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A soul mate is defined as an spiritual energy that is shared between two people, very likely in a previous incarnation, that makes the couple irresistible to each other. Romantically, this passion is much greater than general sexual desire or any natural chemistry experienced in creating a normal relationship. This zeal or attraction almost feels like a compulsion to be together that can feel wrong if you’re not.

Soul mates differ from old souls, twin flames or even kindred spirits. There is one common attribute that all soul mates share in common; there is absolutely no hiding from the another. Two people may see very desirable things about each other that they might not even see in their personal self. Individuals engaged in a soul mate bond share beyond physical or even emotional levels.

This spiritual connection runs deeps and this light carries them forward to unite as one.

1. How Do Soul Mates Meet?

From a logistical perspective, this is a funny question but it’s totally serious one if you feel you’re supposed to connect with your soul mate and you haven’t met him or her yet. Personally, I would suggest Automatic Writing as one way to see if there is a designated or even a previously agreed to place where you are to meet. Sometimes in previous incarnations we agree to reconnect in a certain way, place or even through a symbol.

As an example, two soul mates may agree to meet in the future at the base of a specific waterfall. This would ensure a place for the rendezvous. The next variable would be to choose a window of time. This part maybe the hardest part of the plan. Nonetheless, the couple might make an agreement to meet at Wailua Falls in Kauai, Hawaii during the third month of the year 2020. This would explain a sudden urge by both soul mates to go Hawaii separately and to meet there “at this exact time.” Following clear intuitive guidance is key.

2. Can a Soul Mate Be a Friend?

Without a doubt a soul mate can be a friend. It can also be a daughter, son, sister or brother. We tend to think of soul mates as romantic partners and this is usually the case. In my case, I enjoyed a very beautiful soul mate connection with a nonromantic childhood friend/brother who died in his early 20’s but it was a foundation to my soul mate romantic partner. In essence, one exceptionally close friend paved the way for an extraordinary future life partner.

When soul mates are friends they are generally connected at the hip. This would be the kind of friend that you call every day and still you can’t share enough. As friends, it’s not like you don’t know an enormous amount of information about one another, but there’s always a longing to always share more. I would present this as a delightful challenge. Sometimes it’s difficult to have this kind of content mirroring or reflection in your life but in the end it’s worth any issues that may come up between you.

3. Who IS My Soul Mate?

This question usually presumes that there is only a single soul mate to be had. Generally, this is true, but there are many examples of having more than one. This gets really awkward if you’ve got more than one soul mate in your life at the same time. From the commonly held standard that couples are preferred this may be how a marriage tolerates one partner having a life time affair with another concurrently. Logically, it may not appear to make sense but it very well might to the parties involved.

A clear cut case of this is Gladys Davis. Edgar Cayce, an internationally known psychic of the late turn of the century in the 1900’s was always married to wife Gertrude Evans. Even though Edgar’s life long secretary, Gladys never interfered romantically with Mr. and Mrs. Cayce marriage but she was indeed a soul mate to Edgar.

To find your soul mate I would recommend you being very open. Participating with a soul mate is a much romanticized notion. I’ll say it another way, it’s not for everyone. If you’re determined to find your romantic partner, you’ll find he or she shows up regardless of your being ready or not. This might mean you are already dating someone else and suddenly everything changes when they arrive as you abandon any current expressions of love to be with the one you feel destined to be with.

4. What Does a Soul Mate Look Like?

You’ll hear most people refer to the eyes as a means of connection and it’s indeed true. If you hold fast to a soul mates eyes you may feel like you’re being hypnotized and not wanting to look anywhere else. This is an easy trait to recognize. Harder it is to describe the knowingness that you have about the other person’s life.

A soul mate connection is loving, empathetic and there’s a never ending drive to spend all the time possible with the other. This is a key factor is recognizing what soul mates look like. Sometimes there are special physical attributes that are signs or symbols of recognition that attract the other to see and fall in love with. This could be the shape of your partner’s face, the means in which they laugh or even how they might speak with a particular attribute or behavior.

5. Soul Mates for Life.

Certainly most soul mates want to spend at least a life time together. That said, they may want to participate more than two or even three. Think of this desire to be so wonderful that you can’t seem to be satiated. There’s always a desire for more.

