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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that… “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…”

7 Ways to be More Spiritual

How to be Spiritual but not religious

Discovering your own spirituality is a very personal journey.  Sometimes it might feel easier to say  you’re affiliated with a group versus finding your own way.  If you feel that you are Spiritual but Not Religious then consider these common mile markers along your spiritual journey that might assist you. This can happen at the start of your spiritual awakening or it can happen much further down your path. Nonetheless, there’s comfort to know you’re not lost.

Ultimately, you may wonder can my spiritual gifts can be taken away?  Or even how spiritual are you?  The a huge question for most of us is; What spiritual path is right for me?  Regardless of where you’ve come you’ll find value in these points.  It takes courage to be spiritual and sometimes it’s of great comfort to know you’re not alone. You can read the transcript or begin listening to the podcast now.

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Episode 046 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: 7 Ways To Be More Spiritual

I’m spiritual to the bone and to be honest once upon a time I was religious too. So, what’s the difference? Is there a difference in being spiritual versus being religious? Being spiritual without religion isn’t a new venue of choice. To be honest there’s quite a bit of pressure for you to conform to a religion. Possibly, it’s easier to explain in a word the basis of your spiritual beliefs.

But is this really true? If you told me you are a Christian did you know there’s a 50% chance you’re Catholic? And If you aren’t Catholic can you tell me the tenants of this belief? Generally speaking I can, but in detail I can’t ,and I once even took a class called, Religions of the World. What are your spiritual beliefs? Maybe this question is hard to answer so let’s stay on path to discovering ways to increase your spirituality.

It’s clear there are more and more people who consider themselves spiritual but not religious. This classification may be a catch all category to the religions of the world, but what if it is something much bigger? It’s my observation everyone is looking for something even if they don’t consciously know that they are.

7 Ways to be More Spiritual, as the title of the podcast might suggest, may give you the impression that these are the ways to become spiritual. Let me address this first, they’re not. What we’re going to do here is list some common means of accessing your spiritual self. You bet, I’m going to talk about patterns that might assist you to increasing your spirituality. I want you to see these as possible mile markers or demarcations along your spiritual journey.

1. Just Be.

The Beatles released, Let it Be in 1970. Is an interesting song because the lyrics seem to combine the clairvoyant presence of Mother Mary with the spiritual affirmation; “Let It Be.” Maybe the song, “Let It Be” is a lyrical chant?

What does Let it Be have to do with Just Be? Perhaps, these concepts come from the same origin. Just Be is an enormously well traveled mile marker down your spiritual path. William Shakespeare said it a little differently in the 1500’s when he wrote; “To be or not to be is the question.”

Your state of being is a huge part of your path in becoming more spiritual.

When Just Be came up for me as a concept, I didn’t have a clue what it meant. To that end, maybe you could use some further clarification. Just Be references you’re being present, still, open, available and outside the commands of the ego self.

That statement is worth repeating so let me state it again, Just Be references you’re being present, still, open, available and outside the commands of the ego self. Being is the very opposite of Doing. While being and doing have respective similarities to the feminine and the masculine there’s actually more to understand.

Being doesn’t happen as a result of something external to you. Sure there can be invitations to you being, but ultimately it’s still a choice. To access to your true self you’ll find it in the simplicity of Just Being.

2. Developing a Spiritual Awareness.

I once walked into a Sedona Art gallery and I stood nonchalantly looking at a specific painting . The owner of the gallery immediately recognized something about me and asked, “Are you an artist?” I felt embarrassed. Somebody had seen through my veil.

I wasn’t necessarily hiding my artistic talents, but I wasn’t demonstrating either, and yet they were still seen. Currently, I’m not a famous artist… So I responded to the gallery owner, “Yes… but how did you know?”

She said, “I can always tell an artist by the way they look at the paintings…”

It’s true there’s a spiritual awareness that I have developed in the same way that I look at; art, details in nature, the way things are made, how things interconnect and so much more. It’s not just the artistic side of me that notices the infinite details of things around me, this very much includes the spiritual too.

I love seeing how Disneyland attractions direct your attention to the parts of the ride that they want you to see or to discover. The same is true in a well written, acted and directed movie. Recently, and for the second time, my son and I were re watching the latest release of the film “A Star is Born.” My son suddenly stopped the movie and pointed to the screen and said, “Did you see that?”

I said, “See what?” like someone who was truly lost.

As a writer and film maker my son pointed to the screen and said, “Do you see the hang man’s nooses?” As he pointed to a billboard outside Jackson’s chauffeur driven car at 5:45 into the movie where you could see not one but many rope nooses. I said, “I see it!”


