5 Ways to start Automatic Writing


Automatic Writing tips to learn how to write creatively and from your Higher Self.

What is Automatic Writing?

Is a wonderful spiritual tool for you to connect with your Higher Self or Source.  Creatively, automatic writing is typing whatever comes to the surface.  It’s writing out words, without thought of story or context. Used Divinely or creatively, the process is the same.  It is getting yourself out-of-the-way.

You should know that Automatic Writing isn’t using your imagination or making things up. Quite the opposite. Automatic Writing is the process where you are moving a writing instrument, such as a pen, and writing without thought, where Spirit is leading the message.

What’s the difference between Morning Pages, Journaling, Freewriting and Automatic Writing

Are you confused about the definitions of Freewriting, Automatic Writing or Morning Pages?  Watch this 4 min. video.)

Automatic Writing is a Divine Process.

It is something that happens through you — not to you. You are not taken over by some weird spiritual force –unless somehow this is your desire. You should know that you always have free-will choice, and nothing will come through you unless you choose it. Going forward, it is assumed that you want to write in the Light and in an illuminated way. This addresses; how to make automatic writing safe.

As you Automatic Write, you will of course use your body. Initially, it could be described as a little strange to the mind, but your body will likely feel: peace, tranquility and perhaps even a little sleepy. When I first started Automatic Writing in Hawaii, 20 years ago and I didn’t even know what it was, let alone how it worked. Initially it was shocking to witness my pen writing words I wasn’t thinking.

Ultimately, this is the goal.

Let’s get you started to learn these 5 ways to start Automatic Writing.

1. Remove all expectation

I first started Automatic Writing on a lanai outside our condominium in Maui. Since I’d never heard of Automatic Writing, I knew nothing about what was about to take place. Not knowingly, this was a huge advantage. I cannot overemphasize the importance of “not trying.”

Journaling, which is another name for Automatic Writing is super fun. Some people do use Automatic Writing as a creative exercise in writing to fill up a page with whatever comes into your mind as you’re writing. I am cool with that as long as you come into Automatic Writing without expectation.

If you’ve ever looked into a 3D picture you’ll want to soften your eyes and then let the “hidden” image come to you. While there’s nothing hidden in Automatic Writing, allowing yourself to softly open in letting your hand automatically write, is the whole idea.

2. Get in a relaxed position so you feel very comfortable

Being relaxed is very important. For example, imagine spending a whole day at the beach. The weather is warm and after getting in and out of the water your body is very relaxed. Even if you wanted to hurry, you’re whole body is just uber peaceful.

Or let’s say you went to the Spa for the day. You get a great message. Then, you take a full body mud bath. And finally, you enjoy a long hot steamy shower. You’re so unwound that putting on your robe takes a lot of effort.

I’m not suggesting that you have to go the beach or go to the Spa to participate in Automatic Writing but what I am recommending that you’re very aware of having your whole body totally relaxed. This includes your mind. Just let your body and mind kind of shuffle to a place where you can write. And get yourself in a position where it’s real easy to move your pen.

This can include wearing clothing that are loose so that there is nothing binding the movement of your arm, wrist and hand as you write. If you want to draw largely make sure you’re position will allow for it. Maybe as a child you used Crayons to draw on the floor. The point is to feel at ease, uncluttered and free.

I really like to do my Automatic Writing in bed. I make sure that I have plenty of time and that nothing is pending or rushing me. I usually sit up so I can write. There’s a reason I sometimes write in bed, I’ll explain more in a minute.

Another place I love to Automatic Write is outside. I first started Automatic Writing in a chaise lounge in nature. For me, there’s something very special in being in the outdoors. The sights, smells, and sounds of nature all add another dimension to my Automatic Writing. I can’t encourage you enough to allow everything to become a part of your process.

3. Start with a good pen and paper

I’m sure that this suggestion might sound ridiculous. However, if you are an artist it isn’t. There are several reasons why you’ll want the fastest writing instrument you can find. Think of your pen to be a truly fast sports car. You want to have a pen that can move smoothly and quickly.

