being revealed you will begin to remember even more.

As a deep sleepwalker and talker, I don’t remember what I did or said until my partner asks me, “What were you dreaming last night?”  Then like a light switch the dream comes into further view.  If talking out loud is helpful, then share with someone who is open and will listen without pushing his or her perspectives or interpretations.  Set your dreams free.

There is so much meaning to dreams that most people don’t allow.  How about you?  Is it time to remember the spiritual significance of your dreams?  Consider, the music, inventions, treaties, negotiations, prophecy, math and truth all that has been revealed in the dream state.  What knowledge, information or expressions do your dreams hold?


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