Welcome to the future

Seeing the future continues to be appreciated as one of the most valued of all gifts.

How can Dorothy take us into the future?

For thousands of years there has been keen interest in what seers, dream interpreters and oracles bring to light of things yet to come. Seeing the future continues to be appreciated as one of the most valued of all gifts. For me, seeing the future continues to be an ever-precious talent of which I feel so honored to share. So I thought it would be fun to open up a quick overview of the whole process.

At the beginning of the New Year, I am excited to share a host of information about upcoming events. But before doing so, I want to answer a question that is commonly asked of me individually in consultation, workshops, presentations or teleconferences, which is, “how will the future unfold?” Interestingly, the many endless answers, while wonderfully detailed and exhaustive, all share a single key element.

The FutureI think it timely at the first of the New Year, to make simple this fundamental element in understanding the future. So, let me introduce to you two little girls who personally imprinted their spiritual example for me that I hope might be equally unforgettable for you. The first girl, I’ll call “Dorothy” for her sparkly red suede shoes of the Wizard of Oz and the second girl, “Anna” from the Disney movie Frozen, which if you look closely is embossed on her pink boots.

While sitting in a tiny round park-like area nestled between stores the day before New Year’s Eve, I noticed these two precious girls. In my observation, Dorothy and Anna just met. Anna’s mom sat close offering rapt attention, not to her daughter, but to whomever she was texting on her cell phone. Dorothy’s mom was the opposite, giving total consideration to her daughter and new friend.

The Importance of Unity

The pictures I sneakily took hardly capture the bliss of these two new friends and their inseparable connection in play. Dorothy held hands with Anna skipping around the circle singing; we’re off to see the wizard… The Wonderful Wizard of Oz… Part of me found it hard not to sing along. Their pure joy and connection was truly compelling.

The answer to future prognostications is alive in one word –unity. You see, pun intended, the future is not separate from the past or the present. It only appears separate in the illusion of time. Granted, time seems real on this plane but indeed it’s not. The unity offered in two girls meeting for the first time and playing as if they have been life-long friends isn’t an illusion. It’s the connection.

The FutureReflection Dircts The Future

When you see the future, or if it is offered to you in the infinite reflections of the ways of Source, remember the word unity. Be reminded the path of the future is formed based upon your choices, past and present. I reference the past not exclusive of your physical choices and experiences but also those made prior by your Soul. The future is always a reflection of all of these choices.

Take a look at the future as you see the last picture of Anna with the appearance of her eyes closed but actually they’re wide open as she smiles in total ecstasy. She is at one and connected. Then look closely at Dorothy who holds Anna’s hand while also turning outward to greet a whole new world. Anna and Dorothy are showing us all how to be one in the future with their unity.

The future is unity. The future is not scary unless you’re still holding on to paradigms of fear or separation. These perspectives are all learned. Fortunately, Anna and Dorothy haven’t learned to be cut off. They see each other as one, not as competitors, but as one.

Anna and Dorothy just met. They sang in one voice. They held hands and danced. They ran and played while most of the adults in the park didn’t seem to notice. They are individuals but they are not separate. Welcome to the future.