Continuing with our sports car analogy, you can only drive as fast as the road will allow. Your paper selection is the road. You don’t want to write on any kind of paper that might slow you down. (Napkins, of any kind, are the worst!) You might assume that Automatic Writing is some kind of race but that’s incorrect.

Automatic Writing can take place in many different ways. Sometimes it may come out very deliberate and slow like you’re taking a handing writing class and working on your calligraphy. Other times you may be writing so fast that it’s actually hard to read what you’ve written. I know some people who actually use different colored pens. And I know of others who love to use pencil.

When your Automatic Writing starts to stream you might find it challenging to keep up. I am talking about speed again now. I’m preparing you, just in case your Automatic Writing is as fast as mine. Even if you don’t write quickly you’ll never be sorry for not having a really good pen and premium grade paper to capture these Divine messages.

Personally, I have tried almost everything. I encourage you to do the same. With that said, you will develop very specific tools that you’ll delight in. Let me share with you my favorite pen. As everyone knows in my family, “I love pens” and this is why.

I use the Pilot G-2, 1.0 sized tip. I typically use black ink but occasionally I’ll use blue too. I love this pen because there’s a certain feel to it that isn’t constricting. For me, there’s nothing worse than feeling like I am inscribing the surface of the paper with a pen. I can’t stand it if the tip of a pen is too small or it doesn’t flow.

I really enjoy writing with a pen that feels like it wants to fly. If I can scream across the page without any resistance, I start smiling. I have tried using almost every pen available. (If you do come across something new and think I might like it, please contact me!) I’ve tried to like really expensive pens like Mont Blanc, but I can’t accommodate the way the pen should feel in my hand as I write.

To this end, I am very very picky about what I use to write. In time, this has expanded and I can now Automatic Write using a crayon or even piece of charcoal from a bag of barbecue briquettes, but to get you started I’d prefer you make it as easiest as possible for yourself. I also prefer rolling ball tipped writing instruments. I really don’t like felt tips, although it looks cool, it doesn’t feel right. Ultimately, you’re going to have to try and feel what’s best for you.

4. What you might write

You may think that you’re going to write words. And you may, but then again, you may not. You should prepare yourself to allow the pen to do whatever it wants to do. Remember this is happening through you. You might find yourself doodling, sketching and then suddenly a word pops up. You may scribble around the word with flames or enclose it within a lightening bolt.

Let whatever wants to come out, come out. I’ve written poetry, I’ve written scientific kinds of stuff. Every dialog I’ve ever written sounds like someone talking to me, and like I’m the court reporter, capturing every word. I have written in all kinds of styles and ways that aren’t at all mine.

What I mean by this last statement is that my normal writing has a certain flow; I guess it would be the same way my voice has a unique tone, cadence and quality in which I speak. When I Automatic Write, all of my style is usually cast aside. I’ve written using language that sounded like it came from Biblical times. I’ve constructed sentences that were as long as a paragraph. And I’ve written in ways that a scientist might present a new theorem and prove it.

The handwriting style itself can be described, at best, as unique. I usually write so fast that it can be really hard to come back and read what I’ve written. This pains me, because I treasure every channeled word. I don’t ever want to insert, even a word, that’s mine. I want it all to come from the Highest Source.

If you looked at my handwriting there are times you might see the cursive slanting to the left, suggesting I am left-handed when in fact I am not. I’ve printed words, written in cursive, all within the same sentence. Sometimes my words don’t come out in a straight line. What I mean is, we are all taught to write on the lines.

Every so often my words just start leaving the lined paper, if I’m using it, and they start creating their own path. I’ve seen some people Automatic Write in circles, starting from the outside in, or in reverse. I’ve seen others who write words in enormously large print and then follow it up with the tiniest of print where you practically need a magnifying glass to read it. Regardless of how it comes out, honor the flow.

