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After providing over 15,000 hours in session and speaking, I recognize that... “You’re much stronger and more empowered than you think you are…"

Only if You Want the Truth

The Truth is everything in your life is a choice. Everything.

Free Will Choice
Everyone wants to claim the truth that they scored the winning goal or that they picked the perfect time to buy and sell in the stock market. But it seems nobody wants to step up and be accountable for a failure. There’s a reason.

Only If You Want to Hear The Truth is actually about Free-Will-Choice. You have a choice for everything. And at times it can be seen as wonderfully desirous while other times can be judged as not so successful.

Everything in Your Life Is A Choice is the Truth.

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Episode 066 of True Connections with Weston Jolly

Transcription: Podcast 66

Only If You Want To Hear The Truth

This entire podcast is only for those who want the truth. Lest you be confused on what that means, this podcast isn’t about any single perspective. Perspectives can be discussed and talked about but not today. Not now. Today is about the truth.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear it plainly and simply then hold on. Buckle up if you must, because here it is. Are you ready? Here we go…

Everything in your life is something that you’ve chosen.

This means if; you’ve been raped, stabbed, put in jail, abused, spit upon, called the “C” word, “N” word or if you enjoy the privilege of wealth but you’ve not earned any, have one kind of skin color versus another, or if you are tall vs short, thin vs obese, smart vs unsure, talented or not …everything in your life in something that you’ve chosen… on some level.

If you find yourself gasping in denial that this can’t be true -take a breath as I’m not done yet. There’s more…

Free-Will-Choice is how we’ve all been empowered to choose anything. Free-will-choice is you always have a choice. In simple terms, you and I are empowered by Source and the Universe to choose anything we want too. This is given to you and I in complete unconditional love.

Anything less than free-will-choice means that there would be conditions. And Source isn’t at all conditional.

You know what conditions are and what they sound like; if you do this then I’ll give you that.
Conditional thinking sometimes creates a lot of confusion especially in foundational categories such as love…. Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “I love you so much when you’re a good little boy or girl.”

The whole concept of free will isn’t something that only get once in a while. Nope, you have free-will-choice 24–7 and for 365 days a year. It gets better.

You have free-will-choice outside of this dimension.

That is, you have spiritual free-will-choice too. You should really really think about that one…

When people talk about the laws of the Universe; this one truth, Everything in your life is something that you’ve chosen, it’s an idea that hardly anyone actually understands. Even the most spiritual people don’t seem to really comprehend it fully. Let me explain.

Academically, I was challenged to debate this statement of truth that -Everything in your life is something that you’ve chosen. I sat in a psychologist’s office and she said,“You don’t really believe that everything that happens is a result of something we create –do you?”

I said, “Absolutely…Anything less would mean that we’re subject to things happening to us. As if we are puppets bouncing from thing to thing as if we aren’t creating it all.”

The psychologist responded, “You’re taking about co-creation.”

I responded, “Well, some people try to use this concept as a means to partially accept the truth, but ‘NO’ Everything in life is something that we’ve chosen on some level.

This doesn’t mean that we are always aware of everything we’re creating. But that’s kind of the point isn’t it? Accountability? Truth and accountability go hand in hand. The more spiritually awakened you are well, the easier it is.

I’m not sure my psychologist friend agreed with me, but I wasn’t looking for her agreement. I was simply sharing truth to a question that she had initiated. This is true for you too. You don’t have to agree to any truth, but I won’t lie, when we go against the grain it’s much much harder.

So, let’s really power into this topic of Everything in your life is something that you’ve chosen.

Am I saying that a six year old child who isn’t yet grown is choosing to be…. say… sexually abused?

The short answer is “yes.”

But hear me out.

It’s unlikely that any child would choose to be abused on the physical level. However, it’s possible that the soul of the child has chosen it. You’re going to ask, “Why?” And it’s a good question, one that I assist people with in their spiritual awakening every day.

