I ask this daily to make sure it is still there.

The initial sentence of my daily journaling with Spirit usually begins with this question. The inquiry was first formulated in Hawaii when I was concerned about the consistency of God and the Angelic realm always being there when I called upon them. Therefore, it seemed logical that I should always ask the same question in the beginning of my journaling or channeling to make sure they were still there. My hearing the Source and Spirit is tremendously valuable to me and “I didn’t want to loose it.”

Recently someone asked me, respective of my clear hearing of Spirit, “What if you tuned on your hearing and you couldn’t hear?” Before I was really able to think, the answer had already emerged from my mouth “it’s impossible.” Perplexed and frustrated this person’s shell or lower self burst out in tears and said, “Well… I don’t hear like you do!” While there seems to be some truth that most people don’t hear voices or other sounds of Spirit everyone is equipped to perceive Spirit – if they want to.

Spiritual Connections

The anguished cry to connect with the Divine is within your power. Remembering how to receive Spiritual messages is as easy as you want it to be. The incorporation of all your Spiritual senses does not need to be dissected but it may help you initiate awareness in your own abilities to connect. Create openness and intent of mind and much can be recalled. Accept that you are able to integrate Spiritual consciousness. Determine if you have a principal way of communicating that you have otherwise overlooked and then unite them again in oneness with all that is.

The Spiritual senses used to describe the ability to perceive and connect with Spirit are sometimes currently referenced as “clairs.” The slang use of clair refers to the first syllable of a group of four words that attempt to describe these extra sensory perceptions. These words are; Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and Clairaudience. The most commonly understood word is clairvoyance, which categorizes clear seeing. This word means an ability to see images or pictures beyond the physical realm seeing Spiritual images. The remaining three words mean in their respective order; clear feeling, clear knowing, and clear hearing.

These words, as recognized with all words in every language, are merely symbols representing intrinsic feelings. The most prevailing initial clair describes our native ability to feel through clairsentience. The clear feelings are the closest state of our Spiritual being or esoteric form. These feelings might be described by the Wall Street Journal as “gut feelings” while Oprah might describe the same feelings emanating from the Soul. Regardless of your choice of semantics the messages or connection to a Higher Source is the same. It is magnificent to be aware how everyone in the flesh has access to these “higher powers” regardless of their geography, tradition, or culture. In essence, we have all been given the means to communicate with the Divine regardless of any perceived condition or limitation.

Where Are You?

In picking up my daily journal I laughed at the possibility of the question “Are you there?” might reference me being there. How many times in my past had I ignored clear messages from Spirit before remembering these gifts within? The humor was in the reversal of the question about them being there when maybe they were asking me if “I was there?” In hindsight, I smiled about the patient and consistent dedication of the Source in my continued awakening. The gift of being or allowing Spirit to communicate with you will come to you in any form you determine to be comfortable. This too is an act of love by the Universe in respect of your continued free-will choice. Open your Soul and you will find flowing messages from the Divine that are hard to ignore.