Being in truth doesn’t take discipline or hard work.

Your choice to stand and be present is greatly admonished. It isn’t necessary that you stand only to protect yourself like a soldier going to war. Instead, it is encouraged for you to stand in truth.

 The truth is not political, biased or even a perspective. The truth is. This means by definition, that truth is eternal. The word eternal is difficult for your mind to comprehend because it’s programmed with beginnings and endings.

 Truth is a Choice

 Your choice to stand in truth denotes action. That is to say that you are willing to go beyond the illusion of what isn’t truth. For example, there are many beliefs and values that you hold to be true. While your beliefs aren’t condemned you are encouraged to a higher understanding.

 Be free in truth. Being in truth doesn’t take discipline or hard work. In fact, those of you struggling are only doing so because you have and or are clinging to the resistance associated in protecting old beliefs.

 Your resistance has become so common it’s like gravity. It appears to be so real to you because of your incessant need to make it so. Therefore, the resistance, limitation and lies that you think govern you, are merely choices that you have adopted or created.

 To stand in truth is to ignore those things, thoughts and perceptions that aren’t in alignment. In appreciation of the word alignment think of how atoms comprise a molecule, which is substance. This substance, in its truest form, is pure. As you know, the slightest change in atomic alignment changes the matter. Therefore, there is great encouragement that you align yourself in truth and then stand.

 Balanced in the Truth

 As you find value in balance, it’s necessary for you to stand as such in truth. Throughout history scales have been used as symbols to illustrate the balance offered by truth. Interestingly, what you have made hard is balance.

 Trying to be in balance with a belief that isn’t in truth is difficult. This is the exact opposite of being aligned in truth. Truth, in its absolute form, is perpetual. Truth of this magnitude is so balanced that there is nothing to maintain – it just is.

 In consideration of your choice to stand and act in truth you are forever powerful.