The reason why? is to experience. We all are given the opportunity to step away from being consciously at one to be separate. This is our natural spiritual state. This perceived separation starts the moment we are conceived. Those who really want to up the ante, may choose to start with a congenital defect, or terminal illness. Babies can begin their time in their mommies womb addicted to cocaine, because their mother is an addict, which can physically look like the baby didn’t have a choice. But indeed a choice has been made. Many choices have been made.

Every soul don’t have to necessarily choose a heavy or abusive experience before coming to this realm.

Then this event is the result of something that wasn’t exactly spiritually planned by the soul. However, every soul knows this before coming here that there will be things that you did or did not sign up for. This is really the whole reason we come to Earth to live a life. The uncertainty of it all.

I often refer to your soul having created a blueprint before incarnation. For example, when we build a house, a drawing is created detailing exactly how the house will be built on the land, what parts of the property need to be excavated, where the cement foundation will be poured, into what shape the house will be built -everything. Everything is detailed out in house blueprint BEFORE construction takes place.

This is very true for every soul that incarnates.

Everyone has created a spiritual blueprint before coming here.

Some spiritual blueprints are very precise while others are very general in nature. When you build a house you follow a blueprint. And like all blueprints you can change your mind any time you want. In house building, you may make many changes. You may move a bathroom. Maybe you might add a sitting room off of the Master Bedroom with a balcony looking into the back yard. All of these changes can take place any time.

In our analogy, you can completely build the new house perfectly according to your blue print or not. Once built the house might be flooded, burned down, slide down a mountain or be swallowed up by a sink hole. Assuming none of this happens, you may simply want to add-on to your house after it’s built to accommodate more people or desires. If you know anything about Heart’s Castle in Central California then you know that Julia Morgan, William Randolph Hearst’s architect, changed the main swimming pool no less than three times. It’s a huge pool. This is the essence of free-will-choice, you always have a choice.

Esoterically, you created a spiritual blueprint before incarnating here.

It’s here that you’d make a free-will-esoteric-choice to participate in the challenges, issues both positive and negative, as you might declare them now on the physical side of the fence.

If you were abused, or anything undesired, it’s very likely that this was in the spiritual blueprint. There was some part of you that wanted to participate in that exchange. I know how hard that is to hear… But it’s also the gateway to your total empowerment. Really. I’ll explain more about this is a minute.

It’s very likely that when you got here that you completely forget about your original spiritual blueprint. This is to be appreciated, as knowing everything that you intended to do or create could easily distract from participating in the actual experience of life. This makes for some interesting manifesting but nonetheless this is all true.

If anything has ever “happened to you” then you this may help explain why. Maybe you’re still very much in the middle of issues, challenges of the strongest kind. This is where I can help. It’s an empowering moment when you realize that whatever you’ve experienced, in the past or even in this moment, that you are absolutely not limited to it. As a soul, you are much much stronger than you may even know.

This fact is sometimes hard to see or even feel, especially if you’ve never allowed yourself to fully appreciate how strong you really are to have created such a challenge. This truth is enormously empowering and it’s not at all ego-based. Your ego will die when your body gives away but your spirit will never die.

I’ve shared this truth of Everything in your life is something that you’ve chosen. many many times but most ly in personal sessions. I think it’s time that you opened yourself up to really awaken. Remember truth as defined by Source, just is. Let me give you the full definition of truth. Truth is. Got it now? Again, it’s not a perspective. Truth isn’t something that changes over time. It’s just truth.

As simple as truth can be, accepting everything in your life as a choice is a biggie. I have to share the truth with you today, yes, right now. And frankly, there’s only one reason that you’re even here listening to this podcast – and that’s because of some level you’ve chosen to be here listening to this message right now. The more you think about it, the more it will blow your mind. It’s all amazing.

Can we go down the rabbit hole a little further?

It’s an interesting fact that everyone want’s to be accountable for things that they create that they consider; desired, good or amazing.

And it’s a fact, that everyone want’s to deny the very same when they do something that is out of balance or even categorized as wrong or bad.

