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What’s The Meaning of My DREAMS?

Being conscious of your dreams, and their meanings, could change and impact your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Have you ever wondered if there is real, not imagined, spiritual significance to your dreams?  Is it possible for you to know the real meaning of your dreams?  Dream interpretation is really important if you’re wanting to be conscious in your spiritual development. Uncovering your dreams may offer you real purpose and meaning to your life.

Listen to a dream case study in how to understand the content of your dreams.  Dreams are often symbolic and while there can be many meanings, often the real message of a dream is right before you.  Listening to messages that come in your dreams can change your life. And if you’re interested, your dreams can even change the world.

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Episode 061 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: What’s The Meaning of My Dreams?

I think it’s fair to say that almost everyone has had a dream in which they awoke wondering, what was the meaning of that dream?

What if the meaning of your dreams had such impact that it could change your life and that of others? Maybe you’ve never thought of your dreams in this context. Although dreams are accepted as biological part of your being human, you might find it amazing to discover just how important your dreams are. Let me say this another way, your dreams are so much more important than you can possibly imagine.

Let me share this true story about a dream an acquaintance of mine had. His name is Barry.  Barry was leading an ordinary life in a small town; married and as a car salesman. Everything was normal as apple pie until one night, Barry had a dream.  According to Barry, his dream was not a run-of-the-night dream but a special dream.  (I want to talk more about this thought later so make sure you remember this special dream part.

Anyway, Barry was carrying on in life as he always had until this disturbing dream captured his attention.  It was filled with details.  So much so that he awoke remembering exact measurements of a large wooden box that he saw in his dream.  The box he saw could be described as a coffin.

The box in Barry’s dream was big enough for you, a full-sized adult, to climb into and to lie on your back, again, just like a coffin. The top lid of the life-sized wooden box lifted up, but for anyone to actual enter or exit Barry’s box this was to be was done exclusively through the side doors. The occupant of Barry’s box would have very specific lights and mirrors placed in the top cover of his box.

These lights and mirrors were to be placed at very specific angles, given very precisely to Barry in his dream. In Barry’s dream there was music in the box. No change that, it wasn’t just music but sounds that somehow coordinated with the lights, twisting and turning above your head as you would lie on your back face up in Barry’s box.

At this point in our story, I’d like to take a pause.  I think that Barry’s dream is pretty average as far as dreams go. While I can’t say that I’ve dreamt of a coffin-like box, where you lie in it to watch disco twirling red, blue and yellow lights as you lie on your back is something I’ve dreamt about, but clearly Barry did.  Oh yeah, don’t let me leave out the stereo speakers playing music, or new age sounds, vibrating the box in coordination with the disco lights.

Okay, as far as dreams go, I don’t think Barry’s dream is all that weird. Do you? I’m going to presume you’re sitting there listening and nodding your head no.  I’ve had stranger dreams than this but let’s get back to listening more about Barry’s dream.

Barry felt something unique about his dream, of this wooden box and its fascinating accessories. The dream didn’t make any sense, but something about Barry’s dream felt real. Barry wrote down all the detailed things that he had been given in his dream and begin to build a box that had eerie similarities to a coffin with disco lights and music. Yet, somehow Barry knew that his box wasn’t a box of death but a box of life.

Somewhere along the way, I’m presuming after his dream, Barry sold his car dealership. Barry decided that he was going to build his life-sized music box with lights in his garage.  Also, somewhere along this same time period, Barry’s wife determined that she’d had enough of Barry’s dreams of a wooden box that you could climb in to hear music and look up at the lights —she wanted a divorce.

Barry kept tinkering with his box.  And after building several different versions of the box, Barry determined to make a prototype. To be clear, Barry wasn’t a scientist, electrician or even that good of a carpenter. Barry took his blueprints, or the schematics that came to him in his dream state, to an intellectual property attorney.  Barry somehow believed that his box could heal people.

Barry, completely out of his field of expertise, gave his attorney the exact details he used to build his box. The angle of the mirrors, the type and wattage of the lights, the wiring, the way the lid opened, how a person would enter the box through doors that opened from the side and so forth.

He also listed the benefits someone would have in lying down in the box. From the way Barry told me this story, his attorney asked, “How did you come up with the idea?” Barry, responded sheepishly, “it came to me in a dream.”

