Awareness is subject to our free-will and choices, with an element of desire that presents itself in the simplest of ways. 

Awareness is often an illusive concept. While gravity has always existed on the Earth we didn’t become aware of its existence until Newton nearly 300 years ago. Scientists have evidence that man’s genesis began about three million years ago. Through simple math, we can deduct that mankind has only had awareness of gravity for far far less than .01% of his total time in living here.

Our capacity for awareness has never been diminished or limited in any way. This is true historically, as it is today. Awareness, consciousness and truth all work in conjunction with another in a state of oneness. Amazingly, awareness, like it’s other brother and sister attributes of consciousness and truth, are all subject to our free-will choice.

We Can Choose

This is meaningful, as we can choose to be aware or we can choose not to be. And as you can see, we have the same free-will choice with consciousness and truth. If the past is any indicator of our Universal desire to be aware, we are very much in the dark. Only because of one reason, we want to be.

Our ability to become aware is always present. Its just requires an element of desire or focused attention. Ironically, awareness seems to present itself in the simplest of ways. It is everywhere but clearly we choose not to see it.

In an unaware state we are wondering around aimlessly with little or no purpose to anything we’re doing. Life feels mundane and trite. We are walking the same paths of our ancestors before us trying to survive without understanding what we are creating. This explains why we seem to discover awareness as something new that we didn’t already know was there.

Learning to be Aware

In becoming aware, we often cross an unmarked border with its many subtle identifiers ultimately declaring something magnificent. It isn’t the same as running the Boston Marathon and seeing that you have crossed the clearly defined finish line. It’s much more spectacular by comparison but sometimes not as clearly marked. We can also become aware and then pretend we aren’t.

This is how propaganda, or “fake news,” can exist. We get to choose to know truth or be persuaded by a perspective. This directly impacts our ability to be conscious and aware. If we choose a singular perspective then any true awareness is limited directly to that perception.

In complete awareness, you are enabled to see the full picture and how everything fits, including all the tiny perceptions and differing outlooks, which comprise the whole. Most importantly, in true awareness, you can no longer deny that something external is happening to create your reality. It is you that is creating everything.

Those who contemplate awareness or enlightenment find it. Those who envision being subject to another outside governing force are. Those who want to manifest materially do. Those who want to heal do.

In true awareness you are one. This is a tough notion because, through our identity, we tend to categorize ourselves as separate. If we think ourselves to be separate then we are. But if you are one, then you are enabled to create oneness accordingly.

There is not a single instrument in an orchestra that participates alone. Every contribution is part of the whole. This includes the space in a concert where the whole orchestra supports the solo performance. While this has always been true for humanity, we are actually at a tipping point for embracing it. Our awareness has evolved a little more to support what can be created when we participate as a part of a Unified Field.

To work as one, does not mean that you lose your perspective as an individual. Although, I will warn you, as you step further into the depths of awareness you find that it means less and less. To join an orchestra, each member must be able to consciously create. This means that individual awareness has already been recognized.

Any successful back-up singer is fundamentally grounded in awareness. They are aware of how to; create sounds, hit notes and breathe. After they master these skills, through awareness, they let go of their individual voice to become part of something greater. They lose nothing but gain something greater.

This is still true even as the whole band supports, the soloist, or lead singer. In awareness we are participating in ways that humanity has never considered before. No longer are we one nation before God. We never were.

Awareness of our Unity

Our evolution and disruptive technologies will continue to pressure the monopolies that once ruled through dominance and separation. This includes the governments, and the respective nations, that once thought themselves to be supreme. In true awareness, we are one, as in one whole group.

In true awareness, we see the evolution of oneness socially and in business like no other time in human history. Technologies that connect us such as; Facebook, Snap chat, Instagram and Twitter are still in their infancy in creating unity. While currently these technologies remain American based, their communities are far from being limited to any geographic location or government.

Through awareness we can see we are stepping beyond any one geographic border, nation or government. How can the largest transportation companies of the world compete with individual drivers, who unify as Uber drivers, to offer the same service? This is just one example, of many, that is literally turning the world in a new direction. A new direction, in awareness, that we are one.

We operate better as one. This means even those creating the platforms that we join, as a community, will not be limited to one voice but rather the whole. This will disrupt the basis of our entire political architecture more than any one person or party. This includes every nation.

This will allow a unity, through conscious awareness, that no one nation is better than another. People on earth will become responsible themselves but also for their neighbors, who may or may not live in same geographic community. This has always been true but we are just starting to become aware. And to what degree.

Our economies, banking systems, personal and national growth are still viewed separately. This will be replaced by metrics that measure the whole and encourage us further to operate as one. This doesn’t mean that we lose our individual perspectives but as I warned you earlier, in true awareness, it will become far less important as we evolve into a higher state of oneness. As we put focused attention in becoming aware we are offered enlightenment that makes it easy to slide into collaborating, cooperating and unifying for the pure bliss that comes from being at one.