My son continued, “That’s called foreshadowing…” He could tell I still didn’t have a clue about what he was talking about. So he resumed his explanation, “The hangman noose is telling you about something that hasn’t yet happened in the film. My mind clicked, “Jackson hangs himself near the end of the film…” I said My son smiled and said, “Now you get it.”

What does all of this have to do with spiritual awareness? One word, details. The more you look the more you’ll become aware. If someone is smart enough to have written and edited into a movie hangman nooses it’s a probable Source has a lot more for you to discover in your looking deeper.

There’s a great deal of fun in seeing how the details come together. If you want a homework assignment, that might last a lifetime, go out in nature and really look how things interact with one another. On one hand, you might not notice the infinite details that are literally right before you. I think you can see also how our first point Just Be blends into developing a spiritual awareness.

3. Take Notes.

Almost every day I journal or I automatic write, which is to say, I am taking notes. I’m taking notes from the Divine. This is where I am listening.

The reason I’m taking notes is so that I can refer to these things that are being brought before me. Further, taking notes helps you to understand where you are, where you’ve been, and depending upon your note taking, where you’re going.

My notes are pretty detailed. They might be hard to read in places but they are thorough. This would be the same as if you and I sat in the same classroom together. On a day of your absence you may want to borrow my notes. And certainly, I’d share them with you.

But you’ll have to really focus on what was being said, not just photocopying or taking a picture of my notes. When you’re actively involved in taking down notes it helps you in your ability to recall and use the information that was given to you. When I do personal sessions on the phone I sometimes take notes.

I don’t need to necessarily take them. When I sit an in-person session, I can see the information in mind’s eye. I’m still taking notes but in a different kind of way. What’s weird or cool, is just like I’m taking physical notes, I can open this document up in my mind’s eye and see the things I’ve written down, or even better, hear or read every word of the conversation.

Lot’s of students write things down while a teacher or a professor is lecturing but it’s different when you take really good notes. Let me define this further. When you take notes about how something comes together you’re more likely to remember it. The same is true when you don’t understand something. Writing down in your notes, “I don’t understand this step, this part of the lecture, or this piece of what’s being taught” can be even more valuable than just writing down what’s said.

Anyone that transcribes for a living can take word-for-word notes and not necessarily remember anything. They just write what they hear without being connected to what’s being shared. This is true for any type of communications I guess, but in your taking spiritual notes, get involved. Allow yourself to comment on what makes sense. Write down in capital letters your frustration.

The reason is because when you review your notes, and you should review them, you’ll take the time to break down the places where you were being challenged or maybe you didn’t get it. When it comes time to use this information, you may see where you’ve been frustrated, once not getting it, and now you have worked out the solution. In essence, it’s something that you’ll remember.

Let me give you a very specific example. In sitting out in nature, I can see that I’m a part of everything. I remember how my biology classes have taught me how one biological species interrelates with another. At this point, I take a spiritual note. I write down in my journal, “How can humans exist on this Earth without depleting it?” This comes from my thinking about how even the earliest humans were lighting fires and creating air pollution.

In my notes, I ask the question, “How can humans co-exist on Earth without taking or depleting those things around us?”

4. Ask Questions.

Certainly this is we were just a moment ago. So, as an example of asking questions, why don’t we go ahead and listen to what channeling Source has to say.…

The question is, “How can humans co-exist on Earth without taking or depleting those things around us?”

Your question is one that is being asked more repetitively through an increase in consciousness that man’s relationship with Earth, each other, and certainly the Universe is out-of-balance. This is why all of you co-habit in this sandbox called Earth. You are learning to work out fundamental aspects of collaboration and cooperation.

The things that you miss are much in terms of how interconnected everything thing is. As has been asked even a simple camp fire has a (perceived) negative impact on the environment. Up until this point there has been very little attention to such things and as a result you are barely aware how this affects your home.

While there are many who in destitution and squalor choose to live with no regard to their domicile, this is the case of all of you in parallel to how you are taking care of your room, house, or best stated the planet. As you become aware that everything you throw out has to interrelate with something else then you start understanding the very nature of this Universe.

You continue to think of yourself in isolation, and you think that the tiniest things don’t really matter. When in fact, they do. In your awareness, and certainly through your inquisition, which is the nature of this particular point, you will be extended the answers and even the knowledge to create in ways that are for the benefit of all.

Currently, you empower bullies as your leaders in an effort that they might protect you from those things unseen while they steal from you not just in economic terms but in ways that you haven’t chosen to see. Using your observation, you are being asked to not empower another without changing the entire fabric, structure or basis in which you live. This is done as individuals, groups and even those countries as you currently recognize them.