The attorney took formal note of Barry’s response writing down all the information to submit Barry’s claim to the U.S. Patent Office before responding, “Actually, I hear that all the time.” Barry, still embarrassed said, “but I’m not a physicist, doctor or an engineer.”

Barry’s attorney stoically said, “I see a lot of people who don’t have degrees or experience inventing things like your box all the time.”

Barry told me everything I shared with you when I personally met him. Barry is the inventor of something that he likes to call his wooden box – a life vessel. A box that resonates with light and frequency in such a way to rebalance the body’s nervous system. Oh boy, did I forgot to tell you that Barry’s box also vibrates?

Barry’s box is called a Life Vessel. The first time I met Barry was with Elizabeth Kuber-Ross in tow. Elizabeth was severely bed ridden and another friend suggested we take her to get in Barry’s box. I didn’t think very highly of the whole healing box modality… well, you don’t want to know what I originally thought.

I did trust my friend and I did think that lying in box couldn’t really hurt anybody.  And after all, Elizabeth was in some pretty severe pain.  At the very least she’d get out of her bed and hopefully the day wouldn’t be a bust.  After taking Elizabeth on this all-day venture to put her in the coffin-like box, something was happening to me as I sat outside in the waiting room with my friend.

I could feel it. I could feel the vibrations coming from the box.  Certainly, I could hear the music but I couldn’t see the lights. In helping Elizabeth into the box, I did look closely at the mirrors shaped in a hexagon like shape where Elizabeth would no doubt be looking when she looked up. It all looked pretty harmless.

Today, Barry sells his life vessels for about $100,000 each.  In addition, Barry has about 17 franchisee’s all across the country who have purchased two boxes or more, at each location, so that individuals can come and use the box on an hourly basis.

So, what does it all this mean?

It means your dreams are much more important than you could ever imagine. If Barry can bring forth blueprints of how to make a healing box with frequencies and lights what can you do?

The purpose of this podcast to bring awareness and further meaning to your dream.

To no longer care about your dreams is no longer an option. Generally speaking, I’d say most people think of dream interpretation as something entertaining at best.  Certainly, that’s not entirely true because some aspects of psychology do give credence to some of your dreams.

What if accessing the messages from your dreams actually could change your life?

The particular dream of Barry’s life vessel certainly changed his life and many others too.

What if your dreams weren’t just weird and funny?  What if they actually meant something? And what if they meant something all the time?  Not just the once in a while meant something kind of way?

Would you be more interested in what your dreams might mean now? In Barry’s case, one might summarize that he made millions from the meaning of his dream. Another, might say that Barry’s dream cost him his marriage.  And in Barry’s case, maybe both of these things are true.

To access the meaning of your dreams you’ve got to remember them.  (Laughter) On some level that’s got to be funny —right?  We all have dreams. So how hard could it be to remember your dreams? Well, spiritually speaking, I think this is pretty funny.

While I am going to spend more time in the future offering you opportunities to get in touch with your dreams, in this instant I’m most interested in you determining the meaning of your dreams.

Let’s get specific as to the meaning of our dreams from a spiritual perspective. Let’s take this dream and determine its meaning. I’m going to present this dream in the first-person narrative. Let’s call this a dream case study.

That sounds pretty scientific doesn’t?  Okay, let’s begin our dream meaning case study. Oh, hold on, I forgot to tell you that this a man’s dream.  This is relevant as this can make a difference in determining meaning of the dream.

I was walking down a concrete sidewalk in a small subdivision.  The houses were moderately sized homes the you’d see on the West Coast.  The neighborhood was nice, I’ll call it middle class, and the kind of place that you wouldn’t be afraid to raise your kids. The streets were wide open and there were plenty of nice tall elm trees that outlined the sidewalks. 

It was a nice sunny day and I was walking up the street on the sidewalk on the left-hand side of the street, facing oncoming cars. I noticed a really nice white house on the corner with a chain link fence separating the side walk from the front yard of the house.  The house was white with maybe some grey trim, but predominantly large in size and it had a long driveway going down the side of the house into the garage which abutted into the back yard.

For some reason, I felt compelled to walk into the house. I didn’t ring the door bell, I just walked in and opened the front door. Immediately I noticed that there was a hurried urgent kind of energy, the same kind you’d notice around a nurse’s station next to an operating room. The human traffic was busy and people were coming and going in various directions all very directed, sincere and focused.