The reason that I point this out in conjunction with our themed message Everything in your life is something that you’ve chosen. is because this in another reason most people want to deny those things that they think or feel are outside of their control. It kind of makes sense from a egoic point of view, but not at all from the true spiritual perspective that you are the Creator of everything around you. This kind of processing is subtle but it’s like a bear trap keeping you from you fullest potential in this very minute.

Instead of thinking that you “didn’t have a choice” regarding anything that you were a participant too, allow yourself to realize that you are completely empowered with free-will-choice. And when I say that you were a participant this can be on either end of the polarity.

I can think of times where I was a bully and I can certainly think of times I was bullied.
What’s funny is my being bullied gets highlighted as significantly worse than my bullying another. The point is it takes at least two to play. One as the victim and the other as the antagonist. If this is done in a group dynamic, it can be four against one or it can be the whole community against one -think Joan of Arc – who was given spiritual insight from Archangel Michael.

She became the moral leader for the French eventually ending a 100 year war with the English and also placing a yet to be anointed King Charles IV on the throne.

My point?

Joan of Arc, the Maid of Lorraine, was burnt at the stake by a pro-English Catholic bishop at 19 years of age. The antagonist might be considered the bishop who captured her, held her captive for a year and then burned her. Joan of Arc might be considered the protagonist. Of course, years later the Catholic pope Pope Callixtus (Calixtis) III declared the whole event a mistrial and even declared Joan of Arc a heroess and a martyr.

If you stand back, it might seem easy to see that Joan of Arc listened to one of God’s most amazing messengers and was crucified for her following what was encouraged in her life. I’m putting emphasis on the fact that Joan of Arc had a choice. She opened herself to hear God’s word, received it, acted upon it and was killed.

Additionally, the Catholic Church, the Bishop who condemned her, all did so in free-will-chioce that he individually and every person of the group that held, tried and killed the young 19 year-old French girl whom they determined a threat. I think that this example makes a rather powerful point of someone that was following their spiritual blueprint in spite of the fact that she might not live long as a result of the choices that she made.

So, when I say, that you are empowered and that you are stronger than you may even realize I mean it in that you may have forgotten the bigger picture of what you’ve come here to do. I appeal to anyone that has gone through the smallest issue or the largest challenge. Of the past or in this very moment. This all becomes quite personal on so many levels which makes it special and at times -challenging.

I know of many who have nearly died of drug addiction, gone to jail, sold their bodies for money, taken their lives, and abandoned the very children that they fathered or mothered. I could go one to the people I know who have been abused by their fathers, mothers, catholic priests, and teachers. I know of many who have been cut off from their families and society because of their skin color, their values or even their sexual orientation.

I also know of several who were born into wealth that allows them to do nothing in terms of ever having to work for the entirety of their lives and even generations thereafter. I also know people in this same group, who willing and consciously aid the dying as Hospice volunteers not ever wanting to be compensated for their contributions that are priceless. I know others who are inventing and creating with passion to change the world. I know of some who are Olympic athletes overcoming childhood challenges that aren’t well known by others.

I know the majority of you, yes you listening, that have, and continue to overcome your own personal challenges, that maybe only a few people on Earth like myself have had the privilege of knowing what you’ve been through or done, and that you still want to serve and love others like you weren’t. This makes you special. Not egoically special. Just strong and determined to choose the life that you’re living now and to make it better through your own personal empowerment.

Everything comes from free will choice.

I know of people that it would make logical sense that they would become the predators, like the others that were to them but instead you are the nicest most loving people you’d ever meet.

I know people who give of their time, energy, money and even in some cases their lives, to be of service to another.

I know of people like yourselves, who are standing up to bullies, institutions and even governments because you want to be heard as an equal -especially if you’re not the one being persecuted.

In every situation, we all have free will choice. Everything in your life is something that you’ve chosen. And I earnestly and lovingly appreciate everything you’ve done or experienced because I have insight to your spiritual blueprint and all that you’re doing. So, it is I who feel compelled to share my gratitude for you who are overcoming and stepping into even more into your spiritual awareness and empowerment.

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