I think this perfectly demonstrates the power of asking questions and how it will enable you along your spiritual journey.

5. What’s Real?

You make think that things you’ve created are real but they are mere electrical impulses that you’ve stored in your memory, mind and body. These perceptions do not represent reality. They are what they are, perceptions.

To become aware of what’s real you must step away from the dizziness and the array of distractions that you surround yourself with. To be at one is the purpose of the first point. This point in combination with the others will lead you to question your reality. This is encouraged as it signifies that you’re ready for further growth.

As a seed is inserted into the ground it is activated by the energy of the light. You might think it’s the warmth of the light which is indeed inaccurate. The more you study the nature of seeds you will see or notice that they are responding to a programmed energy. This is similar to your mathematical algorithms that are conditionally based upon logic and that trigger specific actions.

While mathematicians and scientists are modeling such thoughts, this thinking is its earliest stages. As you think about this you’re really becoming aware. You’ll further notice the greatest of thinking is invited to incorporate all the various variables. You, may think this is too difficult and or too hard. Yet, it’s wonderful practice for you to understand how to create in a more integrated way.

Certainly, this is personal. If you’ve been studying nature or even any energetic flow you’ll see how the flow vacillates from one polarity to the other. Therefore, what you’re noticing isn’t just an energetic change from hot to cold or cold to hot, but a flow from one polarity to the other.
To address the question, what is real? The polarities that you think surround you are not real, any more than the film represents your perceived state of reality.

Virtual reality isn’t any more real than film. The only difference is that you mind enjoys the depth of VR and as such it places a stronger preference to this type of interaction. Most specifically, your mind/body loves all the movement. There is much to explore in this point, but at one time or another, you’re going to bump into the wall of “What’s real and what’s not?”

6. Practice.

Buddhist monks practice meditation every day. Generally speaking, it’s not uncommon for a monk to meditate an average of 2,500 hours a year. If this practice continues over 30 years that’s 75,000 hours of meditation. You can bet the more your practice your spirituality the greater your understanding.

For example, someone practicing meditation for over 80 years will have accumulated 200,000 hours of meditation. You may wonder if a 10 year old can start such meditation practices so early and live to 90. Obviously, it’s possible. If you factor in someone having practiced in another lifetime our means to measure hours of meditation or Divine connection gets a little fuzzy.

Nonetheless, the more you practice has a direct impact of your ability to access Source, spirit, nature, messengers and the like. Certainly, even in my explanation of practice there can be the perception that through time there is further development. But this is only partially true.

7. Vibrational Intent.

This concept is a little tough to explain but it’s worth understanding. A child who is underdeveloped in his or her maturity may have an unusually strong vibrational intent. This is seen where a person really wants to master something.

Riding a unicycle isn’t as easy as it looks. I know because a friend of mine had one and I tried. I never quite mastered the feeling of always being on top of the ball. Ultimately, I didn’t really have a compulsion or a true passionate desire to ride a unicycle. I did for a moment but it was only for competitive reasons and this desire didn’t last.

In terms of my desire to develop spiritually this has always been the case. Even from my earliest of years. My dad claimed to have read the Bible all the way through three times. I applaud his desire but something about the way dad read didn’t necessarily provide him with an understanding of what he did read.

To be fair this is true for everybody. There may have been school classes that you resonated with versus other topics that you didn’t vibe with. This is natural and it’s something to respect. While it’s possible to increase your vibrational intent you it’s much easier to recognize what desires, passions, and life purpose pieces that you’re looking to pursue.

Think of yourself as a member of the orchestra. Not everyone is going to play the same instrument. In the analogy of applying yourself spiritually in life, it’s a matter of being. Then, all the other steps become alive in helping you along your spiritual path.

In conclusion, we discussed 7 Ways to be More Spiritual. They are; Just Be, Developing a Spiritual Awareness, Take Notes, Ask Questions, What’s Real?, Practice and finally your Vibrational Intent. If you really want to apply yourself to these points take them into a working spiritual practice as homework. Journal or even Automatic Write about each method and see what other edification you receive in being open to grow your spiritual self. And as we started in the beginning, the spiritual seeker is often more apt to bump around then generally follow a singular way of doing or discovering things.

This designates a significant difference in those who are spiritual but not religious. The spiritualists want to discover for themselves want is true and what isn’t. There’s a great deal to find in becoming aware especially as you focus on what things you’ve already being showing yourself from the start of your incarnation. We’ll talk more about the significance in why you born now? But, for the moment, thank you for participating with me in True Connections with Weston Jolly and 7 Ways to be More Spiritual.

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