I walked into what should have been the living room but there were people, like doctors and nurses, helping somebody who was lying down. I immediately started to assist and the person I was helping immediately was better and got up and left – healed.  Then I was called into the next adjoining room and the situation was different but a patient was in need of assistance and I worked as fast as I could.

As soon as I was done, I was called into another joining room and I could see that the whole house was predominately square with the four rooms filling the main living space. In every room there was bed, like an operating table, and in every room,  there were more and more people that needed help.  As soon as I finished with one person, I went through a door that would take me to the next room were someone was in real need of help.

I also noticed that I was going around from room to room in a clockwise fashion and although I was working as fast as I could it felt like the number people that needed help was much like a MASH unit. MASH is an acronym that stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.  

The people were coming in huge groups and while I kept going around and around the house the effect I was able to offer was limited to one patient at a time.  The team of people offering their help were tired but relentless in continuing to offer their dedication and assistance to all the people in crisis.

After noticing that I was going around in circles, helping people but at a very limited pace, I’d had enough.  Immediately, I flew straight through the roof of the house into the sky and then way up into the emptiness of black space. I was looking for something then I found it. 

It was something I had been looking for my entire life. It was the origin of all things dark and negative. It was huge. It was a black hole. I was in space excited that I’d found the place where all dark and evil came from.  I immediately raised my hands like I was holding a baton to the orchestra to eliminate the origins of all things negative. 

I should take a moment to share with you that when I use the phrase that this was the origin of all things dark, evil and truly bad I’m speaking of the absolute worst things imaginable. This wasn’t a place where some evil existed it was the birthplace of all things negative.

Again, with both my hands in the air as I was about to condemn this black hole and all that was in or influenced by this place. But then I was told by guides, Archangels and several other beings surrounding me that, “I shouldn’t do that.”

Confused, I looked at the one predominant Archangel, on my right side, with clear intention that I was going to do what I stated and take this whole black portal out. It wouldn’t take but a minute and I knew that I had the power to do it.  Again, there were many around me, all in the light, asking me not to remove the origins of darkness.

I wasn’t taking “no” for an answer and I was about to commit my arms, hands and energy to destroying that which had caused all evil throughout the entire world and the Universe.  Frustrated at those who were surrounding me, and thinking they didn’t understand the nature of what I had found or what I was about to do, an archangel, I’m pretty sure it was Michael, touched my right elbow from the bottom with arms and hands still being held up.

He said, “You don’t want to do this…” and he smiled at me.  This smile really touched me with an understanding that if I should destroy the center of all evil that it would upset the balance of what was still being created.  I instantly knew, while I could finish what I started and that there would be no more having to take care of people one by one who were countless flocking to the house below for help but it wasn’t my place to destroy evil.

I put my hands down to the relief of many who had gathered now surrounding me and I said allowed, “I understand.”  I watched and felt the gigantic pull of the black hole that was so strong that it supposedly swallowed up The Light. I watched in honor of the Billions and Billions of beings, spiritual and physical, that were held in a mesmerized trance to the blackness.

It was the exact opposite of looking into a camp fire. This darkness, this black hole was amazing and it also was something that you could get lost starring into the cavity and the depth of the darkness.  I wasn’t interested. I had enough.

I flew back down from the depths of space and back into my body outside the white house where I was originally walking on the sidewalk.  The house was still filled with a frantic energy and even a desperate cry for help, and certainly thousands and thousands of people wouldn’t be able to be healed at this one healing house. But I now knew it all was for a purpose.

That’s it.  That’s the dream.

So, with all of you as witnesses to this case study in determining the meaning of this dream, what do you have?

Believe me there’s a lot here!

Let’s start out with some of the simpler pieces.

Why was the man walking on the left side of the sidewalk? Did anyone get this?  Was he walking on this side of the street to consciously go against the grain – so to speak? The answer is “yes.” He was walking on this side in addition to his choice to be participating with his feminine side.  Cool right?

And we’re just getting warmed up so I’m going to do what’s called in the computer business, a data dump. If you miss something you can always replay back the audio to listen to any part that you didn’t get.