If you enjoy a personality type that is very neat and orderly and your Automatic Writing is a sloppy and wild as teenager’s room, let it be. As you write, don’t think about what is being said, instead just let it flow out of you. To some degree, you could say that you’re witnessing the act of the Automatic Writing through the words, what they say, and ultimately what they mean. Most of all, let it be fun.

5. When you might write

I have one big suggestion to offer you here. Start your Automatic Writing first thing in the morning. Specifically, before you get out of bed or start your morning routine. This assumes you’ve already prepared your favorite pen and paper right next to your bed. When you wake up, just start writing. Again, no thinking, just write.

Let the pen wonder in whatever ways it wants to go. There is no need to regulate. This is why waking up first thing to start your Automatic Writing is a perfect time. Morning is best because your mind hasn’t engaged.

If you really need a boost to get started, set your alarm for 4am to start your Automatic Writing. Unless you usually get up at this time, you’ll find that your mind is still asleep and that’s exactly what you want. Your writing may begin with a sentence. Just witness the act. Remember this is really the most effortless thing that you can do.

I do recommend that you create an Automatic Writing routine. You can begin anytime you want, but keeping your mind free is the key. If you have to get up in the middle of the night, grab your pen and paper and write for ten minutes before getting back in bed. In this last scenario, when you wake up later in the morning, read your journal from the middle of the night and start your day by continuing what you started.

Notice I didn’t say edit or correct what you previously wrote. Start your Automatic Writing later in the morning exactly where you left off earlier. For example, when musicians are practicing, they will often say, “let’s pick it up from this bar or measure within a song.”  The same thing is true here. You want to pick it up exactly where you left off.

This ritual too has value. Enjoy the fun. Automatic Writing is likely to become a priceless tool.

So, there you have it. A great start to your using Automatic Writing as a means to See Your True Self.

Something More

If you find yourself interested in learning further secrets of Automatic Writing I can help.  I have created a new online course, called; The Secrets of Freewriting.

Why me?

I’ve been doing it professionally for over 25 years. I think you should want to know everything about your spiritual teacher so read about me here.

Learning how to Automatic Writing can be done a lot faster with some guidance. Clearly, there are things you can do that will aid you in connecting in this way. Personally, I think of my Automatic Writing as one of my most valued gifts. And I really mean that…

If you’re like most people, maybe you’re still struggling with questions like…

  • Is this real?
  • Does this look like what Automatic Writing is supposed to look like?
  • Can I see someone actually do it?
  • Are there secrets to making this process easier?
  • Can someone actually show me how with details?
  • Can I read what you, or others, have written?

Well, if you’re interested, I’ve put together a special online course, that takes you deep inside the process of Automatic Writing. It’s called… Secrets of Automatic Writing It’s a comprehensive online course that will teach you;

  • How to connect with your Higher Self
  • What is out of bounds
  • Using Source to show you the way…
  • Releasing into the moment
  • How to believe what you wrote, when some part of you will want to deny it.
  • Seeing things beyond this dimension
  • How not to filter yourself from the truth
  • Learning to recognize things that are likely outside of what you think you can connect too.
  • How to use Automatic Writing as a tool for clairvoyance
  • Why certain language is used when Automatic Writing
  • Getting information from the Highest Source, Angels, the Akashic records, and also from those who have passed.
  • How to write what you’re given to write vs. what you think you should write.
  • Spiritual communication beyond the words
  • Tapping into things that you don’t have any training, schooling or experience in and believing what you’re being offered is
  • Seeing your truest reflection
  • Learning to experiment with the infinite writing styles
  • True recognition of your Higher Self
  • How to adjust to your sense of self (and perspective)
  • What Automatic Writing looks like
  • Exercising the Art of Desire with Automatic Writing
  • Increasing your spiritual connection outside your Automatic Writing time
  • The greatest invitation your ever been given; is to spiritually hear, see, feel and know the truth
  • What things to expect in your transformation

Get more information about Secrets of Freewriting here.



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