Then there are other kinds of soul mates that work differently. They come together with absolute strength to reflect something, perhaps something very specific, and they don’t stay to continue to participate in a life long relationship. A soul mate may come into your life to pull you away from your current relationship, job and wherever you might be living, to free you from everything you’ve created and then they leave.

This can be heart breaking but this kind of soul mate agreement is fulfilled by one releasing the other from all things that they have previously built. When this happens the soul mate that is left alone can feel completely depressed in the short term to find themselves reconstructing life in a completely new way when they determine to again rebuild. During the interim break up period it can seem like death. In time, there’s an understanding that is deep and filled with compassion instead of loss.

6. When a Soul Mate Dies.

There is a part of you that may feel alone but not really. The reason is because in true soul mate relationships you really are living life, every day, to the fullest. Spending one day with your partner or having 60 years feels oddly completing. I think one of the funnest aspects of soul mates that die is knowing that death doesn’t separate the love.

And we haven’t discussed this attribute yet, but soul mates who die can become a spiritual guide. This means that they are actively sharing and connecting with you even as you pursue other romantic relationships because they truly can and do offer you unconditional love and exhibit this a spiritual messenger. Healthy soul mates who participate in this way loose their earthly desire, sexually too, and yet the kind of love that they share is of the same frequency.

7. What If a Soul Mate is Married?

I’ve always said that love is never convenient and this is a perfect example. You could be happily married and have a soul mate sit next to you during a flight only to disrupt your entire world. Most soul mates find it near impossible to be apart. Therefore, the new relationship soul mate flourishes while the other changes.

It’s possible to have an affair with a soul mate but stereotypically this isn’t fulfilling enough. Certainly, there are exceptions but most soul mates really want to be together and not in a part-time relationship. This is because of the soul desire to complete something, or even continue something, in relationship that feels unfinished.

8. Will Soul Mates Come Back in The End?

We should first address why would a soul mate would leave in the first place. It’s almost always because somebody is scared. This may sound silly but the soul mate leaving may be scared of the depth of love that is being reflected in the relationship. This could be due to childhood issues or even past life issues that are unresolved that might make them feel unworthy.

Now to address the question – not always. I’ve seen soul mates connect that should be by every measure together but one got scared and couldn’t find his or her personal balance. You should think of this as liking someone with so much depth that it  feels like a drug that is going to consume you. Certainly, this is never the case, unless you choose to get lost, but it does explain the need to run.

Now for the good news, when a soul mate returns they normally really want to stay. Any personal challenges are automatically understood by the other partner but for the soul mate partnership to flourish all these issues do need to be dealt with. When a soul mate returns there is a fullness and a joy that can feel like a new birth. There’s excitement in the opportunity to flourish in a feeling that is whole-body unabridged.

9. Are Soul Mate Relationships Difficult?

True soul mates constantly demand truth and transparency. This sounds wonderful but it may be harder than you think. The constant reflections of authenticity in a soul mate relationship for anyone in a defensive habit may be exhaustive. Although, I would not categorize soul mate relationships as hard at all.

When two people join as soul mates there is an ease in which everything is created. This is what an “in tune” soul mate relationship looks like, it’s easy. Very easy. It’s very invitational and quite personally demanding especially in the category of personal growth. This is because the couple want’s to experience life at its fullest.

10. Why Do Soul Mates Break Up?

There can be a place within a soul mate relationship where one or both of you feel finished. This is a good thing.  It’s not an escape or a fear to be present. It’s we’ve completed this part of our agreement. Normally, these kind of break up’s are really conscious and loving.

There isn’t a need for a nasty divorce attorney because there’s an understanding. There are normal feelings of change but in the end it feels like the right thing to do. These kind of soul mates can even reach back through what was a romantic relationship to be good friends in ways that may not seem conceivable to the ordinary couple. Soul mates who do end up going North and South do so for good spiritual reasons.

All in all soul mates are exceptional relationships that are filled with tremendous excitement, joy, love and with deep intimate expressions. Yep, this means sex too. There is wholeness in these romantic duos as they dance with an ease in fludity. In truth, they are one body, and they choose to energize themselves individually as much as they do their relationships.



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