Naturally, this dude is a healer. It would make sense if in real life he was a doctor or something.  Or maybe, he’s much more than a healer. Now we already know this because most people don’t fly up into outer space with intent to take out the hot water spigot to all things dark and evil.

But let’s discover the meaning of this dream in a somewhat chronological order. Obviously, the man in the dream was familiar with the house. Let’s call it a house of healing.  The house being located in a middle-class neighborhood speaks volumes that the need for healing is something was exceedingly high right in the middle of the population.

It’s easy to deduct if the middle of any community needed was so desperate for attention, then the poor would really need help. Clearly those participating at the top of the class of the community would not be exempt from any such emergencies or pain or suffering. If this dream and its thinking were applied right in this moment, then the pandemic of the Coronavirus would affect the middle of any class, in the same pattern.

By the way, people aren’t sick, desperate and needy if they’re in balance. It can’t happen. Let’s go further.  The man in the dream approached the house and instantly took his place in wanting to offer contribution to those in need.  An admirable quality, but not necessarily a required role, especially if the people being brought to the house begin to be accountable for what they are creating.

This isn’t to judge anyone who’s been sick, out-of-balance or inherited certain genes that would be considered weaker in nature to create whatever issue is being manifested. The truth here, is that the masses need help and there aren’t enough service people helping the people in desperate need.

And it’s interesting, too, isn’t it, that this whole dream case study suggests that finding the origins of the black hole, or the center of all evil, is something that is hard to find. If you do this in reverse, isn’t it also interesting that sometimes people think that’s it’s hard to find the Light?

All we’re doing is becoming very focused on the meaning of this dream. Is it true that this person was wanting to become aware of the origins of all evil? And of course, the answer is “yes.”

And having done that, it’s clear that he’s going through a learning curve. We’ll call it a spiritual learning curve where those people or those entities or those angels or guides that were surrounding him were actually offering him guidance in the dream. It wasn’t perfectly clear as to all who was there, but in time there became, well, quite a grouping or a gathering where they were all aware of where this dark place was. And yet, they were all asking and even encouraging, but certainly realizing, that everything has free will choice, including this man, that they could not necessarily interrupt his free will choice, which is another clear indication of this dream. But there was encouragement for him not to destroy black hole, the origins of all evil. Again, this is the opposite of the Light. And yet I thought was extremely interesting to see the very nature of how the darkness can be consuming, and pulls you in.

Like watching a campfire, only in the case of true evil, darkness, just the opposite. But equally compelling.

Further, the meaning that this person got what he was looking for in terms of having this understanding, of finding something that was inherently dark and then coming back into his body, and to participate perhaps with the knowledge and understanding that this is a part of the human cycle, not just those people that were coming to that particular house, but literally everyone, again, not necessarily just one class of people; the poor, middle class or even the elite of the neighborhood. The impact of darkness and suffering can affect everyone. And this is something that’s really important. Don’t you think that we can really understand more? About this dream…

We can use this dream case study to understand more about the meaning of a dream and perhaps in this case something even more.  If you’re awake!

Well, if we’re awake to become aware of what it is that we’re trying to connect with in our dream like state, the whole purpose of this podcast is for you to become aware of what your dreams mean. Your dreams can bring you millions of ideas. And these ideas can literally transform your life. As was the fact in Berry’s case. He transformed the life of others, which is something that’s, of course, deeply encouraged further for of all of us.

There’s all kinds of spiritual depth to your dreams. And yet we’ve only been a couple minutes dissecting this one particular dream case study. It’s so important for you to get in touch with allowing yourself to dream and to determine its meaning. It’s my hope that you would find a renewed desire to really get in touch with your dreams, not just in remembering them, but to really determine the meaning to your dreams.

And of course, if you need help, you know, people and resources like myself. I’m pleased to do this. I love to do this. In fact, sometimes dreams come to me so quickly that I have to actually wait for the person to tell me what their dream is so I can actually share with them what the meanings of their dreams are. And that’s something that’s very exciting for me. And of course, I hope that it’s exciting for those people that I reveal those dream meanings to.

These things are really fun. You can do this within your own self. What is the meaning of your dreams? Start now in terms of being more conscious of what it is that you want to remember about your dreams and how they can impact your life.

Thank you again for joining today’s podcast entitled, What’s the Meaning of My Dreams?

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